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Review #1, by Lostmyheart ---

20th November 2011:
Quite nice story! Though I would probably have prefered a longer version, I want to know what happens next! Haha :)

I like it.

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Review #2, by potterwriter340237 ---

14th April 2010:
I really enjoyed this! It is just so nice and light hearted...and best of all it made me laugh. I feel lighter after reading it...hopefullly that makes some sense to you haha.
Loved the last line again, hilarious, charming and witty.
Keep up the amazing work!

Author's Response: No it all made perfect sense, haha! Thank you so much for this review, it made me so happy. I'm glad you liked the last line too because I always work really hard on that, haha. I hope this ANSWER made sense to you! Again, thank you!

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Review #3, by Childish_Fairy ---

8th April 2010:
This oneshot was hilarious!

It was so natural that I could really see it happening. I loved it to pieces!


Author's Response: Thank you so much! This review definitely made my day. Well it's night, actually. Haha. :D

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Review #4, by Camilla Monet ---

22nd March 2010:
Hehehehhe :)
Legs legs legs legs legs!
'When did you find out you loved Mommy?'
'When I saw her gorgeous legs in a miniskirt.'
'That's nice Daddy.

Author's Response: Haha your review made me laugh. And I'm sure that's pretty much how it would go down too.
Thank you for reviewing!

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Review #5, by GryffinClawTherin_Vicky ---

20th March 2010:
This was short && sweet.
I loved it!
It's fairly funny too.
Really really good job.(:

Author's Response: Ahh, thanks so much. I really appreciate it.

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Review #6, by amy ---

17th March 2010:
i thought this was a really entertaining story it was brill

Author's Response: Thank you!

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Review #7, by FoundriaPenguin ---

16th March 2010:
ahaha nice one-shot!! Scorpius is so hilarious here ;]


Author's Response: Thank you! I'm glad you liked it :)

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Review #8, by Josephine Evans ---

16th March 2010:
Great one-shot! :) I really love the fact that it doesn't end with them getting together or anything like things usually do, it's just so open.

Author's Response: Awh thanks! Yeah I was sort of thinking that Rose barely even notices Scorpius - so they're not about to end up together. Plus, it's sort of a happy ending in a way anyways because he gets to stare a little more. hahaha.

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Review #9, by spam_up_sam ---

16th March 2010:
Ah great stuff =] I like your Scorpius
Very much the red blooded male eh!

Author's Response: Thank you so much!
I'm glad you like my Scorpius too!

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