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Review #1, by ksingh Here We Are, Oh Great

8th October 2010:
"And any First Year that would attempt such a foolish endeavor should have been made a poignant example of, lest others of the same brood attempt to follow in their sickly footprints."

O.K. that's priceless. One of the best lines ever. You can't have them all over the place, but when you put them in here and there, it's like biting into a doughnut and finding the perfect filling.

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Review #2, by ksingh Just Give Up, I'm Serious

8th October 2010:
I love the dialogue. You're an excellent writer. Keep it up.

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Review #3, by Capella Black Don't Push Me, I'm Emotional

10th April 2010:
Well, "I can't" is certainly better than "no", but now I need to know what happens next! Seriously. Not sure if there is going to be more, but I hope so!

Really like the way this chapter rounds off what's happened prior to it - giving us the back story and adding a touch of pathos to it all.

Oh, btw, the third last paragraph says "all about what happen" - pretty sure you mean "happened". And why was it his fault he'd be forced to relive the moment? Or will this be explained next?

Overall very pleased you called me over. Good story, good fun, good night!

Author's Response: There is more, I can promise. Just got inspiration to push through the little road block I had hit in this story. And as soon as I eat I have intentions of writing more.

He's realizing that he's making a bigger deal of this whole thing than he should be -thus it is his fault everyone keeps talking about it. And thanks again for the grammar check!

I'm glad you were pleased with this. Kind of an innocent little story, but easy to get invested in, I think.

Thank you again for your reviews Capella. I appreciate them!

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Review #4, by Capella Black Listen To Me, Won't You

10th April 2010:
Yay! Yet more of the Weasley clan, and impressively you're still managing to portray unique characters despite the brevity of the encounters.

Forgot to say earlier, but I also really like the way you start each chapter, putting a new spin on the same repeated phrase. That kind of device can really ruin a piece if done badly, but yours is just right.

Favourite line - "I'm in the fifth circle of hell, actually. I'll owl you when I hit seven, all right?" I want this line in my fics. I will actually be using this line in my RL!

Am off to find out what Peeves is up to!

Author's Response: I'm glad you like the parts with the Weasley's in it! And yeah, I'll have you know unique characters's my forte XD

I'm glad you like the way I use the 'horrid' moniker.

I kind of like that line as well.

Peeves kind of goes on hiatus for just a little while. But his return is triumphant, I can promise!

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Review #5, by Capella Black You're Just Right, Al Potter

10th April 2010:
Am now also loving your Scorpius. Which is annoying, as I spend six months writing my own one! Just LOL-ing all over the place.

Quick question though... 'shared each other tear stridden letters' - huh? Could be either 'shared with each other' or 'shared each other's', but as written, it didn't make sense to me. Of course, I am fully willing to accept that it is me misreading it.

Seriously though, this is going in my favourites for sure - it is the perfect melodramatic boy romance comedy (yes, that's a genre!)

Author's Response: I do like your Scorpius as well. A lot more going on underneath than mine appears to be.

It should definitely be reworded. I wrote this fic in a day . . . so it's kind of lackadaisical on the editing - I mean, I went through once really quickly so nothing glaring seeped through. I need to go back and sift for the other possible mistakes.

I quite like that genre! Melodramatic boy romance comedy XD

Thank you again Capella!

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Review #6, by Capella Black Just Give Up, I'm Serious

10th April 2010:
Again, this chapter has been bad for me in terms of convincing my house-mates that I'm sane. I LOVE James and Fred. Truly, they should be exactly like this in every fic ever written.

One tiny thing; shouldn't "...Do you!", be "...Do you?!"

Wish I could give more con-crit, as you asked, but I really don't have any - this hits what you seem to be aiming for perfectly! Off to read more, 'cause it's awesome!

Author's Response: Ah, Capella - good to see you!

(see what I did there? XD)

Anyways! Good thing you like Fred and George. I'm so glad you liked it! Non-crit hit is at least an ego booster, right? I'll take that for what I can.


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Review #7, by Capella Black To Be Introduced, Sort Of

10th April 2010:
"Dunno - but it kind of ran together - now listen!" - actually did LOL at that, which now means that my landlord thinks I'm crazy.

Overall highly amusing, and it sets a good scene. Also loving the whole 'unsupportive relatives' thing - always fair, but particularly so when related to the Weasleys!

Author's Response: Hi Capella! Thank you for these reviews!

I'm glad I was able to make you laugh out loud - this was a comedy, but I'm surprised that line's been getting the best response. Oh well.

Good thing you liked it! ;) haha thank you again for this review.

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Review #8, by Jane_Volturi To Be Introduced, Sort Of

7th April 2010:
Hi, this is JaneTwilight here from the forums with your review for this story, I'm currently extremely busy at the moment so I'll only have time to review one chapter of this story. If I wasn't so busy I would have reviewed all six. You should re request this in the future though, I'd be happy to continue reading this fanfiction.

I'll begin with characterization.

Firstly, Scorpius. I don't know why I decided to begin with him, he just really stoos out to me above all of the other characters involved in this chapter. He's so unlike how other people usually portray him to be. He isn't this cliche pushover with a soft-heart, he comes across as more thick-skinned with a different perspective on love and the seriousness involved in it. Overall he seemed like avery wise friend figure, only ever so slightly unsympathetic, sure, Albus is being a littl melodramatic which he did point out, but he still carried out a very original response to the matter. Good job.

Albus was very funny in this chapter. His heartbreak came across as more humerous than something you'dpity. I wanted to laugh, especially when the others expressed their views on his situation. James for example, I simply loved him, hilarious! again, he has been characterized very differntly to how everybody else tends to portray him. He's a lot more funnier.

I take it you were aiming for humor in this story? Honestly, you definitley succeeded with that. You really connected with the behavior of teenage boys Scorpius and Al's age, it was highly realistic and funny so great job there.

I didn't really spot any mistakes, then again i didn't check it thoroughly but nothing stood out which is a good thing. You have a very good writing style and I really enjoyed reading this. It was very different to anything I've really ever read before and i loved your characterization of these Next Generation characters.

I couldn't spot any flaws whatsoever so I'm going to give this a 10/10!


Author's Response: Hi Jane! Thanks for the review. And that's quite all right - you are doing me a favor after all!

And I shall rerequest (on this pasture we call it 'favor lurking' - but I'll let it slide this one) when you get some more free time. Might as well let some other people get in a few requests in the meantime.

My Scorpius seems to be a fanon breaker! Yay! That makes me stoked. I never really thought about how Scorpius might behave.

haha - and that's kind of key. Al's melodramatic responses. To the jokes I mean. And the kind of character I'm trying to create, but at least it came through in the writing.

I'm glad you at least at the urge to laugh at his reactions - and James as well. I feel totally warm for being able to breathe a breath of fresh air into those characters. (Not that that's what you're sayin)

I definitely was - this is a parody of 'angsty' romance fics. You know how it is XD

I'll take that as a compliment. I'm thankful you didn't check to thoroughly for errors - as I'm sure there are some SOMEwhere. I'm never perfect (it drives me bonkers)

Thank you for the review Jane! Seriously! ^.^

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Review #9, by alyosha To Be Introduced, Sort Of

28th March 2010:
This is like a play.

We had to use a gyroscope in physics once. *involuntary shudder*

I realise this review isn't worth the paper it isn't printed on, but I simply wished to inform you that i had read this.

Author's Response: Nah man, makes me feel special that you read probably the worst representation of my writing and its style.

And yeah, kind of is like a play, isn't it?

Sorry about the gyroscope man - I had a little toy one when I was but a wee lad, and I remember it fondly . . . so yeah . . .

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Review #10, by ochalke5 You're Just Right, Al Potter

27th March 2010:
It's a fun read, and an interesting story. I can't wait to see where you take it. Great work.

Author's Response: Thank you for the review Natalie! Yeah, not the most compelling story, emotionally, but you're right - it's a fun read's all. And you like it! So I've done my job!


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Review #11, by dracos_hotter To Be Introduced, Sort Of

27th March 2010:
Ha. Melodrama. Always funny...

Oh, hi there! This is me doing your review =) Sorry for the wait, but I have been busy for once. *looks shocked*

"doesn't me I agree with you" Uh... I don't think you meant that. I don't me to be picky, but what did you me? Did you me mean?

I have absolutely no idea how much James and Fred had to drink, but they are so damn confusing! Especially at the start when there's trouble keeping my small brain up with who's talking. I had to read that piece a few times before I fully comprehended who was talking =S

Lei. Interesting name you chose, there. I Googled it: it means flower bud, apparently.

So Scorpius is in Gryffindor, then? I'm assuming so, unless James and Fred have invaded someone else's house. Interesting twist. Go Scorp! Be the blunt one!

...It's certainly an interesting plot you've got going here. I wish you luck with the challenge =)


Author's Response: haha that made me laugh! Dang it, I swear I proof read this thoroughly (it's only like 800 words - it should be easy!)

Doesn't me I agree with you - oi.

And the boys haven't had a single thing to drink, which is the point kinda. Sorry it was a bit confusing, that's a bit my fault (and the way it was written - kind of firing off of words so fast even Al's head was spinning).

haha, and the wait time for the review is totally fine! I didn't mind at all!

Thanks for the review! I enjoyed it. I'll definitely fix that typo.


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Review #12, by hushpuppy You're Just Right, Al Potter

26th March 2010:
This story has just the right amount of melodrama. Plus now that Lei's cried over a dead plant, I'm convinced that she deserves Al and vice versa. No one else should be tortured with them ;-)

Author's Response: I pretty much agree! They're so perfect. But in being perfect for one another, well, they aren't together YET, are they?

haha, I'm glad you are liking it though!

Thank you so much for the review.

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Review #13, by wolverine83 You're Just Right, Al Potter

26th March 2010:
Interesting idea for a story and I find myself really liking it so far, I wish you might include some interaction between Lei and Albus soon, I was bummed there wasn't any in this chapter with the way the previous chapter ended. Anyways, I'm looking forward to reading more. I hope you can update soon.

Author's Response: Yeah, I kind of intended to put that little ray of hope under you for you to stand on - then, well, why not pull it out from under and see your reaction?

Sorry it was negative, but at least you were looking forward to seeing them talk! (I kind of figured the reaction'd be negative, but . . . well, you know?)

Anyways, next chapter should be up tomorrow. Days like this I wish I was a trusted author. I'd have this whole posted within an hour! Oh well . . .
Jackson! (thanks for the revieww!)

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Review #14, by nextgenoration Just Give Up, I'm Serious

24th March 2010:

Right-o. SO, I really, really love this. It's great. Honestly. I can't believe this is the first of your writing I've read but I've gotta say it's fantastic. I love the banters back and forth 'tween Freddie and James -- it's absolutely brilliant. Really.

Al is cute, too. Especially with all the little gestures and motions and facial expressions you weave in throw out. Truly humourous. I mean it. I especially liked when his chest was heaving at the end. Hilarious mental image right there.

Fantastic job and I cannot wait for the next chapter!

ash xx

Author's Response: Ash!

I'm glad you like Freddie and James. I don't want to over do them so early in the story (I honestly have no idea how many chapters this might have, probably until I hit an impasse and the story falls into place), but two chapters in is kind of early anyways, so they'll be on a little bit of a hiatus, but I'm glad you liked it.

Dunno why I went on about the two of them like that, but . . . well, moving on!

I'm glad you like little Al (They're in 5th year, but still, he's a little guy, so cute and outraged) as well.

I'm also ecstatic that you continued to like it. I'll put up Chapter Three as soon as possible,


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Review #15, by nextgenoration To Be Introduced, Sort Of

23rd March 2010:
Hi Jackson!

When I saw your comment on my challenge that your story was up I nearly went insane with excitement. I have been dying to get news of a chapter for my challenge. And I gotta say that I was glad it was yours!

About the chapter: not only did I think it was VERY humourous and intelligent, but I also was thrilled to see how much of a risk you took with this! You really made it creative! I know you aren't a fan of romances, so you gotta admire the work you've done. It was top notch, really good. And I actually really liked how you had Scorpius as more of the main character. It was really creative; I would've never thought to do that.

I love the mention of the gyroscope! Hahaha! I don't why but that whole mini side banter was really funny - like something you'd seen in a TV show or the like. I think you did a REALLY good job so far with my challenge, Jackson! I can't wait to see the next chapters. Just post in my thread when you have more up! This is really something I'd like to read more of!

cheers, ash

Author's Response: Hullo Ash! Thanks for the review, I'm glad I did a good job on your challenge.

I do hope that more people write their stories soon. To respond to the first paragraph: I'm glad your glad.

Whew. (That was we wiping worry and anxiety from my brow) I'm supremely pleased you enjoyed it. Couldn't explain my relief. And man I can't tell you how worried I am now that the next few chapters aren't going to be up to snuff to the first one and everything.

But oh well. It's posted (will be in . . . well, 5 hours?) now, so it should be ready for critique rather soonish.

Yes, Scorpius had the semi-focus of the first chapter, very true, but that isn't to say this is not through and through Al's story. Poor Ally . . . but thank you for the pleasant compliments.

And I'll definitely post as the new chapters come up. Hopefully they're be two more up within the next few days.


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