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Review #1, by ariellem Confusion and Retribution

20th December 2010:
Hello! You left me some nice reviews so I thought I'd do the same and I have to tell you that I LOVE this story I love Galloway I hope we see more of him and I love the way you wrote Ron and Harry.

Author's Response: Hey! Thanks for returning the favor; no need, tho. You were entitled to those reviews far and square (but Alo doesn't need to know that - LOL!)

Great review. Galloway will most likely show up again, just not sure where. Ron and Harry, I've always liked writing as "buddy cops." Its kind of my "thing." Really glad you like it.

This story is the third prequel to my novel, Children's Crusade. But, no worries, each story is written to stand alone.

Thanks again and Merry Christmas


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Review #2, by lizmusic45 Epilogue: What Happens in the Kitchen...

19th December 2010:
Ok my thoughts: Funny, charming, and different.
I love writing post-hogwarts as much as I love reading them and yours is very nice.
I think you write kind of like a lawyer you just have that personality wouldn't that be funny if you were one?
Oh well, anyway good story!
Liz-the music geek

Author's Response: Thanks Liz!

This story, and this chapter in particular, is one of my favorites.

Too funny that you guessed it. I am a lawyer. Don't tell anyone, okay? LOL!


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Review #3, by Jazzeh Turnip Epilogue: What Happens in the Kitchen...

22nd August 2010:
Oh my goodness! I don't get to find out what happens unless I read something else of yours? Oh, what a shame ^.^ Haha. Looks like I'll just have to go do that, eh?

I dislike Ron shouting "Woman!" all the time. I usually find the whole "get in the kitchen and make me a sandwich" thing hilarious, but I just don't like him doing it. As the chapter got on though, he started to fall back into good ol' Ron.

You still have all the funny in here. That ending made me crack up. Ron/Hermione isn't my favourite pairing and I find the thought of them together a little weird, but I really like here how you've just made it light hearted and funny.

I liked the quote. It made me smile. And how Ron proposed was just so adorable. I like how it was finally him with more courage than Harry to just go ahead and do something. Usually it was Harry trying to convince Ron to do things.

9/10 again :) and whilst I'm slightly annoyed that I have to go read something else to find out what happened, I really like how you finished this off but with it still leading onto something else. I don't feel like I've just been left hanging with unanswered questions.


Author's Response: Sorry, Lorren, but you've just been reading a three chapter advertisement for my Novel Children's Crusade. I'm just no darned good, ask around, everyone will tell you that. LOL!

Ron always had a little chauvanistic streak in him; rest assured Hermione has been steadily beating it out of him since DH. However, when she henpecks him like this, his worse inclinations come to the surface.

The idea of them arguing thru his attempt to propose just struck me as great grist for a laugh. though I don't like Ron being the butt of every joke, I do find it particularly funny (and endearing) when R/Hr get into one of their rows. I'm really glad you liked that here.

As to Ron talking Harry into it, that's a theme that begins in Battle of the Pitch (novella), and is the focus of Best Laid Plans (one shot). Essentially, it all comes down to Harry being his typical noble self. Thank god Ron came to the rescue.

Thanks for leaving these wonderful reviews!


P.S. Good luck in the house cup (but not TOO much luck. LOL)

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Review #4, by Jazzeh Turnip Can It Get Any More Complicated?

22nd August 2010:
I never usually enjoy fics that involve lots of curses flying all over the place, and I was a little uneasy with it in the first chapter, but I'm starting to like it a lot now. I like that you've written how they use their close relationships with each other to better their fighting and that suicide attack gave me chills.

I like how you've intertwined the romance with the action. I'm not much of an action lover, but with the humour and romance of this mixed in with that, it's really very good.

I like how there was a little less dialogue in this chapter, and again the breaks in the chapter work so well.

Thoughts of Ron and Hermione getting romantic together really make me cringe, but here it just made me laugh, so I suppose that's an improvement, haha.

I'm eager to see how Ron's plan to lure the death eaters will turn out. I'm guessing it's going to be successful, but considering I'm liking how you write fight scenes I really want to see this big'un.


Author's Response: Now, if I manage to turn you into a fan of action fics, that'll make my head swell. LOL! The Quartet are formidable because of their close relationship - love is the most powerful magic. What can I say? I'm an old softy at heart and R/Hr is just about my favorite 'ship - be warned, tho, nearly all my fics are rated mature, so they do tend to get romantically involved, although there's always a fair amount of humor thrown in for good measure.

How will Ron's plan turn out? Well, that gets answered in Children's Crusade, Chapter 3: The Battle of Diagon Alley. The plan itself gets fleshed out more in Chapter 2: A Better Place.

Again, I'm really flattered I've got you interested in the action scenes. High praise, indeed!


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Review #5, by Jazzeh Turnip Confusion and Retribution

21st August 2010:
I like how that Galloway character tries to almost charm Ron into letting him go and how even he gives advice on how Harry should propose.

Charmed oregano? That's hilarious. And I'm not very impressed with hexing him into Hampshire. What's wrong with Hampshire? :(

Their banter is really good, and Galloway almost reminds me of Mundungus Fletcher. I almost can't believe how Harry and Ron let him go, but their minds were focussed on their proposals and not catching the bad guy, so I suppose I can see that. And Galloway was obviously a charmer too.

Another thing I really like is how you haven't made everything rosy and perfect after the war, and how the remaining death eaters are still trying to do their bit to terrorise the wizarding and muggle worlds. As well as that, the idea of Ron getting some of the glory and being the main guy really appeals to me. I've always liked his character, and I'm glad that he's getting the attention he deserves.

I'm not usually fond of a paragraph being split and jumping forwards like this does, but I have to say I really like it here. You've done it really well and used it in a way that works rather than at random point to random point.

I'm so very glad PrincessPadfoot reccomended you to me. This fic is pretty funny so far, and I'm just wondering how on earth Harry and Ron can redeem themselves. The characterisation is spot on, though I don't agree with how they refer to each other by their surnames when they're annoyed with each other. It doesn't really seem like something they'd do, in my opinion.

9/10 though, and onto the next chapter. :)


Author's Response: Lorren! It is an honor and a pleasure to get a review from you. And, again, your voice work on "Forgettable Me" was absolutely stellar!

The alley scene was entirely too much fun to write, and I'm pleased as Firewhiskey that you liked Galloway. I've a feeling he'll turn up in other stories in the not too distant future. He is a bit of a charmer, ain't he? In the end it worked pretty well for him. Complimenting the girls, while it almost got him fried, ended up saving his bacon in the end.

Hampshire? Sorry, went for the alliteration, not the insult. LOL!

My Post Hogwarts world is relatively dark, compared to most. Although I've tried to keep it canon, its not all sunshine and roses right after the Battle of Hogwarts. Loads of Death Eaters escaped and managed to reorganize themselves into a very nasty guerilla force, thanks to Yaxley.

Currently, I've written 4 tales in this universe. Chronologically, Battle of the Pitch is first, followed by Best Laid Plans and then this tale. All of these lead in to my novel "Children's Crusade." However, I tried to write them all to stand alone, so hopefully you aren't feeling too lost reading "The Proposal," which,incidentally is the lightest of the series. I thought a lighter tone would be appropriate, given the subject matter. I'm glad you think its funny.

Ron. I despise fic that treats him like a git, post DH. I was always of the impression that JKR made it clear that once Ron got into the Chamber of Secrets in DH, he'd turned a corner and finally started to grow up. All my tales are based on this premise and I'm flattered you like his maturation.

Split paragraphs are just a quirk in my writing; as are the dreaded one sentence paragraphs. I'm pleased you think it works.

Ah, PP recomended me? that girl is aces. Please give her my best when you see her.

Thanks for this great review!


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Review #6, by blueirony Epilogue: What Happens in the Kitchen...

21st August 2010:
I'm shaking my head and laughing right now. After such a sweet proposal, through all the awkwardness and the cuteness, you just had to finish it with a line like that, didn't you? Hahahaha. You are one of a kind, Eldy.

This was amazing simply because it was SO like what I would imagine Ron would say and do when proposing to Hermione. Awkward. Nervous. He'd start muttering about other things. He would need time to think. Yet, underneath it all, there would be honest and quite raw emotion. That is so sweet.

I can't believe that you managed to write a story that had less than 50% action. I knew you had it in you. I swear, underneath all the humour and action that you love, you are a big softie. I can so see it, lol.

This was amazing. But everything you write is. I know I'm starting to sound like a broken record, but it's true.

Joop :]

Author's Response: Me? An old softy? Well...yeah, guilty as charged.

The Ron/Hermione proposal scene took a little doing. I knew they needed to be arguing and I knew Ron had to at least start out a little hesitant, but once he got going, I wanted it to be smooth. that is, until Hermione throws a wrench in the works with her "Why?"

Less than 50 per cent action? Well, I suppose I could've had them propose during a duel. Hm. Just kidding. Yep, the hopeless romantic side of me won out here.

And I just couldn't help the ending, starting with Ron's "Are you sure," closing with Hermione's "Shut up," and then the table comment...Mea culpa. Hehehe.

Joop, its just been more fun than a barrel of hyppogryffs answering these stupendous reviews.



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Review #7, by blueirony Can It Get Any More Complicated?

21st August 2010:
Aw, ELDY! I knew you had it in you! To bring about a romantic proposal like that. Aw.

And what I loved about it was that you didn't embellish it too much. And it was a bit awkward. And Harry was just Harry. But that's what was good about it, you know? You keep it in character. It wasn't anything too showy and that's good because it suited Harry and Ginny so well.

That action sequence at the start was amazing. I can't believe how it started quite literally mid-sentence. That's insane. I barely had time to register what was happening before spells were flying left and right. That's awesome. You shocked me. And I love being shocked. It's hard to do through writing without any visuals, but you did a pretty awesome job of it.

Off to read the next chapter! And if it is what I think it is, I should definitely enjoy it (like I would ever hate anything you write, anyway!)

Author's Response: Yeah, I got deep into the "awww" moments with Harry's proposal, I just couldn't help it. And it didn't hurt having the boys in trouble with the girls before he did it. I really enjoyed writing it this way.

The fact you think Harry "was just Harry" is probably the highest praise of characterization I could ever get. THANKS!

The action. Well, I couldn't help myself. Like most of the Crusadiverse tales, they are written to stand alone. I wanted any reader who came to this as their first Crusade story to realize, despite the light heartedness and humor, there's some really heavy duty stuff going on here, post DH. And besides, can you ever imagine me writing a story without a battle scene? LOL!!!

Its always such a pleasure getting reviews from you!


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Review #8, by blueirony Confusion and Retribution

21st August 2010:
I could have SWORN that I had read this before. Hmm. Apparently not. I'm sorry that it has taken me so long to get around to this!

I LOVED this. God, the contrast between the boys and girls is hilarious. You had me laughing out loud at so many points during this.

Hermione felt her stomach lurch. "Gin? Is it that bad?""

Ginny nodded. "They're going to be the bait."

Hermione began to smolder. "They're what?"

"Yes. 'Reckless Git' and 'Danger Ponce' are swinging into action. Again." Ginny's anger was anything but subtle.


So, in case, I haven't already said it before, I absolutely ADORE Ron and Harry's partnership, friendship and relationship in all of your stories. They're like the two best friends in a police movie where everything goes wrong and it's just awesome. You should write for television.

Author's Response: And, she's back! Excellent! Proposal is one of my favorite tales because its not nearly as dark and serious as the others. Really glad I got you laughing.

And you isolated one of my favorite parts! The whole "Reckless Git and Danger Ponce" thing. I actually edited Children's Crusade to have the girls refer to Harry and Ron using these names, too. Toying with the idea of writing another story simply titled "The Adventures of Reckless Git and Danger Ponce." I figure the title should be good for some inspiration. LOL!

I think I've found my niche, writing Harry and Ron as "buddy cops."

Again, thanks!!!


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Review #9, by Theia Luna Epilogue: What Happens in the Kitchen...

21st August 2010:
*sigh* lovely ending. I was starting to wonder what happened to Ron's proposal lol. which, by the way, was incredibly beautiful =) Those two couples were just meant to be ...=D
Awesome story!!


Author's Response: Thanks so much. This really was my favorite chapter, primarily because I got to play with all the fun R/Hr toys: a good row, quips about Ron's eating and Hermione's brains.

And, although I write primarily action/adventure, I just love a good Fluff story. (Don't tell anyone tho! LOL!)

Thanks again for the gret reviews!


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Review #10, by Theia Luna Can It Get Any More Complicated?

20th August 2010:
LOL. forget my last review. this is BEYOND heated lol! But i LOVE it even more! The dueling the couples did was written amazingly! i didn't know whether to be afraid for the guys or stop grinning because they can still find the time to argue about being in each others line of fire haha. This chapter was insanely, intensely incredible chapter! I'm excited about the next one!


Author's Response: Thanks again!

Yep. About the only challenge out there for Ron and Harry are Hermione and Ginny. And, did the boys EVER get the girls cheesed off. LOL! Unfortunately, they deserved it. Hehehe.

thanks again


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Review #11, by Theia Luna Confusion and Retribution

20th August 2010:
Amazing start! The ending was particularly pretty heated lol. I loved the beginning--Ron and Harry talking about the proposal while working lol. Incredible =D I'm excited to read more! which I'm off to do right now =D Great chapter and amazing writing!!


Author's Response: Hey! Thanks Theia for the great review.

I had a little fun with this, the stories this tale is wedged between in the Crusadiverse timeline tend to be more serisous, desperate even. This was my chance to give the quartet a bit of a break, and my muse too, and delve into some comdey.

really glad you liked it!


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Review #12, by ericajen Epilogue: What Happens in the Kitchen...

15th August 2010:
"Hermione Jean Granger, will you feed me"
Oh my god. I burst out laughing. Classic.

This was uber-adorable. I didn't know you had it in you, haha. I'm glad we got the lead up to Ron and Hermione's burst of post-marriage proposal love-fest.

"They're called old married couples."
Why yes. Yes, they are. Ron and Hermione make the PERFECT old married couple, lol.

This was a great read, Eldy. You do not fail to impress the Vice-Captain.

Author's Response: I really think Ron's proposal was about my favorite part of this story. I mean, how can you beat these two arguing while Ron's asking her to marry him?

So, yes, now you've seen my sappy side. It refused to be denied any longer. And Ron's "vows," I'm really flattered you isloated that because its my favorite part.

Really psyched you're enjoying the Crusadiverse. But, be warned! Although Crusade has its share of fluff, its heavy on the angst and the drama. Nuff said.

Thanks again O Mighty Vice Captain!


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Review #13, by ericajen Can It Get Any More Complicated?

15th August 2010:
What a wide range of moods you have in this chapter!

As always, good action writing. That's all I'm going to say about it because I feel like I've said it a million times to you already, LOL.

I liked that it went from intense action/drama to the romantic/mildly sappy proposal at the end. It was really cute there at the end.

Ron and Hermione are really. Er. Passionate. (; Hahah.

One more to go in this one. I'm impressed by myself. Lol.

Author's Response: EJ, I think your getting review-drunk. LOL!

This story was great fun and I'm glad you like the range of genre. Although I wanted this to be a comedy, to a degree, I wanted to make sure that everyone understands the guerilla war is no joke. By the time we get to Crusade, everyone's ready to put paid to the task and finally end the war. Keeping the tensions and still making it funny was key. So, thanks for the praise!

Ron and Hr are each other throughout my tales. As are H/G; just one of my writing quirks. LOL!

Thanks again!


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Review #14, by ericajen Confusion and Retribution

15th August 2010:
Look at me, doing more reviews. I'm awesome. But it's no big deal or anything.

Galloway is my favorite person in the world. Seriously. He is my new best friend. It should be illegal to be that awesome (which is fitting because he likes the illegal). You should write a spin-off starring Galloway. Kidding. Kind of.

Harry and Ron = stupid. Ginny and Hermione = rage-aholics. Good combination, I must say.

I like that you keep up the Crusade-ing storyline and such but keep most of the focus on the story at hand, which is them trying to figure out how to propose to the girls. It's good that you keep the Auror things, the danger, the action incorporated into the story without it overpowering what the real plot of this particular part is.

Well done, Eldy. But that's really no surprise.

Author's Response: Yes, EJ, you are awesome. Was there ever any question? ;)

Galloway is just about my favorite OC. I do think we'll see more of him eventually.

Harry and Ron; Hermione and Ginny. I'd say that's a combustable combo. hehehee. I really did get a kick out of this story, and I'm glad you're enjoying it.

Just occurred to me, your the first person who's ever read the Crusadiverse in chronological order. I wrote Crusade (book 4) first. then I wrote Plans (book 2), then Proposal (book 3) then I wrote Pitch (book 1). Leave it to me to do things in such a mixed up order. I really do hope the continuity holds up. So, if you could keep an eye out for that I'd appreciate it.

As always, your great review has put a smile on my face. Thanks!!


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Review #15, by 1917farmgirl Epilogue: What Happens in the Kitchen...

5th July 2010:
*Looks at calendar*

I'm only what, three months late with this? How have you managed not to disown me yet?

Anyway, enough about that, more about the excellent fic.

You know, I love this part. I think it's probably my favorite part of the whole story, and that's saying something. I love the dialogue back and forth between Harry and Ron in the first two. I know I've told you before how exceptionally good you are at writing the two of them, but reading this again to get ready to give you a review gave me a new appreciation of exactly how well you also write Ron and Hermione together. The whole thing was just so perfect! Accusing him of thinking only of his stomach, to him telling her he wasn't hungry. The almost fight and bickering at the beginning the melded seamlessly into the serious, wonderful conversation in the middle... So good. And I love how you can write Ron (and Hermione, but I'm focusing on Ron because he was my favorite here) and have him still be the Ron we know and love, but also be a more mature, levelheaded, able to get serious when it really matters Ron.

His proposal was so completely perfect and spontanious, and Hermione asking Why was unexpected, but at the same time, completely right.

And then we get the the squeeling. Finally! Every once in awhile Hermione just has to be utterly girly and normal, and lots of folks forget that, but you never do and I love that.

Now, if only I could think of Harry's kitchen table being used for food ever again and not shudder, LOL.

Give you a 10 to the tenth power out of ten on this one, bro. Well done! Hope you get a Dobby for this one.

Author's Response: Farmgirl!

I know your life has been hectic, to say the least. I knew you'd get around to this eventually. Absolutely no worries at all. And what a great review! Definitely worth the wait.

I liked the way I wrote Ron in Crusade, but I definitely think I found his voice in this tale. For continuity purposes, hopefully everyone will chalk up the more serious Ron in Crusade to the absolutely nasty situation the Quartet are facing in that story.

Nonetheless, I'm really glad you liked it. the argument between the two of them was entirely too much fun to write. As to her "Why?" that inspiration came straight from my wife. If I had a dime for everytime she threw me for a loop with that question when I wasn't expecting it I'd be rich. And, it just seems like such a Hermione thing to ask here, doesn't it?

Thanks for the praise.

As for the table, just try to put it out of your mind. LOL!

Thanks again!


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Review #16, by Edward Ollivander Epilogue: What Happens in the Kitchen...

1st July 2010:
I'm so proud of Ron. he did a great job, so that means that you did. Happy writing.

Author's Response: Edward!

really glad you liked this! I prefer to allow Ron to grow beyond the git he was in most of the series. I always thought JKR made it pretty clear that, once he got into the Chamber in DH, he'd turned a corner.

Thanks again


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Review #17, by edward ollivander Can It Get Any More Complicated?

30th June 2010:
at last! scary combination spell those death eaters have. i hope they don't find a way to coordinate it better. happy writing.

Author's Response: Harry finally got his act together! Hope you like what happens with R/Hr in the next chapter, too.

The combination spell actually was a bit of a problem - it was so effective it almost created a continuity glitch for one of the battle scenes in Crusade. Curious to see whether you thought I fixed that potential hiccup.

Thanks for the review!


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Review #18, by edward Ollivander Confusion and Retribution

30th June 2010:
hell hath no fury... happy writing.

Author's Response: Hehehe. I'm married to a Ginny/Hermione composite - pray for me - so I've drawn my inspiration for the girl's reactions from my home life. Can't beat that.

Thanks for the review!


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Review #19, by lauraf68 Epilogue: What Happens in the Kitchen...

5th June 2010:
Hey Elder,
Accidently read this one and then Best Laid Plans--that's OK--all is good--Loved them both! I really like the way you write the conversations between Harry and Ron, their (so called) physical mannerisms comes through the words you write. Some writers have trouble with that kind of expression but I think you have a good knack for getting it right on target.

Now onto Children's Crusade. ~Lauraf68

Author's Response: Hi Laura,

No worries about reading them in the wrong order. Keep in mind, I've written Plans, Proposal and Crusade in the wrong order anyway. LOL. That is, Crusade, which comes last was written first. I'm backwards by nature. LOL! In fact, the first story chronologically in the Crusadiverse, is a short story called "The Battle of the Pitch," I'm writing it now and hope to post soon.

Hmmm. I just reread that paragraph, actually, Stop all the Clocks is first chronologically, but its in an alternate universe, with a crossover in Crusade...I may need to start printing up playbills so everyone can follow along. LOL.

Writing Ron and Harry has become about my favorite thing to do. Maybe I've found my niche: the Harry/Ron "buddy cop" movie. LOL. Really glad you liked it!


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Review #20, by Lottie Epilogue: What Happens in the Kitchen...

2nd June 2010:
I really love your story, it's so real! Are you writing another chapter if so when will you finish??xxx
10/10 of course!

Author's Response: Thanks Lottie!

The Proposal is finished but it is part of a larger series of stories. The first, chronologically, is Best Laid Plans, a one shot. It's followed by The Proposal and then Children's Crusade.

Children's Crusade has a prequel in which the alternate universe created in Stop All The Clocks is visited by the "canon" characters from Plans/Proposal/Crusade.

Simple? LOL!

Thanks again!


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Review #21, by TheDirigiblePlum Epilogue: What Happens in the Kitchen...

25th May 2010:
Sorry I feel I've been away weeks and week!! Exams and art deadlines have been stealing my life away from the beloved world of harrypotterfanfiction and I feel horribly guilty for it!

I was very pleased to see that two new chapters are up to this story! Your stories are always such fun and they always have a nice big fight scene that takes my breath away before it all ends well and they finally get engaged. :)

This definitely put a smile on my face because it all seems so perfect at the end. I still feel sorry for Hermione in Children's Crusade though. :( (I won't say too much in case someone accidentally reads my review!)

Thank you for making me smile over the top of my heaps of revision notes! I can't help but feel like Hermione sometimes...


Author's Response: DP!!

I'm so glad to hear from you. I figured life had caught up to you; I hope things are getting easier. No need to apologize.

I figured you'd appreciate the proposal scenes. They were entirely too much fun to write, as were the fight scenes. Thanks so much for the praise.

As to 'Mione. I promise you, she lives happily ever after.

Glad I got you smiling. Hang in there with the revising. Summer's on the way!

I'm writing another story in the "Crusadiverse." It's called "The Battle of the Pitch." I hope to start posting in a few weeks.

I hope you get back to writing soon. I really do love your stuff! Re-read Muggle Fairy Tales the other day and it still gets me laughing!


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Review #22, by whisky Can It Get Any More Complicated?

21st May 2010:

Author's Response: Hey whisky! LOL!

Thanks so much for this great review.

Now, will anyone die? Well, you'll just have to read the entire "Children's Crusade" Universe to find out - The Proposal is the second tale in this 'verse. "Best Laid Plans" is first, followed by "The Proposal" and then "Children's Crusade," which also ties into my short story "Stop All The Clocks."

Currently I'm writing the fourth installment of the Crusadiverse called "The Battle of the Pitch," although, in the time line, it will actually be the first story of this 'verse.

Hope to hear from you soon and thanks again!


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Review #23, by AvadaKedavra1 Epilogue: What Happens in the Kitchen...

14th May 2010:
Very nice ending. Ron and Hermione really are my favorite. His proposal totally in character.

Very well done.

Author's Response: Thanks!

I wanted to write Ron as a little more "Ron" here. I figured it would make sense since the whole weight of the world wasn't on him like it will be in Crusade, so he could be a little more relaxed and "Ron"-like. But in the end, he gets his bearings and comes through big time -explaining his reasons for making Hermione wait. And I just love the argument between the two. They are entirley too fun to write together.

So, up next "The Battle of the Pitch." It takes place two years after the Battle of Hogwarts and two years before "Chidlren's Crusade." I'm 12,000 words into it and hope to post it within the next few weeks.

Again, great to hear from you!


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Review #24, by AvadaKedavra1 Can It Get Any More Complicated?

14th May 2010:
You know. You and I really do think the same way. The shields were perfect! I have totally thought about that scenerio where the weaker wand protects for the stronger one. Your vision was great! I loved that scene.

Angleina and Seamus were great.

Where did the crossing of the wands come from? Ghostbusters? That was really clever.

You and I seriously need to write a novel, reinventing magic.

How fun!

On to the last.

Great job EW!

Author's Response: AK is in the house! Hey, thanks for stopping by!

I thought you'd like the shield play there; one small twist, I like to think of it as the stronger wand protecting for the weaker, but with this crew they're all evenly matched.

The crossed wand thing...I really don't know where that came from. I used it in Crusade and thought it would be fun to give it a backstory. This is just what I came up with - feel free to use it or tweak it, I'd like to see your take on it.

Angelnina and Seamus - that was fun; I really liked the idea of the two of them watching this whole mess play out as they sat back and just shook their heads. Glad you liked it.

Again, thanks for the great review!


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Review #25, by AnAmericanMuggle Can It Get Any More Complicated?

11th May 2010:
Good job, friend o' mine! I love these short snipets into the lives of the quartet, hearing about the milestones of their lives. The fight scene was great - the crossed wands thing really creative. :)

Author's Response: Hey hey! Long time no hear. Thanks for the great review.

I really like delving into the little things that didn't get that thoroughly addressed in Crusade, so this was a bit of a treat for me. I'm glad you liked it.

More is on the way, I'm currently writing "The Battle of The Pitch." It takes place two years after the Battle of Hogwarts, in the Children's Crusade Universe. It should post in a few weeks; I hope to hear from you then.

Oh! And congratulations on your good news!


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