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Review #1, by Ed A Growing Up

30th October 2016:
Many thanks this and the Companion piece "Not Like a Stone" are the first I've found that address the year Harry spent seeking horcruxes from the point of view of those at Hogwarts. Well done!

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Review #2, by HartOfARebel A Growing Up

19th March 2012:
Finally!! I have been waiting to read a story where Ginny doesn't just run back into Harry's arms! It's so unrealistic to think she'd do that like. Brilliantly written =)

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Review #3, by potthead A Growing Up

8th January 2011:
A very well written story, I`ve seen many versions of the reunion between Harry and Ginny, this one seems to ace it. Ginny was the youngest with six protective brothers,
She always had to prove she was strong., she loved Harry Potter from a young age, but most important in this story is, she is sixteen years old. You did a very good job in showing her feelings.

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Review #4, by Canadian_Hogwarts A Growing Up

19th September 2010:
This is an amazing story. I love it. It's just about perfect in every way. There isn't much else to say really, other than that you're an amazing writer, and I'm really glad that I read this. Excellent story.

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Review #5, by Dalek194 A Growing Up

18th May 2010:
Wow, that was amazing! A great take on Harry and Ginny after the war. You really know how to handle feelings, and it's interesting how you have Ginny refusing Harry unless he'll stop prtecting her, rather than her just accepting him; it works well. I don't think Dean died in the war, though, but never mind. The rest of the story is very good, well done :-)

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Review #6, by Manwe Valarian A Growing Up

6th April 2010:
A very well written story!
Here is where I will probably upset you, because as I was reading this story all I wanted to say was "Run Harry Run!". Ginny is truly a self centered person in this story isn't she. She is so wrapped up in her pain and experiences that she has no compassion for Harry. She is more remorseful to Neville in your last story about Love like a Stone. I can see Ginny being quick to be angered, but, this demand to be treated as an equal or else attitude, makes me doubt that they could have a good relationship. Every time Harry does something that she feels slighted will she go off again and demand equality. Gee, does this mean that Harry can't be an Auror unless she wants to be one too?
As far as all her problems of last year, I noticed that she was a leader of DA, but, unlike Neville and Seamus, she isn't bearing any scars.
One last thing about the assumption that she is so strong since she fought against Voldemort for her entire first year. She had succumbed to the diary (I am pretty sure) by Halloween. Harry had only been carrying a Horcrux for what sixteen years, and yes the weakling caused Sirius to die because of it.
I realize that I am being very judgemental of your Ginny characterzation, but no other story has every left me feeling this way about her except ones that have her splitting up with Harry. Also, I have met people like that and those memories have always been unpleasant in the end.

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Review #7, by Miss Weasely A Growing Up

5th April 2010:
Beautifully written story. I haven't read such a well written one shot about H/G reconciliation in a long while. It isn't overtly fluffy, neither does it pretend that one kiss can wash away an entire year of pain and hurt. If it was an audio review, trust me I would applaud:) 10/10

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Review #8, by Aurorofthelight A Growing Up

5th April 2010:
Correction: a level of emotion.

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Review #9, by Aurorofthelight A Growing Up

5th April 2010:
You are a very talented writer, Realmer06! This was a very touching and heartfelt story with a level of a motion between Ginny and Harry not often seen on this site! I will be watching for more of your work! You have an obvious gift for the written word! Thanks for sharing it with us!

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