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Review #1, by ariellem Nocturne

18th May 2012:
By the way, I'm supposed to be doing homework for my math class, not writing reviews. But your stories are just too good.

I used to play piano when I was little, then I hated it, well not really, I hated practicing but I loved playing it. Then we moved and I wasn't able to get lessons again. I'm always upset when I look at a piano and remember that I used to be able to play quite well and now I can't remember much. So I guess I sort of understand the aching disappointment that Theodore Nott feels.

Tracey's feelings are so open in this one-shot, I feel her pain when she's told that she'll never be more then Theo's page turner, I picture her relationship with Theo to be like Sherlock and Molly, Theo doesn't love her, but he's nice to her, at first tolerating her because he's bored, but then teaching her, she loves him, she wants to make him proud.

You're distracting me from my homework. ;)

Author's Response: don't worry, I'm a master of procrastination too (:

I do really love playing the piano, but sometimes I really struggle with the trickier classical pieces and, when I still took music, I knew I was the worst at performance in the class and it was always a bit awful struggling through a grade 6 piece when my five classmates were playing grade 8 pieces without a care. so I sort of transplanted that into fic...I'm basically turning my entire life into fanfic, lolll.

sherlock and molly indeed! I love that ship because it's just unrequited and so full of UST (all the good ships come with angst attached).

get back to your homework! (and thank you for reviewing ♥)

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Review #2, by nightingale14 Nocturne

11th August 2011:
I loved this fic because I feel like I can relate to it so much; I too must spend about half of the day on my piano, and when I go on vacation (as I am now), and cannot play, I start 'playing' pieces; drumming them on tables, on my legs; everywhere. It annoys my mother to no end :). The jumpy time-thing only added to that elevated feel of the story; all was not revealed in the begining, but was later revealed in the story so that at the end you could piece everything together. That's really hard to do, so kudos for that. Really nice job; it was a piece that can only be compared to a piano piece; dark and light, beautifully done.

Author's Response: Ooh, I do that all the time too! Like, mime playing the piano on any available surface. I even once drew a keyboard into my notebook so I could whip it out and 'play' it for lols but, you know, that's a bit weird. Uh, moving on.
Curiously, my one regret about this story is the jumpy-time thing. I attempted a rewrite (and never finished it) with a more linear narrative. Never know if I'll finish it or not, but...ah well. I'm glad you liked it here - gives me hope that this story is still okay!
Thank you for that comparison ♥ I suppose that's what I was aiming for. Not something overly dramatic or fluffy, but something that rested between the two, with darker bits and lighter bits - something more realistic, I guess. That's why I suppose I shunned a happy ending. But thank you so much ♥ ♥ ♥

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Review #3, by Mariam Abdisalam Nocturne

3rd July 2011:
No! That was sooo sad. I thought he would marry her or something but not this! Poor Tracey. :_( I give this a ten. :D

Author's Response: Ah, I'm afraid I'm not a one for happy endings, haha! Even through all the drafts and rewrites of this, the ending was always the same. I'm glad you enjoyed it and thank you very much for reviewing! ♥

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Review #4, by GubraithianFire Nocturne

10th January 2011:
Wow. Just... wow.

I taught myself the most basic parts of playing the piano before finally getting lessons when I was 13 or so. I quit two years later, because school was eating my soul, but I do miss it. I was still on my learning books and the teensiest of non-book excerpts, so I was never at the level Tracey and Theodore (and evidently you) are at, but I really liked the whole feel of this piece. The music, the characterizations, the style.

Including the mixed up timeline. I'll admit, I didn't pay attention to the Roman numerals at first, but that was my fault and I understood my mistake almost immediately. But I do feel like it added something to the piece; like it's an echo of Theodore's frustration, and even Tracey's frustration. What got to me wasn't when they were in his hospital room, or even when she brought the records (I do love how they use gramophones, by the way), but the later sections. As in the party, because I completely expected her to play for him. That she didn't really surprised me, and I like being surprised. In hindsight, the refusal seems more in line with her character than I thought at first, but still... the connection! The music! And yet, their relationship, as it developed in the later years, was built on their not having had a real relationship before. They were partners and practiced together, no more.

The ending surprised me, too. Not necessarily that Theodore married someone else, because that followed from the previous section, but the way Tracey handled. And, really, the way Theodore handled it. I almost can't believe that he asked her to play at his wedding because I didn't peg him as so... I don't want to say cruel or vindictive, but I thought he knew better. I always had the impression that he knew what Tracey could end up meaning to him, what significance she could have had if she chose it. Or was his insistence on incorporating the music more important? I'm not sure, and I like how I'm still wondering about it.

And the line you used for your summary - thunderstorms, explosions, Beethoven's tantrums - is stunning. If Jo hadn't told me this was where I could find your Theodore, that line would have pulled me in immediately. But I am glad I finally found this fic. It was a pleasure to read.

Author's Response: That's always a good opener to read on a review :')

Piano is a bit of a stress, yes. I've only been playing for eight years - barely any time compared to the others in my A Level Music class - and I've already given up taking grade exams because the whole thing was a bit of a stressfest. I really only play for a hobby and for my A Level these days and I still find it quite hard. I'm nowhere near the level I wrote Theodore at - I'm more of a Tracey, I'm better at composing and listening when it comes to music - but some of the pieces I play are some of the ones I namedropped in here ^^ It made it easier to write, knowing what it was like to play them.

The mixed up timeline is something I've considered changing (I actually do have a new version in the works) because I felt it read more like a series of little stories and not one big story and the flow was quite disrupted. I actually started by writing the battle scene, then the end scenes, then filled in the other bits. From the off I just had this idea about a pianist with immense talent who found he couldn't play anymore who had some sort of relationship with another musician of lesser talent who could still play. Strange plot bunny, yes ^^ But, I am a great lover of angst and unhappy endings, so also from the off I'd decided that this wouldn't have a happy ending. So, no, Tracey didn't play for him. This is something I wrote a fair few months ago so I'm not sure I remember what I felt when I was writing it, but I think she probably felt inferior in the face of someone so talented. She was inferior to him, really, when it came to music, but it wouldn't have mattered if it wasn't for her nerves. One thing I'm trying to fix in the new version is putting some more depth into their characters. Well, I say new version, but it's technically a different story with the same sort of theme.

But yes, in the end, their relationship was effectively of two people who just practiced together. I think you nailed that there, that's a good way of putting it (:

I think I wrote in that ending thinking that, from the characters' point of view, that Theodore never really got what Tracey felt about him and what meaning it would have for her - I think he saw her as more of a good friend. That's why I want to make the characters deeper in the new version - maybe show that he's more wrapped up in music and doesn't pay much attention to the people around him. As for her reaction...nerves, I suppose. That's my excuse for her. All those feelings of inferiority and such. Actually, this ending had about three rewrites. First time round she was the bride. Second time round she played perfectly. This, I suppose, was the third. I don't really know why I changed it so much. My love of unhappy endings? Probably! (:

That was a long response! Anyway, thank you very much for the review. It was very well thought out - reviews like this really mean a lot to me and I'm very glad you enjoyed it. (: Thanks again!

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Review #5, by Margravine Nocturne

23rd July 2010:

first of all - VIVA LA (NOTT) REVOLUTION! It's so good to see more stories about him popping up, I'm a huge, huge Theodore Nott fangirl so I was all over this browsing the Story Seekers page even before I saw it was by you (bonus. Kaching!)

But the actual story - my crumbs (oh the words the 12+ rule puts in my mouth!) is it brilliant! The breaks are work well, it's choppy, but I think that fits the healing process. I ADORE the use of minor characters (most especially Slytherins) and your characters vivid and natural and AND THE ENDING TAKES IT TO A WHOLE OTHER LEVEL.

Sorry. Little bit worked up there. Was NOT expecting that. It does make the fic even better, but - but -but!

Anyway, loved, loved and will recommend to my Theodore Nott loving companions!

Author's Response: Margravine! ALOHA! (I do love your username.)

I shall start by proudly waving my flag and declaring 'OUI, VIVA LA NOTT REVOLUTION!' because Theodore Nott is one humdinger of a character and he deserves more stories than he's got. And Minor Slytherins kick some serious rear end. Ah, yes, if it wasn't for the 12+ rule, this review response would have a lot more in the way of capitals and naughty words.

I love your shouty praise! Ahh, this is the third attempt at an ending for this story. First ending: she played the chopin piece, it was all lovely and super-dooper and they lived happily forever after. I was all 'but that's what they expect!' and trashed it. Second ending: she didn't play the piece, but became a successful concert pianist and got over Theodore. I was all 'but no, she's supposed to be terrible at piano!' so now we have this one.

I am now tempted to form some sort of Nott society. Perhaps the TNAA (Theodore Nott Addicts Anonymous, although there'd be no reason for us to be anonymous because we would be vocal about our love for said Nott.)

Thanks, Danke and Merci for your lovely review!


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Review #6, by Singularity Nocturne

18th July 2010:
First of all, my heart broke at the end. *sigh* Poor Tracey. I wanted them to be together :( Despite that (or quite possibly because of it), this was really fantastic. Personally, I thought you pulled off the jumping through time thing well. It made perfect sense to me, and wasn't confusing at all. Again, the detail and description that you put into your stories is so incredible.

The parallel at the very end between Theodore wanting her to play the Chopin piece and her refusal, and her inability to play at the wedding was really lovely and incredibly sad. I can't even imagine how hard it would be to be expected to play the wedding march as the man you love marries someone else. Gah! I'm fairly sure I wouldn't be able to do it either. Very well done. *adds to favorites*

Author's Response: Aww! Can I let you in on a secret? This is the third version. In version one, she played the piece, then they had a lovely moment and it was all hunky dory. Second version she played the wedding march perfectly, even though she didn't end up with Theodore. I picked the third ending 'cause...I dunno, I thought it would be too good to have them together, and too unbelievable if Tracey suddenly got really good at the piano overnight. So...third one it is (:

Thank you so much! That was a lovely, lovely review, it might have just made my day :'D


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Review #7, by krissyanne426 Nocturne

31st March 2010:
This was wonderful and heart wrenching and a million feelings I can't dscribe all rolled into one. I really liked the ending, when she didn't play, though I of course wanted him to choose her.
Anyway, I really liked this.

Author's Response: Thank you!
I know, when I was writing it, I wanted him to choose her too. Then, I thought that might have been too I changed my plan :)
Thank you very much for reviewing! :)

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Review #8, by krapfm Nocturne

31st March 2010:
at first i was a little confused cause of the time changing but then it clicked (in the head/brain).
Ah the ending is sad...
I think it's awesome that you wrote it with a classical song (have to listen to it.) :D

Author's Response: Whoops :$ The time change thing is very popular, and i wanted to give it a shot, but I found it really tricky. Never again!
Yeah, I wanted to give a classical song a shot, because songfics with pop/rock are in abundance, and I'm pretty fond of classical music as well as the more popular stuff. I'm a piano player, so i could only write about what I know, though :S
Thanks for reviewing! :)

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