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Review #1, by 1hermionegranger Chewing

2nd October 2011:
That last scene was so sad. I cried when I read it in the book. Whenever I read a Marauders Era story and I see a Frank/Alice pairing, it makes me kind of sad to know what's going to happen to them later on in their life. It makes me even more sad to see where they were once happy and joking around and stuff. Anyway, great story! Although it is quite a painful one...

Author's Response: it's meant to be painful... but in a good way... I like to think that it's quite 'real' get me with my realism stuf... lol...

Anyway, thanks for the review. I'm glad you liked it, and that it evoked you emotionally. Why don't you read some of my other stuff, please enjoy and review :D x

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Review #2, by Capella Black Chewing

13th June 2010:
Man, you do like to make a grown woman cry! Seriously, this is so sad. The ending in particular, where you explain why Alice does what she does in St Mungos, is so sweet, and so very very sad. But my favourite part, without a moment's doubt is that line "We're going to die. How I wish that were true." So good - really bringing home the idea of worse than death, with the added reality of them having actually faced death first, so there being no hyperbole involved!

Author's Response: *big big big grin*

so so glad you liked it... i love the ending as well...
my bro beta'd it for me and he said it didn't feel finished and that was the result...
i also know that if Alice had a choice she'd have died, rathert than force her son to see her the way she ended up...

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Review #3, by abeille Chewing

25th April 2010:
-thinks that this is amazing-

I was SO hoping that this was the direction that you would go with this! Seriously, this is a really well done fic. I love that you decided to write about the night that everything really happened for the Longbottoms. It's beautiful

Author's Response: Glad you like it! I'm really pleased with it... and yes it was a challenge! Thanks so much, had great fun writing it too!

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