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Review #1, by ericajen Time

10th April 2011:
Baww. The end. This was such a lovely story, Rachel. :D I really enjoyed it. I love pairings like this that people don't really think of, but are interesting all the same. And the writing is just. Adjkhklaj. I DON'T HAVE WORDS. OR AT LEAST ANY COHERENT ONES.

Love this story, though. :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much, lovely, with your super speedy reading and reviewing. It was an accidental pairing (started as Scorpius/Dominique and morphed) and now I love themmm.

-gives biscuits-


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Review #2, by ericajen Downpour

10th April 2011:
Your writing style in this is love. It flows so melodically (is that a word? I'm having trouble remembering) and really the whole thing is just like music. All beautiful and whimsical and poetic. One chapter to go! :D

Author's Response: It is a word and that's such a compliment and you're so lovely ♥ thank youuu!

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Review #3, by ericajen Sketches

10th April 2011:
Oh, this is so lovely. I loved Dean's nervousness with Daphne, with not wanting to tell her she was doing it wrong. And also just everything. YOU SO GOOD. :D Also this line: She walks a little like she is in shoes made of Waterford crystal, tripping over the arch of a fading rainbow.

Just. Waah.

Author's Response: Because he's in loooveee ♥

Aww, thank you so much, Erica. Really far too kind and that line ... ew :P

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Review #4, by ericajen Shading Simplicity

10th April 2011:
Gah, the way you write is so pretty. And and and. Well. Pretty. All the descriptions and metaphors and etc are so perfect for this story. I really love the way you write them. Dean and Daphne. Sigh. Why are they so adorable?

Author's Response: Because Life dictates that they can't be and I DISAGREE and so they flit and float and are all metaphorical and lovely and life is good ♥

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Review #5, by ericajen It will happen

10th April 2011:
OOH. PRETTY. I LIKE. This is supa cute. Something about this ship just screams adorable. And your writing. Ugh. Jealous. It's so beautiful and lovely. Very impressed.

Wow. This review IS really short.

Author's Response: -squishes-
It IS adorable, I hope. They're all rainbows and sparkles and prettiness for once and it killed meee.

Thank you terribly, lovely. Short but SWEET ♥

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Review #6, by Celestie Time

27th February 2011:
Rachel, you are incredibly, frustratingly, irritatingly modest. I mean, you're always after me because of it, but you outstrip me, I promise you. Rachel Modesty. That's your new name. Rachel Modesty.

I've been repeating myself all of today, but this is BEAUTIFUL AND LOVELY and airy and wow. Just wow. That these words originate from the same girl who is always raging at me and who welcomed to TGS by having an incredibly strange conversation with a loony named Jane about sheep is just frightening. You're a genius. An insane, sheep-loving genius and writing comes to you fluidly.

Sometimes you tell me strange things about how much you abhor your writing or just writing and just know that I will not let you stop. Even if I have to warp over the Internet and wring your hands and force them to write, I WILL because this is gold and you write with the fluidity and ease of someone born into words. Let me be your writing for a few days and I will be happy. There are readers and reviewers and all that, but then there is writing and words and they are beautiful. If you don't want them, fine. Package them and mail them over to the needy and impoverished like me and I'll rejoice and be happy. :P

Dean and Daphne and their relationship was an absolute joy to read. No matter where you are in whatever point in your life, keep writing, because I want your books among others in my bookshelf. Reading and writing all of this in one go has me slightly more than cross-eyed (though it's easily been worth it!), so I'll be ending this all by unashamedly squeeing my love of all of this and your writing.

By now, I'm fairly sure I have very little dignity left, what with my worth now melted in squee puddle form. So, I'll leave it at:

You are brilliant. You can write, so don't stop. Keep writing. I'll keep reading.

Author's Response: Oh I am not worse than you. Maybe on a par but really not worse.

Ahahaha, I must admit I laughed so much when I read that paragraph about the sheep. I'd forgotten about that ♥ I suppose I should be...proud? But then again, I've seen your writing and then you discussing Beard/Shoe and Draco/Hagrid and all sorts of bizarre things so really, you're just as impossible.

Well...I do, sometimes, when it doesn't work or when I watch people complaining about read and review counts that are so much greater than mine and I don't have much choice but to feel like I shouldn't even be bothering.

Oh gosh, no. I'm pretty well grounded. My writing would never make it to a publisher but your belief makes me extremely happy so thank you.

I'm so sorry that the replies took so long. They were more than a little bit overwhelming but thank you, thank you, thank you and I love you and ♥♥♥

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Review #7, by Celestie Downpour

27th February 2011:
Okay, at this point, all coherence has gone out of the window, so congratulations.

'Daisies tickle and dandelions itch and she craves buttercups and crocuses and shattered tuneless trumpets once again but they are now a thing of the unreachable past and intangible future; paintings on the backs of eyelids half-closed in inimitable ecstasy, of once upon a time and then.'

And 'Suns set and stars rise and they do not move a muscle.'

I FIRMLY SHIP DEAN/CELESTE. DEANESTE. It sounds beautiful and poetic in ways that just have to happen, because he sounds like the most romantic thing ever and I MUST have him. Except I'm genuinely unwilling to yank him away from the perfection of Dean/Daphne, so I'm in quite a situation.

Where does this beauty originate from? Where do all these rhythmic lines come from? Do you have some valley of beauty and perfection living in you that blooms to lines like these? And where can I find it?

What inspired this, Rachel? It's so un-you, yet so you at the same time and I want it more than you know.

Author's Response: TOUGH. HANDS OFF. HE'S ALL DAPHNE'S. If he wasn't, I'd have snapped him up already because he, I think, is basically what the idealist in me wants from a man. And apparently what everyone else wants too.

It comes from me turning everything in my brain off, shutting out the entire world and opening Word. Honestly, this is why I hate it so much because people point out lines to me that I don't even recall writing. It just happens. Or used to happen, anyway.

What inspired it? A banner, an old Louis/Scorpius, an hour to write that first chapter and an urge to write a non-Next Gen couple. There we have it. Probably biscuits too.

Thank you so much, my love. Your reviews have been absolutely stunning.


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Review #8, by Celestie Sketches

27th February 2011:
Beautiful, beautiful.

'She walks a little like she is in shoes made of Waterford crystal, tripping over the arch of a fading rainbow.'

At that point, I just stopped and groaned because my self-confidence has dipped into the negatives. How do you begin like that? So beautifully? And yet you don't lose that at ALL. The lines just ooze prettiness and beauty. I want to parade around the world with them on.

This story is slow and lovely. Don't berate it for lack of cohesive plot. Its melody is retained because it doesn't have anything to hinge it down. There's such a carefree, idle beauty to this. If bells could form words, they would write this story. Also, if bells could form words, I'd kidnap and enslave them and make them write me stories just because.

'Wasted things and sights and moments are okay, because she is Daphne and he is Dean and, to be honest, perfection canít be that far away.'

Best ending line, just about like ever.

*melts into a puddle and floats away*

Author's Response: Oh criiinge. I hate that first line now yet at the time it felt really rather lovely. However, not too sure what I'd change it to so it has to stay.

Please don't parade round with them on; I'm fairly sure that'd be indecent exposure and a prison sentence in most countries...

And here you are talking about bells; you're an absolute lunatic for knocking your self-confidence when you can put things like this into normal conversation and have it sound perfect. I'm so pleased that you called it carefree and idle. Never thought I'd be happy about someone referring to something I've done as idle but this really, really is meant to be. Snapshots, as I've said before. Snapshots of what everyone wants to remember and wants to have.

Thank you lovelyyy.


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Review #9, by Celestie Shading Simplicity

27th February 2011:
'higgledy-piggledy furniture...'

HIGGLEDY-PIGGLEDY. That sounds so adorable! If I ever get a pet pig, guess what I'm naming it? Also, higgledy-piggledy FURNITURE (I'm back to furniture - I don't know what it is with me and furniture today).

Still beautiful. Still perfect. Only you could get me to read a chapter in which all the characters do is move around a flat, but make it sound all poetic and musical and this is me rambling about it. Something about the dirtiness of his flat is even more endearing; I feel like squishing him and stealing him along with your Albus and Xenophilius. But hey, that's just me.

'Sketchbook gone, it is lips on lips and hands in hands and an eruption of everything she knows into the open. It is beauty. It is knowledge. It is the break of attraction into love. It is gold leaf print and fresh blue ink and clean white parchment, and above all that, it is theirs.' - Glorious words, why won't you be mine? :(

I love that this story is filled with positive statements; this is and it is and they are and he is. It makes it feel real and grounded and factual. I love it. Fact also.

Author's Response: And welcome to the worst of the five chapters :P Higgledy-piggledy was one of my favourite words as a kid. I looove it.

You see, I might let you have Albus. I might even let you have Xeno but Dean? Hands off. Even I want him but I just couldn't take him away from Daphne. It'd be cruel.

Because you are so much better than that, that's why. However, you have highlighted one of my favourite bits there ♥

It is positive. This story is the good side of love, the side everyone likes, much like Violet Stars. I hope people don't think it's all plain sailing for these two but at the same time, I hope they know that they do love each other.

Well...I love you. Final fact.


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Review #10, by Celestie It will happen

27th February 2011:
I know you always go on about something ridiculous when you mention this story and unmistakably, you find different points of weakness: too fluffy, rip off, plotless, blah, blah, blah.

NONE of it is true. I love this story too much to let you say those things.

First off, I was all in support of making this stay a one-shot because from beginning to end, it is as still as water and perfect. It is the prettiest story on this archive and the phrases make me think of...I don't know...butterflies and better times and halcyon days. There's sort of a bittersweetness. I can't pin-point it, but it's breathtaking and bigger than what you presume it to be.

'Her concession cuts him: a cuckoo in the middle of a bluebirdís chorus. She tucks her book beneath her arm and sticks her hand out for him to take. He hesitates Ė just for a second Ė then concedes. Milk meeting coffee, they are somewhat complete. He looks for the name, he wants it so much. A whisper cuts through his head but the words twist and melt on the tip of his tongue. Agape, he forces his hanging mouth shut with a sharp mash of teeth on shattered letters.'

'Lilies and mountains and heather and ocean, they all seem to bloom and rise around her. She is snow upon a hilltop in the biting cover of Marchís comfort.'

I have no words because they have drowned in jealousy. You have taken the floatiness you call mine and you have made it better than I ever could in the short time it was my own. This is picturesque, beautiful, like an enshrined postcard. I love this Daphne and I love this Dean and I love them. 'It will happen'. Of course it will. Reading this, I completely believe it. I wish this story could billow out and be my whole life because it is solid and comforting. Reading it, I feel like there can be nothing at all wrong with the world now or ever, because it is so sweet and lovely.

Author's Response: Well, you always go on about something ridiculous about TSOS. It's only fair that I get to do that about something too. I mean, you can't deny it has no plot...

Right, this is all coming from someone who just used the phrase 'butterflies and better times and halcyon days' - enough said, no?

However, I do sometimes wish that this had stayed a one-shot. I can quote tonnes of lines from the later chapters that I love to pieces but this first one I can practically recite from heart now. I was so proud of it on first writing it and sometimes I still feel that, even though now I think this is perhaps the second worst of the five chapters. There is a bittersweetness to it, you're right, and I don't know where it comes from either but it's there.

Oh stop iiit. There is no way this is a patch on your floatiness. You manage floatiness + plot. That's oodles better than whatever this floatiness is. And there you go again 'like an enshrined postcard' - you can't even stop yourself putting pretty descriptions in reviews! You're absolutely insane.

Thank you so much, lovely. As silly as you are, your support is enormously appreciated and loved.


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Review #11, by Aderyn Time

31st January 2011:
This is a really lovely story! I love the slow pace and your wonderful descriptions! It really was a joy to read.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm glad you liked it ♥

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Review #12, by GubraithianFire Time

29th January 2011:
This makes me cry and smile, even after so long, and I'm sorry that I didn't come back to tell you so sooner and - gah, I don't know why you cringe to read this because it's so beautiful. I saw someone - Ash, I think - say that this was like breathing, and it's true. It's got that gorgeous, gorgeous flow and it doesn't seem difficult to do, but I know it is. You send me into a trance and although I'm aware of my surroundings (my super messy room, Hans Zimmer Pandora station blaring in the background), it's like... I don't want to be. I want to live in this world.

You kept saying that the style wasn't consistent with the other chapters, but I didn't see that. Maybe when I come back to this (I will always come back) I'll see it more, or maybe you've edited since, but this just flowed so fantastically and it didn't seem forced at all. It was just... ugh, I don't even know how to say it. It didn't feel like a short story, if that makes sense; it was segmented but it didn't feel chaptered. It felt more like a collection of short stories/drabbles to me, but that's probably a result of the trance and how utterly oblivious I usually am when I read. It was just this, like, onslaught of prettiness and sweetness.

Speaking of sweetness - you know I'm an awful cynic and that cute things usually make me want to squee and puke. But this particular story - and you - is remarkable because I don't even want to puke. It's the cuteness that I can't fault, the prettiness that doesn't make me want to insert a character death to make up for it. It's perfection, yes, but in a different way, an endearing way instead of an alienating one. I feel like this could happen in the postwar Potterverse because these two deserve it and it makes me genuinely happy, not grudgingly I can't help myself happy. If that makes sense.

And I'm glad you ended it here, by the way. For one thing, I like nice numbers, like five. For another, it's just... the way you ended it. I had a feeling "one day" would come back, but that didn't take away from the magic of their relationship and how well they know each other (that phrase from an earlier chapter - they knew each other inside-out and upside-down but not backwards, not yet - God, that was perfect) and how much I didn't want to read more of this. Because I don't want to see them fall into hardship or unhappiness or discontent. I want them preserved in this moment - this "one day," as it were - and I want them to be happy always.

Love you.

Author's Response: You make me cry and smile - this review did so, at the very least. I'm however being very good and trying to clear out my unanswered reviews which has left me with this beauty and Marina's. I hate replying to reviews on this story because they're always too nice.

I cringe because it's my writing and we're all the same when we read something back. I do completely understand what you mean though. When I wrote every chapter of this, it was in a completely still, silent house and for that first chapter, I got lost in it. If I can make the readers feel the same way, I'm doing something right, I think.

It's funny. Sometimes I think they're fine, sometimes I think they stick out like five broken fingers. I wouldn't say I've ever really, really forced it (you'd know if I had) but certainly when I wrote them, my mindset was slightly different each time and I never read back over the previous chapter(s) to help me. Also, nope, haven't edited. Editing scares me.

It is definitely more of a collection of short stories than a short story itself. Snapshots is the word I use - little fly-on-the-wall glances at this couple. I imagine it to be like in The Edge of Reason where Bridget and/or Mark are walking through London and it shows you all these couples in their windows. That's what I see when I write this. In my head, I'm peering through an open window watching these two live and noting down what I would put in their heads.

You are a dreadful cynic and that's why every bit of feedback you give on this makes me die. I'm not the world's biggest romantic but there's a part of this that I think must come from some hidden part of me; it's innocent and simple, or that's what I want it to be.

Oh you have no idea how close I was to killing Dean off...I seriously did consider it and started writing the chapter before thinking how ridiculous I was being and writing 'Time' instead. They do deserve it, so so much and I parallel that idea in their relationship in 'If Tomorrow Never Comes' which if you take away the first chapter of this, could be a prequel to this. I absolutely adore them together and I like to think they fixed each other.

I like five a lot. It was four, which was okay, before I wrote #2 for the writathon and put it in. That's the least similar in style of the five, definitely.

Of course one day was going to come back. I didn't expect it to be like this but there we have it; who am I to argue with my imagination? (Love that of the ones I can quote from memory).

I don't think they'll ever lose their love for each other. Ever. Of course they'll argue and fight and have their moments but I want these two to be together until their dying days and beyond.

You completely floored me with this review. I'm so, so beyond grateful that it's almost impossible to describe.

Love you too.


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Review #13, by LindaSnape Time

9th September 2010:
Okay, shame on me for not reading this before. I kept hearing how wonderful it was, but I kept putting it off. I'm more a writer than a reader, but I'm glad that I paused to take the time to read this.

This was simple yet complicated, and oh so beautiful.

I loved the lack of dialogue. Not much was said between them, and yet they shared so much. There were no voids. Ah, comfortable silences. I think they're my favorite. I have few people that I share that sort of bond with, but those people are wonderful, aren't they?

The characterizations were so realistic and layered that this made it a joy to read.

This definitely is a treasure among the HPFF archives, and I cannot possibly see why you are so terribly worried. Like Gill said, don't be.

The description, setting, flow, pace, and characterizations were all so magnificent that it took my breath away. I really adore your writing, and I absolutely love this!

I never knew that I could be so fond of such an obscure ship, and yet I am. It was beyond amazing.

Great work, dear!


Author's Response: Oh don't be silly. I'm not even lying when I say that I'm not overly proud of this story, even in spite of the wonderful reception that everyone gives me.

The lack of dialogue is for exactly the reasons you addressed: silence speaking for them and that comfort that you get in one of them when it's with the right person. I love being able to sit in peace and quiet like that.

My worry comes from the kind of ridiculousness of the style. It really is just my brain spewing nonsense and I don't even think of it when I write. It just happens.

I'm so glad you liked the story, the writing and the ship, though, Linders. It really means so much coming from you.

Thank you to the ends of the earth for the review. I miss seeing you around and I'm so sorry it took so long to reply. I blame France.


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Review #14, by AndrinaBlack Shading Simplicity

21st August 2010:
I read this for now as a one shot, and enjoyed is as such, as I came across this chapter while validating. So that's why the random middle chapter review. I liked this a lot! Itís such a breezy little moment in some way, with the artistyness of them and the dancing and romance blending together very well. I like that youíve chosen an unusual pairing and made it work well anyway. There is still a little fear they have that it wonít work because they are so different. Still Iíve thought since Iíve heard about Daphne, that she would be of the nicer Slytherins and I can therefore imagine that it could work out between her and Dean.

You write really good descriptions that draw me into the place and story instead of sounding forced or too much. It blends very well together with the dialogue. I could really imagine Deanís place with all the drawing stuff around as well as all other kinds of things lying around. And the expectant, but awkward atmosphere was written very well too. A very good story!

Author's Response: Wonderful. I was worried that in my edit, I made it unintelligible as a stand-alone piece so that's perfect.

Breezy is very much how I'd describe this story. It's all very floaty and quite superficial and on the surface but I like it regardless. It was fantastic to write.

Yep, exactly. I think their differences are strong in so many ways and I always think of Daphne and Astoria both as on the "less evil" side of the Slytherin scale. I'm glad you think they're a believable couple.

Thank you so much for this brilliant review. I really can't thank you enough, and I'm glad you liked it ^_^

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Review #15, by collette michelle Time

29th July 2010:
Far from disappointing, love! Far from it and just as wonderful as the other three were.

I would quote my favourite lines, but truthfully I loved it all [I always did] so doing so would just be repetitive. Though I wish there could be more, I still loved it just as much at four chapters. It was a simply stunning piece, start to finish, so you shouldn't doubt it, not for one minute at all!

Loved it, I really did. The ending put such a smile on my face, darling. You should be proud, it was all fantastic.

Author's Response: I would love to give this a coherent and lengthier response but I just caaan't so I just want to say thank you so much for reading this. I'm so glad you enjoyed it and that the ending wasn't a disappointment. I wish there could be more too but I'd be stretching myself ridiculously to write it and I'd just end up hating it, so I thought I'd quite whilst I was ahead.

Thank you, lovely. It really does mean a lot to know you like it.


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Review #16, by butterbeergal Time

21st July 2010:
Ah, one of my absolute favorites ever has come to an end. But you know what? It's okay, because I will never get tired of this no matter how many times I read it. Truly. There's always something new and beautiful and shiny and squishy that I notice when I read it for the umpteenth time. It's THAT freaking brilliant, Rachel, it's not even funny.

This chapter was ♥♥♥,just like the previous ones, so I don't know why you're so worried. Seriously, don't be. Everything was absolutely gorgeous. These lines especially had me swooning like a silly little lovesick girl:

Six meant the turn of a key, the rustle of a bag, charcoal on a pure cotton canvas. Now, six meant home.

I just died after reading that. Couldn't stay dead for long, though, as I had to read on. ;)

He only ever captures perfection, that's what he told her once, and if this is his perfection, she must preserve it for him in the slotted light of fourteen seconds ago.

I don't even know what to say about that line. It was just so A;LDGHLA;DKJG (and I mean that in the most flattering of ways). Gah. Really. Speechless.

You've no idea how much this story has inspired me to want to come up with better stories. I HIGHLY doubt if I could even come within a hundred miles of this - I don't think anyone will - but at least I will always have this to remind me to try and be a better writer, to take risks, and to just keep on writing.

Congratulations on finishing this stunning piece, and thank you for keeping me inspired.


Author's Response: Gill, Gill, Gill, I cannot apologise enough for the enormous delay in replying. I mean, it's February! That's just inexcusable but honestly, finding the words to give this the reply it truly deserves has been so difficult. At least once a week, I promise myself I'll clear out these last 6-7 reviews - most for One Day - that I just cannot find the words to reply with and each time I fail. Your support, however, is what keeps me writing and keeps me believing that I could do this for the rest of my life.

I worry - it's what I dooo. If I don't have worry, I would just have to be really arrogant and that'd make me feel terrible.

That first line, I actually hate :P A lot. And the second, oddly enough. I don't say that all that often about lines in this. I usually have a bit of a soft spot for them but they're amongst those that I'd happily take out if I ever do come to edit this.

You are amazing, lovely. Your writing now is just stunning and incomparable to those first few one-shots of yours that I read (and they were very good.)

Honestly, lovely, I just can't say anything else except the hugest thank you because you really do mean the world to me and without you, I'm not sure I'd be where I am with my writing today. You're always, always there and I admire you so much. Thank you for such a jaw dropping review, I'm still sorry the reply is so late and I love you.


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Review #17, by marinahill Time

19th July 2010:
You silly woman. Not because this is over, because that makes me so mad, but because you are STILL doubting yourself. What is WRONG with you? This is the best bit of fluff that I've ever read and you're moaning about being miserable... always like to include a hint of angst, right?

I feel miserable myself - I didn't want this to end because it's just so beautiful... I consider what I think I know about love (an unrealistic, romanticised love) and it seems so ugly compared to how you express yourself. I recognise the feeling, the understanding about love here and you just put the words down as I could never express them. See here: Always, always yes because she is what makes yes irrefutable and questions statements and life melts into love and trust and the future becomes the present with her. - it's that feeling of doing anything, that anything is possible and it exists throughout this whole story. I'm a traditional romantic, this is food for starvation.

You've taken a simple concept, if you like, cliche in the fact that everyone tries to write about it, it seems to appear in ever story but never under the same mask and you have made it p e r f e c t. I'm not even joking, if this is what true love is like I don't know why I'm still sat here on not going off to find some of it myself. it wouldn't matter because dying of love, that wouldn't be so bad. You make me want to fall in love :P Maybe that's why I have fallen in love with you ... I mean this piece ;) ahahaha. Seriously, this is how all fluff should be written. It won't be, because there's never going to be another person who can write like you, or pull this off like you have, but maybe I can force you to write more like this.

. The moment that secures them together. Not a ring, nor a vow, nor a kiss but a book; words and pictures colliding and merging and matching. Completing. Silence has never felt so sharp, a knife edge grazing against her throat. This is the best bit of writing I've ever seen. It just sums up everything so beauitfully. Obviously I'm biased, books are my life, but not only did you sum up the magic of books but the way you described the silence! Perfect, perfect, perfect. I'll have to force myself not to use that metaphor. I want to steal it and pretend I'm amazing enough to have come up with it. Ha.

You know it just isn't FAIR for one person to hog all the talent. Every time I read something of yours I come away wanting to scrap everything I've ever written and at the same time, start writing until I can come up with something halfway as good as this. How more people haven't recognised your talent I will never ever understand, it's a crime.

I am justified in my rather scary (not nice at all) rage because you're making this end when the one thing I want more than anything is for it to continue. I know it can't, it's the author's choice and it has to finish some time, blah blah. But maybe write some one-shots in this style? And make me read them, you know what I'm like. Actually, knowing what I'm like should make you realise how much I love this story/fairytale. At least Dean and Daph got their happily ever after, unlike many of your other characters... no one died.

Oh and I realise this review is one big stupid ramble, but I feel like if I keep on typing the story doesn't have to be over yet. It only finishes once I leave my last review. Perhaps if I just forget to post it then it'll never be over? That could work... Or not. But seriously, consider writing more. Unless if you think it would ruin it (it won't) or you have nothing else to add (you do!). The customer is always right, and I'm the customer and I think we need to see more from you.

Okay, this is stupid rambling so I'll just stop because it's really now just about me and my stupid denial but I don't want this to be over -insert sad face-. I guess all there is left to say is thank you for writing this magnificent piece of prose and I lobe uou.

Marina ♥


Author's Response: After I've replied to this, it will be the first time since around March 2010 that I've had an empty unanswered review page. I would love to wait until Friday - until One Day's first birthday - to respond but I'm going to strike whilst I'm in the right mindset. Today, it's the 16th March 2011, 8 months after you wrote this. It made me cry then. It has made me cry every time I've tried to reply since and I am sure that as I make my way through it, my poor make-up will be ruined.

Before I start, I have to say that I love you. Without you, without any of your endless encouragement, I wouldn't have written this into a short story. I might not even have written the one-shot, or might have taken it down, or edited it so heavily that it would be beyond recognition, and that would - I can see now - have been so, so wrong.

Now, of course I'm still doubting myself. I wouldn't be me and you wouldn't be you if we didn't constantly moan about how awful we are even though we both know we're being ludicrous. However, you know me better than anyone on this site and yes, of course I had to include a bit of angst. It's in my blood.

I find it so funny when people talk about their views on love compared with this story. My views are so different to what I write; I don't believe - in my heart of hearts - that this is possible. I would love it to be. I think this is an old, distant dream that the realistic, rational side has beaten into the store cupboards of my imagination. It's a bit of a fairytale for me, even. I honestly don't think that I will ever find anyone who makes me feel like Dean makes Daphne feel or vice versa but that's okay. If I can make people believe it's possible, just for a moment whilst they read this, then my work is done.

I love the 'anything is possible' thread. I think that's one of the strongest themes that runs through it. It's all about what is and what isn't and the abstract becoming concrete. Dreams vs reality and tonnes of other things and how they both dreamed of something like this with perhaps the same skepticism as I take and have been proven wrong.

Don't take my word on what true love is like; if it's anything like this - even a fraction of it - I think I'd be pretty content.

I don't think I could ever write another couple with this style. It's forever enshrined in my mind as Dean and Daphne and even if I turned this into something original (which I won't but let's imagine), their faces wouldn't change in my head.

That book line is one of my favourites. I remember writing it, reading it back and thinking it was pretty perfect not just in terms of the phrasing but the idea, for both them and us. I'm glad you agree, however I put my foot down at you stealing it. You can have another metaphor. Go and pick.

Oh shut up. You're infinitely more amazing than I am and if you ever threaten to scrap any bit of your writing, I'll hunt you down, shave off that beard and force you to write until it grows back.

It really can't continue. I'd be pushing it. I like it as it is; it's complete and I'm leaving it there, which is why Silent Night is its own one-shot and not an added chapter to the end of this. I like having this story as it is without any embellishments. I don't want anyone to feel forced to read another moment just because it's attached to this couple, this storyline that I've invented for them. Perhaps you'll get another one-shot about Dean/Daph but it's a long way away.

My reply is just as much ramble. This story, I hope, will never end. I'm not taking it down any time soon and it shall be here for you whenever you want to read it. Writing more will ruin it. I don't have anything else to add. Use your imagination. It's infinitely more beautiful than mine.

I love you so much, my darling. Thank you to the ends of the earth and back for the most amazing, breath-taking, gorgeous, heart-stopping review. It's the best I've ever had and I mean that from the bottom of my heart.


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Review #18, by blueirony Downpour

25th June 2010:
Every so often, I come across a story that I simply cannot write a long review for. I want to gush and write a small essay in place of a review. But I cannot do it. Because I simply do not know how to express what I am feeling in plain English. This is one of those stories. Please take it as the highest compliment.

Your writing is dreamy. Your writing is poetic. Your writing is beautiful. This was breathtaking. Absolutely gorgeous. I wish I could write like this.

That is all I really have to say. That is all I can say, period.

Joop :]

Author's Response: I'm sorry this has taken me a while to reply to. I usually am pretty quick off the mark with them but it's quite difficult with this.

This review completely took my breath away and so I'll keep the response short for fear of sounding arrogant. Thank you so, so much because yes, this was short but it says so much - thank you.


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Review #19, by butterbeergal Downpour

4th June 2010:
How you keep this up is way beyond my comprehension, but one thing is for sure: you never cease to take my breath away.

Seriously, Rachel, HOW DO YOU DO IT??? (not mad, just in awe)

I know I've said this before but I'll say it again - you write this with such a dreamy quality to it yet you still manage to give depth to your characters, especially Daphne. You take the simple, everyday things and turn them into something so beautiful that I never dreamed was possible.

Obviously, I loved Every. Flipping. Word. However, this just made my heart oh so happy:

They record the slightest thing in words and pictures and to some they are merely strokes of ink on throwaway paper but they are more, and those who have complete understanding know that because if Daphne did not write, she would not have seen Dean work, and if Dean did not draw, he would not have seen Daphne read, and so they owe their happiness to disposability and imagination and the muse that they both now know comes from the other.

I have, and always will have, nothing but praises for this one. You truly are one skilled and brilliant and amazing and unbelievably good writer that I'm so happy to be on speaking/chatting terms with.


Author's Response: It's kind of beyond mine too. I'm not sure how I've managed to do three like this, in my horrible attempts to write the fourth chapter. I'm not even sure how to start going about the next, nor how far I can push it.

I could be so pretentious and artsy and say it's for reflecting the beauty of life and so on, but really, it's just a different form of perception, I suppose. Looking at something and seeing how many ways it's possible to see it, to manipulate it. At least that's how it is now, since the first chapter was a bit random and out of the blue.

I am quite fond of that section. I'm now running out of ways to portray their relationship but I think that sums them up rather well.

Thank you so much, my darling. Every word of each of your reviews means so, so much to me. I'm glad you like it and I hope I don't disappoint you with the chapters that follow.


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Review #20, by marinahill Downpour

3rd June 2010:
I shall ignore the ridiculous dedication because it's not necessary and it embarrasses me ♥

I feel like crying, this chapter really touched me... Daphne is so real and you've created her out of so few words. How do you do it? You've made her so much more than just words on a page, she seems to just leap out and I feel I know her so well when really that's impossible... or it should be. But you're not like other writers, so I suppose anything is possible with you. She's this whimsical, airy character yet at the same time the level of depth to her is just extraordinary - her hopes, her fears... it's all here and depicted in such beautiful terms. What I find most pretty about her character is how she is so simply and completely in love with Dean - so much so that life around her ceases to exist when he's not there and it's so poetic and beautiful and that's why it brings me to tears.

It's a hard concept to pull off, portraying simply the strength of the love between two people but you do it with such magnificent style. As I said, it's poetic and I don't use the term lightly. I know you've mastered all the boring grammatical/prose rules and so you're now able to just break them. You've taken everything it means to be a gifted writer and bent it to your advantage and that's why this is so wonderful. The sentences merge together that they probably don't need anything else but your words because it works. It's beautifully written, I can't express it any other way. Your manipulation of the english language is flawless. (vocabulary is fab, of course).

You know what makes me love this the most? It's your choice of words and how you phrase it all. It's so easy to be lazy with description but you just take something simple and make it your own. sugar mice teeth and cherry drop lips ... how simple in theory, yet so effective and completely apt. Your imagery is stunning and your use of metaphor is definitely your strongest point - it takes talent to twist ordinary objects into the poetry that you've created here. I could list at least one thing in each sentence that makes me completely melt by how gorgeous your description is... you never make me feel like you're overdosing on prettiness because it's so natural!! I want your talent. You have the best descriptive skills I've ever come across and no one has made me love fluff more than you.

I love you so much, I love your writing possibly nearly as much and if you ever stop writing this I'll come after you with the fish.


Author's Response: Gosh, my love, you really do have it in for me don't you? I love your long reviews but they aren't half difficult to respond to.

That dedication is (a) thoroughly deserved and (b) nowhere near as ridiculous as my CIAW dedications :P I'm a soppy, emotional wreck and this is the result.

Oh don't cryyy. If I knew how I did it, I'd tell you. Hearing that she's so real - which is something I'd never really thought of her before - is enormously comforting but also to hear all the words you've used to describe her because she's undoubtedly airy, somewhat distant. I think I wanted to make her a somewhat stereotypical artsy character. She puts her all into everything, so passionately and wholly and I think from what you're saying, that's coming off a little so thank you for the reassurance (because I always need it.)

It's an impossibly hard concept, partly due to the subjectivity, I suppose. Even I don't wholly believe what I write in this because it's so...fictional and I know that sounds silly but it is. The idealism of it definitely affects the realistic aspect of it but I'm not sure I want it to matter.

You know, that bit about knowing the rules so you can break them? Yeah, that's possibly my favourite line from every review I've ever received's so true. I don't mean of me - perhaps it is, it's hard to judge - but of so, so many people. Anyway, that's rambling a bit and I'll maybe discuss that with you again.

If someone is lazy with description, they must be shot :P I'm sure you'll share that with me. There's no need for it.
See...the thing that I love about these reviews is how it points out the unintentional. I don't really think about what I'm writing and it always surprises me when people point out lines or devices or anything that I haven't realised I've used. I don't know why...

"Overdosing on prettiness" - beautiful imagery yourself, lovely, so don't be stupid. Your own descriptive skills are so far superior to mine but to know that I've made you enjoy fluff is like...this amazingly epic compliment that I don't deserve due to the high volume of far superior writers of this genre.

I love you too but it must come to an end and if you bring that fish after me, I will delete it all.

Thank you so, so much. This review made me cry on first, second and countless other readings and I cannot express how grateful I am for it, and for you.



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Review #21, by collette michelle Downpour

3rd June 2010:
Bored yet? Of course not!

I love this story because it's so simple, yet not.
Each chapter is simple, but how you go about telling the story of Dean and Daphne isn't. The descriptions and narration of simple things in their life are more complex. What could be called mundane moments are turned around.

The descriptions and everything are really lovely, each chapter is always a treat to read, dear. I can't wait for the next one, whenever that may be. Another lovely chapter!


Author's Response: Oh I am glad ^_^

I'm so, so happy to hear you describe this like that because that is now becoming exactly my intention. With each review I get, I slowly begin to understand where the story needs to go (as it had very little plot when I decided to extend it) and so really, this has helped an amazing amount.

Next one is still torturing me, sadly, so it may be a while yet.

Thank you so much for, yet again, taking the time to leave me such a gorgeous review, lovely.


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Review #22, by marinahill Sketches

2nd June 2010:
you know how much I adore this, it's easily my favourite story ever. and that includes all the angsty ones I've read - nothing tops the skill you've shown here. You're like my writing idol and reading your stories gives me inspiration to write more and better myself. I'm truly lucky to be able to call you one of my friends and mentors ♥

I'd quote favourite lines, but you know I can't choose between them. Each line is perfect and filled to the brim with natural poetry. How is it that we all have access to the same words but only you can merge them together in such a way that can bring me to tears with their beauty - you're one of the most talented writers I have ever come across.

When you decided to make this a short-story, you have NO idea how happy it made me - because I honestly never want this to end, I want you to keep writing and writing until you've used all your words up. It just completely amazes me that you're not one of the most popular authors on the site because hardly anyone can match your skill. You're far too underappreciated and it's not fair :P Anybody who reads this wouldnt be able to deny how fantastic you are.

You've hit this perfect balance in this fic - perfect choice of present tense, lovely use of third persona and you've picked familiar enough characters yet they're not overused and you created this unique story about love between two people that transfers so easily across the page. So romantic, beautifully written and as I said, my most favourite fic in the entire world. Most published authors couldnt hold a candle to your talent. I'm in awe.


Author's Response: Oh don't be silly. Angsty is far superior to this and we aaall know it. You can't beat a good bit of murderous angst. Considering you're one of my idols, I'm merely going to repeat the line I have held for so long: you are ridiculous.

But you can do it too! Gideon - and everything you write for that matter, especially SITOT - is filled with lines that are just as carefully crafted, far more beautiful, more natural, more emotive and you can make that span a long short story and a novella and a novel. You are infinitely better at this than me; I'm still finding my feet but you've been stood on yours for so long.

I'm afraid the end is nigh. I've used all my words up already and I don't want to overdo this. I'll find the inspiration at some point to finish it up but there will be a maximum of three more, perhaps only two. I'll be gutted to leave it behind but it'd be asking too much of myself to strain to carry on this style that really ought to be left to someone else.

You are, once again, silly. I am appreciated enough. Review counts don't really matter when I can get spontaneous, occasional reviews like this one that are deep and well-crafted enough to make me smile and cry.

Honestly, you talk nonsense but thank you so much for taking the time to review this.



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Review #23, by butterbeergal Sketches

22nd May 2010:
Rachel, my lovely, please prepare yourself for a major squee fest because really, what more is there to say?

How you've managed to keep up this style is beyond me. I understand how it might be difficult (and draining) to do so, but this felt and read the same as the previous chapter. I mean, really, how positively gorgeous is this line? -> Devotion is as devotion does and devotion does its best with broken artists and failing writers. If I could squish it, I would. That is absolutely beautiful!

The whole thing was stunning, and this style is one of my absolute favorites. I felt happy and giddy after reading this and strangely enough, I was reminded of a butterfly flitting from flower to flower - light, graceful, a beauty to behold. Every word is where and how they should be. What astounds me even more is that even though it has this dreamy tone to it, you've still managed to give your characters depth, and the story substance.

Should you have left this as a one-shot? Yes and no. The first chapter was brilliant, and it can most definitely stand on its own and would still be as beautiful as ever. However, this second chapter is equally brilliant, and I'm not complaining that you decided to post this. I'm happy with the two - whether you decide to continue or not is ultimately up to you, but if you stop here, I will still be insanely happy to have these two beautiful chapters. Long story short, I don't necessarily think you have to make this a WIP, but if you do decide to add more chapters, MY FLUFFY SIDE WILL BE UTTERLY CONTENTED FOR THE REST OF MY (ITS) LIFE.

I don't know if I was of much help. I'm still basking in the loveliness of this. But truly, there is no other word for this than BEAUTIFUL.



Author's Response: I'm so, so sorry this took me so long to reply to, lovely! It's so hard to reply to reviews of this length that take my breath away like yours has, but let me get on with it.

I think I've said to Marina in my response to her, how I've manged to keep it up is beyond me. It's so, so difficult to get into the right mindset to do it and start, yet once I've begun, it's surprisingly easy to get a few hundred words of it out.
I angsted over that line so much, to the point that I wanted to pull it out before realising that I couldn't replace it and ended up leaving it there :P

I think that is such an enormous compliment that this doesn't deserve, just because I know exactly what you mean by that feeling from when I get it reading something by Marina or Celeste. To know that the characters are forming is also a big comfort for me, since characterisation is not really my strong point.

Should I have left it as a one-shot? YES. That is the right answer :P I don't think this will be very long - only another two or three chapters - because of the difficulty I'm having with it at the minute. It is causing me no end of trouble and I want to write it so much, because as much as I moan, I enjoy it.

Gillian, my lovely, this is such a wonderful review that deserves a far better response than I've given you. I hope I can continue to keep your fluffy side happy and thank you (times a billion)


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Review #24, by Jellyman Sketches

3rd May 2010:
Oh my Lord, pretty, pretty, pretty! That is really the only word I can think of that comes close to describing your writing in this, Rachel! I love and adore it. Write more, please, I don't think I'll ever get enough of it :)

Author's Response: ILY muchly - thank you


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Review #25, by collette michelle Sketches

1st May 2010:
Rachelle, this was just as beautifully written as the last chapter! It gives off no sign that the style was hard to keep. It read so smooth, so poetically, so beautifully. I really love the prospect of what Dean and Daphne can be. They are uniquely your own in this story, and I love that.

Lovely chapter my dear, I look forward to more of your beautifully written chapters of these two.

Author's Response: Oh that's a huge relief. It really is impossible to keep this going for long - it really is terribly draining on my imagination to keep myself from repeating everything.

Thank you so, so much, Collette. Your reviews always brighten my day.


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