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Review #1, by shanna Damn it, Al.

26th June 2012:

I rp as al and i have this story set-out shit with my friend.


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Review #2, by Padfoot23 Damn it, Al.

19th September 2010:
It's sad but I really liked it.

Author's Response: Thank you =)

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Review #3, by ThatRomantic Damn it, Al.

6th July 2010:
I like it.

I just hope he stays.


Author's Response: Thank you, sweetums.


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Review #4, by _Lady Marauder_ Damn it, Al.

29th May 2010:
So, I have to admit that this story originally caught my attention because of beautiful Jensen on your banner lol. BUT I am glad that the story was just as lovely!!

Another heartbreak story, lolol. Well I do have to admit, that you are quite good at them :D You know what I really like so far that I have noticed? You kind of leave a little bit of mystery at the end, like we still dont know for sure what will happen between Belle and Albus. It would be snazzy if he really did reform and didnt leave her, but from the way you painted him, Im not sure its possible XD

Another good one!

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Review #5, by patchworkscribbles Damn it, Al.

19th May 2010:
I thought I was signed in, but obviously not! I got here through the "random story" button and boy am I glad I clicked it! This was so heart-breakingly sweet; I loved it!

I love Al, and I really feel for Belle. I think you should write a longer story about them, because I'd DEFINITELY read it.

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Review #6, by moonbaby11 Damn it, Al.

13th May 2010:
I really loved this story. I could really feel a lot of Isabelle's feelings. Those relationships are always so complicated. Someone leaving you, then coming back to you, then leaving you.

I liked how you had Albus be 'us' instead of just being 'him', if that makes any sense at all! ;) I found it to be more engaging for me, as a reader.

The one thing that I really liked was how you started and ended the story with the same sentence. I thought that really worked for it.

I still can't believe that her crashes her wedding! That's pretty crazy! :)

The banner is awesome! I love it. The Al's expression in the sunglasses is so cute! :) Anyways, I'm glad I inspired you enough to enter the contest twice! Good luck!

Author's Response: Ahh, I love the banner too. The expression is exactly why I took it!

Thank you for reviewing =)


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Review #7, by amy Damn it, Al.

1st May 2010:
i found this a great story a good read

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Review #8, by emmapotter Damn it, Al.

30th April 2010:
Albus Potter is my favourite Next-Gen character to read and write..after James of course. :D
Anyway, this fic you have here? AWESOME!
I wrote an extremely one-shot; a love triangle with the Potter boys and an OC, by the name of Alex. :D In that as well, Al goes off travelling and leaves the OC heartbroken. It's a lot angsty-ier and less fluffy. And plus, the OC gets married to James in the end(sort of) - she was engaged to him at the beginning. :) The one-shot is based off Taylor Swift's I'd Lie.
But that's beside the point, I digress too much. xD
I can't tell you how much I love how well you've characterised Al in such few words that too! :) I love that this is in second person as well. :)
The whole interaction is good and believable as well, I like. :D
Keep up the great job!

Author's Response: Thank you lovely! Yes, digressions tend to happen... I think I might have read your story at one point =S


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Review #9, by Ashi_xxx Damn it, Al.

30th April 2010:
wow! this is an amazing little piece! it's really cleverly written, and from a really unusual pov - as if the girl is talking to Al. loved it, you're really talented!

Author's Response: Thanks for the lovely review =)


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