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Review #1, by Pookha No socks?

28th April 2010:
This is super cute and fluffy and worthy of my challenge. I enjoyed reading it very much.

I apologize that it took me a while to get this review in. The real world is definitely not 12-.

I rally like the way the mystery of the missing socks is set up and that Vicky calls Teddy 'Teddy Bear.'

This was a wonderful, cute little story and it fit the challenge very well. Thanks for taking it up.

Author's Response: hahahaha...thanks!

I'm sorry for the delay in responding, and I must agree. The real world is definitely not 12-. Ugh.

Your challenge was so much fun. The whole 12- joke was a blast, and I really couldnt resist getting into the spirit with a story. I'm glad you enjoyed it. I have tons of free time now, so i may get around to updating it soon.

Thanks again for the review!!

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Review #2, by kassandra466 No socks?

11th April 2010:
awee!! that was so cute!! i LOVED it!! :D

Author's Response: Thanks so much for the review!

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Review #3, by saffy No socks?

10th April 2010:
Is it wrong of me to hope that dobby didnt really die and is spending his time collecting *cough stealing cough* socks and handing them out to house elfs all over the world?

Love the characterisation and cant wait to read more Thanks !

Author's Response: No! Maybe he's a secret agent for SPEW. Thanks so much for the review!

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Review #4, by Evil Sami Poo No socks?

4th April 2010:
That is so cute! Well done, you've done the -12's proud

Author's Response: hahaha! Yeah! Thanks so much for the review!

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Review #5, by RocketBabyDoll9 No socks?

1st April 2010:
FannyPrice, you are one of my favorites. Of all things that could be favorited.

This was the best story. . . you had me smiling the entire time!

Best line: "Traveling by Floo powder was like being on a really fast merry-go-round for far too long, like when your Mummy is calling you to come inside but you insist on staying on the merry-go-round until you finally get off when she threatens no TV for the night but then you fall down because you are so dizzy."


I also loved how Vicky called Teddy "Teddy Bear." TOOO cute.

I hope you update soon! I can't handle the cliff hanger!

This is going in my favorites for sure.

Author's Response: Oh, yay! I'm so glad that you liked this story so much! i'm terribly sorry for the delay in response, ive been both horrifically busy and lazy. :(

I love that line, too!

Update coming soon-ish.

Thanks so much for the review!

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Review #6, by Concused_Duck No socks?

1st April 2010:
Words actually can't describe how much I LOVE this!!! I'm eagerly awaiting the next chapter!!

Here, have some sparkely rainbow cookies! I made them just for you! Would you like the unicorn shaped ones or the bunny shaped ones?

Author's Response: om nom nom...cookies. I don't think I could bear to eat a bunny shaped cookie, so I'll take a unicorn shaped one. *bits of sparkly horn* m.

I'm so glad you liked the story! Thanks so much for the review!

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Review #7, by mizzxpearl No socks?

1st April 2010:
Hahaha, I applaud you for this.

One problem. There were noo rainbows. :( Oh no! But the unicorns, ponies, and teddy bears make up for that. :D

I want this to have a happy ending!

Author's Response: Thanks! OH NO! No rainbows...hmm, maybe i'll save the rainbows for the end! :P

I guarantee you that this will have a happy ending!

Thanks so much for the review!

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Review #8, by uncivilized No socks?

1st April 2010:
Oh. My. God. Marry me?

I love how you actually wrote it! It's lovely!


Author's Response: Sure?

I'm glad you liked it! Thanks so much for the review!!!

(Sorry for the delay in response) :(

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Review #9, by Renegade Niffler No socks?

1st April 2010:
Poor Victoire! Where did her socks go? Can't wait for the next chapter. :)

Author's Response: I KNOW! Isn't the mystery of the missing socks just killing you? I'll try to write another chapter soon-ish! Thanks so much for the review!

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Review #10, by peppersweet No socks?

1st April 2010:
ooh, that was simply scrumptious! I am brimming over with happiness, and I feel rather warm inside.

Author's Response: Yay! Warmth! i'm glad you enjoyed the story, and thanks so much for the review!!

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Review #11, by aprilfools No socks?

1st April 2010:
wat just happened...

Author's Response: who knows. ;)

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Review #12, by moonbaby11 No socks?

1st April 2010:
Um, good start to a nice 12- story. Happy April Fools day and Frd and George's Birthday!

Author's Response: Yes! I think Gred and Forge would have been mightily pleased by the birthday that HPFF threw them! I'm glad that you liked the story, and thanks so much for the review!

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Review #13, by irrelevant No socks?

1st April 2010:
wowee :D:D I love your story so far! It really fits with the new (:p) rules :) I'd love to hear what happens next!! oh, and happy April fools day :)

Author's Response: Happy April Fool's Day to you as well! Thanks so much for the review, and I did try very hard to keep with the 12- feel!

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Review #14, by HarrietHopkirk No socks?

1st April 2010:
Haha I love all the pictures, don't you? They make everything so much easier to read. I'm glad that Teddy (Bear, hehe) likes unicorns - because they are my favourite too!!

Author's Response: Unicorns are the best? Except for baby bunnies! And yeah, Teddy is a doll! I miss the pictures so much. Thanks for the review as always!

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Review #15, by TheSwordAndThePen No socks?

1st April 2010:
Oh no! The angst of having mismatched socks is almost too much for me. :( I could really feel the emotions! I love your banner too! Very 12-. I adore it. Please update! I couldn't stand not knowing where the socks went!


Author's Response: That banner makes my day endlessly brighter! :) I'm glad you really felt the angst of the mismatched socks, I felt like it was a subject everyone could relate to and really reach an audience, you know? ;)

Thanks so much for the review!

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Review #16, by flying_rabbit No socks?

1st April 2010:
Hahahaha!! xD I love it xD Poor Victoire, having absolutely no matched socks! I know it's not your doing, but I love the little drawings in the text as well xD
Ahem. Hopefully they'll find out what happened to the socks ^^

Author's Response: I miss the picures, actually! I think with this genre it works really well. And yes! the agony of mismatched socks! Woe. Thanks so much for the review. I'm glad that you enjoyed the story!

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Review #17, by The Luna No socks?

1st April 2010:
Hahahahaha oh I love this! Very 12- :) Well done, I love it so much. I can't wait to see what happens! Luna

Author's Response: hahaha...thanks so much for the review, and i'm glad you enjoyed the story! I'll make an update soon-ish!

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