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Review #1, by flyaway The City

13th May 2010:
Wonderful! I enjoyed this a lot, and I hope you continue to write it! That was a hint, by the way :)

I love the way you write about the wizarding world in the 19th century. It's a pretty fascinating idea too! 10/10 of course.

Author's Response: Thank you! Unfortunately I think I've probably lost my inspiration for this story, but I will most assuredly try to recapture it. I'm so happy you liked it, and thank you for reviewing!

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Review #2, by alyosha The Sisters

27th April 2010:
I think somebody's been reading way too much Jane Austen. Hah.

But anyway, this was quite well written. Sometimes I think the descriptions became a little verbose though. But other than that, the attitude of your writing, being so similar to that of historical authors, really lends itself to the story. By adopting such a notable style, you immediately imply the social structures and culture inherent to a particular time period, which works in your favour because it is exactly how I would imagine pureblood society to be, full of debutantes, social stratas, and other suchlike things.

(Sorry my reviews are so lame, by the way.)

Author's Response: Hehe, is it that obvious? XD I was drawing very strongly from Jane Austen's writing, which is why the descriptions and text in general were as wordy as they were. I tend to want to write in the context of the era -- and obviously, as I've never lived in that time period, I had to draw from a few influences. I am very glad you liked it, though! Thank you so much for reviewing (and it was certainly not lame).

XOXO, Kalina

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Review #3, by Cassie_Nova The Sisters

17th April 2010:
That was really great :)
I loved the language that you used
cant wait to read more!

Author's Response: Thank you! Haha, all credit to Jane Austen. XD She's an amazing inspiration.

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Review #4, by littlealice The Sisters

9th April 2010:
oh wow with the olde-style writing. i love hesper already. another notch on the bedpost of TRIUMPH for you, kalifornia [sorry, i'm running out of inventive ways to tell you how awesome you are]. i'm superbly impressed and more than a little envious. your writing is beautiful as always and i love your fanfictions lots. ♥ mucho love-o, meine lieben.

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Review #5, by Margravine The Sisters

6th April 2010:
Oh my goodness Kalina, it's lovely to see you back! I did a little mental jig to see a Regency WIP as well! Perfect story for my 200th review: I've been waiting for something special to use it on *has quirks*, and this most definitely is!

You firmly and flawlessly establish the time period and manage to convey quite a lot of information about the characters - I love (not that I expected any less) that they are already complex. I was mildly confused by the H/H thing, but it was only a minor. I particularly liked how you weaved in the magical world and foreshadowed lightly, it gives a delicious hint of things to come!

Thoroughly excited for the rest of this story!

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