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Review #1, by CambAngst Make Cupcakes, Not Horcruxes

26th April 2012:
So this was interesting, to say the very least. This year was my first April Fools Day as a member of HPFF and my first look at the general tomfoolery that accompanies it. I have to say that I will most likely choose to take a hiatus for the first week of April next year.

That said, I admire the effort and creativity that went into this. As I read through your descriptions of the Hogwarts staff and their reactions, I couldn't help but think of the staff on this site and their participation in this year's prank. I can only imagine how it went in 2010. I'm guessing you had some similar things on your mind, based on the little shout-out you gave them in the middle of the story: “Have you ever thought about how much work the staff have put into this change? They must have spent hours planning it! Do you have no respect for them at all?”

So, in general, not my cup of tea, but you did a nice job with it and I commend your good sense of humor.

Author's Response: I don't want to influence you but I definitely think that you should stick around for April Fool's next year. It only lasts a day and it is a lot of fun if you remember that it's April 1st and can watch everyone freak out. Yes it can be horrible if you don't know what's going on, but it is a bit of harmless fun.

I definitely did have the staff in my mind while I wrote this! Of all the April Fool's I have seen, it was probably my favourite because people were really quite scared that HPFF had done a complete 180. All in good fun, though!

That's so nice that you were still able to review this, even though it wasn't your cup of tea. Thanks so much!

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Review #2, by Beeezie Make Cupcakes, Not Horcruxes

22nd April 2012:
So I read this way back when secret santas were going on, but I apparently never actually got around to reviewing it. But I am now!

This made me laugh. I'm not really sure how to review it, because nothing pops into my head except "This was absolutely hilarious," but I'm going to try.

I loved a lot of the changes Dumbledore was calling for, and I really loved the fact that so many of the students seemed to think it was a good idea. For once, I was in complete sympathy with the Slytherins - yikes. Bananas instead of wands? Unicorns instead of broomsticks? (Though it did occur to me that unicorns could also be a bit dangerous - there might be a unicorn accident where someone got impaled on the horn. But that's besides the point.)

I also loved the mention of Professor Snape and his "negative energy." Imagining Snape amidst all of these rainbows and skipping competitions and general joyfulness is hilarious - I can just imagine his expression of utter disdain.

My only comment is that while I really enjoyed a lot of the suggestions people were calling out and the details Dumbledore was providing, it did feel a bit long to me. I don't think that's really about the actual length as much as just the flow - after awhile, it just felt like it was dragging a little (and I really do just mean a little). Other than that, though, excellent job. I really enjoyed this!

Author's Response: Because I already don't have enough reviews from you, you have to feel guilty that you didn't review it? You're insane. But a good insane. (:

I don't blame you for being in sympathy with the Slytherins - they did have a valid point in this! I know that if this had really happened at Hogwarts, I would have been devastated.

That's true about the unicorns - I didn't think about that!

Haha, Snape. Good old Snape. I loved writing him in this, even though he had only a small part.

You're right that was long and that it dragged on. This was never supposed to be a display of brilliant writing, it was just supposed to be analogy to what happened on April Fool's in 2010. A lot of the comments are similar to what people were making throughout the day and that's where the majority of this came from. But I do agree with you! I know that if you weren't around for that April Fool's this story would seem very strange and, yes, rather tedious towards the end.

Thanks so much for your review!

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Review #3, by starryskies55 Make Cupcakes, Not Horcruxes

9th April 2012:
Oh my dear Lord.
I don't know what to say. I wasn't around for the April Fool's madness last year, but with Voldy's takeover this year I can well imagine it...

Anyway! There are a few typos which are easily overlooked with the general awesomeness of this (you've changed tense at the beginning for one word: 'raises', should be 'raised', can't find anything else at this moment in time but there was some, dammit).

And I don't want to be a kill-joy, but I'm with the Ravenclaw with this! I have such a hatred of bananas (they make me feel physically sick) that it's actually verging on a phobia. I would run away screaming from bananas. They just look so wrong and they smell... eurgh.

Anyway, I did really like this. Fully behind the cupcake business anyway. Some of the lines in this were just genius- this whole bit: "And the house-elves can all learn how to skip!” “Glitter! Glitter ink, glitter quills.” “We can do all of our homework in crayons!” ... I'm just going to gloss over the bananas.

And all the sunshine, daisies reminded me of Ron! 'butter, mellow, turn this stupid fat rat yellow!' So. Much. Love.
Another line that reminded me of Ron: 'I don’t care if all the flipping sunshine and daisies in this world die' - 'I don't care if my tea-leaves spell 'die Ron, die', I'm just chucking them in the bin where they belong' - (remembered that line. Be impressed) - was this intentional or am I just being nerdy? xD

Dumbledore's thoughts were fantastic- no more negativity! But not even in a parrellel universe, could I actually imagine him thinking that this was a good idea. It sounds more like an Umbridge thing to me, banning Quidditch because there are are pointy things and banning the use of 'evil'. o.O
I have some complaints though. Unicorns are nothing if not 'pointy' (bananas) and I think that thumb 'wars' are fairly violent! (well, they are when I play), oh, and bananas. Euurgh.
And poor Snape, I can imagine him running out, screaming, his eyes bleeding.

Overall, I absolutely loved this. It was funny and hilarious and witty and just down right fabulous, darlin'. Oh, and I will challenge you to a skipping competition any time-

I own at skipping. Michael McIntyre has got nothing on me.

Author's Response: This was actually in reference to the 2010 April Fool's madness. Last year was a homage to Sherlock Holmes which I did consider writing about but I didn't want Sir Arthur Conan Doyle to turn in his grave, haha.

Sigh. Typos. They will be the death of me. Thanks so much for pointing them out! I do have a list of all the mistakes that reviewers point out to me (and I welcome them all!) but I'm just so lazy when it comes to editing. Once this semester's bout of exams are over, I may consider going through and editing all my stories. I'll see. Either way, I have noted what you pointed out, so thanks for that!

You're absolutely not a kill-joy! The Ravenclaw was representing a lot of the HPFF members who get quite upset over learning that their beloved archives would only be accepting 12- stories from now on and I honestly did feel quite sorry for them... though it still didn't stop me from having my fun. If you want more details on the prank, feel free to PM me on the forums. I absolutely adored it and so many details of it are going to be forever ingrained in my mind.

I quite like bananas, haha. But I do sort of see your point! They do smell weird. I'll give you that.

I'm also with you on the cupcake business! You can never have too many cupcakes. Ever. :P

You're being quite nerdy but be proud of it! I had absolutely no thought of Ron while I was writing that and it kind of makes me awed that someone could find the connection, so well done!

You do bring up some excellent points. Unicorns are pointy. And thumb wars are quite horrible, now that you think about it. They have the W word in them! Not the W word! :o Wow, I clearly didn't think some of these totally through, lol.

A skipping competition? Oh, you are ON. Come prepared with a loser's speech, though. And remember to be gracious in your defeat, haha.

Thanks so much for your review! It's rare to have someone give such a long review that makes me laugh and think at the same time!


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Review #4, by Secret Santa *hands you a third candy cane* Make Cupcakes, Not Horcruxes

17th December 2011:
Ooh here I am! Once again! Spreading holiday cheer! Your stories are gold! I can't touch my toes! Uh…well, that song didn't work out as I planned. Whoops! I guess Santa isn't that creative. But that's okay because I'm here to read your creative stories and throw a third candy cane your way!

This first thing that attracted me to this story was the...title! Then the banner and then you! Because your writing is wonder-full!

I have to do it! I'm going to rack up some favorite lines for you:

- we will not mention He Who Must Not Be Name, nor any of his followers or the evil deeds they do. Indeed, we will be obliterating the word 'evil' from our speech altogether
- The e-word has no place in our newly formed happy society.
- Perhaps the most significant change will be that your wand will be replaced with a banana. Please note that these bananas have been specially charmed to be non-perishable. The reason for this is that we feel wands inflict a much too dangerous image onto the mind of those of us who are younger. We feel that bananas are a much happier object that we can all enjoy as a community.
- Hence, we are replacing broomsticks with unicorns. Unicorns will instil a much happier angle to the sport that I am sure we can all continue to enjoy
- And the house-elves can all learn how to skip!
- You could start off with an application, then be promoted to a peel and then become a much coveted banana.

I think I just copied a majority of the story down here. There were more lines but I don't think you want to reread the entire thing, do you? Oh this was hysterical. You capture humor so well! You're so multi-talented! To think you got this idea all thanks to April Fools! Amazing!

You're really making this job as Secret Santa quite easy. I think the only thing I would say that it was lengthy. You know? The humor didn't fizzle out but I found myself nodding my head wondering where the end was. But don't take that as a bad thing because the jokes were still there all the way to the end.

How raunchy to have a banana for a wand!

I think above all I liked Dumbledore. This was something he would come up with because I seriously do think he thinks about rainbows and lemon drops on a daily basis. That's why his eyes twinkle! Oh and the Ravenclaw was a marvelous touch! There's always one grumpy skeptic in the bunch. If only Severus would have embraced the idea too! I would have loved to see him shouting with glee about frosty cupcakes!

Excellent job! Excellent job!

Secret Santa out! :D

Author's Response: Hey, gold and toes do kind of rhyme so brownie points for you in that respect!

The title and the banner have to be credited to their true sources. The title was from the staff podcast and the banner was by the lovely ladycobra. I don't blame you for being attracted though, they all are awesome people!

I loved reading the quotes that you liked from this! I now know why authors love when readers quote their favourite lines back to them, it really is such a compliment and now I'm all warm and fuzzy inside :P

Ah, yes. April Fool's. I don't know if you were around that year for it but if you weren't, PM me once I know who you are on the forums and I'll tell you all about it because it was a lot of fun.

I do know that this was lengthy! It also doesn't have much of a plot so I was scared that it would bore readers but it has been well received and I'm glad you thought that the humour was there until the end!

And, haha, it is a little bit raunchy, isn't it? That might not keep things strictly 12- as that year's April Fool's wished, but we can let that one slide, haha.

Thanks for saying you liked Dumbledore! He was so out of character in this that he was surprisingly easy to write. And I also agree with you, a Severus gleeful about frosty cupcakes would be a welcome addition. Maybe I could write a sequel where potions turns into home economics? Decisions, decisions.

Thanks so much for your review!

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Review #5, by Akussa Make Cupcakes, Not Horcruxes

28th May 2011:
Hello dearest!

Wow, I don't know how I didn't come across this story before but it was delicious! I loved it to bits!! That had been such an incredible (in all the senses of the word!) april fools day at HPFF, you really captured the spirit well with this story!!

I had a great time reading this, congrats on coming up with something original and fun for this special day!


Author's Response: I have only been around for three April Fool's Days but 2010 was definitely my favourite. I miss the 12- layout with Comic Sans and the replaced words. Loved it. I'm glad you thought I captured the spirit!

Thank you so much for saying that it was original! I had a lot of fun writing it and it was really a spur of the moment thing, so it's lovely see that it has been so well received.

Thanks for your review!


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Review #6, by aussieginny Make Cupcakes, Not Horcruxes

12th February 2011:
Ok so this was an absolute delight to read! beyond the halarity of rainbows, cupcakes, smiles, unicorns, pink hallways and not to mention bananas, it just made you want to smile (The message i'm sure dumbledore was trying to get across!)
I remember april fools fondly (especially my sister's reaction!!) and i can't wait to see what the staff pull off this year!
But i find your dedication to HPFF amazing! you are a fantastic writer! i love your stuff
xoxoxoxoxoxoxo aussieginny

Author's Response: Glad that it made you smile! It was fun to write and it's always nice to know that someone had fun reading it.

April Fool's Day was pretty fun. I can't wait for it this year, too!

Haha, I'm not sure this was really dedication to HPFF. More that I just loved the idea of it and the entire day on the forums was just begging to be written into story form.

Thank you so much for your review!
Joop :)

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Review #7, by massieblockrox Make Cupcakes, Not Horcruxes

26th September 2010:
This was so funny! I really liked it!!! Thank you so much for this awesome story!!!

Author's Response: Glad that found it funny! I had a lot of fun writing it so it's always nice to know that readers enjoyed reading it, too!

Don't thank me for writing it, it should be me who thanks you for your review!
Joop :]

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Review #8, by LoopyLemon Make Cupcakes, Not Horcruxes

13th September 2010:
AMAZING! Im pretty sure my brother thinks i am senile because I was laughing so hard at this. Pink hallways with teddybears would be so much fun! and definatly skipping and cupcakes :)

Author's Response: Glad that you enjoyed it enough that it made you laugh out loud!

I agree, pink hallways with teddy bears would be SO much fun. As would skipping and cupcakes. Sigh. We can only dream.

Thanks so much for your review!
Joop :]

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Review #9, by CessZ Make Cupcakes, Not Horcruxes

19th August 2010:
I'm laughing SO much that my parents think I've gone Loony!!
Bananas as wands??
Unicorns instead of brooms??
"I wanna be a peel?"
Confederation for Sunshine and Rainbows??
Where did you come up with such things from??? :O
lol I still can't stop laughing!!! *wipes tears from eyes*
This is THE BEST humour fic I've read...EVER!


Author's Response: Haha, I'm glad that you found it funny! It was definitely a lot of fun to write and was so silly and ridiculous and it's awesome that readers enjoy this so much.

I actually came up with most of this through the antics during April Fool's on the forums this year. The events in this story closely resemble what happened on the forums and I suppose this is my tribute to the craziness.

Thank you for your review! I'm not too sure how well I can do humour without sarcasm, so it's nice to know that I'm not too horrible at it.

Joop :]

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Review #10, by krazyboutharryginny Make Cupcakes, Not Horcruxes

17th August 2010:
Oh, God, that was HILARIOUS!!! I think the last story that made me laugh that hard was that crackfic of the sixth Harry Potter movie. (Come on, how can you not laugh at Malfoy's Ninja Outfit of Plotting Evil?)

This story actually kind of makes me think of Potter Puppet Pals, for some reason. (That's a compliment)

I actually missed April Fools on the site, which actually might make this story even BETTER! Because I have no idea what happened that day, so I can't see the basis for the story, so it seems even more random and random is GOOD.


Author's Response: Well hilarity and stupidity was what I was going for, so I'm glad that you enjoyed it!

This reminded you of Potter Puppet Pals? That is such a compliment!

It's horrible that you missed April Fool's because it really was a lot of fun. Haha, I suppose this would make more sense to someone who participated... but I'm glad that you liked it, still. Random is definitely good!

Thank you so much!
Joop :]

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Review #11, by Friday_Star Make Cupcakes, Not Horcruxes

17th August 2010:
BAHAHAHAHAHA oh goodness. This was truly insane. Dumbledore was.very crazy, but surprisingly actually sort of how I picture his real thought processes! Which is quite terrifying.

What I really want to see is what happens next. Hahahaha I loved the Ravenclaw kid who was against it all, oh goodness, I just can't stop giggling :P

Great work!!


Author's Response: Haha, insane and crazy was definitely what I was going for. Isn't it weird that, even though this is as ridiculous as it is, it still almost makes sense? I don't think it's terrifying... okay, maybe it is. I think we'll just attribute it to the brilliance that is Dumbledore.

What happens next? Wow, writing a sequel to this. I very much doubt that will ever happen, but who knows? Maybe the Ravenclaw kid can lead a revolt. I see house-elves involvement. Haha. If I'm ever very sleep deprived, I might just take myself up on something like that.

Thank you so much!
Joop :]

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Review #12, by ericajen Make Cupcakes, Not Horcruxes

17th August 2010:
Oh. My. Goodness. Joop.

I could not stop grinning throughout the entire thing. I had to put a hand over my mouth to suppress my giggles so I wouldn't wake up the sleeping people in my house. You are brilliant! This is amazingly humorous and perfect. It's exactly like what happened to the site, only in story form!

I would go through and tell you all of my favorite things and my favorite quotes and such, but it was basically the entire thing. When I said I couldn't stop smiling, I really REALLY meant it.

Cupcakes sound really good right now. (;

Absolutely fantastic work, Joop.


Author's Response: I'm glad that you had fun reading it because I definitely had fun writing it! Some of the things that I wrote Dumbledore doing and thinking are so silly that I think there is nothing to do BUT laugh, haha. April Fool's was a pretty crazy day on the forums and I'm glad you think that I did the day justice with this!

I agree with you. Cupcakes do sound really good right now. In fact, I think I might make some tonight.

Thank you so much for your review!
Joop :]

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Review #13, by SexyDoorFrames Make Cupcakes, Not Horcruxes

16th August 2010:
Howdy. I hope you're okay!

The whole april fools thing was excellent this year! I really thought the staff outdid themselves this year. Just too fantastic. I can't wait to see what they come up with next year! It's going to be amazing! It was my fav this year and I thought nothing could out did Larry Trotter.

The most classic line "Perhaps the most significant change will be that your wand will be replaced with a banana." Because I remember cracking up when I read stories, with the whole Banana thing. It was one of my favourite parts, cause it created classic lines 'He waved his banana.' and such.

This was excellent. It is also a really original idea! I'd love to see how your excellent mind works! Just so unique.

The whole idea was quite funny.

In all, I really enjoyed this.


- SexyDoorFrames/Keely.


Author's Response: Howdy yourself! I'm okay, particularly after reading such an awesome review from you, thanks for asking!

This year was the first April Fool's that I have really genuinely participated in. And I agree, the staff really outdid themselves. I had so much fun and I just knew I had to write something about it and, well, this is what my mind churned out!

Aha, the bananas. I loved that. Bananas. And the peels. There are some crazy people on HPFF. But it makes the community that much more lovable!

I'm glad that you enjoyed reading this! It was quite silly and a bit of fun and I definitely was smiling and laughing as I wrote it so it's nice to see that readers enjoyed it, too!

Thank you for your review,
Joop :]

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Review #14, by maskedmuggle Make Cupcakes, Not Horcruxes

11th June 2010:
Haha this is certainly an original, interesting oneshot!
It was quite humourous, the whole idea of it is quite funny actually.
Lol. Good job :)

Author's Response: Haha, I'm not sure if 'funny' is the correct word to describe it. The whole thing was so silly and ridiculous that it just begged for a one-shot. And, in some strange way, I almost can see Dumbledore picking up on small small elements of this.

It was a bunch of fun to write and while I don't think this is my best work by any stretch of the imagination, I'm glad you liked it!

Joop :]

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Review #15, by Kenna Make Cupcakes, Not Horcruxes

2nd May 2010:
Wow. I can actually see Dumbledore doing something like this...maybe.
It is a great take on the April Fool's prank, which gave me a heart attack. I was planning a rebellion, too, before i finally figured out the date.
Anywhoo~~another chapter would be fantastic, keep writing!

Author's Response: It's strange, isn't it, that this story doesn't seem too far fetched from reality? Good old Dumbledore.

April Fools was fun on the boards. At least you figured the date out in time!

Another chapter? Hm. I doubt it will happen. Though it is flattering to know that you want one!

Thanks for the review,
Joop :]

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Review #16, by Jazzeh Turnip Make Cupcakes, Not Horcruxes

6th April 2010:
Birthday Challenge. Review #8.


This is absoloutely hilarious, and what's even better is that I can genuinly picture Dumbledore doing this!... Well maybe not so crazily, but I'm pretty sure if he went a bit too heavy on the sherbert lemons he'd end up doing something mad like this

One little hiccup I spotted was this:
Dumbledore raises his arms... - You switch from past to present here... but I'm guessing it's just a typo considering the s IS next to the d xD

The "e-word" just made me crack up completely. And oh my goodness, I died when Dumbledore said "Perhaps the most significant change will be that your wand will be replaced with a banana." It makes me wonder how anyone ever believed the April Fools prank. The HPFF staff must've really been pretty amazing. It also makes me miss the brightly coloured, emoticonised HPFF -tear-.

"We can do all of our homework in crayons!" -OH MY GOD! This is such a brilliant idea! Especially because the only crayons I have actually double as puzzle pieces that when you put together make a STEGOSAURUS. ^.^ I want to be a little kid again.

I see what you mean about the plot escaping half way through and just running riot whereever it liked, but I think it works. April 1st was crazy, so it only makes sense that this should be too.

This is a great tribute to the staffers April fools efforts, and to Fred and George too xD. 10/10


Author's Response: Birthday Challenge?

Haha, I see how you mean that it isn't too far stretched from reality - which is crazy, considering how ridiculous it is. Still, I can see Dumbledore saying some of these things.

Thank you for pointing the error out! I know there must be heaps in there - I wrote the entire thing in less than two hours and barely looked over it. I really should go back and do some major editing.

The e-word should be banned! Banned, I tell you!
Aha. Bananas and wands. I had fun writing that!

I think that people just forgot to stop and really assess the situation. But, yeah. It is kind of strange that so many were fooled. Ah, well. At least that means the prank was a success.
And I'm with you - I miss the comic sans and the crayon headings and the pretty pictures! *sniff*

You... you have crayons that are puzzle pieces for a dinosaur? And not just any dinosaur, but a stegasaurus?
Oh. My. God.
You have no idea how jealous I am. No, seriously. I am actually in pain because I am that jealous. I want them!
Who says you can't still enjoy that pleasures of being a little kid? I certainly do, every day!

Ah, the non-existent plot. My original idea for this did have a small plot where Harry and Ron were in a bake-off. But it had no Dumbledore in it. And this story screamed Dumbledore. So I changed it and, in the process, completely forgot to add in a plot. Ah, well. It was still fun to write!

I agree, the prank definitely did live up to Fred and George standards.

Thanks so much for the review,

Joop :]

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Review #17, by grangerdanger Make Cupcakes, Not Horcruxes

6th April 2010:
Ahaha! This was hilarious! I really enjoyed it. I really laughed mostly at the banana jokes. Like the peel and the wand-changing.

Uhmm, you seem to have made a spelling error, I think? You wrote (somewhere in your story): 'All he needed to do was to go back to his WARM BAD and cuddle a few stuffed toys and everything in the world would be right once more.' I think it's supposed to be 'warm bed'?

Anyhow, your idea was very unique. I like reading stories that have cute and random little topics, and yours certainly fell in that category.

Hope you write more stories!


- grangerdanger

Author's Response: I don't know if you were aware of the April Fools prank this year, but if you weren't, I suggest you go and check out the forums - some of the threads were hilarious and the bananas were some of the best parts of the day.

Thank you so much for picking up the spelling mistake! I'm surprised you didn't come across more, to be honest. I wrote this thing in about an hour and a half and was on auto-pilot while doing so - I cringe to think of all the errors that must lie in the body of the text of this.
I'll get around to the error when I can! Most probably once I have had the chance to read over the entire story and see if I can spot more of them.

I'm not sure how unique this was - it really was just a mirror or analogy of sorts of what transpired on April Fools this year. But it definitely was fun to write!

Thank you so much for your review,

Joop :]

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Review #18, by crestwood Make Cupcakes, Not Horcruxes

5th April 2010:
Ha Ha really funny. Did the prank get you. I called my mom and burst into tears. This really is my life.

Author's Response: Nope, I was one of the people who was pro rainbows and unicorns.
Awww, that's horrible that you were so sad!
At least it turned out to be a prank, though - so it ended well!

Haha, HPFF makes up a big part of a lot of peoples' lives.

Still, it was a hilarious prank and a hilarious day!

Thanks for the review,

Joop :]

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Review #19, by krapfm Make Cupcakes, Not Horcruxes

3rd April 2010:
shock, frozen in place... You don't know how happy I am that I'm not a character of this story. (would be in the group with the Ravenclaw boy)

Wonderful story!! Rainbows and Unicorns should lead everyone to your story!
Happy Easter!


Author's Response: Well I would hardly single anyone out and make them a character unless I had their permission - in any case, this was not supposed to be an insult to anyone, it was just a bit of fun!
And I'm sure that you eventually would have crossed over to the fun side, the one of cupcakes and unicorns and rainbows!

Haha, I'm sure that the rainbows and unicorns to lead people to my story!

Thanks for your review!

Joop :]

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Review #20, by mizzxpearl Make Cupcakes, Not Horcruxes

2nd April 2010:
Hahahhaa, can I please let you know how absolutly amazing you are?

This story contained everything I could ever ask for! Unicorns, rainbows, glitter, bananas, cupcakes, and PEELS!

Best part was when Dumbledore was about to cry because of those who were against humanity - oops, I mean rainbows.

A perfect reenactment of a wonderful day. :)

Loved it!

Author's Response: Can I tell you how amazing you are for such an awesome review?

PEELS! I am so happy to be a peel. I wear my badge with honour.

Dumbledore had every right to cry. It *was* an act against humanity. How dare they!

Haha, thank you for the review! It was fun to write and re-live the craziness that was April Fools.

Joop :]

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Review #21, by super Granger Make Cupcakes, Not Horcruxes

2nd April 2010:
LOL, hilarious story, it perfectly captured the looniness and joy of this year's prank. 10/10 :)

Author's Response: Glad you enjoyed it, it was a bunch of fun to write!

This year's prank was pretty loony, hey? Still fun, though!

Thank you!

Joop :]

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Review #22, by flying_rabbit Make Cupcakes, Not Horcruxes

2nd April 2010:
Hahaha, very funny :D I can imagine wands being very traumatising for the the younger students, especially the first years who aren't twelve yet ;) Bananas = happy = good :D
It's sad indeed that the students, the Slytherins in particular, weren't happy with the changes :( Why aren't they happy?! And yay, unicorns instead of broomsticks! xD
I think it's a perfect portrayal of what was going on at the forums yesterday, with all the angry and happy people, the bananas, and everything else! :D And I think Professor Sprout should replace her more dangerous plants with all kinds of flowers :D Sunshine and happiness must reign :D
Ahem. Yeah, anyway, awesome story! xD Merry (late) April Fools to you, too!

Author's Response: Wands are, indeed, extremely trauamatising. I think JKR should re-write her whole world and make it 12-. Fun for the whole family.

I don't know why they're not happy. I feel like singing, "Poor unfortunate souls" to them.

Unicorns are a perfect substitute for broomsticks. They're pink. And have glitter. What more can we want out of life?

Sunshine and happiness must indeed reign - and Professor Sprout really does have the right idea. Unless poor Pofessor Snape. Le sigh. When will the man learn?

Merry Happy April Fools to you, too! Thank you!

Joop :]

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