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Review #1, by baletgir part one of many

23rd December 2010:
Charlie/Fleur!?!?! What is this? Haha, I think it was a very (x12) interesting ship to try. It is definitely something different and new, in a good way. I could see this being an unrequited love type of story. I kind of imagined this in a canon view, where Fleur and Charlie are together and then maybe he didnít want to commit or something and she settled for Bill, but she canít forget Charlie. Iím not sure/I doubt thatís what you had in mind, but I did really love this.

The writing itself was very different from your other pieces I have read, and that seems to have been the point. It was so descriptive and very metaphorical (not sure if that is the best way to describe it).
Happy Holidays!

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Review #2, by Reyes91 part one of many

22nd August 2010:
Wow, your description was wonderful, especially since you could only use 500 words.

I never really thought of pairing off Fleur and Charlie, but you made their relationship seem so...oh, I don't know...good...? Poor choice of word, but I hope you understand what I'm trying to say. I loved this story. And you're right, using only 500 words really does help a writer get to the most important parts of a story.


Author's Response: Oh, thank you so much for your wonderful compliment! I've never really seen myself as too good at description, so it really means a lot to hear ^_^.

Yes, it's not exactly a common pairing, but I've seen a few springing up lately. Charlie is just a bit of a babe to be honest and I thought he deserved some love :P. I definitely understand where you're coming from and I'm unbelievably flattered.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read and review!

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Review #3, by Barry Ahlers part one of many

1st May 2010:
This was really good. I thought that you did Margravine justice. It definitely has the same qualities that her stories possess. This is about Charlie really? I think you give him too much credit. This girl is clearly out of this world with her advanced emotions and flowery description. I find it hard to believe that Charlie would even have turned this woman's head but maybe that is just me. Don't get me wrong though. I do like Charlie. It's just that it is not Rowling's style to give us stories that dwell on romantic thought. It's a bit of shock sometimes to read her characters at the center of such stories. I'm getting away from the story itself. Sorry. I really did enjoy this tidbit, even though it is vague. I imagine that would be the case with any 500 word story. Well done!

Author's Response: Hmmm, I wonder who you are, Barry? :P

Thank you very much though, I'm convinced that this is one of my weaker pieces, but I'm glad that it didn't let me down completely! Or Margravine for that matter.

Of course it's about Charlie! He's a babe. Fleur is young and naive and perfectly silly at times, and Charlie is an older (devastatingly attractive) man, not giving her the attention she's used to from all men. He's not quite as stunned be her Veela heritage as he probably should be, but Fleur is mesmerised by the fact that he's not. And that he's hot.

Thank you very much for this lovely review! ^_^

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Review #4, by F L A M M E part one of many

1st May 2010:
Oh my god.


Jane, this was so amazing! How could you say it is horrible?! I had to re-read it like fifty million times because it was sooo beautifully written! The way you put the language to use makes this piece flow so nicely!

Also, your description kills me. (Even if most description kills me because I cannot write it, period.) But, this was just amazing.

THIS: For now, and maybe forever, she is the young girl in her motherís pearls trying so hard to show the world how she has grown and lamenting as the clasp collapses, the string frays and the beads shatter. And why he causes them to shatter she cannot quite say, but he does and they do.

AND THIS: She is a glittering void of blissful obscurity, drowning in waves which crash and fracture before her, left with naught but sandy stretches of self that she loathes.

made me jizz in my pants. Not even kidding. This was gorgeous.


...By the way, I totally did not just do a little dance in my seat.



Author's Response: -Revives-

You're a very silly boy, Sean :P. In my opinion this definitely is one of my more hideous pieces xD. I bet you really had to reread it because it was utter madness and made next to no sense, lol.

I CAN'T WRITE IT EITHER. This is me being a silly girl trying too hard. Dialogue is my husband. It's beauteous.

That was me being JO. Probably the most Jo-like lines of the lot! So if you liked them you should definitely go check her out ;). She's a babe.

Yes - it's getting updated in three hundred years :P.

Thanks so much for the review, darling! ILYTOO ♥

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Review #5, by PenguinsWillReignSupreme part one of many

1st May 2010:

Some of this is so, so Jo [last sentence is a prime example] and all of it is so, so gorgeous that I can feel myself turning an unattractive shade of green as I type this.

I wish I'd written this bit especially:

When she doubts she is no longer blind, and when she is not blind it is harder.

But she has two eyes - and they see devastation.

That is so, so divine. It's ridiculous, really, that anyone should be able to write like this but you do and I love you for it.

I'm listening to nothing you say ever again because you can't judge your own writing. This is beyond what words can say [in a POSITIVE way, before you twist my words]


Author's Response: Yes, and none of it flows or anything, but there are very vague hints of Jo here :P. Once again, OH SHUSH. You talk rubbish.

I am glad you liked it, but I prefer your stuff. Hahahahaha, you are beginning to make me laugh now, for I am really not a fan of this piece.

RUBBISH. How could you take twisting away from me? :(


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Review #6, by Jellyman part one of many

20th April 2010:
Trust me when I say this is lovely. You have given the ship much justice, young Padawan [I'll use it until you like it :P], and I am proud.

Okay, enough crap, this was completely wonderful! You had them both down very well and I am quite proud. Lovely work, and if this review makes little sense I am sorry, I am rather distracted by it's brilliance, etc.


Author's Response: You know I can never trust anyone who compliments me. ...Is that something off Star Wars? And are you going to murder me for asking that? :P

Well, I've got to say that I'm pleasantly surprised that you liked this, as I am beginning to find it rather odious XD. I'm glad you did though, lol.

Thanks so much for reviewing, my darling ♥

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Review #7, by George Whitman part one of many

19th April 2010:
BOO! Haha. Got Ya!

Author's Response: ...does that mean you liked it? XD

Thanks for the review!

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Review #8, by shadowycorner part one of many

17th April 2010:
I loved this. Yesterday I was so impressed and consumed by your humor, that I almost forgot that you're basically good at anything you try. It looks a bit like Jo, and it must've been so hard trying to get in her style since her writing is wonderful, but while there is her, there's also you in the words. That's what makes the narrative quite exciting and interesting. I loved every little bit of it. Every.little.bit. I've never seen Fleur in this light before. Her words and everything litterally made my heart clench a little. Good job, Janey dear. I wanted to pick some quotes, but pasting the entire 500 words here would be pointless because like I already said...everylittlebit!

Author's Response: Oh shush, you XD. I definitely think I've managed to capture a trace of Jo in this - maybe not all of her, and maybe not the best parts of her writing, but I think it's vaguely recognisable XD.

Awww, I'm so glad that you liked it! I think Fleur is a lot more complex than she's often made out to be, so I had a lot of fun writing this and sort of learning more about her.

Thanks so much for reviewing ♥

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Review #9, by Margravine part one of many

16th April 2010:
Hello my lovely twinsa ♥

I actually don't know how to review this because it seems horribly self promoting to say that this is beautiful, but I WILL say that I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.

LOVED the title, am glad you left off the surplus of commas, think you did a wonderful job of a 500 word story. GORGEOUS SHIP BTW!

I KNOW how hard this challenge is and I think you've done amazingly. It 'feels' like me if I'm allowed to pretend to be objective and say so, and there are lots and lots of lines - like this
drowning in waves which crash and fracture before her, left with naught but sandy stretches of self that she loathes
and this
Then there is him. He is a man and she is a girl and she does not believe it to be impossible that she loves him.

which made me go all 'wish I'd written that!!!'

ANYWAY must flit off, but hope I can do half as well for this challenge!

Author's Response: Hello, darling ♥

Ahahahaha, it could possibly have come across that way, apart from the fact that it's not really like you at all sometimes, and when it is sort of like you it's rather bad. I think there is a name for that. Oh, yes! FAILURE :P.

It was inspired to my constant listening to Ingrid Michaelson's 'The Chain'. I was just listening to it on a loop and picked 'Promise' out from the line 'And promise not to promise any more'. I couldn't resist ♥ AND YES, GEORGIA DREW MY ATTENTION TO THIS SHIP OF BEAUTY.

I think what benefited me from this challenge and by 'being' you, was the fact that I had to expand my vocab a little :P. I couldn't just stick with my same old expressions; I had to really discover new turns of phrase and little used words and such.

HA. You could write something much better in an instant.

You did marvellously- far better, in my opinion :P.

Thank you so much for reviewing ♥

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Review #10, by collette michelle part one of many

16th April 2010:
Jane, darling! Hello.

So I saw Fleur/Charlie and was instantly intrigued. I love Bill and Fleur (as I think we ALL know) but I loved the idea of this too. I think you did a fine job of capturing Jo's style (which I applaud you for doing so, as I could never imagine attempting it!), I could defiantly see her through this.

This was beautiful love! I loved your imagery and descriptions, it was all so divine. Marvellous job my dear!

Author's Response: Hello, my lovely Collette! ♥

Hahaha, yes, that is something of common knowledge! Thank you so much! I was very worried that I hadn't managed to pull off Jo's style here, but I'm glad that you could see it in there somewhere ^_^. However, I don't think anyone could quite pull off being Jo like Jo can :P.

I'm glad you enjoyed it! And Bill/Fleur will also be making an appearance ;). Thank you SO much for taking the time to read and review, dearest ♥

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