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Review #1, by grkc A Constant Struggle

31st January 2012:
o ;)))

oh but fred, :(((

i know this is in a world where fred is alive but i cant help and ask feel sad knowing that they never did ask why uncle fred never married.

Author's Response: It is so sad the Fred died, so I decided to pretend he didn't :P

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Review #2, by DixieGirl Truce

24th June 2011:
Don't like the ending. I think Hermione chould have ended up with Fred. But oh well. Take into consideration next time you write something, that the two lovers need to end up together...not apart.

Author's Response: You may want to read the sequel :)

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Review #3, by xhermione dreamsx Being Reckless

16th February 2011:
Brilliant. Truly. I love it lots!

Author's Response: thanks glad you're enjoying it, there is also a sequel ^^

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Review #4, by Alice Truce

10th August 2010:
this was an excellent story! well done

Author's Response: thanks very much, next chapter up for validation now :)

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Review #5, by Anna Truce

29th July 2010:
omg NO you cant just end it lie that T_T fred and hermione have to end up together >.< i love the entire thing you are a phenomenal writer but the end made me mad lol. great job, keep writing!!!

9/10 because i wish you had ended it differently... *sigh* a girl can dream...

Author's Response: That's why I wrote the sequel because I wasn't happy that she ended up with Ron either XD
Thank you so much for your review!!

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Review #6, by Sarah A Constant Struggle

17th July 2010:
This is wonderful and addicting... And I laughed surprisingly hard with Fred's last line in this chapter.

Author's Response: Haha everyone seems tolaugh at the last line :P I'm glad you're enjoying it, when you've finished there is a sequel on my author page called Favourite Mistake :)

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Review #7, by bwdancer5678 Truce

21st June 2010:
are u writing any more??? can it rlly end there???

Author's Response: I've already started a sequel, click on my author page :)

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Review #8, by xfirespritex Truce

16th June 2010:
Oh there gonna be more to this story or is that what we're left with?

Author's Response: there's already a sequel :)

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Review #9, by xfirespritex A Constant Struggle

16th June 2010:
That final line made me laugh but it was a sad laugh. Now what's gonna happen?

Author's Response: haha yeah I know what you mean :P

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Review #10, by xfirespritex The Party

16th June 2010:
Oh now they're really in a mess! Good chapter!

Author's Response: hee hee yes they are :D

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Review #11, by xfirespritex Hermione gets a job

14th June 2010:
Hooray for Fred and George going the sneaky route!

Author's Response: Gotta love the sneaky route :P

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Review #12, by qtbaby88 Truce

11th June 2010:
Amazing job love the story

Author's Response: thank you :)

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Review #13, by Georgina Truce

7th June 2010:
No, Hermione should be with Fred, it's obvious!
Please write a sequel, and quickly!

Author's Response: Believe me I didn't want her to end up with Ron either! It's just the way the story seemed to naturally flow much to my dismay. I'm waiting for the 1st chapter of the sequel to be validated as we speak :)

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Review #14, by Gynny Truce

6th June 2010:
NO NO NO NO Why the HELL did she end up BACK with Ron!?!?!?! NO!!! Ron is a prat and an ass and I HATE him!!!

Author's Response: There's going to be a sequel ;)

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Review #15, by Aidenk77 Truce

6th June 2010:
This is a great story, and well written. Full of heartache and romance.

Author's Response: Thank you very much, it's always good to hear people have enjoyed it :)

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Review #16, by lilypotterfan123 Truce

5th June 2010:
I hope you do the sequel as I really love this story. the description was brilliant and I really liked the ending too!

LpF123 xx

Author's Response: Thank you I'm glad you enjoyed it. I'm currently working on it but have exams until 24th June. After that it gets my full attention though XD

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Review #17, by Georgina Consequences

2nd June 2010:
Just wanted a random story and so glad I chose this one! Your storyline is really gripping! Please write more!

Author's Response: Thank you very much, there's only chapter left of this one I'm afraid but I am working on a sequel!

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Review #18, by lilypotterfan123 Consequences

30th May 2010:
this chapter was brilliant, I couldn't wait for it as the last one was really good too! I wonder what Rons reaction would be?? I can't wait for the next chapter,

LpF123 xx

Author's Response: Only one chapter left I'm afraid!! But I am working on a sequel, we'll see how it goes I'm not sure if I like it at the moment... x

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Review #19, by lilypotterfan123 Being Reckless

25th May 2010:
aww poor fred! I just had to review this chapter seeing as it is that good. The description-brill, the characters matching up to J.K's idea of them-perfecto and so I can't find any aspect of it that needs improving to be honest with you. Just keep the chapters coming!!

LpF123 xx

Author's Response: wow thank you very much that's very kind of you :)

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Review #20, by nikki weasley Letting Go

23rd May 2010:
OH MY GOD! This is getting so good! PLEASE WRITE MOREE!!! I love this story and I love how evrything is super crazy and hemionie is just like AHHH! I have not even the slightest idea how you will finish this story but please do!!!

Author's Response: :D Thank you very much, next chapter up shortly!

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Review #21, by ilharrypotter A Constant Struggle

13th May 2010:
Ah, I love Fred/Hermione. :)

Author's Response: me tooo, they're so perfect together ^^

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Review #22, by lilypotterfan123 A Constant Struggle

13th May 2010:
oh wow, this is absolutely brilliant! Keep the chapters coming,
LpF123 xx

Author's Response: Thank you very much! I just put another chapter up, should be validated in about 3 days :) xx

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Review #23, by TheSlytherinPrincess Pretending To Be Normal

10th May 2010:
Really good! Cant wait to see what happens!
It sounds like they're going to kill each other!

Author's Response: Thanks for the review! I'm glad you liked it, keep posted with the story!!

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Review #24, by Deans_Girl08 The Party

30th April 2010:
Wow, very good chapter. I can sense this story is going to heat up very soon. It seems that Fred is starting to turn into Ron.

Author's Response: Yeah I see what you mean actually but he's not as bad. He redeems himself XD

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Review #25, by Deans_Girl08 Planning the Future

30th April 2010:
This is a very good chapter. Story is getting very good.

Author's Response: Thanks muchly :D

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