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Review #1, by _hedwig_ This is My Idea

29th May 2010:
No! I looked at your page and let me tell you, I HATE Dramione fics! It's like the complete opposite of what the books say. But I am, of course, in love with Rose/Scorpius, and it's like a next generation Dramione, but I picture Scorp in Ravenclaw for some reason. Also, I love Harry/Ginny. It's adorrable.

Author's Response: Haha. Maybe people who like Dramione try and read between the lines. The taunts and teasings are one of affection, perhaps? And yes, I agree they are. &I'll take that into consideration if I ever write another Rose/Scorpius story. &My friend gets on my case all the time about how cute they are. I just don't see it. :( Sorry. OVerall, I appreciate your honesty & how you aren't critizing me for what I like. :) Thankyou!

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Review #2, by Malfoylover01 The Beauty & The Tragedy

13th May 2010:
awww scorpius i so cute i wonder what rose thinks x

Author's Response: Hah, isn't he? Me too. *laughs evily* Just kidding. I'll upload it tonight so whenever it's validated read & leave a comment!!

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Review #3, by mrsphantom The Beauty & The Tragedy

13th May 2010:
i'm so glad i'm not the only one who knows this movie!! oh my goodness, the memories this brings back! the story is very cheesy and sappy, as is the swan princess, which is what makes it fabulous! the only problem i could see was that snape is in this story, when in actuality, he's dead. any specific reason for that? other than that, great story!

Author's Response: I feel that way sometimes, too. &I know, right? Lol, yes, cheesy&sappy. In the movie, after the King is dying when Derek runs out the lightening strikes as he's in midair, I was like, wow that was so great...And you caught a mistake...darn...No, I just completely forgot. THANKYOU DEARLY. I loved how long your review was. Made me smile like a cheshire cat.

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Review #4, by Avanell 2 The Beauty & The Tragedy

13th May 2010:
Please give us some more!

Author's Response: Of course! Rose's side of the story will be up momentarily! (Then it has to be validated...) I am so glad you like my stories! Thankyou, SO MUCH!!

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Review #5, by ginnypotter2010 This is My Idea

6th May 2010:
Malfoy, Ron and Hermione agree that their kids were destined for each other? Tne world's gone mad! (No offence)

Author's Response: Not necessarily *love* destined, but destined enemies that could save a timely Hogwarts tradition. & all in all, it's a fanfiction so anything can happen. ;]

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Review #6, by Avanell 2 This is My Idea

2nd May 2010:
You can't let it end there! And no demise of her parents :P I kept hearing that awesome song while reading ;) Love the movie, love the pairing and with two full sets of lovely parents :)

Author's Response: working on their school days; two different stories with their point's of views. & me too, about singing it.

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