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Review #1, by ShadowChanger Fire Whiskey

19th March 2010:
Aw, that stinks for Natasha. She's happily chattin with the wind/spirits, and then here comes Daddy. It's all down hill from there...

This was good, but I'm a little confused. Do they live in Europe or the States? Is Natasha a witch, if so, does she know it? Thanks for an interesting read!


Author's Response: Normally when there's anything to do with voldermort it's down hill.

They live in the land that Tom was exiled to. She is a witch but Dumbledore wanted to keep her hidden. So she was never identified and he set it up so she would go to school in America. It'll will come out slowly in the story.

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Review #2, by ShadowChanger The death and rebirth of Natasha Delora Riddle

18th March 2010:
Cool idea!

It was kinda short and you may want to consider getting a beta for grammatical issues, but otherwise, this is a really good start to a story!

The idea of Voldie having a child creeps me out, but, hey, it works. This child can speak to the wind and 'sees dead people' though! That's a really cool idea! You've successfully gotten me interested.


Author's Response: Thanks!

I didn't want the entrance to be to long. I just wanted to get people hooked. I would love to find a beta because, one, my brain thinks way to fast for my fingers to keep up with and, second my keyboard doesn't always want to work with me.

It bother me to but when I started to think of Natasha it just fit, but it's going to be an issue later because she (or her mother) doesn't know that her father is Voldie.

I'm so very glad i've got at least one interested. YEAH!!!

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