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Review #1, by BellaLestrange87 Friday Night

19th December 2014:
I loved the intro for this chapter. I'm Canadian, so I don't know what normal British weather is like, but apparently it's very rainy. The fact that you mentioned this, in addition to Victoria being late for work, shows just how Victoria's life could be better.

I like how she mentions that she hadn't wanted to work for the Ministry of Magic, but that she was forced to. First of all, there are bound to more jobs that just the Ministry, but the Ministry probably is the most popular employer by far, and most likely to get a job. Second, it shows that getting a job isn't as easy as it seems, even with really good marks. Now, this is rather foreboding, considering I'm in high school right now, not even at university. If you can't get the dream job you want with really good marks, it might not seem worth trying.

As a Ravenclaw, I like how you mentioned that she was an ex-Ravenclaw. Not just house allegiance - Ravenclaws are known for intelligence and being a member of that house during her time at Hogwarts should be a point in her favour. But it's not, because life isn't fair.

I like how you portrayed the group of Death Eaters here - Rosier, Wilkes, and Regulus. They had to have had more than one side to them; considering they got into the Ministry of Magic in the First Wizarding War, they couldn't all have been cold and ruthless forever. And the fact that they very easily turned their pureblood supremacist-ness on and off, at such a young age shows how much they've been indoctrinated. That's kind of sad, actually.

I think that was a good place to stop the chapter - we know from the first sentence after the line break that something's going to go wrong, and Victoria has admitted that these boys, even though she's a little in love with them, terrify her. Now I want to find out what. Good job!


Author's Response: I'm not British either, but from what I've heard - the weather is pretty terrible.

I think it's very common to go through that stage where you aren't really happy with what you're doing, or you don't know quite how you got to where you are. I think that's where Victoria is right now - she expected to get this great job straight out of Hogwarts, but nothing is going her way.

I've always seen the Death Eaters as more than just that, well these ones in particular (and Draco) - they are just young boys, really, and here they are in the war. It's absolutely crazy and terrifying and sad, but they still believe it what they're doing. I'm planning to really expand on this in later chapters so I'm glad you enjoyed it.

I'm so sorry it took me so long to get back to you, but thank you so much for reviewing!

x Ely

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Review #2, by naflower05 Friday Night

18th December 2014:
Interesting chapter! I read this story years ago, and I'm excited to see what you do with it this time! =]

Author's Response: I think I remember your reviews on the original? Thank you for giving this another chance!

x Ely

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Review #3, by elena Friday Night

14th December 2014:
I'm intrigued by this and can't wait to read more, I'm always willing to give a regulus story a chance!
Hope you update soon!

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked it! Thank you so much for reviewing.

x Ely

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