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Reading Reviews for Take A Bow
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Review #1, by Bob Take A Bow

25th November 2014:
I'm really sorry but that was terrible. As a huge fan of hp I can't help but feel hurt because Ron and her line were SOULMATES and you just ripped that up. Besides, it's so unlike hermoine to express her feelings openly like that towards harry and so unlike harry to just ask her like that. He's akward and well, he's Harry Potter! You were very wrong to write this I'm sorry. It was pretty well written and I hope you continue to write books as long as they have good back bones!

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Review #2, by Slywolf9 Take A Bow

18th May 2008:
That was terribly sad. Harry really shouldn't have asked her with all those people around. Sigh. Poor Hermione. :[[ Good job, though!

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Review #3, by lily flower Take A Bow

18th May 2008:
this is a bit strange

but keep on writting


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Review #4, by Bur Bear Take A Bow

15th May 2007:
I really liked this one! I love Hermione, and I love the POV. Very nice, well done :)

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Review #5, by Elf Wizard Take A Bow

15th May 2007:
Um, wow, that was not that great yet not that bad. You could go back through it and write more or continue also you need to cut out the song versus, it makes it hard to read. Have fun and don't write one chapter with no continuation.

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Review #6, by Corpus Tractor Take A Bow

14th April 2006:
It's a good piece...but come on, we know that really all her feelings are for Ron...I think it's something that most of us can relate to though...

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Review #7, by Tonks_3242 Take A Bow

15th August 2005:
that was relally nice...very pretty. It was sad..i dunno..but i loved it...good job!

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Review #8, by KitKat Take A Bow

2nd July 2005:
....um...OUCH!....it's like....rip out my heart and stomp on it why don't you!!!......i've had that kind of expiriance.....now i just keep thinking....why bother with it anymore....it will just hurt worse every time......i'm smart too but i still don't get WHY exactly people want to go through all that crap.....i have friends and family who love me...i don't need a guy to feel special.......but i have FELT exactly like she felt.......we should start a club....yeah, we could get t-shirts and everything....it'd be SUPER FUN!!!!!

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Review #9, by watchingyou247 Take A Bow

13th June 2005:
awwww thats so sad i cant belive it! i can tell its a true story because of the way you expressed her pain. Iam sorry.

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Review #10, by meh Take A Bow

26th March 2005:

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Review #11, by tout about Take A Bow

20th March 2005:
thankyou for that poem/song

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Review #12, by Jordanna Take A Bow

22nd December 2004:
Wow!! that waz tight!! u should make a story on that!!!!!!! it waz great!!!!!

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Review #13, by LD Take A Bow

23rd November 2004:
I can relate to that story. I'ts kind of like my life.

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Review #14, by DarkAutumnBreeze Take A Bow

1st October 2004:
aahhhh, sad! poor hermione! thats really tight, harry doing that in front of her and asking her in front of every1. i mean, what if shed said yes? what the hell would he, or cho (stupid dumb crybaby) have done then? congrats on a brillo story!

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Review #15, by Alene Take A Bow

22nd August 2004:
aww, poor hermione

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Review #16, by prettylily Take A Bow

2nd August 2004:
it was great! a little sad though? don't you think? well, it was still good!

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Review #17, by harrypotterishot Take A Bow

27th July 2004:
Um, Hermione has no pain. She and RON asre destined to be together. Any idiot would know that. (But you aren't an idiot. Don't worry.) Anyway, it's good. Just next time remember...

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Review #18, by Hermionette Take A Bow

2nd July 2004:
*tear* OMG that is so very sweet. That sounds exactly right. Btw, could you check out a story by me and a friend? It's called A Marauder Crew, but it is posted under her name "siriuslover".

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Review #19, by Hermione freak Take A Bow

28th May 2004:
Awesome never read a better story

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Review #20, by F*L*I*R*T;-) Take A Bow

10th April 2004:
Itz gud, u shud rite sum mor like dat.

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Review #21, by erica Take A Bow

31st December 2003:
you really need to add onto that story. i also think that the story is not descriptive enough and the character soounds nothing like Hermione.

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Review #22, by ickleronniekins Take A Bow

6th September 2003:
That was so sad...I know how Hermione's felt, and you express those feelings so well. I loved it. Keep writing, it's awesome!!!

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Review #23, by OrangeSodaSpill Take A Bow

5th September 2003:
I love it!!!! You express feelings really well.

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Review #24, by Slim Take A Bow

25th August 2003:
omg...that was sooo sad..Cho that b***h i\'ll kill her!!! um...anyway, great story. wish there was more.

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Review #25, by Crizel Take A Bow

18th August 2003:
I Love how you got into Hermione\'s head. I like how you felt her emotions as if they were your own. Excellent Fic!

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