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Review #1, by marauderfan Let Not the Silence Break

2nd December 2017:
(Family theme)

Okay. So based on the summary and the banner I've got a big box of tissues right next to me just in case. I'm hoping the AU tag on this means you're bringing Fred back to life but I can never tell. Anyway, here goes.

First of all, wow. This was... not what I expected. I don't know what I expected but it wasn't this. How did they get there? Why is someone doing this to the twins? How could you be so mean to them as the author?? That aside - this is an incredibly powerful story. It just grabbed me in and I was emotionally invested in it immediately. The way you tell this story in silence is truly incredible. Every emotion and silent struggle and trauma they go through is just magnified by the other twin and by the fact that they are suffering in silence, and how each one is putting himself at greater risk just to make things easier for the other one in whatever way they can. What a horrible thing to have to go through, to watch your twin die.

And when have they ever needed words-- This is very true. They understand each other without words. But at the same time - when do they ever not use words? I can't imagine them without words. I know they don't need them, but their wit and jokes and everything is such an essential part of who they are. It's cruel to do this to them, you know?!

He might survive, but he won't live. -- OUCH

And in the end - well, what I think happened, Fred kind of lost some of who he was with this explosion of magic older than time, but he didn't die and neither did George. And in exchange for George's life, the silence is permanent. They are not who they were before, but they are both alive. It's honestly such an interesting ending, and with a story this powerful and emotional and with so much depth of feeling, the explosive and somewhat ambiguous end feels quite fitting. It's perfect.

You're right, this is absolutely the darkest thing I've read by you. But it's also an amazing piece of writing. Your writing style here is enviable, each sentence so profoundly crafted. How do you write so well?!?!?! This is an amazing piece and you should be proud of it.

AND I NEED TO READ A FLUFFY STORY ABOUT DOGS NOW. Or kittens. Or rainbows. Gah. But honestly this was amazing

Author's Response: Oh, this review was so unexpected! I had no idea you hadn't read this story before. Thank you, for such a wonderful surprise!

Yeah, those tissues are probably wise for this's really pretty dark.

And yes, I was awful, wasn't I. I really don't...know how they got there, or why, or why I did this to them. It just came to me as a moment in time and I had to write it. If you wanna think up a way they ended up there, go for it. But, it just needed to get out of my system.

I'm so glad you think it's powerful though! It hit me rather powerfully, but I'm never quite sure if that carries across to readers.

I don't know what to say to all your comments there, except thank you. That's exactly what I was trying to convey and to know you picked up on all of means so much. And yes, the horror of being helpless, and silent, and watching your twin brother die, that's what got me in the heart when trying to write this story.

Your point about them always USING words is to true...they might not need them, but they do enjoy them. And it's sad that has been stripped from them. And yes, I'm cruel. People tell me this all the time in reviews. I've decided it must be true. :(

I like your interpretation. Here's what I was thinking as I wrote this. You don't access power like that without having to give something in return. Balance, and all that stuff. So, because George means more to him than anything, he accepts silence in exchange for George's life. Plus, he dove deep into darker stuff - it kinda changed him. George, made no such deal, but he's loyal to his brother, and gonna stick with him in this new adventure because that's who they are.

I don't really write that well. I'm so far down the "writes really good" list it's not funny, but I love you for saying it anyway. Thank you so much!

I have a kitten story...but it's not finished. Maybe I should? (hugs) Thanks again!

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Review #2, by alicia and anne Let Not the Silence Break

8th February 2016:
I am so envious of the beautiful way that you craft words and descriptions until they form such breathtaking stories. You've done a really amazing job, especially in not using any dialogue, I would struggle so hard with that.

I just wanted to cry through this all. You've written the sadness and emotion in this so incredibly well and I'm yearning to help them and protect them.

Oh no! I'm so scared of what's about to happen and I can already tell that this is going to kill me. I want to cry! How could you do this to me? *sobs*

Please save them, I am begging you. Don't kill one of them :( This is destroying me and yet I can't stop reading. Why are you doing this to me?

Thank god you didn't kill them, but now they shall always be in silence and they can't because thy're the twins *sobs*

This was so heartbreaking but you done such an amazing job! I'm so impressed and proud of you!

Author's Response: I know, another horribly late response. But, I hope you know this review left me rather breathless. Such high praise, from someone who is such an amazing author!

This actually WAS really hard to write, and I had to be very carefully about which words I used where. One of the hardest things I've ever done.

Sorry about the crying. Really. I know this story is evil. It worries me that I could write it.

Um.because I'm a writer?

Maybe they won't always be. Maybe they will learn to be loud again, someday. I'm blushing SO hard! Thank you! This was the best review!

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Review #3, by TidalDragon Let Not the Silence Break

19th April 2014:
Howdy! Stopping by in a desperate attempt to R&R all the entries and by consequence become educated enough to vote properly!

You know from experience that my reviews are normally long-winded and detailed. Not this time.

This story is absolutely spectacular. Probably the best one-shot I have read. Your choice of language, characterizations, the depths with which you express profound emotions and conflict - AMAZING.

I could go on much deeper, but it would all come around the same conclusion - this story is peerlessly brilliant.

Author's Response: I'm so sorry for being such a late responder to this review. And to your others that I will be getting to in the next few days. It is just so easy to get behind and then so hard to catch back up. But I wanted you to know it in no way reflects how I felt about these AMAZING reviews you left for me.

I can't believe you read all the nominated stories! That's insane! Incredible, but still insane. I tip my hat to you!

And now I'm blushing from the compliments you just gave me. This story was written a long time ago, but it is one that I worked really hard on and for some reason I feel a deep connection to it. I know it's not perfect, but I do love it when someone else connects with it after reading. So thank you very, very much. This review made my day.

Thanks again,

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Review #4, by Akussa Let Not the Silence Break

14th April 2014:
I read this a while ago, when it was first posted and was very surprised to see that I had not reviewed it. I probably was too overwhelmed with emotions after the first read as I am now.

This story has got to be one of the most powerful I've ever read. It flows so beautifully and grips at your heart with every word. You did a wonderful job conveiing the emotions through the description and to the reader. It felt like I was reading my own thoughts so much that I felt connected to the words and their meaning.

Wonderful work, one that I am pleased to have had the chance to read again, no matter how moving it is.

Author's Response: Ah, thanks so much for coming back and reviewing! That means a lot!

And thank you for your amazing compliments. No one has ever called my writing powerful before. It truly made me blush. This story was something I had to work pretty hard at, so your words mean a lot.

Thanks for coming back. You made me smile.

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Review #5, by Remus Let Not the Silence Break

27th November 2013:
Hey Perelandra here from the forums!

Ugh Sometime ago I asked for some Gryffindor Reviews and I'm finally getting here. What's funny is that I read it and meant to leave the review but things happened and I just put it in the backburner. So sorry for the uber long delay.

This piece was definitely haunting. What I liked was how you switched the Twins with George dying instead of Fred. Despite the switch, it doesn't make this any better. The pain, the suffering they go through...I guess its more traumatizing to watch the Twin die rather than it being a quick death like it was in the books.

I just couldn't help but to feel sad for Fred as he watched George slip away and unable to say a word. Then again, what can you say at a moment like this?

The end though! It almost felt like an equivalent exchange. Fred's happiness, voice, jokes and everything in exchange for George's life. Yeah, they both lived but still, its a bittersweet end. And no one will understand why he's silent, of the stuff Fred went through except for George.

The end did get a little confusing. Did Fred do some ancient magic that ended up killing the Death Eaters? That part, for me, got a bit muddled but it didn't turn me off from the story at all.

The whole no dialogue thing was great! It felt more powerful, to be honest. It allowed me, as the reader, to just picture these two's suffering a lot more. Which is weird to say but it made me enjoy the story a lot more. Something about the silence here is powerful.

Thank you for allowing me to read this! It was a great and powerful story! I loved it!


Author's Response: I am the SLOWEST review responder in the world, and I'm so sorry for that. It seems like no matter how hard I try, I still manage to get hopelessly behind. So no worries about taking a while to get to the story, since I've taken even longer to get to the response.

It's been a long time since I asked anyone to read this story, so I wasn't sure what your reaction would be to it. I'm glad you appreciated it, and your review is amazing.

I'm not sure I consciously switched the fate of the twins, or that's just how the story wrote itself. I did notice it, towards the end of writing this piece, but I didn't really plan it. And you are right, losing a twin isn't any easier no matter who it is.

I really was trying to pull at the heartstrings with this, so while I'm sorry it made you sad, that is kind of a compliment, so I'm gonna say thank you as well!

When I first wrote this and people were reading it, they kept asking me to add to it, to make it better, let Fred get fixed. But I just couldn't do it. That's not how this story worked. I do hope over time, he regained some happiness, but I'm not sure the joking or the voice could ever come back. It's too much a part of the dark magic he tapped to save George. I'm glad you recognized that and saw it as a fair trade.

Sorry for the confusion at the end. I can see how that would happen, given the style I was writing it. I hinted that yes, he tapped some deep, ancient, instinctual magic - magic like Lily's blood sacrifice for Harry or magic that only a twin, someone connected so deeply to another, could find. And he caused a reaction that did kill the Death Eaters, but whether he did that on purpose or it was just a side effect he didn't realize would happen I left up to the readers.

Thank you for recognizing the power of the silence in the story. That is EXACTLY what I was trying for. *hugs*

Thanks again for reviewing! And I'm sorry it took me ages to respond!

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Review #6, by nott theodore Let Not the Silence Break

8th September 2013:
Hello - I'm here with your requested review!

Hehe I swear that you're secretly determined to turn me into a fan of AU; I have to be honest, I'm probably not far off if I keep reading your stories.

This piece was just so powerful. If this isn't in the style of something you'd normally write (or at least, hadn't written at this point) then the result is incredible. I find it really interesting that you chose to switch around the twins, so that George was the one at risk of death and Fred had to deal with it. Not that it made it any easier to read, since the way you wrote the twins in this was pretty heart-breaking, but it's a great idea for a story.

Your characterisation is always brilliant, but I think you're especially great at writing the twins. Humour didn't really have a place in a story that's so serious, and I think a lot of people forget that the twins were capable of being serious if the occasion required. It was heart-breaking to see how devastated the two of them were at the possibility of hurting each other, and having to see the other in pain. You capture the bond and love between them really well, and to be honest it makes me want to go out and hurt some Death Eaters! They're so vulnerable in this and it's horrible to see, and I liked the concentration on emotion in this piece.

The only aspect that became a bit confusing was the opening, since I wasn't quite aware what was happening. As I settled into the story it didn't matter, but perhaps a little more explanation at the beginning - even just a sentence or two - would help the reader settle into the situation quicker.

The changes in point of view were really well done; Fred and George sounded similar but at the same time there were subtle differences in their characters. I liked the way that they helped build up the story and bring it to the conclusion, although there were a couple of times when the pronouns could get a little confusing as you called them both 'he' in one or two sentences.

The fact that there was no dialogue in this story really amazes me. Often stories with little dialogue can become a little boring, but I was so sucked in to this story that I barely noticed it, except to realise how great a writer you are!

The ending was really brilliant. The magic that Fred used to save George was something I found realistic - it reminded me of Harry in the third book, when he's able to perform wandless magic because of his anger. The sort of exchange - George's life for Fred's voice - is an intriguing idea, and I can understand Fred's satisfaction with it.

This was just so powerful (I know I've said that already, but it really is!) and moving, and your writing is lovely. I'm really happy that both of the twins managed to survive in this story, in spite of the fact that they were in so much danger!

Sian :)

Author's Response: Hi! Sorry I'm so slow responding to this wonderful review! This week totally jumped up and tackled me. :(

But, thanks for this! It made me smile in the middle of a monster week.

So, I'm turning you into an AU fan? I think I'll take that as a compliment. I shall have to keep giving you stuff. LOL. Seriously though, thanks so much for continuing to step out of your comfort zone to read my stuff. It means so very much to me.

*Blushes* Thank you so much! I was trying to for powerful, but I wasn't sure I achieved it or not. And I don't know why I chose to switch the twins, who's in peril. It just seemed like it should be that way as I was writing it. Honestly, this whole thing just kind of came to me in one go, but it still took me AGES to write it because I had to get the words right, if that makes sense.

I know I took the twins to a really dark place, mentally as wells as physically, in this story, which isn't always everyone's cup of tea. People want their twins to be funny and they don't always have patience for people who write them otherwise. But to me, there is so much more to the twins than just their joker sides. I wanted to show that. It makes me feel really good that you latched onto that feeling and found it appropriate for the story.

I know the beginning was a little confusing, and I'm sorry. I purposefully left it that way, as I didn't want to spend time in the story explaining what had happened, how they got there, etc. Honestly, I'm not even sure myself. I just imagined a "what-if" situation and started the story from the middle of it, a simple glimpse of a small section of time, if you will. So, I hope you can forgive me the moment of confusion.

The changes in POV were the hardest part of writing this, even harder than not using any dialogue. I tried my best to clean up all the "he's" and "his" and such, but there were a few places I just couldn't do it, and so left it with hopes for the best.

Honestly, the no dialogue was the easiest part of this story. I've written for several characters that don't speak before, so I've kind of learned to tell a story without the need for dialogue. I've never written an entire story without speaking of any kind until this one, but at least I had a little practice.

Oh, you're making me blush again! Stop that. :D

SO glad you liked the magic Fred used at the end. I have nothing canon to base it on, no proof, no evidence, but I just really feel like for me, in the Harry Potter universe there are old, forgotten aspects of magic that are powerful, but elusive. But, sometimes, people find them. This was one of those times. But, I imagine they come at a cost.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! (hugs) This review was amazing and wonderful and I've blushed bright red and my head has grown three sizes and.yeah. You rock.

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Review #7, by rj_sunshine Let Not the Silence Break

10th January 2012:
Wow this story is so touching. It really makes you think about your own siblings and family. Very well done. I love it.
The No Dialogue Challenge results will be up soon in the Hall of Fame and in my blog :)

Author's Response: Again, thank you for the amazing review! I'm so glad you got the emtions I was trying to convey with this story. Can't wait to see the results of the challenge.

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Review #8, by firefly910 Let Not the Silence Break

9th January 2011:
*wipes tears away*
I am in awe of your writing talent. That was simply the best thing I have ever read in my whole entire life.

The emotion that you portrayed without a single word was unbelievable! I was literally crying and not many fics do that to me.

I love Fred and George stories and you have now topped my list of faves. That was so powerful and moving. The way Fred wouldn't talk and how he showed so much love for his brother in the end by getting them both free.

10/10! Amazing!

Author's Response: I am so so so sorry it has taken me so long to reply to your wonderful review. My life has been ensane this last year and I've become behind in almost everything, review responses being one of the worst areas. I hope you can forgive me for that.

Now, to address your amazing comments. Thank you so much for what you wrote! I'm never sure when I write something a little different like this how people will take it. It gives me all sorts of warm fuzzies to know you liked it, and your comments make me blush. And I'm sorry you were crying! I hope you had tissues on hand.

Fred and George are my favorites! While I usually like happy stories involving them, I do like to show that they are much stronger than people give them credit for. That's where this story came from.

Thank you again for reading! I hope you come back when I get back in the writing groove. :)

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Review #9, by TenthWeasley Let Not the Silence Break

6th January 2011:
This is one of the most heart-wrenching, tear-jerking, breathtaking stories I've ever read in my entire life.

Not fan fiction - one of the best STORIES. You've breached the category and that's saying a lot.

I can't express the words I feel about this story, so may I only say that you are an amazing and talented writer and should be extremely proud of the masterpiece you've created.

Author's Response:'s taken me almost a year to respond to this wonderful review. I am so so so so so sorry! My only excuse is that this has been the most insane year I have ever had and I've been behind in everything. I'm trying to go through my reviews and catch up now, even if most people have probably forgotten they gave them in the first place.

Thank you so much for your kind words! This was a very difficult piece to write and I'm glad you found it worth reading. Your compliments, saying it's beyond fanfiction and such, left me breathless! Thank you, thank you a million times over!

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Review #10, by Raielle Let Not the Silence Break

3rd December 2010:
Oh. My. Dear. Merlin.

You have me in tears, love. That was quite possibly the darkest piece of Twin fic I have ever read, but boy am I glad that I read it. I love angst, but this...this needs it's own genre, because it's that amazing.

Let me tell you, I was waiting LITERALLY on the edge of my seat for a scrap of dialogue...maybe a simple "George?" or "Fred?" or anything...but it made the story that much better that it didn't need dialogue. It was almost as if their pain was enough of a communication for them, which is depressing, but so, so genius.

Your prose is phenomenal. "He wants to live, but more importantly, he doesnít want Fred to watch him die." That was my favorite line of the story. It's so simple, yet so haunting. Good choice making it the end of a paragraph. It was nicely placed.

I absolutely loved this story. It completely captures the essence of what war really does to people. Fred and George, even though they are the most lighthearted characters in the book, were pulled of as IC during this fic. Everything made sense.

"A figure emerges, another cradled in his arms, backlit as if by the flames of Hell itself, staggering on torn feet into the night. Death nips at his heels, reaches for the limp form he carries, but he holds tightly, refusing to let go, and presses on, one weary step after another, away from the carnage and on toward home." - This paragraph was what sent me over the edge. It's beautifully written.

You're an amazing writer. Never stop writing Twin fics, please. I will forever worship the ground on which you tread. :)

- Elle

Author's Response: I may have had you in tears (which I'm sorry for, btw) but your review left me giddy. THANKS so much!

This IS the darkest Harry Potter thing I've ever written, and it really was rather hard to do it to my beloved twins who are usually so light-hearted, but I knew it had to be them or it wouldn't work. I'm really awed you liked it so much.

Writing without the dialogue wasn't really that hard. You'd think it would have been, with the twins being so talkative and such, but surprisingly that wasn't the difficult part. The difficult part was finding the right words for everything else, because the style that this fic insisted on appearing in made it so there was no room for extra words. Gave me fits! And so I can't thank you enough for the compliment on the prose, because I really did work hard on it.

I really wanted to show the depth of a bond that the twins have, and to take that theme in Harry Potter of love having a power that rivels that of magic and expound on it. I also wanted to show that Fred and George are more than just jokers and tricksters. They have depth and maturity and seriousness as well. I'm very glad you think it worked.

Thank you so so much for a wonderful review! As for the worshiping thing - now you are just making me blush. But, if you really did like it, I have other twin fics out there. Perhaps I should request again. :)


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Review #11, by schoenemaedchen Let Not the Silence Break

27th July 2010:
Dear Farmgirl,

Just WOW. I'm at a loss for I probably should be as this is the silence is golden challenge.

Let me just say, you've achieved such great miracle here with this story.

Firstly, you've been able to take a story without a single ounce of dialogue, and have it LEAP off the page (or in this case computer screen) and SCREAM at me with emotion. That sounds violent...but I don't mean it that way. It's just so jam packed full of emotions and everything...this story absolutely transcends the words written on the page.

Secondly, you've been able to make a story flow without dialogue. Haha you might say...but I think the last week I've written more reviews telling people to please CUT BACK on the description please. Sometimes it's like reading and walking into a wall simultaneously. THIS story, though, is just amazing. It flows so naturally and beautiful in its dark setting and is not once boring or lethargic. It keeps moving. This is so important...and I don't often think it is recognized how entirely challenging it is (maybe you recognize it...haha) to write a story purely on a non-talking basis.

I'm not even really into dark stories usually, but I found the imagery and emotions so moving, I was literally too drawn in to quit reading.

I know this is in the AU direction, but for somehow, it felt so real to me, which is also a miracle, considering its not usually my thing. Upon further reflection...I think this story could have totally happened, perhaps that's why it felt so real.

I also respect how you've integrated the two most happy-go-lucky, slap-stick characters into such a story. You really dive into a side that's unexplored. You don't just go snorkeling...I'm talking DEEP SEA DIVING. The results were breathtaking.

I have yet to favorite any authors here...really...but you have really won my respect as an author and just. Yeah. I started with Wow I'll end with Wow.

Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful writing with the world!!!


Author's Response: Firstly, I'm sorry for the tardiness of this reply. I once again managed to get behind on answering my reviews. And I must be honest and admit that part of the reason for that was the sheer awesomeness of this review! I've been stuck trying to figure out what on earth I could say in response. You serously left me speechless! I don't think I've ever had anyone tell me my writing was miraculous! THANKS!

I honestly can't express how much it means that you liked this story so much. You were taking a risk with me anyway, knowing how AU I can go, and to have you come out with such glowing praise after reading it. I'm totallly blow away.

I've never written a story completely void of dialogue, but in the end that wasn't really even the challenge. I wrote this is such an abstract way that I ended up having to almost choose each word individually to make it work. As I say at the beginning, it was seriously the hardest thing I've ever written. I'm glad you think it worked okay.

I have done some dark stuff in the past, but not in Harry Potter writing, so I was VERY nervous about delving this darkly here, especially with the two characters I choose to use. But I'm also a firm believer that there is much more to our favorite twins than meets the eye, or than they let most people see, so I wanted to explore that. I also really wanted to show how strong their bond is and that's the other reason I used them.

Now, I must say that I am completely honored and humbled that I was the first author you favorited! Thank you, thank you! I'm not the most vocal or noticable person around the archives or forums, and as such, I'm not sure a lot of people know my stuff even exists. I can't tell you how much it means when someone adds me to their favorites, and it means even more knowing this isn't the stuff you usually read.

Thank you so much for such a beautiful review. I hope you can forgive how long it took me to get back to you on it, but I've been in awe of it and not sure how to respond. I shall certainly be coming back to your thread to ask for more, which I hope you won't mind.


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Review #12, by JLHufflepuff Let Not the Silence Break

5th July 2010:
The darkness of this piece is its best feature, right along with the emotions portrayed between the brothers.

The situation you've set up is very chilling, that the Death Eaters could be so cruel to set up the particular brand of captivity between the two brothers. The idea of the collars working the way they do is very interesting, and I think it works well here.

I like the way you have the brothers' relationship deepening and changing because of what they've gone through together. They realize that NOT talking about what they've experienced, by keeping its secret, they are acting out of love.

You kept up with the spirit of the challenge well, even using the theme in your story.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for such a great review!

I was worried about how dark this piece was, but I knew it had to go all the way or it wouldn't work. It's always nice to hear that readers agree with that.

I never really intended to write this piece. I had a dream, a very freaky dream actually, that was basically the premise for this piece. I filed it away in my brain but never meant to use it until I saw the challenge. Then I couldn't stop it from being written, if that makes any sense.

As for the twins' relationship - I love exploring sides of that. Fred and George are my favorites. I'm glad you understood the heart of what I was trying to convey.

Again, thank you so much for such a great review! It was a pleasure to get one from you.

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Review #13, by RonsGirlFriday Let Not the Silence Break

27th June 2010:
Oh. My. God.

You are a seriously fantastic writer. I hope you know this. The emotion and description in this is exquisite, and it is so heartbreaking. It's difficult to read Fred and George in such a dark and desolate context, and I imagine it's even harder to write. But you pulled it off, and I felt like I was grieving along with them. And I definitely understand how difficult it is to write without any dialogue - dialogue is a bit of a crutch for me, so I always appreciate a well-written "silent" fic, and this is an excellent one.


Author's Response: Thank you so much for such a wonderful review! It honestly made my week to get a review from you, someone I respect so highly as an author!

It WAS rather hard to write this, and to do this to my beloved twins, but it ended up being one of those stories you have to tell, even though you're not exactly sure you want to. Does that make sense? To have you praise it - wow, means a lot!

Thanks again so much!

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Review #14, by Pacific Wizard Let Not the Silence Break

3rd May 2010:
My goodness Farmgirl. I once asked you if you had some life experiences to draw on for your stories and you said nothing remotely to what you had written in your stories. I can only surmise then, that you are a very sensitive and gifted conduit of emotions, a catharsis for the experiences of your characters. You also have a wonderful writing style. Thank you for sharing your gift. Very well done. PW

Author's Response: Awww, shucks! You are seriously making me blush here! I can't say thanks enough for such a wonderful review. Seriously, it made my month! I try to write with emotion and such, but I'm not always sure it comes across the way it should. Means a lot to hear you think it does.

And I must apologize for the tardiness in replying to this great review. My life got a little crazy for a few months and I had to put internet stuff on hold for a bit. But I wanted you to know that I really do appreciate the review. Thanks!

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Review #15, by J_O_I_Rowling Let Not the Silence Break

15th April 2010:
i loved it. you had me feeling cold with them, and my throat has closed up, and while i felt like crying for the whole story, the end really got to me.. it was beautiful. great work.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! It was a very hard piece to write, but I am rather proud of it now that it's done. I'm glad to hear you...well enjoyed is a bad word considering the nature of the story... I'm glad it gave you as much emotions as it did. That's high praise indeed. Thanks for reading!

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Review #16, by melian Let Not the Silence Break

14th April 2010:
Hi! Here with your review!

Wow, what a story you have here. I'll do my inner critic stuff first, though to be frank I didn't notice much, aside from the ubiquitous American spellings. But you didn't ask for those to be pointed out so I'm happy to ignore them. Apart from that, the only thing I raised an eyebrow at was the word acclimated, because where I live we say "acclimatised". However, I've had people ask me if "acclimatised" is a word, so I think that might be one of those people-from-different-countries-use-slightly-different-words things. In other words, ignore my ramblings. This was fine.

Okay, fine may not be the right word, considering the subject matter of this fic. You weren't kidding when you said it was dark, but then again that's not a bad thing. Dark stories certainly have their place, and this wasn't over the top by any means. But I thought it was a really good story.

The POV changes, which often come across as stilted or awkward in fanfiction, I thought worked really well in this, and it wasn't difficult to work out whose perspective we were following even though you didn't spell it out. If nothing else, I tip my hat to you for that, because I have read so many bad POV switches in fanfic that it was like a breath of fresh air.

I will admit that the ancient magic that Fred called upon to release them did throw me a little, mainly because it wasn't clear exactly what he did. Clearly it was an embedded, dormant kind of magic (I can't think of a better word than that right now, sorry), in that it didn't require props like wands or potions, just sheer emotion and force of desperation ... this is certainly not inconsistent with canon, but I think it's the first time I've seen that sort of magic being used consciously and deliberately. I liked the subtlety of Fred picking the wand from a dead Death Eater - the fact that the dead hand had a wand at all proved it wasn't George's hand - after the explosion, too. You managed to convey a lot in very few words in that bit, which is something to be prized I think.

In fact, I'm starting to think that I should have written this review when my brain was working better, because I'm just not finding the right words for what I want to say, and you did that so perfectly all through this story that I'm feeling quite inadequate.

Overall, then, a very good story I thought. The bond that Fred and George had, which was demonstrated over and over in the canon, worked so well as an integral part of this story, and their communication without words was one of the most poignant images I've read in fanfic for a long time. I can see how it would have been difficult to write, but I think you should be proud of this fic. It's great. You did a fantastic job.

cheers, Mel

Author's Response: Wow, three months to respond to a review. You've probably given me up for dead by now. All I can say is life went really, really crazy this spring and I had to let the internet hobbies slide for a while in order to survive. So sorry I've kept you waiting because of it, but must tell you how much I love this review you gave me! It is completely awesome!!

LOL. Thanks for the critiques. I can barely spell with American spellings. I would be doomed if I tried British ones, so I'm glad you are able to ignore them. :)

I am glad you liked the story despite the dark subject matter, although liked seems like an odd word choice given what this was about. Hopefully you know what I mean by that.

Thanks so much for the compliments on the POV changes! I really, really didn't want to have to spell out which was which as I felt it made the fic lose some of its power, but I was afraid people might get lost without it. In the end I just left them and crossed my fingers, so to hear that you liked them makes me feel much better. Thanks!

The magic Fred used was...well, I guess you could say author's choice. I'm not sure I could justify it with canon, but I don't think canon outright dicounts something like that existing. Mostly, I was trying to show that somethings defy description or explanation, in the real world or the magical one, such as the bond between twins as close as Fred and George. What happened here was how my muse led me to convey that, but that doesn't mean I was trying to go for canon.

As for the compliment about saying a lot with very little - you seriously have me blushing. That is one of the coolest comments anyone has ever made about my writing and I thank you bunches!

No, not inadequate! Extremely cool review! You seriously made my whole week when I got this, and rereading it now to respond to it has me grinning like crazy person again. Thanks so much for taking the time to read this!

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Review #17, by Miss Lily Potter Let Not the Silence Break

7th April 2010:
Hey. I'm here from the forums, with your review.

So... Wow. This was... amazing. This isn't your usual style, but you wrote this so beautifully. All the emotions were clear on the page, and it was so, so sad. ):

Firstly, I loved how your summary tied in with the story, not once but twice. It really packed a punch, at the end, and it left a(n even more) haunting feel to what was already an incredibly haunting story.

I loved your description. I would quote all the phrases I liked, but that would be every one of them. Every word seemed carefully thought out and placed, and seemed to have an impact.

When I first saw this was in present tense, I was a bit apprehensive--not every author can pull it off. But I can't imagine the story being as beautiful without the present tense, that feeling of impending doom that's caused by things happening "here and now". And that left the ending wide open, because most stories written in present tense tend to have both characters live.

I was glad you had them both live, but not speak. After going through something as terrifying as that, to have them be happy and okay wouldn't have seemed realistic.

The ending, where George was dying, and then Fred's realization, and burst of ancient magic, made my cry. It was just so powerful, and it was an intense climax.

I like how you had it sad right away. There wasn't a lot of buildup--"And then the Death Eaters took them, and there they are now." They were there, and the readers put it together. It was much more... intense, I suppose is the word, that way.

Fred and George were both really in character. They were their brave selves, but not stupid--they understood that they might not die, and to both, the important thing was not being alone, rather then dying. It was poignant, sad, amazing. Great job.

There were parts in this that were terrifying--and I read a LOT of horror. The whole thing about time, and their unspoken conversations... It spoke to me, and it was very scary.

The torture that the Death Eaters came up with was just about the most horrible thing they could have done, save kill one of them. Not letting them speak, and having one of them tortured if they made a sound... It's awful.

In case you couldn't tell, I really enjoyed reading this. It was beautifully written, and thank you so much for requesting! Sorry it took me so long to get to, I've been kind of busy. I wish I'd read it before, it was really, really great.

10/10 (Though that seems an understatement...)

Author's Response: Three months without a response. That has to be some kind of horribly awful record! I really, really hope you can forgive me! All I can say is real life seriously got in the way of online activites for the end of Spring and I'm so sorry.

Now, I must next say think you so much for such a wonderful review! It made me smile and feel so nice, so thanks!

I'm glad you liked the summary. It seemed so simple I wasn't sure people would actually be drawn to the fic just with that little summary, but I guess it worked. And I do work hard to tie things in so it's very nice that you noticed. :)

I really had to think and plan what words I used carefully. This was probably the hardest thing I've ever written so it means a lot that you would comment on the choice of words. Thanks!

The present tense thing wasn't something I planned. I started writing this in a very different way than it turned out here. After struggling I scrapped what I had done and started over, and that's when the present tense came it. It made all the difference in how this story was told and so I kept it. It just felt right, like it was easier to feel Fred and George's emotions.

I knew from the beginning that I couldn't put them through this and have them come out the same, so the not speaking thing was a given. As for whether George lived or not, that I went back and forth on. I really wanted him to live, but I wasn't sure I could pull it off. In the end I just did what felt right.

Thanks again a million times for your praise and compliments. As I said, they made my day! Sorry if I made you cry or it was rather horrifying in places. I really don't know where this came from as I usually don't go this dark, but it was something I had to write.

Thanks again for such a wonderful review and SO sorry it took me so long to reply.

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Review #18, by kandekisses Let Not the Silence Break

7th April 2010:
Ahh! I m so sorry for the wait =/

Your right.. this is definitely a bit different from what you usually write but its just as brilliant. That was so beautifully written, I can only imagine how much work you put into it.

The most amazing part about this story is the fact that I read through it not once thinking about how there's no dialogue. That's such a hard thing to do and I think you did it really well.

I love those last two lines so much. It makes such an impact. How in the world you thought of the torture devices I don't know but it really showed the connection between Fred&George. They didn't need words, all they needed was each other.

Watching them wither away was so sad. How can people be so cruel to put people through something like this. The twin's whole jail stay was so heart-wrenching for me. At the end where George is about to go and Fred becomes overwhelmed with that incredible magic made me so happy. I really like how you connected it to how Harry survived the killing curse.

Also by the two staying in silence even after they were free, I think was the perfect choice. They went through something that no one else can understand except for each other.

Wow. There's so many parts I'd like to comment on but I just can't form it right in my head. So sorry bout that. I want you to know though that you shouldn't be too worried about this story. Its amazing like all your other work. You always stir up emotion in me which is kind of hard to do.

Brilliant job my dear! I really enjoyed reading this one-shot. Keep up the good work =)
I look forward to reading more from you.

Author's Response: You're sorry for the wait! I'm HORRIBLY sorry for the wait for this response! I thought life would calm down after Spring Break but it actually seems to be moving faster and faster and I'm getting farther and farther behind! I hope you can forgive me for being so slow!

Thank you so very much for such a glowing review of this story! It was very hard to write and even now, after hearing many people give it good remarks, I'm still not entirely sure how I feel about having written it.

You know, this was the ONLY way I probably could have done the lack of dialogue and not hated it the entire way. But somehow this fic came out in such a different form and style that I usually use, it ended up being very easy to do the lack of dialogue. Of course, that was the only easy thing about writing this. I'm so glad you didn't mind the missing dialogue! Means it worked.

I love Fred and George. I know you know that already, but I can't help saying it again. I love that brotherly/twin bond they share and there aren't nearly enough stories out there that focus on that. So I couldn't stop myself from doing it here.

I'm so glad you liked the plot and flow of the story, and weren't put off by the lack of what some people might consider vital information (why were they there, how did it happen, who did it, etc.) The staying silent thing at the end was painful to do (I basically stripped my favorite joking duo of their jokes and laughter) but I knew it had to be done to finish this story correctly. Thank heavens this is a one-shot and I don't have to keep them that way. :D

Once again, thanks so much for the heavy praise! I can't tell you enough how much it means to me! I hope you can forgive me for taking so long to reply to this wonderful review!

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Review #19, by theelderwand Let Not the Silence Break

25th March 2010:


Appropriate, probably, given the magnitude of emotion packed into this tale.

Farmgirl, I really don't know what to say. There aren't words suffiicient to priase this (amazing, wrenching, superb - none of these adjectives are strong enough) story.



Author's Response: Thank you. I was really, really worried about putting this one out there. I almost didn't go through with it, just because it's so dark and I thought people might chase me down and throw things at me. I was also worried because I stuck it up without it ever being beta-ed. So, I'm really glad you think it was okay.

Thanks for the great compliment! Leaving someone speechless doesn't happen often, so thank you very very much!

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Review #20, by lustylover Let Not the Silence Break

23rd March 2010:
Here is my review! (sorry it took so long!)

This is so incredibly impressive. I read your authors note, of course, and I must say that all of this hard work of yours paid off. Honestly. I don't read dark ever, but you have presented it in such a mature, detailed and wonderful way that I just could not stop reading. I am so impressed with what you have done in just over 2000 words. I salute you :)

Thanks so much for request reviews. I really enjoy giving them! If you get the chance, please check out my own stories here on HPFF. Thanks again!


Author's Response: No worries about taking a while to get to reviewing as I've taken even longer to respond! I'd say we're even. :)

Thank you so much for such a wonderful review! And the fact that you called it impressive while admiting that you don't read dark stuff is even more amazing! I DO write dark stuff, but this takes the cake even for me, and I wasn't at all sure how people would respond to it. Thank you so much for your kind words about it!

I'm so swamped with school right now that I haven't been reading anything, but I have a huge list of stuff I want to check out as soon as summer break gets here. I'll be sure to put you on the list.

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Review #21, by MrsKatieGrint Let Not the Silence Break

20th March 2010:
Oh my... This was such a powerful story. Gosh I don't even have any adjectives to fully describe how much this story has made an impact on me... Really fantastic job, and please forgive me for my lame lame adjectives.

Author's Response: Nothing to forgive. Thank you for such a wonderful review. It's always nice to get reviews from you! Glad the story touched you.

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Review #22, by blueirony Let Not the Silence Break

19th March 2010:
What the hell kind of dreams do you have to produce something like this?!

My God, that was... intense. So breathtakingly intense. I feel like I've just been underwater and I have only just come up for air. Wow. That was... I'm going to try to write as fast as I can so I can truly get out what I'm thinking right now.

You're right that this was dark. But it was just so well written. I could see the strips of lights falling to the floor. I could see the unforgiving stone around them. It was just... wow. You painted such a vivid picture of this in my head that I almost don't want to know how you imagined it in your head. It's like one of those books that you read that have been turned into films - you don't want to see the film simply because it will rid you of your own visions for what the world is like. I felt that in this. And let me tell you that I don't often feel it.

Some of the words you used. Some of the sentences. I feel like I should quote some of them back to you, but I don't want to because it will rid them of their power.

You have this way of encompassing basic human emotions into your writing. Like sacrifice. Like love. And you do it so beautifully.
What a vessel to convey what love really is - using the bond that the twins have. Wow.

This was just... intense. And amazing. I don't even know how much of what I'm writing right now is making sense. I just know that I absolutely adored it.

And I even like we don't know why the twins got to where they were. That open-endedness just adds to it, I think.

However (and I can't believe that I'm asking this), can you please explain the ending? Did one of them die?
I am so sorry to be asking this. And this does not AT ALL reflect poorly upon your writing. This is just what happens when I get home at 4 in the morning and have class at 9 in the morning the next day...

But, wow. I almost feel like I should go find a corner and cry now. I don't know why. This just... it's like there is a sob fighting to get out of me.
And that... doesn't happen. For that to happen, the writing has to really touch me in a way that I don't quite get.

Intense. Lovely. Breathtaking. Horribly sad. Desolate. Heartwrenching. Beautiful.

I don't know what else to say.

Joop :]

Author's Response: I don't ALWAYS have disterbing dreams like this, promise! (It does rather make me seem a Seriously, I have another fic where Harry, Ron, and the twins are in a spot of trouble and I'd been thinking about it before I went to bed, and apparently the dream took off from there and then plunged down roads I NEVER would have thought up while awake. And, as I mentioned, I never planned to write this, until I read your challenge and knew it would be perfect, if disterbing.

Now, as to your wonderful, breathtaking review. Honestly, I was stunned the first (and secoond, and third) times I read it. You flatter me WAY too much, but I'll still admit to grinning like an idiot as I read it. It's partly why it's taken me so long to respond. What do you say in response to a review like this?

Writing this story was VERY intense. It was HARD to do, both to get it right, and to slog through the emotion that was attached to it. It's no secret that the twins are my favorite, and to do this to hurt. I'm glad you found the reading of it worthwhile, because that makes the effort worth it.

As for the ending, no worries at all. No, one of them did NOT die. George almost died, but Fred, in a moment of pure love, did some massive wandless magic and got them out of the cell. Then he destroyed the whole building and everyone else in it and took his brother home. I really, really love the bond that exists between Fred and George and wanted to find a way to show that and explore the strength of it, without putting it in anyway that people could misinterpret or misread. (some of the stuff about the twins out there gets a on the up and up angle.)

That it made you feel like you might need to cry. HIGH COMPLIMENT! Thank you so much for reading and for giving such a wonderful review. I absolutly LOVE getting reviews from you because they are always interesting and fun to read, but completely honest as well.

Take care and thanks a ton!

- Jill

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Review #23, by RonNiffler Let Not the Silence Break

18th March 2010:
Hello! RonNiffler here from forums!

Can I just say I love your way of writing! It's just so much detail! Just the way it flow is fantastic! So great job!

Just a warning though, your writing style is very unique and some people may have trouble reading it. I think you'll be fine, just warning you ahead of time.

'Without warning, ragged coughs seize his chest, stealing his breath and squeezing like unseen hands.' Wow! Great line, I can clearly visualize this in my mind!

Wow, just the way you describe all this I feel like I'm there. And yes I feel like I'm about to cry.

And now I am in tears! Your last line 'Words like alone.' Was so sad! Beautifully written! Great, great job!

Author's Response: Thank you! I know this style is not for everyone, so I'm thrilled you liked it! It was actually rather different from the style I usually write in anyway, but it was really fun to try something new. Although, fun seems like the wrong word given the subject matter of the fic...

Telling me you could visualize the scenes and felt like you were there are two of the greatest compliments ever! It means all that time I spend agonizing over the right word to use was worth it, so thank you!

Sorry about the tears! Well, actually, I'm not, because that also means I did my job with this, but honestly I didn't make you cry. Should I send over some tissues?

Thanks for such a great review!

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Review #24, by icefire_lioness Let Not the Silence Break

16th March 2010:
Hi, icefire_lioness here with your review. :)

Okay, first off - WOW. The last sentence/paragraph made me choke up a little. :) I really like that repeated phrase, too, it works very well. Usually repetition means things lose their weight, but it's done the opposite in this case.

Now, I know I said I don't like angst, but sometimes one must make an exception (!) and this is definitely it. This is a very powerful piece; incredibly well written (gosh, I've been so lucky - all the people asking for reviews so far have been so talented!) and your character descriptions were just...brilliant.

I do love the twins so much, and this fic really bought home to me why. Their love for each other; all-encompassing and powerful, is so strong that they've built this bond between themselves that things like death, pain and suffering could never break. And you basically just wrote a fic that outlines that in brilliant clarity. I love it.

If this isn't the kind of thing you usually write, then you must be INCREDIBLE at your normal stuff. :D I have to say it took me until about...the third part where you write:

Yes, there are much more fearful words than silence. Words like *alone*.

It took me until then to really sit forward and feel like this was something special. That isn't to say that the first part was badly written (it wasn't, at all), it's really just that I'm not used to being into angst. And that's the thing, here - you got me so involved in this story that I forgot I don't generally like this genre and began to think about how much it moved me. Which, really, is a sign of incredible writing.

You've done an amazing job, and I sincerely mean that.

Having said that, there were a couple of errors I noticed (very small, but I'm a nitpicker):

'unexplainable' should actually be 'inexplicable'
'acclimated' should be 'acclimatised'

And that's it! Dear god, girl, that's the worst I can come up with! Well done.

Good luck with your writing in the future!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for reading this and reviewing! I have to say your reviews have made my week MUCH nicer!

To win you over to this fic, one who doesn't like angst, feels like a very high honor. It was really, really difficult to write. I've never spent so much time on a fic, moving things, changing phrases and words around, etc. I'm incredibly humbled you gave it such high praise!

As for my regular stuff, I'm not sure about the incredible part. It is much more normal and mundane than I tried to be with this fic, but I appreciate the sentiment just the same! Thank you!

It really means so much to hear that the writing and the story sucked you in. Those are wonderful words to the ears of any author, and I'm still rather basking in the glow of this incredible review!

Thanks for the notice of the few typos. :)

And thanks so so so much for reading and reviewing!

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Review #25, by dracos_hotter Let Not the Silence Break

15th March 2010:
I enjoyed this. For someone who doesn't usually write so darkly and perhaps deeply, this was entirely wonderful.


Author's Response: Thank you! I can tell you it was rather like a work-out getting this down on paper, so the praise is much appreciated.

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