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Review #1, by mademoiselle Crumbling From the Inside

18th April 2010:
That was heartbreaking and beautiful. I love how you used incidences that, in most of our lives would go unnoticed (buying tomatoes, for example), but in Lily's are constantly invaded by the media and people who think they know her. I could feel her feelings and see what she saw vividly, which is something I love when I'm reading. Although this one-shot was not very action-y and revolved around one thing, it didn't feel repetitive or passive, so well done. :D

I really enjoyed it, even though I do feel a bit sad now. Poor Lily :(

Author's Response: Goodness, thank you so much! This review... means so much to me. Really. Gah. Thank you.

I'm so glad it didn't feel repetitive, because I noticed I was really "showing" instead of "telling" by the end there. Still, I'm very, very pleased that you didn't find anything wrong with it in that sense.

Again, thank you! I can't thank you enough.

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Review #2, by Eridanus Crumbling From the Inside

31st March 2010:

I'm so glad that you asked me to review this! ♥ I had it open in a tab yesterday, but never got round to reading it. My review thread is a bit of a blessing after all xD. Also, don't worry about the next gen/angst factors. I only said no next gen WIPs because I'm trying to branch out, not because I don't want to marry anything and everything next gen :P.

Anyway, Lily wasn't actually doing all that much here - it certainly wasn't an action piece - but I think you did a really good job of showing rather than telling for what there was. In my opinion, everything was very implicit rather than explicit.

I think that aspect was particularly clear with the sunglasses portion. You got the idea of why she's hide behind the glasses, but you didn't say; 'and then I like put on my sunglasses because I like to hide from the public because I don't like them looking at me because when they look at me it's like really invasive and stuff'. Got a bit carried away there :P. Anyway, I felt like that was a particular achievement since it's in first person-esque third person XD. It's so tempting to try and declare everything outright, but you resisted that and it's a better story for it.

It doesn't feel like a total rant-fest to me, and although I'm not an angst lover this was a nice type of angst, if there's such a thing. I very much like the plot and idea behind it; it's realistic and engaging. However, if I had one suggestion it would be to take full advantage of Lily's interpretation of all this fame as she was growing up. That was actually the part which most interested me, and I feel like it would benefit the story to expand upon it a little. Maybe illustrating or highlighting how normal she thought being surrounded by the press was even more, as it may make a greater impact upon the reader when her opinion changes.

Your diction throughout the piece was stunning ♥. I often wonder where you and other writers pull these words from, or even how you work out that they work in a rather unusual context. Not a talent of mine :P.

I thought this was a very inventive plot and such an interesting take on things. Just lovely!


Author's Response: Goodness gracious, my dear, thank you so, so much (and yes, I just used 3 (now 4!) commas in a sentence :D). I'm so sorry I haven't given you a reply until now! It was just this wonderful little thing sitting in my Unanswered pile and I couldn't bear to let it go until now. It always made my smile whenever I looked over it. Now, however, I feel like the time has come for me to finally send this little youngin' out into the wild. :)

Again, thank you so much. I was so nervous about this, because it was a) different from everything I'd ever written before and b) a sort of "tell instead of show" kind of a thing, which I was immensely scared of. UNTIL, that is, you plucked this out of your kind, warm, LOVING self and displayed it to me. Again, thank you. Thank you thank you thank you thank you.

Mmm, childhood. I hadn't really thought much about bringing more to that until you brought it up. It does make sense, though, doesn't it? I suppose a little more in that area would do this fic some good. Thanks so much for the suggestion!

You're amazing. Like a little review fairy that just flutters around and makes my day. Really.

- Rin

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Review #3, by inkscribble Crumbling From the Inside

30th March 2010:
This was absolutely extremely, stunningly, super amazing!

Ahem, that sounds stupid. But it's the best way to describe how much I loved this. Lily Potter has always been one of my favorite next-gen characters, I don't even know why. I feel like she's usually just portrayed as a mini-Ginny who's just there so that James and/or Albus can show off how protective and strong they are so I really enjoyed reading about her in this way. Not many people - or at least, not that I know of - write about the bad things that come out of being famous. Not the way you did it, at least. It was beautiful. Your writing is amazing, I couldn't stop reading and I was sad to see it be over. It was very realistic too, which is always a plus, and even though it was just a one-shot you managed to make Lily a totally believable and well-developed character. Good job!

Author's Response: Oh, wow! Thank you so much! I... wow! I wasn't really expecting a review, especially with only a handful of reads on this, but... wow. I cannot express how much I appreciate the lovely words and comments you've included in your review.

Celebrities have always kind of been... odd... to me. I came up with the title before the fiction, and because I just HAD to do something with it, I decided "star" would be a star as in "celebrity." I'm really glad you liked how it turned out.

Again, thank you! This has made my day.

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