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Review #1, by prettywishes Happy

1st November 2012:
I am obsessed with Draco/Astoria and it's nearly impossible to find anything with them, but I absolutely adore this. It was so simple but at the same time it said so much. I think that it seemed pretty plausible and it gave me hope.

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Review #2, by xxFlutterStutterBOOMBOOMxx Happy

1st May 2011:
This is such a pretty oneshot. You did an excellent job describing Astoria's feelings.

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Review #3, by _Kaitlyn_ Happy

6th March 2011:
I really like this a lot. :) On to constructive criticism/compliments . . .
At the beginning, I feel it'd be a bit more powerful if you'd showed how she felt, rather than stating it. You DID show it, but it was also stated, which made it a little less lovely. It's more powerful if the reader comes to a conclusion that Astoria is depressed themself rather than being told she is. Lovely is my favorite word, so I'm glad you used that :) It's also rather relatable, and the quote you used at the end is from Cassie, and Astoria seems to have elements of Cassie in her, so well done on that :) I also appreciated the detail of the unwrapping of the necklace and of the necklace itself. Nice repetition with "she tried." "Pretentious prick" makes for some great onomatopoeia. I

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Review #4, by LadyMalfoy23 Happy

7th January 2011:
I liked this a lot. Never even thought about reading nor writing an Astoria story so kudos to you! :)

Depression is something both easy and difficult to capture and you did a great job at this. I think this might be exactly how Draco would have handled a situation like this because believe it or not he is not made of stone! your characterization was brilliant! And as for astoria you dont really know her in the books so this is an interesting take on her!

All stories i have read is where she is comforting him and never the other way around. I like how you took this to an above and beyond and make their relationship think that they will always be there comforting eachother!!

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Review #5, by xxpetrapan Happy

4th September 2010:
I LOVED it! It was amazing

I loved how you potrayed Astoria

She is one of my favorite characters because you can make up your own story about her life


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Review #6, by peppersweet Happy

14th June 2010:
I remember reading this a while ago, and I very stupidly didn't leave a review, which was most rude of me! So I'm back to review it. I also recommended it over on the forums, it made such an impression on me (:

I'm not very good at reviews, but here goes. I think this is a wonderfully fresh take on Astoria, and while not a happy one, I was smiling by the end. It's good to see a 'nice' Draco as well, and it's a really lovely take on how they met. Considering the subject, it's also beautifully written in terms of sensitivity and explanation of her feelings. The bluntness worked; the first sentence hit like an anvil, but that made it work really well. When describing depression, some people often get bogged down in purple prose or endless explanation, but you got stuck in and did it really well.

Double thumbs up from me (:

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Review #7, by patchworkscribbles Happy

25th April 2010:
I'm quite bad with reviews, but I do know that I loved this. I really, really loved this. By the way, was the quote said by Cassie? I love Skins, and that quote struck me as Cassie-ish, but then again I'm probably completely off the mark!!

It's brilliant, though. I loved it.

Author's Response: Aw, thank you! :) And yes, it was a Cassie quote. I love Cassie haha. Glad you like it!

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Review #8, by maskedmuggle Happy

19th April 2010:
Hey (:
I'm from the forum, here to review!
First off, this is a wonderful one shot!
You really captured the emotions and the mind of Astoria. You wrote it very well, allowing the reader, in this case, myself to understand what she was feeling.
The plot, is simple, but it makes for a great story.
Characters - great. I like seeing Draco as a nice person!
No mistakes I found, so fantastic job there!
You used the quote really well in the story, it fitted in so well.
Loved this one shot!
Very interesting to read (:
I wonder what everyone's reactions were when Astoria began dancing with Draco! :D
All the best, maskedmuggle :)

Author's Response: Thank you! :D This review made my horrendous day so much better. Thank you thank you!

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Review #9, by dracos_hotter Happy

18th April 2010:
Why hello there!

Wow... this is just wow. Cassie does tend to give the strongest quotes out of the cast (although she's rivalled by Chris and Emily...), and this is a brilliant one. It was quite clearly there, too, which is brilliant =)

The theme 'happy' was really well put: it could have been terribly cliched (well, everything can be) but from the viewpoint of someone trying to figure out what happy is, and how to get there, it's perfect.

"They're supposed to make you happy." I liked the repetition of that: it was spot on brilliant.

All in all, I have no problems with this piece... it's pretty amazing.


Author's Response: Thank you! I love Cassie, she's my favorite out of both casts, because she says such brilliant things. Haha, I wanted to make it kind of the turning point in the story so it kind of just jumped out. :) I'm so glad (almost used happy there lol) you liked it! Thanks again, especially for coming up with such a great challenge.

-- Abbey

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