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Review #1, by Indigo Seas Log #854

4th July 2012:
Augh, I kept highlighting various lines in here to squee about, and I couldn't figure out the one I liked the best. Honestly, your crafting here is just superb. You are such, such a talented writer, and it really shines through here.

I think this one is my favorite. I can't exactly say why, other than it amused me to no end and I think it reveals a lot about -both- characters here: "Well what about the essay. I think youíre going to have to add more to it than youíre IQ score. In fact, I think itís best you leave that part out."

Your characters are vibrant, your writing is flawless, your idea is just... bah! I love it. Really love it. It's a wonderful little story. :)

xx Rin

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Review #2, by witch_in_training Log #854

4th June 2010:
Oh my gosh, I read this a week ago and loved it, but then I couldn't remember what it was! I was so sad, and then so excited when I found it again.

Hugo is absolutely perfect. I love his conversation with Rose and all the conclusions he comes to about the inferiority of the rest of humanity. He's so sure it's everyone else and not him. He's the kind of person you'd hate in real life, but love to read about.

And I also love how he thinks he's above calling his parents "mum" and "dad." Instead it's "Hermione" and full-out "Ronald." Not to mention how he refuses to refer to anything in simple terms. Prime example: This was to be my first encounter with Rose since she decided to terminate the co-habitation arrangement she had with the family unit.

Hilarious story, Rita. Will be in my favorites list forever so I never have to hunt again.

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Review #3, by LindaSnape Log #854

18th May 2010:
This amused me immensely. I have to say that you made Hugo quite likeable despite the fact that he's an egotistical snot. So kudos there! I didn't know it were possible to do such a thing and yet you proved it was possible.

I positively adore that he has an elevated level of thinking that isn't appreciated because I feel like that is the reality of it all. People want to praise mediocre behavior, but the true geniuses are misunderstood and often ignored. It's quite depreciating and horrid, but that's the sad truth of it all.

I absolutely adored the characterization of Hugo, but I think that I made that much obvious. I also adored the characterization of Rose. She was very amusing, too, and I could help but feel some empathy for her when Hugo reorganized her files for her and decided not to fill in some of the 'vital' information on his application.

Ah, poor dears! I'm sure they both considered one another delusional. Yet that's how life is. It is abundant with irony if one looks closely enough.

I'll be honest with you. The first thing that drew me in was the banner. It is quite enchanting, but when I got to reading the piece I found that it was just as magical.

I didn't pick up on any grammatical or spelling snafus so that made me happy. I really do enjoy pieces that have that polished look because to me it means they actually spent time on the piece and care what it looks like.

Beautiful job! I absolutely loved this.


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Review #4, by Cherry Bear Log #854

8th May 2010:
I'm finally here with your second review! Sorry it's taken me so long. I'm going to have to comment again on how creative and original you are in pretty much everything in this story. I've seen by your other stories so far that you like to focus on the more underdeveloped characters of the Potterverse, so I wasn't surprised to see this story focused on Hugo. I also wasn't surprised that this wasn't anything like more than half of the Next-Gen stories out there, mostly because your writing style is so incredibly unique.

Let me start first with your characterization of Hugo, which shines through this entire story. Perhaps it's just because it's like a diary entry, but I honestly thought you established Hugo's character very well despite how bizarre he is. Right off the bat, I knew this wasn't going to be anything like any other Hugo I've read on this sight, particularly because he referred to his own parents by their first names and used completely loaded and formal language. I loved that you made him completely insane, condescending, and egotistical - pretty much exactly what Ron and Hermione's child would be like if you mixed some of their less admirable traits together. He has the exact blend of know-it-all genius and stubborn idiot, if that makes sense.

I think my favorite part of this is the humor. As I think I mentioned before, you have a very distinct style of humor, and in this story it's not quite as outright but it's funny when you pick up on it. It's not the type of humor in witty one-liners or anything like that - the only term I can really think to describe it is dramatic irony, although I'm not sure if that's right. What made Hugo's antics and thoughts more humorous for me is that I knew that he was being ridiculous even though he was oblivious to the fact. And the bizarre scientific language is completely fitting for his character, but once you decipher what he's saying it makes it even more funny - I pray I never meet anyone who talks like that.

I did have a problem imagining Hugo's interactions with his parents. I don't know if this is a fault of yours or just my own imagination lacking (yeah, I'm leaning towards the latter too), but I honestly cannot picture Ron putting up with Hugo at all. In this, Hugo mentions several times talking with his dad, but despite the fact that Hugo is his son I really don't think Ron with be able to put up with how insufferable he is (although he does put up with Hermione...) And considering how pretentious Hugo is, I found it odd that Ron would really be okay with a son who considers him 'simple'. Perhaps I'm just projecting my own inability to handle people like that, though ;)

I've already mentioned Hugo's character, but he is by far my favorite part of this and I really adore how you showed the readers what kind of person he was. The plot was simple but when you tied in Hugo's reaction to rejection it made it memorable and gave the story something worthwhile. I thought the last line of this was particularly all-telling of Hugo's personality, maybe because a part of me would've been (if not for the summary) expecting him to 'conform to society's protocol' as he puts it. I've always been a fan of a big finish, and I think that that last line would be even better if the reader didn't expect it because of the summary. But that's purely a personal preference thing. And in that general area, I think the title is fantastic and original (much like everything you write) and I'm a bit surprised that this has so little reviews.

And that's all I've really got to say about this. Once again, a fantastic piece of writing. I can't stress enough how original your ideas are, or how well your writing seems to flow so smoothly no matter what. This was great!

Cherry Bear

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Review #5, by collette michelle Log #854

15th April 2010:

This was great! I really loved reading it. Hugo was.. ah he was great. I love his slightly pompous overconfident nature and that he didn't want the 'government' or erm 'Big Brother' to have his information. Or that he figure he could do the job far better then the whole lot combined! At that, and Rose was a slob and he had to organise her mess. It was all just grand!

I always love to read your stories because I will always get a new/interesting/creative plot each time, something that I both love and am jealous of you for!

Great job!

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