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Reading Reviews for Harry Potter-McGonagall
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Review #1, by Jon Confrontation

17th January 2016:
I could tell you weren't into the story so much towards the end of the first chapter. Much of the detail you went through in the first book was lost in this story. While it's nice to see an ending, because God knows how many are left abandoned in this site, it could have been worlds better, at least to the standard you placed on the first book. You may not read this review, as it has been years, but I would urge you to reconsider revising this story a bit and perhaps taking us through the last couple years of school, though vastly different without a main antagonist.

Cheers though. This was a good HHr story.

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Review #2, by john Confrontation

30th May 2015:

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Review #3, by Mt Confrontation

30th August 2013:
Its really good, but when is the epilogue coming out?

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Review #4, by mickayla1014 Confrontation

25th July 2013:
Please post the epilogue soon, I would really like to hear about Harry's and Hermione's future. As well as who Brianna end up married to!

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Review #5, by john A Summer of Change

24th July 2013:
i really wish you would finish this story its good but boring to read only 8 chapters of an unfinished sequel poor marks for incomplete 4/10 good marks for story line 7/10

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Review #6, by Sean Confrontation

8th May 2012:
Well, this is the second time I have read your Harry McGonagall serries but the first time I have reviewed. This second one isn't as strong as the first unfortunetly, though it was satisfying. Also I am a little disapointed that there still is not an epilouge. I would immagine it would be dificult to efectively write one at this point, but with some effort you could provide some much needed closure to the series. This second instalment almost felt like you didn't truly enjoy writing it, which is a shame with how strong the first one was. All in all however, these two stories rank up tueir among my favorites on this site. Good job!

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Review #7, by Terry Confrontation

1st May 2012:
I hope the epilogue comes out soon.

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Review #8, by Diannika Confrontation

24th April 2012:
Gah! What it's it with authors dropping a story right at the last chapter? I mean, why not just finish it?

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Review #9, by Mrs K Potter Confrontation

18th April 2012:
I've just read Harry McGonagall and this one too. I really liked how you very subtly took a dig at everything slightly ridiculous in the books. Like Snape teaching, or Dumbledore dropping Harry off at a door. I laughed when you brought Emma Watson and Daniel Radcliffe in, a lot.
Very enjoyable!

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Review #10, by Sara Confrontation

24th March 2012:
I have enjoyed this story, and I am sad it's over. Please make and extra-long epilogue! Over all, I'll give it an 8/10. not bad!

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Review #11, by Sara The Minister of Magic

24th March 2012:
One comment I do have to make is that it's 'Pius Thicknesse', not ''Pius Thickness". Also, this is Harry's 5th year we are talking. Events are happening so fast and things solved so fast, I fear that Voldemort will be dead before Harry's OWLs. Not that that's a bad thing. I just hope you keep writing at least until they graduate.

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Review #12, by Sara A Summer of Change

24th March 2012:
This is good! So I take it that you're not a Dumbledore fan then? Thats okay. Good job!

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Review #13, by Mike Confrontation

16th March 2012:
Great keep it up hope to see more of this is soon.

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Review #14, by Broken_Angel Confrontation

15th March 2012:
Hello please update your story I loved it and can't get enough thanks

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Review #15, by Dahlia Black Confrontation

17th February 2012:
Ah-mazing! I loved it. Please write the epilogue? :D

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Review #16, by CJWillis3 A Summer of Change

13th December 2011:
Um i thought you might look at this bc its your new book so Ravenclaw House has riddles instead of passwords

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Review #17, by sinwillys822 Voldemort is On the Move

1st December 2011:
i am happy that you were able to load chapter 7 and i can say it was an awesome chapter.

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Review #18, by Blaise Zabinis Fiancee Confrontation

14th November 2011:
That battle was epic. It didn't seem as rushd as your action scenes normally did, and I really enjoyed being able to see several sides of the battle play out. However, the end of the battle, the aftermath scene, was quite abrupt. I feel like that could have been another chapter, or maybe two as the grieving was experienced. At least the victims were few. I'm sad that Anthony was killed. I mean, he wasn't a major character or anything but still. And Draco! Gosh that was quite severe... Ah, well I'm waiting on the epilogue ;)

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Review #19, by Blaise Zabinis Fiancee Voldemort is On the Move

14th November 2011:
Ooooh! Climax!!! Please have made this next chapter dramatic!

It seems as if the DA was formed in such a way that a group of kids wanted to be prepared against the Dark Lord and began training under Harry's tutellage. I. Am. So. EXCITED!!!

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Review #20, by Blaise Zabinis Fiancee The Minister of Magic

14th November 2011:
I really am too exhausted to give a decent review right now.

Excellent use of the Slytherin Chamber passageways. I had actually forgotten about them until then. I wonder if there will be anymore instances of the passages being used? *pushes for more pranks with the Weasleys*

Oh snaps! You never mentioned that Harry won those galleons in the tournament and gave them to the twins so that they could open their jokeshop! Weasley Wizard Wheezes will never open! No!!! That can't happen, that just can't! Please please please please please let the twins become wonderful inventors of magical products which enable one to pull master pranks! You have to do that, else my whole entire Potter world will just DIE.

Yeah that's my sleep talking, the hyper before the calm, smh. But seriosly. Do it.

I am sad that Dumbledore died, but honestly he wasn't doing anything for the plot anymore anyway so it's good riddance.

So do they have all of the horcruxes now? Or is there one more to be found?

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Review #21, by Blaise Zabinis Fiancee Melted Fudge

14th November 2011:
Oh damn. Them Death Eaters were something fierce. Too bad for Wormtail he was caught. I on the other hand am ecstatic that what happened in Order of the Phoenix, and what did not manage to happen in the Potter Canon universe, happened here; Pettigrew caught and Sirius free. Thank you for that *hearts*

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Review #22, by Blaise Zabinis Fiancee Aperio Animus Navis

14th November 2011:
The Chamber of Secrets, I believe was coined simply because not only was its existence secret (and believed to be nonexistent) but also because no one knew what was inside of it; Slytherin never had actually named it as such. However, the fact that you have given this chamber its own secrets is epic. It would be so much fun if the three of them (maybe with the help of the Weasleys) pulled some sort of prank inside of the common rooms.

I do have to say that some of the Dark Lord's dialogue just doesn't seem... realistic, I guess I can say. I know it's difficult to get his speech down properly. I've had to completely rewrite chapters because once I've gone back to edit or type them, I completely hated his speech patterns or dialogue and didn't think that Voldemort would ever actually say something like that. Voldy being the one to raid Azkaban and break his followers free does sound reasonable however. If Lestrange and the other Death Eaters could break out when they did, then what was stopping them from doing so earlier, especially after Sirius Black? Especially since there was more than one of them to brainstorm? My suggestion is to think like an evil villian. They're more the thinking sort, than the talking. They divulge info only as necessary, curse anyone for questioning them, and never reveal their reasoning until the Super Villian's Monologue.

No one can resist the Super Villian's Monologue.

Awww... Little Brianna's got her own boyfriend! And they're snogging after curfew! Oh, she's growing up so fast, I remember when she was still only nine years old. I forget how old the characters are sometimes. Harry of course is pulling off the typical brotherly routine. I swear, my owm brothers subject me to that torture, and I'm the oldest!

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Review #23, by Blaise Zabinis Fiancee Lessons

14th November 2011:
For once I agree with Dumbledore. Sometimes coming to conclusions on your own provides a better learning experience and the lesson sticks better than if Dumbledore would have just told Harry all of this stuff. As well, there are details Harry might notice which could come to his own advantage. I have to say, I was looking forward to seeing how creative you might get by providing your own Riddle memories.

Gosh, it is so strange to think of them as fifteen years old! I keep reverting back to when they were eleven and twelve years instead...

Will any of their learning from the carnival come into play, aside from the Enchantments and Dodging courses? Otherwise the other two would have been pointless and you could have used another topic.

Oh it would be SO epic if the Ravenclaw trio found the spells to create their own marauders' map only on a different sort of level, where it could be used for other places as well. The three of them are clever enough for that, I'm sure!

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Review #24, by Blaise Zabinis Fiancee Harry Potter Has Come to Hogwarts

14th November 2011:
More plot holes! You seem to always manage to point out things I have never thought about and then I think, that makes A LOT of sense! Now that you have gotten rid of Professor Toad, who will you bring in next? I suppose that this will be an OC professor since the others have all been canon. Will you be using Slughorn at all? He was a fun man.

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Review #25, by Blaise Zabinis Fiancee A Summer of Change

14th November 2011:
The exchange between the trio, regarding their nicknames, was hilarious! And you included a "Serious/Sirius" joke. I love it.

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