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Reading Reviews for I SLAP HIM
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Review #1, by MoonyandProngs Please Wake Up

2nd June 2008:
That was great, although the state that Harry was in kind of creeped me out a little. Great work!

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Review #2, by harry n hermione Please Wake Up

24th January 2007:
this is sad but good at the same time very touching I thought and very sweet and innocent too this is a very nice story

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Review #3, by Bobkins Please Wake Up

16th January 2007:
Atrocious. And anyone who is telling you this story is good is telling you a bare faced lie

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Review #4, by liandhate Please Wake Up

1st September 2006:
ok, i see what you r trying to get at with this story, and i love the plot line, but i have two pointers;

1) slow your typing down a bit, so that you can catch all of your mistakes.
2) get a beta, they can be a huge help.

other than that, i think that you did a wonderful job.

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Review #5, by dragonknox Please Wake Up

27th July 2006:
love it

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Review #6, by Jenna I SLAP HIM

21st January 2006:
Its not bad...Just not very good, Grammer and spelling in important, plus the fact that this would never ever happen...ever..They are so out of character, and you spelt 'Voldemort' wrong by the way...

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Review #7, by lily_black Please Wake Up

20th January 2006:
Well, let's see, at the begining it wasn't going that well, many spelling and grammar mistakes and i can clearly see english is not your mother tongue (don't worry, isn't mine either) anyway i liked the ending, you managed to save it, i liked the way you portrayed Harry. it's not the best fic i ever read but i enjoyed it. Don't stop keep writing!!!

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Review #8, by Dr. Kokoinoffingingliningly I SLAP HIM

19th November 2005:
" “You were not relax and why are you stress,” I remembered him said stress " According to my all fancy high and mighty P.H.D. Here you seem to be looking at his stress as a charcter? This puzzles me! Plez go on about your life is it strezzful? Are you funneling your stress into your story? "He could have made me like I did to him" Ummmmm.... well I'm not sure what this iz linxed to! Maybe yourz looking intoz the dislexia? Zee billz come to 100$ an houver andz sinz it took me 7 days to write this that comes to 670,000$ zank you (Just joking your story is wonderful. It is a thrilling scenario with a wonderful aftermath! this is my third time reading it!)

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Review #9, by Sam M Injured Innocence

11th September 2005:
When you write 'Hermione's PoV' like a caption, it sort of brings the whole story down. Readers aren't stupid, we will notice when it is from Hermione's PoV. And why does it say THE END when you have more chapters? ~ Sam M

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Review #10, by Sam M I SLAP HIM

11th September 2005:
Well, I like the beginning. You're writing flows. Just a few things; you hate homos (why do you even write that you your profile??) and what's your thought behind Harry/Hermione? I mean, that will obviously never happen, so why do you ship it? and please don't say 'HAWT COUPLE!!' Just curious. ~ Sam M

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Review #11, by may Please Wake Up

12th June 2005:
.\loveit ...................

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Review #12, by spattergroit Please Wake Up

8th June 2005:
nice job! i like it :)

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Review #13, by James Deacon I SLAP HIM

9th March 2005:
WRITE MORE WRITE MOre please or I'll cry!!!!

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Review #14, by Glassesfreak206 Please Wake Up

21st November 2004:
awwwwww...that's so sweet!!!!

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Review #15, by nat_rulz Please Wake Up

6th July 2004:

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Review #16, by mrsvioletpotter Please Wake Up

1st July 2004:
excellent story!!

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Review #17, by Paola Please Wake Up

8th April 2004:
You did a good job mate!!! Congratulations!!!! Don't worry, I'll be reading other fics from yours...(^_^)

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Review #18, by denise Please Wake Up

8th April 2004:
i'm sad that it's goodbye time...(T_T) thank you for sharing your story...i really like it...no, i LOVE it...this is surely one of my fav fics...

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Review #19, by paochi_cute Please Wake Up

8th April 2004:
WoW! This is such a great fic...I never thought it would end right away...The last chapter was the BEST!...lol...thanks for your time and hardwork...

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Review #20, by Knightlord Please Wake Up

8th April 2004:
wow i was mentioned at the bottom sometning new every day haha haha great story hope to see more like it

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Review #21, by LadyPotter I SLAP HIM

8th April 2004:
Umm..I don't think you're a bad writer or anything..but well...Harry and Hermione are so out of character I wouldn't know who they were if this wasn't an HP site. If you think that they *are* in character, then you must really hate Hermione. The worst thing, though, is that you didn't even spell Voldemort right! And there's no way it's a typo..you spelt it incorrectly every time you used his name!

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Review #22, by hagridrocks2887 Please Wake Up

7th April 2004:
planning on....i suck at typing

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Review #23, by hagridrocks2887 Please Wake Up

7th April 2004:
wait so this is it....it was just gettign good lol....i hope your plannign no writing mroe h/h fics....solid story

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Review #24, by shannon Hand Shaped Mark

5th April 2004:
that was a GREAT story. you need to make story bigger.

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Review #25, by slytherinmelter Hand Shaped Mark

4th April 2004:
ooooh! update soon! i'm so excited ! it's getting really good.

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