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Review #1, by Erised A Zombie Virus?

17th July 2013:
So what I really loved about this was the chemistry between Ron and Hermione with the relationship - you wrote it just perfectly. Having typical Hermione worrying about the future and Ron being the voice of reason for her was just wonderful. They seemed to balance each other out perfectly in it which was lovely to read.

I also think you made a very important moral point about decisions not always being final. Their conflicting points of view about the decisions they had made in their lives acts as a sort of fable really, and encourages all of us not to take life too seriously!

I loved the descriptions and how natural the whole thing seemed, too. It could easily have been a snapshot of a day in their lives and it all flowed perfectly.

Nice work :)

Author's Response: First of all, massive apologies for how long it has taken me to respond to your reviews. I don't have a good excuse at all and I really do appreciate them.

Ron and Hermione are probably my OTP because of what you said about how they balance each other. I just adore how different they are, but it seems to work to their advantage. Hermione helps Ron to focus, and Ron helps Hermione not take everything so seriously all the time.

Thanks so much for your kind words and your review!

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Review #2, by Jeenso A Zombie Virus?

14th August 2012:
Wise words from Ron. Come, grasshopper. *nods* But srz dat was awesome. xD

Author's Response: I think Ron is actually a lot smarter than he gets credit for. He can be really helpful and insightful at times...he doesn't always have the best way with words, however :P

Thanks for reading!

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Review #3, by Owlpost68 A Zombie Virus?

22nd November 2011:
aww lol. Though I have to say Hermione doesn't seem like the type that would do just one career anyway, she's so passionate about everything. That might have also been a good point to make as well. Otherwise, I did love that Ron was so supportive of her, and wanted to work it out :) that was sweet and what made me go awww :) good job!

Author's Response: That's an interesting idea about Hermione changing careers. She is super passionate, but she's also very focused. I could see her struggling a lot to choose a career, but then focusing completely on being the absolute best in that line of work for the rest of her job. But she might also have a few different jobs. It's an interesting alternative. I like it :)

I'm glad you thought this was sweet. It's definitely super fluffy. I love writing Ron and Ron/Hermione are my OTP.

Thanks for the review!

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Review #4, by Pacific Wizard A Zombie Virus?

25th October 2010:
Singularity: That was such a cool H/R story and, like you, I'm a huge H/R shipper. As so many others have said, your dialogue is creative and original. As for the Zombies fanfic...I'm writing a fanfic that uses similar beings just after the Battle of Hogwarts and the demise of Voldemort. It's nearly done but I still need to submit it, so stay tuned. I'll let you and my other favorite authors know when its about to come out. It will probably be entitled, "Death Warmed Over". So your GLEE quote wasn't too far from the truth. Anyway, as usual, great job. Well done. PW

Author's Response: Thanks for another wonderful review! This was a really fun story to write. I love writing Ron. He's way more complex than he is usually given credit for. Your story sounds interesting (even though I am firmly on Team Unicorn...sorry, obscure nerd reference...) Definitely let me know when it's up!

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Review #5, by still_fly A Zombie Virus?

25th September 2010:
This was absoltely ADORABLE.
No joke, this story like literally made my DAY!

Author's Response: Why thank you :P I'm so glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for leaving me a review to let me know.

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Review #6, by DemetersChild A Zombie Virus?

20th August 2010:
Aww, that was adorable! Look at Ron, being all smart-like!

And I love Glee. And Finn. And that quote was awesome. xD

Uhm, let's see...what to say... There were a few words that weren't capitalized that should have been (Healer, Ministry, etc) but other than that, I didn't see any blatant grammatical errors.

You really got the characters down in this, I think. Especially Hermione. The busybody always worrying about her future, so much so that she can't wait for her "future" to leave so she can get back to worrying!

I love how Ron was able to tell she was upset, even though most of the time he's usually pretty dense when it comes to girls and emotions and all that jazz. I think Ron is a lot smarter than he lets on, and this is the perfect example of that. It may have been a simple knowledge, but it was rather wise!

The last line was awesome. xD And so was Ron talking about snogging, hehe. I love Ron/Hermione, so unless you break them up and make them hate each other, you can't really go wrong with that for me. :DDD

Magically Yours,


Author's Response: "The busybody always worrying about her future, so much so that she can't wait for her "future" to leave so she can get back to worrying!"

That was a really great comment, thanks! It completely sums up the story. I'm a huge Ron/Hermione fan as well :) I'm really glad that you enjoyed the story. I'll go back through and look for some of those things that you mentioned to capitalize. Thanks for your review!

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Review #7, by You Know Who A Zombie Virus?

29th July 2010:
Oh, how I love watching Glee. But for some reason I see Luna also saying that quote. Wonder what your next story will be about. Let me guess, A Zombie attack at Hogwarts;-)

Author's Response: It could definitely be a Luna quote. My first instinct was actually to have Dudley say it, since he's a muggle and all. I actually wrote half a story between Harry and Dudley before this plot bunny jumped into my head and I decided to run with it.

I bet if you looked hard enough, you could find a story about a zombie attack at Hogwarts. The chances of me writing one are probably pretty slim though :P Thanks for your comments!

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Review #8, by Slytherin_Ravenclaw_chick A Zombie Virus?

23rd July 2010:
This is so cute, and very well written. I love it, 10/10.

Author's Response: Thanks for reading and reviewing! Glad you liked it :)

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Review #9, by Maybe A Zombie Virus?

23rd July 2010:
Aw, this was really sweet. I think you captured Ron and Hermione's relationship perfectly, playful and teasing. Hermione was characterised really well with her worrying and Ron being the one to calm her down with his charmingly rambling ways worked really well.
I really like this fic!

Author's Response: Thanks for your review! I'm really glad that you enjoyed the story and characterization. I love Ron and Hermione together :P Thanks for reading!

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Review #10, by schoenemaedchen A Zombie Virus?

21st July 2010:
Hello there! Schoenemaedchen here from the boards with your review.

So I'm marveling at the fact that you were given that quote and came up with a one-shot about it!

It's a very simple one-shot, but you make it go a long way. Generally speaking, I think so relatively little is written directly post Hogwarts and always immediately jumps to their marriage...when indeed there is so much to be said about what got them there. After all...they didn't really do any serious dating or relationship stuff until after Book 7.

So, you've taken a date day of sorts and contributed many great things, from what I see. I find the characterization to be done extremely well. I don't see anything that's out of character for Ron or Hermione here.

Hermione would be so nervous about getting a career, and Ron, though a bit thick sometimes, does have the knack to present things rather matter-of-factly, and I just love how Ron and Hermione's dynamics balance each other out so well. Somehow, even the random Zombie comment wriggles its way into dialogue here in a natural way. It is truly the magic of R and H.

I don't really have any CC to spread out, because nothing is really jumping out and biting me, but I do think you could do without the Author's note at the end. I dunno why, but it seemed to take away from your writing for me. I also tend to prefer A/N at the beginning, so that when I end a story it kind of rings about in my head. This is very picky of me, I know...

Long story short, I enjoyed your story!! Great job at the challenge ;)

Author's Response: Thanks for your review! It's much appreciated :) I, too love Ron and Hermione and the way they balance each other. Thanks for your comments about characterization and the integration of the zombie quote. It was kind of fun to come up with a situation where that quote could be used.

Per your recommendation, I took out the author's note. You're right. It wasn't necessary. Thanks again for reading and reviewing!

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Review #11, by DracoFerret11 A Zombie Virus?

11th July 2010:
Me again. :]

See, I'm not even a fan of Ron/Hermione, but you wrote this well and it's was all mushy, so I'll give that to you. :]

I think this is actually a really sweet one-shot. It sort of shows the Hermione/Ron friendship dynamic rather than their relationship dynamic, which I like a lot. And it's SO in character! :D :D I love that!

All of Hermione's stressing about her future is totally something she would do. And Ron trying to be nonchalant is perfect. :] I applaud you.

Very nicely written; again, I sadly can't think of anything to criticize if you're looking for constructive criticism. :P I'm sorry, haha.

Well done!


Author's Response: Hello again :) I'm so glad that you found it to be in character! That's really what I strive for, so hearing that you think I succeeded makes me very happy, especially from someone who doesn't really like Ron/Hermione. Personally, I love Ron/Hermione. I just think they compliment each other beautifully, Hermione keeps Ron grounded, while Ron keeps Hermione from having a nervous breakdown :P Thanks again for another great review!

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Review #12, by lauraf68 A Zombie Virus?

20th June 2010:
Dear Singularity,
Thought I would check out some of your stories and I started with the first. LOVED IT!!
She tends to be a little too serious about somethings. Ron is a little too relaxed about some things. She will worry about an issue keeping it to herself until he realized it and told her to relax, thus helping her through it. In my HP After the Battle World that is the basis of their relationship and they compliment each other.

Happy Writing!! I'll be sure and 'talk' to you again after I read more of your stories. ~~Lauraf68

Author's Response: Thanks for reading, Laura! I'm really glad that you enjoyed this fluffy little one shot. I agree with your comments about Ron and Hermione. Without Hermione, Ron would rarely accomplish anything. Without Ron, Hermione would rarely lighten up and have any fun. They balance each other out. They're definitely my favorite ship in the HP universe :) I would love it if you would read some of my other stories, but for now, thanks a lot for reading and reviewing this one!

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Review #13, by ReAnna A Zombie Virus?

17th June 2010:
That was cute i loved it!!!and glee is awesome to lol

Author's Response: I'm a huge Glee fan as well :P Thanks for all the reviews!

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Review #14, by maskedmuggle A Zombie Virus?

5th June 2010:

Review #2.
I love your stories. Seriously, I'm going to favourite author you now!

LOVELY STORY! Ingenious really. The personalities of Ron and Hermione are both well written, and the GLEE quote is used most effectively. I especially like that part when Ron talks and surprises Hermione by how knowledgeable he is!

Your writing is just very well developed. Spelling, grammar, is perfect, and your plot, though small, is magnificent ;)

*Charlotte :)

Author's Response: Aw, thanks for favoriting me. That seriously makes my day. You definitely have a point about the small plot. I have a really hard time developing and sticking to a plot, which is why I write mostly one-shots and focus on characterizations and snapshots in time. Thanks again, Charlotte!

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Review #15, by saffy A Zombie Virus?

17th May 2010:
Hi there :)

I cant sleep so im having a little HHFF-fest :)

This was pretty much awesome. You have that wonderful mix of hilarity and tender moments that Jo does so well.

I've said it once and I'll say it again your characterisation of the golden trio is so jokes!

I really liked your portrayal of Hermione how she's very clever but her neurotic tendencies can sometimes make her miss the obvious. Which is why her and Ron are so good together :)

Favourite quotes:

"Ok, let me rewrite the rule. I don't think any one decision makes your life unless you invent a zombie virus or defeat a super powerful dark wizard as an infant. Better?"

"There's that tone of surprise again"

"A zombie virus couldn't keep me away"

Thanks for a great read :) DFTBA

Author's Response: You are far too kind to me, saffy. Thanks for another lovely review. It's always nice to hear that my characterizations are true to canon.

I really love the idea of the trio making jokes about everything they've been through and Harry being "the chosen one" now that it's all over.

Thanks again.

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Review #16, by Rowena A Zombie Virus?

10th May 2010:
I liked this fic, it was cute! And it had impressively good grammar and spelling, compared to all the other annoying fics I've been reading all afternoon. =)

Author's Response: Thanks for taking the time to read and review. Glad you enjoyed it :)

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Review #17, by hpgrl A Zombie Virus?

5th May 2010:
Good job dude! that was very well put together. It flowed wonderfully and you incorporated the dialogue in very naturally. The writing was excellent :)

Author's Response: Thanks for your review and your kind words. I'm glad you found it enjoyable.

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Review #18, by crazygurl17 A Zombie Virus?

5th May 2010:
aww this is so sweet i love it

Author's Response: Thanks for reading and reviewing. I'm glad you enjoyed it :)

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Review #19, by SearchingForLuna A Zombie Virus?

3rd May 2010:
This is great!!! Usually I don't like trio fics--no one's as brilliant as J.K.--but I really did like this one!!! I thought you portrayed both, especially Hermione, in a very canon way, like you understood her quite well. 10/10 is the least I could say. Keep writing!!!

Author's Response: Thanks for your review! I agree, Jo is completely amazing and no one can write her characters as brilliantly as she can. That being said, I'm glad you found Ron and Hermione to be true to character. I really strive to do them justice. I started reading the HP books about 12 years ago, so I feel like I grew up with these characters, and it's really important to me to respect canon. And now my response is longer than your review, so I'll close with another thanks for reading and reviewing! :)

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