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Review #1, by scaddell ~* Happy New Year *~

15th September 2014:
Please update this is the best story! it!

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Review #2, by hpnerd03 ~* Happy New Year *~

28th January 2014:
I'm so sad that this story hasn't been updated in quite some time. I absolutely loved it and crave more! I want to know what's going to happen and if Ron will ever find out that Dylan is actually his child!

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Review #3, by Gemini ~* Happy New Year *~

21st August 2013:
I keep checking for an update and nothing's happened. Think it's safe to say this fic has been abandoned. Such a shame.

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Review #4, by Purplepotter00 ~* Happy New Year *~

20th July 2013:
I love this story sooo much! Are you going to do any other chapters anytime?

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Review #5, by Mrs George Weasley ~* Happy New Year *~

30th May 2013:

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Review #6, by CallMeBellatrix96 ~* Ron apologised *~

21st February 2013:
and above all, as you read my EXTREMELY mean and critical review. reme
ber that i cared eanough to read this far and tell you how to improve. (and dont think im crazy because i split this up into so many comments... there is a 6000 character?limit and my phone wont tell me how much room i have left so for fear of losing everything when i tried to send it, i made them all somewhat short and submitted them seperatly... not crazy for that... for many other reasons. anyway, great story. believe it or not i like it, i just want to see it get better.

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Review #7, by CallMeBellatrix96 ~* Ron apologised *~

21st February 2013:
where was I? ahh yes. pacing. you seem to be burning through conflict like?a crazy person and the frantically trying to create intrigue (her parents dying suddenly? COME ON! that was so rushed and impersonal. SERIOUSLY! i like what your doing with hermione's mom and how you initiated that in the beginning, but i with you wouldnt rush through things so quickly. and make hermione and george fight for once. PLEASE! IM BEGGING YOU! They are losing their relatability as a couple. and i wouldnt mind you making ginny and harry bigger characters in this. they are there...but characterization. DONT DEPEND COMPLETELY ON WHAT ROWLING LAID DOWN FOR YOU. IT IS YOUR STORY NOW! And thus far, all the character's feelings are being TOLD to me by their dialouge. try to express more with vivid desctiption of body language and inner thoughts. and i repeat. REALISTIC conflict! you have eanough crazy plot twists for one story, stick with those and give me a good old fashoned lovers quarrel.

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Review #8, by CallMeBellatrix96 ~* Ron apologised *~

21st February 2013:
sorry, i didnt think to comment until now so some of the problems i have with the story happened a way long time ago. 1) i take major issue with hermione and george living together in her room at would the head boy next door NOT notice them living together...HELLO! and the ladies in the painting seemed kinda gossip-ey. not to mention that i dont think dunbledore would ever allow it. PLUS im shocked that hermione jumped into bed with george so quickly after just GIVING BIRTH. She of all people should know to be careful with these things! and she shouldnt be such a good mother. shes seventeen. i would have liked to see her do something wrong and freak out, that would make it more realistic, i think. I can tell that you probably plan this chapter by chapter and you have trouble with pacing (im countinuing on the next comment)

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Review #9, by CallMeBellatrix96 ~* Ron apologised *~

21st February 2013:
hermione is such a bitch! She keeps the TRUTH from ron simply because they think his reaction will be bad or he wont take it seriously...WHAT?!?! They COMPLETELY Over look his right to know about HIS KID! then Hermione gets pissed at HIM for forgeting the kids name when he was trying to apologize! when she knows full well that SHE should be appologizing to HIM! Think long and hard about hermione's intentions throughout this story and for the love of God try to be a little realistic!

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Review #10, by Corinna Hamilton ~* Happy New Year *~

26th December 2012:
I love this story and know you probably have alot going on and I don't mean to be rude but if your going to abandon this story abandon it already! It's been over a year since you updated! I love this story but I hate false hope!

Author's Response: I realise its been a year and I have had a lot on I started a business and I had a baby so Im so sorry that caring for my child and working on my lively hood is taking major priority over my writting. it isnt abandoed yet I still think about it and what I want to do but I just don't have the time right now.

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Review #11, by Kbmullins822 ~* Happy New Year *~

15th December 2012:
Love this story can't wait for the next chapter!

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Review #12, by jj ~* Happy New Year *~

4th November 2012:
aw finally fred hooks up

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Review #13, by CallidoraHeartsSirius ~* Happy New Year *~

30th September 2012:
This is a great story. The character's all interact really well with each other and it's heartwarming with all the love going around:)
Please say you'll continue!
- Callie ox

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Review #14, by lupintonks ~* Happy New Year *~

9th July 2012:
This is fantastic although I always pictured Remus and Tonks Together not Fred and Tonks. But I like it it's new. I can't wait to see What happens next with George Hermione and Dylan.

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Review #15, by Melinda ~* Happy New Year *~

7th July 2012:
OMG this is AWESOME!!!

Author's Response: Hi Melinda,

Thank you was nice of you to take the time to review.

xo Dark Crys

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Review #16, by Melinda ~* About time *~

7th July 2012:
Ok I can't stand this any more. It's FLEUR not flure

Author's Response: geez, please calm down typing the name wrong isn't the end of the world and I honestly don't see the need to be so rude about it.

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Review #17, by TheMissQwerty ~* Happy New Year *~

3rd July 2012:

I know i haven't reviewed yet, but i just started reading your story and i really love it. This light you put George in is amazing!

Please update soon:)

Ever your servant,


Author's Response: Hi TheMissQwerty,

Sorry I haven't updated life has gotten crazy busy and have finally picked up this story again. Thank you for taking the time to review.

xoxo Dark Crys

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Review #18, by LadyMalfoy06 ~* Happy New Year *~

15th May 2012:
I really like this story! I love how Hermione is building up her family again. The characters are written really well and I hope you update soon!! :)

Author's Response: Hi LadyMalfoy06,

Thank you for your review I'm glad that you are enjoying the story so much :)

xo Dark Crys

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Review #19, by Broken_Angel ~* Happy New Year *~

19th April 2012:
please update soon i just have to know what happens next. And if Im right Remus is Hermiones Biological Father, dose he ever tell her?

Author's Response: Hi Broken_Angel,

This will be revealed in the next chapter. Thanks for reviewing.

xo Dark Crys

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Review #20, by DramioneLover95 ~* Happy New Year *~

17th April 2012:
PLEASE update soon! this is an amazing story, I can't wait for the next chapter!! :D xx

Author's Response: Hi DramioneLover95,

I'm working on the story at the moment hoping to get it up soon. Thanks for reviewing.

xo Dark Crys

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Review #21, by MAtHeart ~* Happy New Year *~

1st April 2012:
Pretty pretty please, upload a new chapter!

Author's Response: Hi MAtHeart,

working on it I promise!

xo Dark Crys

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Review #22, by Stephanie b ~* Happy New Year *~

13th March 2012:
I love this story sooo much!!! Please update soon!

Author's Response: Hi Stephanie b,

Thanks for reviewing and I'm glad that you are enjoying the story so much. I'm writing the next chapter now it's called "Well..."
A little bit stuck but hoping to have it up really soon.

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Review #23, by Mrs_TomFelton ~* Happy New Year *~

11th March 2012:

Author's Response: Hi Mrs TomFelton,

I'm working on the next one now! I PROMISE!!

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Review #24, by Deanie ~* Happy New Year *~

8th March 2012:
LOVE this fic!! :) great chapter!
can't wait for the next update! :)

Author's Response: Hi Deanie,

Thank you for taking the time to review, hope to have more for you soon.

xo Dark Crys

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Review #25, by Hannah ~* the jealous type *~

24th January 2012:
I love the Fact that Ron is the father but she pretends it's George

Author's Response: Hi Hannah,

Glad that you are enjoying the story. Thanks for taking the time to review.

xo Dark Crys

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