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Review #1, by iheartzuko Epilogue

22nd May 2011:
this is different, but in a good way. I like the epilouge being first, it's a new twist (:

keep writing this and UPDATE soon :D

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Review #2, by Liv Epilogue

3rd April 2011:
I just loved it!!

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Review #3, by emylee94 Epilogue

27th August 2010:
I can't wait for me..I don't know what else to say..But your writing was beautiful..Though i would probably prefer more details..But that was good..

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Review #4, by tiarn19 Epilogue

20th July 2010:
Awww! I don't even know why, but I was crying in that :S
I can't wait for the rest of the story!!!

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Review #5, by HarrietHopkirk Epilogue

17th June 2010:
Firstly, I would like to apologise for the lateness of this review. It really shocking how abandoned my review thread was. But here I am, and I am determined to do my best. :)

First off, I really, really adore this pairing. The age difference between Lupin and Tonks was one of the reasons that Remus said would not work with their marriage. I was always a bit unsure about it. And Molly Weasley was always forcing Bill to date Tonks instead of Fleur. But Charlie and Tonks? I think it is truly adorable. Charlie is so underwritten, and in the stories with Tonks that I have read she has always been paired with Remus (it's not that I don't like the ship or anything - they produced Teddy, and Teddy is my favourite character).

It is also refreshing to read such an optimistic break-up, if you can call it that. I loved how the two of them loved each other, but both of knew that they were definitely better as friends. In the other stories I have read, break ups are always dark and depressing, or sometimes pathetically normal or horribly cliché. This was perfect. Well, as perfect as a break-up can be.

Putting the epilogue at the beginning can be the Achilles heel of some good stories. However, I think it will work with this story, perhaps because the ending is so optimistic and positive that readers won't be constantly reminding themselves that Charlie and Tonks' relationship will be over for good.

It was also written beautifully. You use a variety of different sentence structures and a wide vocabulary, which makes it a joy to read. Dialogue is believable for Tonks, but as I said before, because Charlie is underwritten both in fanfic and in the books, it is difficult to really compare and contrast.

Overall, a truly gorgeous story. Favouriting.

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Review #6, by Lovegood Epilogue

13th May 2010:
So this story immediately got me intruiged. The fact you started with the epilogue was a really brilliant thing to do! And the first snippet:

To whom it may concern:
We aren't getting married today. You were right.
We were wrong.

My heart truly broke when I read that! Somehow, regardless my lack of knowledge when it comes to the situation, I felt the emotion in it. They weren't just words. And I think that's what encouraged me to read on! And I'll say I was sweetly surprised, the bittersweet tone of this chapter truly got to me and I can say I am hooked! I loved every bit of it :) Like there weren't tears of sadness there were just tears!! You have the brilliant skill to transcribe emotions to words and that is not a skill everyone possesses! So I'm officially jealous :) Good job!

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Review #7, by Evil Sami Poo Epilogue

6th May 2010:
sorry about the wait

It's very interesting, I like the concept of having the epilogue last. It leaves the want to know what will happen and what has happened. This is good, but it can be a problem if you don't want to go any further with the plot chronologically.

Characterisation works lovely, you capture the way that Charlie wants to explore yet wants to wait with Tonks and your extra bit of tenderness on her works amazingly.

You captured the bitter-sweetness well. well done

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Review #8, by blueirony Epilogue

31st March 2010:
Blegh? Whadabade...bu...but.


Ok. I love you for writing Charlie and Tonks. No, you actually don't understand. As in... you don't understand how much I wanted this pairing to happen. And work. They are just so goddamn perfect for each other and... just...
Yeah. Let's not get into how much I have waited for a decent Charlie/Tonks fic to come along. I might start hyperventilating. Always fun, but I'm not in the mood to go to the hospital today. Maybe some other time.

I am so goddamn intrigued. You don't understand how much I wish this story didn't only have one chapter. It's just... it's awesome. You start with an epilogue. You start with an ending. And yet it's all a beginning.
And I'm not even that sad that they broke up. Well. Didn't break up. But they... left each other. But didn't. You know what I mean. Of course you do. You're the author. I'm just the fangirl sitting on her computer chair blabbering like an idiot.

I am so excited for this. You have no idea how excited I am for this.
And as if I didn't freakin' love you enough, you had to go and write a Charlie/Tonks story. Ugh.
Be prepared to put out a restraining order against me. That's all I have to say.

Joop :]

PS. Somewhere in what I just said was positive criticism of this chapter, full of intellectual thought and highlly assertive remarks about this story so far.

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Review #9, by The Luna Epilogue

29th March 2010:
Let me begin with a hi, I'm The Luna of course and you asked me to review so here it is. I'll begin with the summary (I only talk about the title if needs be, and it is good). I like your conclusion, it makes you want to read on and has a beautiful quote 'Sometimes the most beautiful beginnings come from the saddest endings '. No problems there.

The first paragraph is interesting. It really is a good first paragraph. You don't explain to much, I like helps keep a reader reading. Tonks so far is good, but of course it is early on. Charlie too...your description so far really works. Well done. I think even on the second chapter Tonks characterisation is succesful, it is just right in the sense you've got her sad but herself...if that makes sense haha.

I'm wonderng right now, is she leaving someone? Is it Remus? Why is her stuff away, does Remus know? I'm guessing I'll find out, otherwise this may be a small problem. Ohh, she's leaving Charlie. I see. Well this note? Otherwise I like it still, Tonks is a really interesting character and I think you've got her well. You've done well with Charlie, you haven't mentioned it much but he seems somewhat sad. Your writing is good, you're really good with description.

I like your line 'we thought we had it'. Interesting.

You then explain why they are splitting, why she is leaving him in a few paragraphs and I think that is good. You've got them both perfect with your explanation of what they are like, they are both full of life. There is good emotion with this, I can't help but feel sorry for them.

Their conversation is good, it works well and you just know they are trying to ease the tension and laugh. You can see they are comfortable with eachother. Well done.

Is the laughing bit to much? It seems a bit different from Tonks, but as you mention hysterics... their conversation here is interesting, they seem so comfortable and friendly... so good.

Tonks is a happy character, you've got that well, jesting even on this sad day for her. I think you're developing her well. Charlie is interesting to, as I've said and as they part...I do half expect him to come back, but I know that isn't for the best and that he wont.

The rest goes well, I like what she does... maybe more of a description at how she grabs her clothes? Maybe that would work? I love the ending, specifically these lines:
'“Wotcher, Tonks,” I told myself happily, stepping out into the street.

Sometimes, the seemingly bitterest ends were actually the happiest beginnings.'

And as she walks down, I can imagine it thoroughly... good description and a good end for the start of a story

Now a quick summary:
You were worried about characterisation? Don't. I didn't see a problem really, you've got Tonks well...just keep it up. Charlie is interesting to, well done. The flow? I don't think there was any major problem, maybe jolty as they laugh, think that was a bit complicated. Well done though, you're a good writer.

I'm sorry if it is to critical/ long/nit-picky. Please let me know what you think. I haven't read through what I've write here, if you want to speak to me feel free. Hope I've helped. Luna

PS- I'm giving it a 9 out of 10 :)

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