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Review #1, by Jheinx Threats

18th April 2017:
Hello. It is I. The dreaded updated wanter. I am sorry. I know something has to be wrong. I hope your ok and everything is fine,if you were abducted by aliens, please tell them I need you to finish Sirrah:).

As for me I am contenting myself with old stories that I followed and am rereading in a vain attempt to make the time till Sirrah is back shorter.

If you need help, ask. I promise to try to help. Just not with the story. I will go to work for you and I am even willing to do laundry so that you have enough time to update. However your clothes may take a year to be returned,depending on where you live. Im in South Africa:)

Take Care and i hope all is well.

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Review #2, by Lady Asphodel Introduction

3rd April 2017:
(Jailbreak - CTF: Gryffindor)

The beginning of this is already having me chuckle here. Especially at the part where Sirrah says, [i]You donít like dresses?


Well, then I donít think we can be friends.[/i]

(Honestly, I don't like dresses, but ssh... don't tell Sirrah that.)

I love how you have Sirrah interact with us readers. Feels like we're talking but, it's mostly one-sided. It reminds me of the first Percy Jackson book. I recall how weirded out I was from the way how the author had Percy seem like he's speaking to me. I almost put the book down - but I was young then. I know better now.

Just from the way she speaks, I can already tell she's a fun, outgoing person.

You really had me rolling with how Sirrah explains her background - particularly of her scary grandfather, Lucius Malfoy - and how it seems to be a like 'pureblood' thing to be named after constellations. In fact, I never knew that they were - haha. Interesting!

I can Sirrah is different from everyone in her family - or at least when it comes to those who sticks with traditions.

Aw, I feel sorry for her that her Dad is treating her the way he does due to her being a girl. I hate seeing that in families, and I find that tradition to be one of the ridicilous ones of all.

Good job with showing me the type of character she is. It makes me wonder what you have in mind for her, since I see in your author's note that you didn't want to give away something obvious for your title.

I did enjoy reading this too!

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Review #3, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap Introduction

3rd April 2017:
What do you mean what equipment?

Heís a boy!

Laugh out loud funny. I don't normally read stories anymore where they're at Hogwarts. I like to read I suppose dirty happenings and I like dark humor that's better suited when most of the next generations (or Hogwarts era) students are out of school but this was a pleasant surprise. I thought it was a very funny opening. Odd name that's for sure but it keeps up with the Malfoy tradition. I like that Scorpius has a sister. Why not? Only child syndrome with Draco turned him into a little prat. Might as well suss out the gene pool and see if one is better than two. Am I right?


I could see Draco not wanting to have a daughter. What's the point when you have an heir? Besides, I don't actually see him knowing how to parent a girl. What is he supposed to do, have a tea party with her? Ha! I would love to see him do that. The great Draco Malfoy.

I wish we could get more insight into their relationship but I suppose we will later on. She seems odd, which i appreciate because I think that's how Scorpius would be (and that's how we know he is to be today) so to have the female version be a little odd is nice. I guess he's going to be more of a golden boy version, more like what Draco wished he would have been when he was at Hogwarts.

Oh! I had a comment about her name though. So it was in the Andromeda consolation. Is this your way suggesting that perhaps the family (Narcissa forgave her) or at least this new generation is a little bit more accepting. I know the mention of Lucius but I'm intrigued as to why she was named what she was named.

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Review #4, by H Threats

20th August 2016:
Great story, love sirrah. Please update soon

Author's Response: Aww, thanks so much! I will try to update as soon as I can!


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Review #5, by alicia and anne Morning

23rd May 2016:
Woo! I am onto chapter 6!!

Haha I am not a morning person, so I would hate someone to be calling my name like that so early. I would hex them if I had a wand.

Oh yeah! her and James have kissed! I can't wait to see the repurcussions of this! It's going to be epic!


I'm glad that she managed to get around the makeup rule :D

Oh I can't wait for the moment she finds out about Rose either :D

Haha I've missed her sarcasm! I need to catch up on the rest of this fic! I need to see James interacting with her because it's going to be hilarious :D

Author's Response: Haha, I am not a morning person either. But at this point, I would probably sleep through most people shouting my name to wake me up in the morning. And yes, repercussions! They are coming! And yeah, Sirrah's good at getting around a lot of things, lol. Finds out about Rose? Now, I feel like I need to reread my own chapter. That's not good. Her sarcasm is so fun to write! I love it. And yes, please do. I love your reviews! Thanks so much for this review though! And for being amazing and doing another 24 hour review-a-thon! You are the best!


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Review #6, by Jheinx Threats

22nd May 2016:
Ok so i have to ask. When this story is over can i please have an ebook copy signed( digitally of course )

I Want to keep it and read it whenever i need a sirrah fix. I dont want to copy paste( it would feel like stealing)

Just please think about it.

Ok now im really starting to scare myself with my stalker like tendencies regarding updates:):):)

Author's Response: Umm, I'll think about it, but I can't really publish Sirrah as an ebook since it's fanfiction... but it might be a while before it's completed anyway, so we'll see.


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Review #7, by Jheinx Threats

14th May 2016:
Oh goody !! She is back!!!

Ok james is being too generous in trusting shelleys crazy & sirrah is making friends! Good job.

Im happy about the update & not happy cause i want the hea so bad.

The mask sirrah picked is silver & gold? I am Liking where her head is even if she would deny it if confronted.

Thank you for making my day, i was feeling awful till i checked the update now im feeling awful but happy to

Author's Response: Yes! We are back! Yeah, they probably are being too generous, but like Rose said, they haven't even gotten anywhere yet. And Sirrah is making friends! Well, technically her and Rose were already friends, but it's much more official now.

Yes, I'm trying to move this along. It's taking more chapters than I thought. There's so much to plan and work out!

And yes, the mask! Sirrah will deny everything if confronted really but for this, I think it's only because it's something she hasn't realized herself yet.

You're very welcome! I'm so sorry you had an awful day! Glad the update helped at least a little bit! Thanks so much for reviewing!


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Review #8, by Penelope Inkwell Introduction

6th May 2016:
Hey Nix!

I'm sitting here, soaking up Starbucks' divine electricity, simultaneously having a conversation with you while I sneak over here and drop you a review! I've been meaning to get to Sirrah forever, and I thought it'd be a fun surprise! I'm really having trouble not mentioning it to you, at present, but I am good at secrets and surprises, so I'll manage!

This is really interesting. Sirrah breaks right onto the page with a very individual voice. She's clearly quite quirky. The part where she's talking directly to us is like you gave a puppy an espresso, but it's amusing and really sets her apart from other MC's I read. I'm not really surprised she doesn't get on with her father. I doubt someone like Draco would quite know what to make of Sirrah. I am sad for her, though, that they don't have a better relationship.

I also like the way you've thought this out. Sad as it is, I think the idea that daughters would be a lot more disposable to a Pureblood father of the old school makes a lot of sense. As you say, she won't carry on the name, and to people like her family, the name and the bloodline is everything. Even just the way they side-alone apparate her without any warning gives us a hint of the idea of what the family is like Ė probably a tight parental hand on the reins, at least when they're at home, without too much consideration for what their kids would truly want.

I think you do a good job of giving us an idea of Sirrah's family situation and who her character is, and while her voice is kind of the verbal equivalent of a sugar high in a way that could be almost overwhelming, it also makes me so curious to know more. How did a girl like this come out of the Malfoy clan, and how does her twin brother compare? I also really like that, along with all her energy, Sirrah has some clear wit and bite to her words that I think I'm going to quite enjoy. She's just kind of...strangely charming?

I was distracting her with silly antics that I knew would easily deter her attention away from my lateness and make her look at me all proud-like for being concerned enough about my appearance to ask for her advice.
--Ha, I loved seeing Sirrah get a bit clever and manipulative, here. #slytherin It's in the genes ;)

Oh, I'm also very interested in her interest in fashion. I wonder if she wants to be a designer? Her parents would never approve, I suppose, but maybe she can go her own way. I like that aspect of her character Ė I, personally, love clothes and fashion Ė so I'm excited to see how that plays in. I like knowing something about her passions, on top of her personality.

CC: So, it won't surprise you terribly that I strive to always give some CC. As always, it's yours to take or leave as you will :D In the words of Albus Dumbledore, "This is, as they say, your party." ;)

I think the Blacks started it. Yes, thatís right. My grandmother, Narcissa Malfoy, brought it into the Malfoy family when she named my father and my father must have insisted to my mother that the tradition be continued onto their own children.
--Somehow, among the unloading of all the really good background information, this bit felt kind of unnecessary. It cluttered up the section a little bit, and it kind of makes that section about the names drag (just briefly, though!) I think if you jumped straight to that cute part about giving her kids normal names, it would make things flow even better.

ďYouíre hair looks fine, dear."
--the "You're" here ought to be "Your"

The only other thing I'd suggest is to maybe consider combining some of those paragraphs near the end. The short lines work really well for her earlier, stream of consciousness thoughts, but down here at the end she's thinking a lot more solidly, and I think a few more consolidated paragraphs would be easier on the reader.

In terms of creating a unique, engaging OC, you get an absolute A+ chickadee! This is a fun, interesting introduction, and it makes me want to read on and find out a bit more about Sirrah and her (quite possibly) crazy life. I look forward to seeing her at Hogwarts. I'll be back for more! And I hope you enjoy the review! Lots of love!


Author's Response: Hi Penny!

I love that you managed to read and review this chapter while talking to me and without mentioning it. I think that's thoroughly hilarious and I loved the surprise!

I'm glad that you find Sirrah amusing, although I don't think "like you gave a puppy an espresso" is really what I was going for but I really wanted her to stand out and I'm glad it worked. Sadly, she does not get along with her father. But I definitely have thought a lot of this out, wanting to write about a pure-blood who doesn't want the pure-blood lifestyle. That's a good question though, how did a girl like this come out of the Malfoy clan? I really don't know. But I think maybe future details will explain this better. Maybe. And you'll soon find out how the brother compares. And yes, Slytherin definitely runs in her genes. I love it when she gets manipulative. It's so fun to write.

Her interest in fashion will be playing a big part. Although to be honest, I don't know that much about fashion. But I try when necessary to make the story work. Err... right then. But you will also soon find out her goals when it comes to this!

I have taken your concrit into consideration while editing this chapter. As you know, I'm doing my read-through, which also means I'm trying to edit and clean up some bits as I go. The edits haven't been posted yet though, but they will be in due time. So I hope those bits are better now.

Thanks so much for reviewing this chapter! I'm so happy you liked it and the MC! I'm glad that it makes you want to read more and I do hope you do! It won't be long before she's at Hogwarts! Thanks again for this lovely surprise review!


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Review #9, by Yoshi_Kitten Introduction

16th April 2016:
Hey Nix!! Surprise, lol!! RoxiMalfoy from the forums, here for the Slytherin Review Tag... Although, I could have sworn that I had at least reviewed the 1st chapter of this for you, like way back in the day, lol!! Cuz I totally remember this story, and in my checkoff list, I have it marked that I've already read clear down to chapter 7. Idk why I apparently never left you a review before, but I'm here now!! And I know that we have at least discussed Sirrah before, haven't we??

Anyway, I love her!! She is so sassy, and her inner dialogue is very entertaining to read. She is quirky and a little bit on the spoiled side, you can tell. Especially by the way that she works her mother, lol. That was brilliant!! It's sad that Draco doesn't give her enough attention, but I could totally see him doting on his son more tho. So that was some very good cannon characterization there!

I cannot help but wonder how Scorpius feels about this tho. Do he and his sister at least have a decent sibling relationship, or are they more rivals? Sirrah doesn't talk too much about her feelings toward her brother here, so I cannot wait to see what is revealed about their relationship in future chapters!! ;)

Only bit of CC I can offer her is to watch switching your tenses. For example; when she says: :I hated side-apparating." I think 'hated' should be 'hate' instead. There were a few other instances of this as well, but it's an easy fix!

Everything else was perfect, Nix!! This was a brilliant introduction chapter, and you have developed a really strong OC here!! Also, I LOVE her name; and I love the fact that she hates it too, lol!! Sirrah has such a strong personality, and I enjoy reading from her POV. I cannot wait to read (well, re-read at this point, lol!) more and see where this goes!! I was so happy to see that you were working on this story again in your status updates on the forums. YOU CAN DO IT, NIX!! I will be here to cheer you on, lol!! See ya in the next chapter!!! =D


Author's Response: Hi! Well, this was a surprise! Erm, sort of. I did see your post in the Review Tag before I saw the review, but it was still a surprise nonetheless. I think we have talked about Sirrah, although I also cannot remember if you ever reviewed it. But that's okay! You're here now, anyway.

I also love how sassy she is! And her inner dialogue is so much fun to write. I'm trying to bring that back a bit more, I feel like it's gotten a bit lost in the story of late. She is spoiled, that's for sure. She gets what she wants, for the most part. But that doesn't mean she doesn't work for what she wants. She does know how to work her mother but of course, she's been very much affected by Draco's lack of attention to her and over-attentiveness to her brother. You know, that's an interesting thought, it never really occurred to me how Scorpius might feel about this... but he's also kind of a selfish jerk so... maybe he doesn't think anything on it at all? I don't know, I'll have to think about that. I'd definitely say they are more rivals than anything. But that doesn't mean they don't occasionally have a decent relationship. It's a bit twisted, really. I do go into a bit of detail on this in a later chapter.

I am bad a tense switching, I will admit. But I get what you mean.

Thanks so much for this lovely review! I'm so glad you love Sirrah! She is quite a fun character to write. I love her name, too. Although I don't think she hates it? She might hate the tradition, but there are so many worse names I could have chosen. I AM trying to continue this! Hopefully the next chapter will be up soon! I just need to work on it a bit more.

Thanks agian for the review!


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Review #10, by PaulaTheProkaryote Introduction

6th March 2016:
For HPFFís Review-a-Thon

Hi! So I had every intention of reviewing a one shot, but this story was just too tempting for me so Iíll just review this chapter (and the rest as I go).

In the first few lines I already love Sirrah. Weird, too much eyeliner, and makes her own clothes? Sheís my kind of character!

The only CC I have is that Iím not crazy about the format of short lines. Granted, they are witty and easy on the eyes, but I had to force myself not to skip through them because my brain is lazy. Itís a minor detail though.

I donít think Draco would be that made about her liking muggles. As she says, she should be more worried about her grandfather. Draco would come around eventually.

I like that you kept her name with the family theme and didnít give her some weird, random name as many Malfoy family stories tend to do.

Sirrah has her mother down pat. The manipulation that runs in this family is astounding and I love it!

I like the dynamic youíve given Sirrah and Draco because I donít think Draco would turn around and just be the loving accepting man that people tend to paint him post-war. Thereís still going to be some of the prejudice, some of the pureblood traditions in him!

Overall, I canít wait to finish my review-a-thon so I have time to read chapter two!

Author's Response: Hi! This was a surprise since I was also expecting you to review a one-shot, but hey, this is still my baby and I love reading reviews for it.

I'm so glad you're liking Sirrah's character so far. And there aren't as many short lines as you read on. So, hopefully it won't be as difficult to read in the future.

Yeah, I haven't fully fleshed out Draco yet. I don't think he'd care too much in the end. But she would definitely need to worry about Lucius, lol. Thanks so much! I'm glad you approve of the name. Searching for a decent star-based name was such a struggle really, but I'm so glad I came across Sirrah because it just fit perfectly next to Scorpius and isn't too out there.

Haha, Sirrah has an interesting relationship with her mother and father, that's for sure. She can be very manipulative though. I do have to agree, I don't know if Draco would be the most loving father. And I think he'd still believe in quite a few pureblood traditions. That and I don't think he has any idea really on how to raise a girl, as this is the first girl to be born a Malfoy in quite a long time (at least in my story).

Thanks so much for checking out this story! I hope to hear from you again!


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Review #11, by Sharah Secrets

1st March 2016:
Hy. Its very good news, thank you. Two jobs? Ok i understand. How about making it up to us by giving us a proper knock down drag out between James & Sirrah. I love those.

I love your story and i love Sirrah.
Yes your updating is unpredictable & makes me weep. I check in as often as i can. However it is worth the wait. I have flowed your story for at least 4 years now and i have not given up yet. The only other people i have followed like this are Kresley Cole & J R Ward. Your in good company. Both of these authors are special and they have a unique voice.

Your a good writer. I just wish you were a rich one too so you could have more time to write my new favourite next generation couple.

Author's Response: Haha, "a proper knock down drag out"? I'm not even sure I know what that is, unless you want to me to have Sirrah knock down James again and drag it out, lol, which may or may not be slightly similar to what is about to happen in my storyline. But I promise something BIG is about to happen. We're finally getting there. And thanks so much for waiting, it really means the world to me. I know I've been writing this story for five years now, but the thought that someone has been following it for almost just as long really just blows my mind. So thank you x infinity. Seriously. I don't know who Kresley Cole or J R Ward is but I might just have to check them out. You should totally come check out the HPFF forums (which you can find by clicking on 'Forums" up there at the top of the page) where I hang out (I'm in Slytherin, of course, lol, and I go by the same username as I do here) when I'm not working and we can talk more often and not just through reviews. And there's a whole bunch of other amazing writers you can meet as well.

Haha, I wish I was a rich one, too. I could then afford all the things I want AND have time to write. It would be amazing.

And your favorite next gen couple? Aww, that's so sweet. Especially since they aren't even together yet. I might just have to try a bit harder tonight to work on this upcoming chapter because you make me want to get it finished and posted even more than I already did. And I've been wanting to get it posted for a while now. It literally is just a matter of needing more time and less distractions and obligations.


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Review #12, by Jheinx Secrets

29th February 2016:
Hy. Im sorry if this is pushy, im just really looking forward to more Sirrah & James face time. I love how she hated him chasing her & when he stops she is confused by his reactions & not relieved. :) I love Sirrah but the walls around herself are HIGH. I dont blame her though,Talon needs shock therapy or maybe a nice visit from the men in white coats. James needs a hug cause man oh man who does not want a guy like him?

Author's Response: Hey! I'm so sorry! You're not being pushy at all, I've just been super busy juggling two jobs and not a lot of time off to write. BUT I have been slowly working on the next chapter so hopefully it will be up soon, although I can't say when. There won't be any Sirrah and James face time in the upcoming chapter, but it IS coming. I swear. Probably starting in the chapter after this one. Don't you worry! I have a lot of it already planned out in my head (and some might already be written out), I just need to get there so I can actually write it and share it.

Thank you so much for sticking with this story though with my terrible updating. It really does mean so much to me, and I hope you enjoy the upcoming chapters when they are finally posted.


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Review #13, by Pansy Parkinson Appeal

14th February 2016:
Hello my lovely.

Blaise could not stop talking about you in the common room last night, saying how talented and wonderful you are, and I must say I was intrigued. Especially when he said that you know things about the future.

I had to, of course, twist Blaise's arm into telling me what he meant and he caved quicker than a cheap cauldron. So, you've written all about Draco's future children? I wonder who caught his eye? She better be a nice person.

Oh, don't worry about those reviewers who don't like falsehoods, send them my way and I shall deal with them in the only way Slytherin's can. :D

I have heard about Bill Weasley, he's very nice to look at.

It honestly doesn't surprise me at all that the Weasleys have had lots of children. They are Weasley's after all.

Oh... a Potter? Speaking to a Malfoy? This is very interesting, very interesting indeed. Sirrah is fiesty! I love it! It's clearly something that she is going to learn from me in the fuuture, as her favourite unofficial aunt of course. :P

Sirrah, honey, you need to make him pay for kissing you on a dare. I had to do the same numerous amounts of times... yet, Blaise still doesn't seem to learn.

Mmm, I wonder what Sirrah will choose to do?

You are absolutely wonderful! You have got to be a really famous author to be writing about the Malfoy family. You must keep up the amazing work, I am definitely coming back for more, I can't wait to see what Sirrah does next.

I hope that you have a wonderful valentines day, :-*

Author's Response: Well hello there! Blaise? Talking about me? Really? That's so cool! I mean, *cough* that's so kind of him.

Yes, it just so happens I may know something about the future. But at the same time, this could be a parallel universe. Who knows?

Sirrah is quite feisty. That's what I love about her the most. You'll have to read on though to find out what she does.

You are so sweet! I'm so glad you are loving the story! Your kind words mean so much to me. Thanks so much for Valentine reviews!


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Review #14, by Blaise Zabini Morning

14th February 2016:
Happy Valentines Day!! (don't tell Pansy)

Teabag absolutely raved about your other story - you know, once he stopped sulking about the fact that he wasn't paired with Harry... it was hilarious! I've never seen Draco look so scared! haha

I figured that I would come and see what you have to say about Slytherins.

Oh I can't even count the amount of times that I woke up not knowing where I was and thinking that I was back at home. Of course I can trace all of that back to Teabag, it's his fault that I get drunk.

She's Malfoy's daughter? :O have you used a time turner? Are you writing this in the future? Wicked! That is quite a magical skill! I'm impressed.

I should have known by the way that she spoke that she was Draco's kid. He likes to look amazing on the first day of classes, it's good to see that trait has been passed on. Although, who in their right mind would want to marry Draco?... it better not be Pansy! Maybe he married Harry? That would be hilarious because it would annoy Theo. I love anything that annoys him hahaha.

Hang on. Weasley has a kid as well?! Wow... Do I have a kid? Is it with Pansy? I'm gonna have to keep reading to find out. But, seriously... Draco's kid fancies Weasleys? Oh this is going to be so much fun in the future! I for one cannot wait for this to happen! The future is sounding more and more brilliant and fun!

Theo was right, you are an amazing story teller! I could read your words all day and every day! I can't wait to read more of your wonderful words, and have all this blackmail on Draco about his future kids mwahahahaha

Lots of valentines day love!

Author's Response: Thanks for this wonderful Valentine's Day gift! Don't worry, I won't tell Pansy. We wouldn't want her maiming that pretty face of yours, now, would we?

Oh no, is Teabag threatening poor Draco? I hope he doesn't rough him up too badly! But I'm so glad you decided to stop by!

Yes, it is probably always Teabag's fault when you and your friends get too drunk. That boy is clearly a bad influence.

Yes, Sirrah is Draco's daughter! And his son Scorpius is in here too. Why thank you! Yes, writing from the future is quite tricky. And don't worry, it's not Pansy who's married Draco. Nor did he marry Harry...

Yes! Weasley also has a kid. And so does Potter. You DO have a kid! I'm sure you'll meet him soon enough. But no, it's not with Pansy, I'm sorry to tell you. I'm honestly not sure who it is with yet...

I'm so glad you're enjoying the future, I do think it is quite brilliant myself. Thanks so much for this lovely review! But use your blackmail wisely, my dear boy.

Lots of love to you, too!

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Review #15, by alicia and anne Conversations

13th January 2016:
I think it might be Rose who will make Head Girl too, then her and Scorpius can be in love forever!! Such plans! Much Wow!

I love Sirrah so much! She's brilliant and scary :D

:O I wonder what Scorpius would do if he knew that Sirrah had been kissing James!

Those two siblings are so brilliant together, I love how they're trying to threaten the other. I would be too scared to get in between those two if I was anyone of their friends.

Sirrah really needs to work on her lying! Haha :D

I love the friendship between Sirrah and Leighton, it seems like a really solid friendship :D

Can't wait to read more!

Author's Response: Hi Tammi!

Hahah, you never know about that Rose. And Scorpius, too.

Sirrah has been so much fun to write, especially in the beginning. I don't know what Scorpius would do if he knew that James and Sirrah kissed. He'd probably tell his father, duel James, yell at Sirrah. Anything is possible.

Ha, Scorpius and Sirrah's relationship is definitely an interesting one. They are like very strange frenemies. Yet instead of pretending to like each other and going behind their backs to screw them over, it's usually more of the opposite, they pretend to hate each other, but deep down actually care? Idk. They don't seem to care all that much at the moment.

Sirrah's not really into lying, I think that's why she not so good at it.

Sirrah and Leighton have such a great friendship. They're so fun to write.

Thanks so much for the lovely review!!!


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Review #16, by Rumpelstiltskin Slytherins

3rd October 2015:
Here I am! :D

Sirrah needs to find some new people to sit with :D. I love how you've created Fiona Flint, product of Marcus and Pansy -- I can't even imagine (well, yes I can, because you did a lovely job of painting an image). It makes sense that Pansy was after Draco for his prestige, just as Fiona is following Scorpius around. Climbing the ladder of the Pureblood social rank seems like hard work if you weren't born or married into it.

"I know perfectly well heís no cannibal!

Idiot." -- Good God, Sirrah and her narrative absolutely kills me! I can't help but to laugh hysterically.

Talon Nott, the handsome wizard after Sirrah's affections -- well, you know, not exactly affections but stuff that I can't talk about in a review :D. I don't blame her for being turned off because he wants THAT, especially because he'd been talking about marriage! I most definitely was NOT considering marriage at her age.

Again with the not being friends!! I'm sitting here saying, "No, Sirrah, really, chick I'm not judging you -- wait...wait a minute," -- rubs eyes because I'm trying to convince a fictional character to be my friend -- "Nix you absolute genius." That's what's happening right now.

True, lunatics *do* run in her family. It happens.

I love that she is a rebel at heart but she still tries to appease her makes for all kinds of fun conflicting feelings and situations :D. I think it's awesome that she enjoys making dresses, personally. (See, I'm still trying to be nice to her...)

Everyone needs a friend like Kenny (lol, Kensington). He's gay, he's funny, he's got a crush on the boy who is in love with Sirrah. It's just a great thing. Oh, yeah, and don't forget Leighton, the bad influence!

This story has SO MUCH PROMISE! I just love it to bits and pieces :D. ♥

Thanks for the swap!


Author's Response: Rumpel! Ack, I can't handle these super nice reviews!

I know I love Pansy, but she is definitely not shown in the best light in this story, and neither is her daughter. I like how you mention climbing the ranks of the Pure-blood social ladder though, we'll come back to that in like... 30 chapters... lol.

I'm glad you still love Sirrah's narrative though! Oh I love Talon in the beginning! I don't think he's super worried about that... I think that's just what she thinks he wants... Idk, now. But yeah, she's definitely not interested in marriage anytime soon.

Hahaha, I love that you're trying to convince Sirrah to be your friend! I think that's hilarious and adorable. I'm a far cry from genius though.

I love the conflictions of her personality. She's got strong opinions and yet wants the affection of her parents even if it means going against her own wishes. I love that she makes dresses, too. But that's only because Jenny was my favorite Gossip Girl character at the time I came up with the idea for Sirrah.

Yes! Everyone needs a Kenny! I wish I had a Kenny! And Leighton! I love her friends.

Thank you so much! I hope you keep reading! Although at the same time I'm worried it'll get boring after a while. But hopefully not.

Thanks for the reviews! I enjoyed reading them so much more than you could know!


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Review #17, by Rumpelstiltskin Introduction

27th September 2015:
Hey there :D.

(I'm a little late with my review, oops!)

Anyway, I love the playfulness of Sirrah's internal dialogue in this -- I think you've wielded the first-person POV effectively. It's fun to read, and that's always a pleasure.

I really enjoyed the way the story interacts with the reader, it really drew me in and almost immediately made me connect with your main character -- whose quirky personality (especially given she's a Malfoy) is awesome. I think I first realized how involved I felt as a reader early on in the story, around this section: "Well, then I donít think we can be friends." I responded to it, which makes me laugh in hindsight. I was like, "Well, that's not very nice. Maybe I didn't want to be friends with you in the first place!" Aha, yes, I'm insane. It's okay.

"Or to put it plainly, I wasnít a boy." -- I just wanted to point out this bit, because it really jumped out at me. Sirrah's missing attention from Draco because, as a pureblood, he's invested in his son to carry on the Malfoy name, his legacy. In his head, Sirrah will marry (ideally a pureblood) and Draco's family name will be lost to t he husband. I really wanted to point that out because I thought it was a brilliant addition to the text, here, and to some of Sirrah's characterization.

Ooooh Sirrah knows how to play her mother! That was beautiful, I would applaud her if it wouldn't make me look like a crazy in front of all these strangers around me.

Oh yeah, and this "What do you mean what equipment?" and what follows -- I DIED. This was hysterical, thank you for writing that. It made my day.

Sirrah, the little blonde rebel, not enthusiastic about her situation as a pureblood woman in combination with her personality makes me think that this story is going to be stellar, and I'm kinda stoked to read more!

Great job, beautifully done!


Author's Response: Hi Rumpel!

Oh gosh, this is like the sweetest review ever! I'm so glad you enjoy the first person tense in this story because I really enjoy writing it. I love getting into characters' heads this way, it's just so much easier for me than writing third person.

I also enjoyed reading all your responses to Sirrah's breaking of the fourth wall. It's so nice to see how people react to it, and it's so much fun to write. I honestly miss writing in this early period, she was so much fun and I feel like I've lost that spunk recently and so future chapters may not be as funny, and I wish they were. The original Sirrah wasn't afraid to cross a lot of boundaries and I miss that, and I miss being excited about my new chapters.

I am glad you picked up on the not-a-boy thing, I don't think I really mention it in depth, but it is a big part of why Sirrah is the way she is, with her big personality and the pure-blood traditions she's expected to follow.

Haha, I can just imagine you applauding in front of a bunch of people. That would be hilarious and amazing. Oh, and the equipment... oh my, Sirrah really did push some boundaries in the beginning. I'm glad you got a good laugh out of it though.

I do hope you keep reading! Thanks so much for this wonderful and lovely review! It really made my day!


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Review #18, by alicia and anne Revenge

31st August 2015:
I am back! And I am tired and exhausted and I hope that you like these reviews that you are going to wake up to because you deserve to have lovely reviews!

AND THERE'S MORE JAMES! This brings me joy!

Awww she crawled underneath the window, can you imagine how funny that would have been if he had opened the door and saw her? Hahaha

Just think if he had kissed her because he wanted to then they could have been kissing for quite some time! Instead of her feeling annoyed that it had been a dare. Although I loved it haha.

I kinda hope that her friends go and yell at him for doing it! He'd deserve it!

Oh revenge plans! I love them! :D

But look at his thoughts and feelings! He likes her! Aw oh no! this is going to end badly for himand I don't want it to, I want it to end so well for them!

Ahhh, I see what they're doing now, and they're right to! You can't just force your kisses onto someone without permission first!

I can't wait to read more! and I so wish that I could do more tonight, but I'm starting to feel sick :( So I'm going to have to cut this short and go to bed. BUT! I shall review when I wake up :D So don't you worry! I will be back!

Author's Response: Yes! Of course I love these reviews, I love all your reviews! You are amazing!

Yes, more James! And Sirrah! lol, I loved writing her crawling under the window. But I think she'd be completely mortified if he had opened the door just then and found her on the floor but I'm sure she would have played it off all cool like. Sirrah doesn't miss a beat.

Haha, well they really didn't know each other at all before he was dared so I don't really know if that ever would have happened or not...

Yes, revenge plans!

James does have feelings. Lol, I'm not the biggest fan of their revenge but it was funny to write.

I'm so glad you're excited to read more! I hope you rest up and feel better when you wake up!

Thanks again for all the lovely reviews!


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Review #19, by alicia and anne Incident

30th August 2015:
I am excited about this mystery man, and the chapter picture is amazing! He looks really familiar and I can't work out what film/tv show I've seen him in...

Anyways! onto the wonderful story!

I understand why Kenny is in a daydream about Talon... Those Nott boys put everyone in a daydream... oh wait, is that just me?

I am so jealous of this personal villa in Rome! So very jealous!


*highfives Sirrah* YES! WHO DOES LIKE LICORICE? PEople who shouldn't be trusted to make important sweet decisions!

Oh that kiss sounded good, as did the slap!

Awww Scorpius is being protective! I love that! Please tell me that I have more James and Sirrah goodness coming my way :D

Author's Response: Haha, I forgot about the chapter images! I'm glad you like them, and the guy is Kevin Zegers, he's been in a bunch of things. Haha, it may just be you who's crazy about those Nott boys, lol, along with Harry and maybe Blaise? Eh, who am I kidding, I love them, too.

I know, right? I would love a personal villa anywhere really...

Yes, it's James, lol. Haha, I hate licorice so I had to put that in there.

Hahaha, I am loving this review.

Scorpius being protective... that's a new one. I think he's looking out for himself more than anything, he's also not a fan of James Potter.

There is quite a bit more Sirrah and James goodness, I promise!

Thanks so much for the review!

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Review #20, by alicia and anne Slytherins

30th August 2015:
I'm here for chapter two! :D The excitement is strong!

I must say that I am loving the chapter pictures :D as well as the quote on it haha. I can't wait to see what that one is all about.

I love that Blaise has named his son Tybalt! That seems like such a Blaise thing to do! He sounds a lot like my Blaise does :P

I love Sirrah, so so much! The way that she talks about people is hilarious!

YES! A NOTT! The excitement is stronger! I love Sirrah's reasoning as for why she is not meat haha :D

He sounds like the spitting image of his father Theo! Beautiful person!

Hahaha once again, I love Sirrah. So. much. And her dream is just fabulous!

I am also loving Kenny! I am shipping Talon and Kenny now and noone can stop me!


Author's Response: Ahaha, this is amazing. I'm am so happy you love Sirrah, and how she acts. She's kind of ridiculous in the beginning and I miss her being like this. I love that Blaise named his son Tybalt as well. I had a lot of fun picking names for the Slytherins. And yes, there's a Nott, of course. But he's not as similar to your Theo as you may think... I also already have a ship in mind for Kenny but it's not with Talon and that's all I'm saying...

I can't wait to read the rest of your reviews! You are so awesome!


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Review #21, by alicia and anne Introduction

30th August 2015:
I am loving Sirrah already! The fact that she makes her own dresses is just awesome! And pretty epic.

I love that she wants to put an end to the tradition of naming kids after stars. Poor kids, those names must be quite hard to live with.

I love the way that you began this with her talking to the reader, that is brilliant!

Oh no! I hope that Draco doesn't dislike her too much, although I can totally see him doting on a son...

This is a brilliant first chapter and I am so excited about reading more!!! :D

Author's Response: Squeee! It's a Tammiii! Haha, I'm glad you like the dresses bit, since it does play a large role throughout this story. Ahaha, and yes, I love how she rants about the naming kids after stars, and later dead people. She's very snarky and I love that about her. But yes, I actually did a lot of research on star names when I started this story, trying to find the perfect one for my character. It was not easy, like basically all the good ones have been taken by other members of the Black family. Plus, I wanted an S name to match Scorpius which narrowed the available names down even more so.

I love that she talks to the reader, but it's mainly in these first chapters, I think that it happens. It's not as frequent in the later ones I don't think because there's more stuff going on.

Draco is a bit of an arse in this story. At least to Sirrah. He does dote on Scorpius quite a bit but basically ignores Sirrah.

I'm so glad you like this story so far! I can't wait to see what you think of the rest of it! I'm so excited. And nervous. lol.

Thanks so much for the lovely review!


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Review #22, by Mr Penn Introduction

27th August 2015:
Ok I believe this is probably one of the best first chapters I have read in a real long time (both original and fanfics). You had an original character as your lead (a risky proposition at best) but you nailed the introduction of the character to the T. The use of single lines during the initial introduction was a nice choice.

You have stayed extremely true to the original canon and that is commendable. What I loved the most about this chapter is how you have addressed the issue of misogyny of the Wizarding World in this chapter. It does rankle with Sirrah but the playful style of writing meant that it didn't come through as wailing.

All in all, an amazing chapter.

P.S. Sirrah seems more like the daughter of Luna Lovegood than the daughter of Draco Malfoy. Just saying ;)

Author's Response: Oh my gosh, you are so sweet! I don't regret choosing to write an original character and I really enjoy writing Sirrah. She's not always this quirky, but I really wanted to establish her character and viewpoint on her pure-blood lifestyle early in the story. I also like the single lines, but that's just part of my writing style, I don't like a bunch of chunks of long paragraphs, so I like to break them up when I can.

I'm glad you think I've stuck to canon relatively well. I don't believe that even 19+ years later that the pure-blood beliefs would have completely gone away, and I wanted Sirrah to be someone who didn't believe in all that, but at the same time still felt like she was supposed to follow through. But she's a rebellious young woman and in the end I wanted her to choose her own path. But instead of making her "wail" about all the things she hates, I wanted her to be more sarcastic and mocking of it.

Haha, I honestly don't see Sirrah as Luna's daughter... mainly because then all the pure-blood stuff wouldn't even be an issue. But I really enjoy her being a Malfoy because she's so different from Draco and Scorpius.

Thanks so much foe this wonderful review! I hope you do decide to read on someday, I'd love to hear your thoughts on the rest of the story.


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Review #23, by rosiful Introduction

19th August 2015:
I can't believe how long it has taken me to start reading this story!
This is so good! I already love Sirrah. She's definitely the definition of snarky. She is hilarious and very original. I loved how she kept saying muggle sayings and basically telling herself off for it, then that dig at people who name their kids after dead people, that was too funny xD

I found the whole family dynamic that you've written to be really interesting and I look forward to reading more and seeing how it all develops!

Author's Response: Hi! Thank you so much for this wonderful review! I'm so glad you like Sirrah and all of her snarkiness. After this chapter, there won't be much family dynamic for a while really, but if you make it to the most recent chapter, more family dynamic will be coming soon. But not a lot really. I don't know. I haven't written it yet. But thank you again for stopping by! It was such a nice surprise!


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Review #24, by pointless_proclamations Introduction

15th August 2015:

Sirrah is absolutely precious! You have the most brilliant way of writing snarky, yet likeable characters. Sirrah is amazing and I adore her so much! I am amazed by the way you sort of broke the forth wall with Sirrah having a conversation with. . . well. . . me. The tricky part about that is thinking about what the majority of readers would respond and you did that SO WELL!! YOU ARE SPECTACULAR!!

Sirrah's character is just really fun to follow. She's got quite a manipulative streak with her sort of manipulating Astoria to forget about her lateness. I loved that. And goodness gracious! Her thoughts regarding her future partner are absolutely hilarious. NIX, YOU GENIUS!!

This is such an amazing opening chapter and I AM SUPER EXCITED FOR THE NEXT CHAPTERS!! NIX, YOU ARE AWESOME!!!


Author's Response: EM! You're so sweet! I did really enjoy writing this chapter, but the fourth wall thing kind of stops here, sadly. I'm glad she's fun to follow though. She is a bit manipulative, especially with her mother. And can you tell she's pretty sarcastic about her future partner? lol. I hope the next chapters are just as awesome although this story has gotten so out of control lately I don't even know what's happening anymore. I do hope you enjoy the rest of the chapters though! And thanks so much for the review!


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Review #25, by James Sirius Potter Secrets

5th August 2015:
Write another chapter soon please!

Author's Response: Hi! Love your username! lol. I will try to get the next up soon! But it's hard to tell when that will be when I have several stories I'm working on.

I hope you keep reading though!


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