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Review #1, by emmablack...siriusly The Last Cheerful Night

21st September 2007:
*sniff sniff* Emma's got a tear. That was such a great depiction of the Marauders friendship and how it ended so tragically.
Emma W.

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Review #2, by Deli The Last Cheerful Night

15th May 2006:
Congrats on this fic. Ive added it to my favourites.

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Review #3, by Meghan The Last Cheerful Night

14th July 2004:
Brilliant story!!

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Review #4, by MadEye The Last Cheerful Night

28th June 2004:
I really liked the scene with the group apparation. It was good because Sirius and JAmes make the decision with out benefit of Peter. It means that Peter must have already been involved with Voldemort since he could turn the Potter's in so soon, but in the end, it was atwist of fate that he got the opportunity.

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Review #5, by chelseychang The Last Cheerful Night

27th May 2004:
This is beautiful.It's well-written out,and it makes perfect sense.

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Review #6, by Casey The Last Cheerful Night

10th April 2004:
Beautiful! Just perfect! Exactly the way J.K. Rowling would have portrayed the famous four if she ever wrote something like this. I even cried at the end...

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Review #7, by jess1z1 The Last Cheerful Night

27th March 2004:
OMG this is awsome!! The marauders are certainly my favorite characters. Would you check out my one-shot about their first day of school? I'd appreciate it. Anyway, great story this one!!!

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Review #8, by Halo The Last Cheerful Night

23rd March 2004:
Hey, are you going to continue this fic, cuz it's really good. You are a great writer.

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Review #9, by jessica The Last Cheerful Night

14th March 2004:
BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!! *applause*

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Review #10, by MeMyselfandI The Last Cheerful Night

14th March 2004:
Great story. Made me very depressed, knowing what was going to happen next, but never the less, it was awesome. You have great writing skills, so keep up the good work!

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