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Review #1, by NoixdeMuscade Love, Roger

14th November 2012:
Really good. I normally don't read one-shots, but I'm glad I took the chance with this one.

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Review #2, by elegantphoenix Love, Roger

2nd September 2010:
This was really great. Really, really great. And that's the truth ;) Aha. Well, honestly, I did enjoy this one-shot quite a bit. Very blunt and outspoken; I've never read anything from Roger's point of view, so this was very new to me and I did like it. I thought your description was lovely and the feelings that Roger had flowing throughout the story - the hurt, the anger, the nostalgia, the love - were very prominent and well written.

Also, when I saw that this story was influenced by High Fidelity, I was SO happy. What a coincidence! I read the book and watched the movie for English class last year for my semester project and loved them both. So, of course, I loved your adaptation as well. Roger reminded me sooo much of Rob. Again, brilliant job with this story. Adding it to my favorites :)


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Review #3, by butterbeergal Love, Roger

20th July 2010:

I don't even know where to begin. I have so many favorite moments, I won't even bother to enumerate them as I might end up pasting the whole story in here. :P

Okay, I'll try to make more sense. Roger. By golly the guy is a Class A jerk BUT I LOVE HIM TO PIECES. Truly. I know I should hate his guts, but I feel so sorry for him and I want to squish him and comfort him and ask him to marry me instead. XD His voice is absolutely perfect! I don't know how you did it, but you really, truly sounded (read?) like a TRUE BLUE GUY to me. Gritty, manly, just the right amount of drama for a legitimately brokenhearted guy. Perfection!

And the ending? DIVINE. No other word to describe it.

I know this whole review was nothing but a ramble with liberal amounts of squee thrown in, but I can tell you with all honesty that this is one of the funniest, most touching and most believable one-shots I've ever read. Ever.

You're a rockstar.

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Review #4, by harry_is_da_bomb Love, Roger

17th May 2010:
That was the funniest thing I have read...ever? Yes ever. Really, the unneccissary swearing, bluntness of the narrator, just everything! I can't even pick out a favorite quote because it would basically be the equivelant of me copy and pasting the entire thing into this review.
Fantastic...really and utterly.

Author's Response: Ha! Thanks so much! I'm so glad you got the humor of it since it is you know...odd at times. And the profanity is thrown out like unsold bread by evil bakeries who don't give to charities! I appreciate this review! You don't know how much it made my day XD

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Review #5, by whisky Love, Roger

30th April 2010:
so...what happens? why isnt there a happily ever after?

Author's Response: The happily ever after is left to your own imagination. Is Roger going to move on? Is this just another Sylvia-like debacle he's just over reacting to? Or the ever happy will Hen take him back?

:) Speculation is fun! Hope you liked the story nonetheless!

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Review #6, by Cherry Bear Love, Roger

13th April 2010:
I started reading this expecting to be disappointed. I thought for sure nothing could live up to the expectations I had of you after Five Rebeccas, but I was completely wrong. That underlying sense of humor that I only slightly detected in that story is magnified times a hundred here, and I really enjoyed this. Not only because it's original (like all your stories seem to be ;D) but because it really gives me the impression that you're a well-rounded author. You can write angst, you can write angsty romance, and you can write angsty yet humorous romance and, really, that contradiction is quite an accomplishment in itself.

I'll start my review at the logical place to start it: the beginning. I really loved it (: I think it really hooks the reader in, and I can't imagine anyone clicking on this story, reading that, and then being able to hit the back button. Essentially, it accomplishes exactly what the beginning of a good story should accomplish: it makes the reader want to read more. I think your writing style in all of this just has some sort of addictive quality to it, which makes it not just a good story, but a really good story. You got me interested enough in the characters and the plot that I had to finish it, and, really, I think that's one of the hardest aspects of writing that every aspiring author has to work hard for. So good job! There were a few typos that could be spotted with a careful read through, but they weren't all that noticeable and it doesn't seem to be something that you need to work on all that much.

I have to say that my favorite thing about this story is Roger Davies, because you make him blunt and honest. Honestly, at this point, I'm a bit sick of reading about all the Scorpius and Draco's of the fanfiction world who manage to pull off being jerks, sex gods, and amazingly sweet people when you get to know them at the same time. But you don't try to make Davies any of these; there's no mention of how he is secretly a big soft lovable teddy bear or any other utter nonsense like that. Roger is honest about what he is, and that makes him far more likable than a lot of the other characters I read about in books/fanfiction.

You even go so far as to have Roger address the fact that he's not trying to make himself look like a saint, and I really admired that. I was immensely relieved at the end when you didn't completely warp his character so that he could admit he loved her; instead, there was sort of a slow progression throughout the story so that you could feel that he was changing. But, even in the end, he was still essentially the same arrogant selfish cussing git, and that was the best part :D

I think what I also loved so much about his character (and your fantastic writing style) is how much he made me laugh out loud. First because he pretty much fulfilled all my stereotypical expectations of the male gender and then went even further than that, what with the cussing and blatant lack of respect for women ;D And, of course, the whole bit about the gold fish really just had me cackling. And also his explanation for why he didn't really care that he stole Hen from Kim because Kim's a jerk too (Man, it's really difficult to stay 12+ in this review). My favorite Roger-rant is this is when he starts attacking the way everyone thinks girls are so perfect, and then he transitions from insinuating that there's nothing at all perfect about girls to talking about all the things that are actually perfect. It was just utterly brilliant, and I loved how you went right from that to how much he misses Hen and how perfect she was.

I do have one critique for you (I know...shocker, right?). After the list of things that you should never say to your girlfriend, there was a bit about running like hell if you did do those things before you went into describing who Hen was. But I didn't really feel like that part truly fit with the story. It definitely served as a good transition between the two points, but, to me, it seemed pretty off-topic and unrelated to what the whole story was all about. It'd be different if Roger had actually demonstrated what he was saying in one of his relationships, but each of his girlfriends had actually broken up with him. He hadn't "ran like hell" with any of them, and nothing really seemed to catch up to him and hold on tighter. Maybe I'm just missing some point here, but I guess I just didn't think this part made very much sense with the story. Feel free to ignore me if you like though (:

That being said, one thing about this story that I really appreciated was the format of it. I didn't actually suspect it was a letter at first, despite the "Love, Roger" bit at the top, but I was really pleasantly surprised when you tied that in at the ending. It made your choice of tenses make a lot more sense and it definitely made me go, "Awww!" (especially when I read the sentence: "You're the only one I sent this letter to"). I can't say I've ever seen any story that pulls off a "letter" quite as well as you do here - probably because, even though it's a letter, it's not really a letter at all. The way he writes it - up until near the very end - is like he's telling a story, and it just sort of throws you off. But that just made it even more better for when I did find out (:

Really, I don't know how you couldn't have expected to win my challenge with how unique your writing is. As I said, this truly didn't disappoint and I'm really excited to read/review your other stories. I'm pretty sure by the time I'm finished with all your reviews you'll be happy to be rid of my extremely long rambling and incoherent paragraphs about how incredible you are (: Because you are, and this was too.

Cherry Bear

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Review #7, by inkscribble Love, Roger

10th April 2010:

Seriously, this must be the most brilliant story ever. I've never really been a fan or not a fan of Roger. I've never cared much for him at all, actually. Now all I want to do is go look up more stories about him. Except I doubt anyone could write one as good as this.

It was hilarious! Roger's voice just made the whole thing so great. I've read countless of story when the heart-broken guy just sounds like a teenage girl but you really managed to make him believable. Oh and I'm not even going to get into how brilliant your writing is, that'll make this review way too long.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for this review! I am really glad you liked the story! Even Roger! I'm so glad I got you interested in his character! That really makes my day!

Haha! I agree. I've read (and written) my fair share of bad voices for broken hearted guys and I am so happy I succeeded in this! I was quite worried that no one would like him actually. I am glad to be wrong!

Again, thank you so much for the read and review! You're awesome!

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Review #8, by collette michelle Love, Roger

8th April 2010:
If this can't be called brilliant, then I don't know what can!

I loved this Rita, really. From beginning to end. It all was grand. I think the voice you gave to Roger was the best part. It was so very convincing, so believable. Granted, I am not a guy, but I can picture a few of the guys I know thinking/acting/saying things Roger said. Bu even still, I really loved his voice, his take on things, how he processed it all.

On top of that it was hilarious, when I learn that Hen ( I love that name too!) was once Kim's girl friend I went 'oh' out loud. My flatmate came in from her room and gave me a look! Little to say, I was very much enthralled by this.

Again, brilliant job, love! This was great.

Author's Response: Collette! Thank you so much for reviewing! I always light up when I see your username because you've been such a faithful reader and I couldn't be happier to earn your approval! Thank you loff!

Ha, granted not lot of soul searching was needed to get the Roger voice, I will admit that he is based on an amalgamation of dudes I know. Though individually, they are very likeable, when you mesh up their failings, I think it makes for one mean Frankenstien's monster, aka. Roger. I am glad you liked his voice, because trivia: the voice came before the character! LOL! It just came to such a surprise when Roger was such a gloved fit for the voice I'd written!

Thank you so much for reviewing! As always, it's a pleasure!

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Review #9, by SnitchSnatcher Love, Roger

8th April 2010:
For the first time EVER, I feel bad for Roger Davies.

There. I said it. I feel bad for him.

Actually, I feel really bad for him. The poor bloke's had his heart broken after a series of failed relationships, and he's actually torn up about it.

I must say, his commentary was absolutely hilarious, but in that black comedy sort of way. And even if I didn't know that this was inspired by 'High Fidelity', I would've gotten that John Cusack-esque vibe from it. It's just wonderful, Rita, because while you get that vibe, the character of Roger is completely your own. You make the readers laugh one moment and feel absolutely horrible for him the next.

It's just great. I loved it. Definitely favouriting this. So so good! Just...GAH! It's love!


Author's Response: Awww Molly! You actually feel sorry for him! That is such a great compliment to pay! Thank you! Because he is unlikeable and the fact that he's solicited pity even from one person means there's hope in him yet! Yay Roger for personal growth!

Am so glad you liked the story and Roger and ha! You caught the John Cusackness! Cookies for you! You have no idea how happy that makes me since High Fidelity was such an awesome movie and since I've recently purchased the book, I am certain it will not disappoint.

Again, so glad you liked the story! Thanks a whole bunch!

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Review #10, by Eridanus Love, Roger

8th April 2010:

I'm glad that you decided to end this particular one-shot more open ended, but still with a little bit of closure. It's actually pretty satisfying because we know that he's trying to get her back (but it also leaves room for more :P).

Basically, this was HILARO. So funny and I really feel like you did a good job of capturing the male voice. YOU ARE SO VERSATILE. I mean, I've gone from A Certain Lady to this, and they're both fabulously fantastically exquisite in their own ways!

I mean, Roger is vile but adorable and shouldn't appeal to anyone by rights, BUT HE IS FABULOUS. I can actually imagine this from him just by thinking about our canon knowledge. You gots Roger Davies on a page XD.



Author's Response: Hahaha! How Hen could even last Roger is beyond me! I'm sure she'll be doing the world a favor by taking this dangerous one off the market :) Anyway, he's good for her so, here's to improvement?

I'm so glad you like Roger! He is the worst boyfriend you could imagine (or at least I could imagine). But there's just something about the bad boy, isn't there? Especially if he's one of those trainable ones like Rotweillers.

And thank you so much for the compliment! Seriously, I am not versatile. I'm just indecisive and easily swayed LOL! But thank you for wording it so positively!

Thank you so much for the review! *I hugs you*

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Review #11, by PenguinsWillReignSupreme Love, Roger

8th April 2010:

Well, first of all, definitely not Stan. Definitely Roger. He fits it absolutely perfectly and I don't think a sane soul on this planet can deny that.

I am sorry because this review is just going to be a massive squeeing mess because, to quote Molly, oh my CRUMBS, it was amazing.

From the characterisation to the style to the flow, all of it just bounced off the page. The pace was quick and light and I felt like I was soaring through the story. I'm not one for excessive swearing, really, but here I don't think it would have been the same without it. It was fast and sharp and almost desperate.

Favourite part: the goldfish segment which has so many non-12+ words that it's not worth me editing to quote it. I laughed out loud on numerous occasions and I can now declare you probably the most flexible author I've come across on this site.

Complete genius and I loved it.


Author's Response: Hey Rachel! Thanks so much for the review!

You are right. Roger was perfect. I wonder how I ever thought Stan could do it! But worry not. I owe you a Stan story! Think of it as a thanks for helping me find the man that came with the voice!

GAH! You people make me blush too much for my own good. Seriously! Do you wanna make me look like a strawberry? If that is the case, it's easier to rub peanuts on me and make me break out XD But really, thank you so much!

I'm not really one for excessive swearing as well, but somehow it just fit the voice and the voice fit Roger to a tee. Even when I was editing it, I seriously couldn't imagine it without the M-ness of it all. He's an aggressive kind of guy and I think it has to reflect in his language.

Dogs have usurped goldfish as man's best friend. Roger deserves his three best friends :)

Again, thanks so much for the review! So glad you liked it!! YOU ARE AWESOME!

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