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Review #1, by Zoe Lovegood Everyone is getting together

1st July 2010:
Oh poor Rose. She had to face the raft of one HERMIONE WEASLEY! Duh duh duuuh! :D love the story!

Author's Response: Thanks again for your review I think you're the person who reviewed the most! I really do apreciate it!

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Review #2, by Zoe Lovegood Chapter 1

1st July 2010:
Aw Nat and Albus are such a cute couple! Too bad Nat only thinks of him as a best mate :( I love your story so far! Keep updating!

Author's Response: Thanks so much for this review, most people don't and it kind of makes me frustrated, but I don't know if I'll keep updating... sorry, I'll try to see if I have some inspiration, who knows?

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Review #3, by LilyMilly The Reunion

10th May 2010:
i loved it !
keep on the good work !

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm so happy you liked it... Thank you also for reviewing it matters so much to me!

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Review #4, by LilyMilly Everyone is getting together

9th May 2010:
I feel so sorry or dom ... poor girl !
keep on wrighting :)

Author's Response: Yeah I know... but it'll get better from now on for her... oops, shouldn't have said that! Thank you for reviewing LillyMilly

ps: Thats a really cute name!

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Review #5, by LilyMilly Chapter 1

9th May 2010:
hei :)
i liked your story, but have you thought about wrighting in I perspective and change POV form chapter to chapter ?
just a sudjestion :)

Author's Response: I was thinking about doing that. I like writing in third person cause it allows me to do that. I usually write Nat's, Rose's and Al's povs... but I'll keep that in mind! Thank you for the review you have no idea how much this means to me!

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Review #6, by raberbar The Reunion

27th March 2010:
I like this Rose, she has a different personality, but is still very stubborn!

Ah Hugo and Sofia, you will need to tell more!

Author's Response: Im glad your liking Rose! About Hugo and Sofia itll appear more later, promiss!! Thank you for reading please keep reading it updates will come soon!

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Review #7, by raberbar Everyone is getting together

27th March 2010:
You're doing great! I'm sure you make less mistakes in English than I do in Portuguese!

I love São Paulo even though I get sick every time I go back because of the pollution. My mother is Brazilian, and my dad is Canadian, but I live in Canada - it is so far, but I still try to go every year during the Brazilian winter - it does get cold there. My grandparents and my uncles have moved from São Paulo to Maringá , but I still have a lot of family there - I think I miss the markets most of all! My mother just came back a few weeks ago; I got a lot of magazines, books, and treats!

Anyway, I really do like the story. Keep doing your best, and don't worry too much about the mistakes!

Author's Response: First of all thank you for reading my story. Now because of all you told me I have to tell you. I'm from Brazil and I use English as a second language. I lived in Canada for a year, so my English is good, speaking and reading better than writing, I never was a fan in writing, even in Portuguese. Now about your Portuguese, its a very hard language, try to learn it while you're young cause that way is easier and you'll have a better accunt! By the way I'm still learning all the rules of grammar!

Anyway I loved your review, hope you liked my respond and please keep reading! :) ;)


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Review #8, by wolverine83 Everyone is getting together

27th March 2010:
I like this story so far, I hope that Albus will eventually get Nat to notice him as more than a friend because I'd like to see Albus beat out James for a girl in atleast one story on here. I hope that's not too much to ask. Anyways, I hope you can update soon because I'm anxious to read more.

Author's Response: Oh you'll see what happens... won't tell more though ;), can't ruin the suspense! and please keep reading! Ive already sent chapeter 3 I'm just waiting for it to update! glad you liked it!

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Review #9, by anon Everyone is getting together

26th March 2010:
i readnthe two chapters. so far its interesting. alittle mysterious. will wait for updates

Author's Response: Yay!! Im so happy!!! Update will come soon do not worry!! Thank u keep reading!

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