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Review #1, by strahovi (all of those things)

4th May 2012:
This is perfect. I think I fell in love with your writing in this piece. And there are so many beautiful details in this. I like the way he notices things. And thinks about them.

"And while she runs alongside Lipizzaner horses, her mane wilder and her breathing harder and her cries louder, he is here. And while she dives off of bridges and into the sweet Germanic waters that she has been born to despise, he is here. And while she draws pictures of teapots and water lilies on the walls of the Schönbrunn orangerie, he is here."

This is my favorite part!

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Review #2, by Winky the House Elf (all of those things)

22nd December 2010:
Wow, Gubby, this piece was just flawless. All the description you put in here was so poignant and beautiful. It really flowed perfectly and I can’t tell you how jealous I am of your epic writing skills. I thought the repetition you placed around brought out some of the central events in this one-shot very well. :D HOW DID YOU GET SO AMAZING? Can you give me your secrets? I can supply cake in return! ^__^ I can’t believe this only has TWO REVIEWS :O

an adoring fan,
Winky the House Elf

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Review #3, by Celestie (all of those things)

5th April 2010:

This was so beautiful! Seriously, this is so much more elegant and well-rounded than anything I could've ever written! I love, love the description here and the whole environment of the piece is just swoon worthy.

I love the repetition, I love the setting and I love you for writing something so PRETTY.

Favorite lines:
"It is the colour of greyhounds and corrupt noblemen, and those lines they traipse across with all the intelligence and charm of their mistresses."

And the last few lines! "The Viennese tears. How he hates this part." Powerful, without breaking the flow of the piece.

Obviously, this was for the Style Exchange Challenge, but you completely blew me away. Seriously, I hope no one reads this and honestly thinks I write at this kind of level. You made me look far better than I really am.

All in all, I'm blabbering and am speechless and you are legendary and a goddess.

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Review #4, by collette michelle (all of those things)

18th March 2010:
This was lovely, dear, really! To take on how Celestie writes was sure to be a challenge, but I think you were able to capture the essence of her stories and style very well in this one-shot!

You did a fine job with creating a piece that while followed Celestie style, was still uniquely your own. The images were divine, and the flow was poetic. I enjoyed reading every bit of this, it was beautiful mixed with a bit of heartbreak.

In all seriousness, you did a wonderful job on this.

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