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Review #1, by marinahill Prologue: What Nightmares Are Made Of

18th April 2010:
Wow, Georgia. Your description is utterly stunning. I'm pretty much sat here speechless and I don't know what to say. Looking back at the chapter, I can't believe you managed that in only 600 words or so. You packed so much in, in such a short space of time, it's completely incredible.

The atmosphere was perfect - the darkness, the silence that you didn't even need to describe because it's carried by the use of other senses. The way you described the smell of the woman's blood was chilling. I think smell is a sense often neglected by writers and your use of it here was brilliant, I can so vividly imagine the scene, the taste in his mouth and the sheer fear he feels. It remains throughout the whole nightmare even though the scene shifts and changes (as dreams are prone to do), and although the exterior changes, there's still this really dark and terrible mood.

I don't want to guess who the characters are here, though I have some idea thanks to your story summary page, but I love how we don't know who is narrating just yet. Very mysterious and a fantastic opening for this story. I know there are great things to come from you yet.


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Review #2, by celticbard Prologue: What Nightmares Are Made Of

13th April 2010:
Hi Georgia!
I'm here from the review chain at TGS. Ah, what a creep-tastic prologue! You know me, I'm such a horror nut and this story was just my cup of tea. I must say, your writing is very elegant, something out of Gothic mystery with swirling white curtains, wounded maidens and a desperate lover. Very intriguing indeed. Good job!


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Review #3, by RonsGirlFriday Prologue: What Nightmares Are Made Of

23rd March 2010:
At first I wasn't paying attention, and I thought this was a one-shot! It really works well as a one-shot - sinister and creepy and enthralling and spooky at the "end" - and then I paid attention to the word "prologue" and said, Oh! There's going to be more!! XD Truly intrigued to see what you're going to do with this as a WIP!

I will always think of you as a master of romance and humor, but there's no denying you can do just about everything. Horror is something I really struggle with, and in general I think it's difficult. But you write it so...elegantly? Very odd to think it's even possible to write horror in a style like this, but you make it look effortless.


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