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Review #1, by Toni Epilogue: Happy Endings

1st November 2016:
Brilliant story. I loved it and a happy ending too,

Author's Response: thank you so much!!!

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Review #2, by DracoPrincess Epilogue: Happy Endings

1st June 2012:
I will never ever ever get tired of this story

! I love it

Author's Response: Thank you so much. ^_^ --Jenna

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Review #3, by DracoPrincess The Poison

30th May 2012:
I love this story this is my second time to read it and I still find it wonderful

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm glad that you like it. ^_^ --Jenna

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Review #4, by DracoPrincess Epilogue: Happy Endings

16th April 2012:
I loved ever second of this story. I loved how they weren't magic but you used things from the book like Remus likes werewolves and newts and the burrow. I'm going to think of this story every time I read Harry potter. People should write more novels like this.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm glad that you enjoyed my story and thanks for taking time to leave a review. ^_^ --Jenna

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Review #5, by Sophie <3 Change Your Mind

17th March 2012:
Hey that's sly on Regulus! What kind of person just goes out with their little brother's ex? But other than that it's great:) I really enjoy reading this

Author's Response: The kind that doesn't really care about his brother too much. Sirius isn't exactly loving and affectionate towards Regulus in this. And considering the type of bloke Regulus is towards Remus, he has no reason to be. ^_^ Thank you again for the read and review! --Jenna

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Review #6, by Sophie <3 Real World

17th March 2012:
Aww I love Regulus. Honestly I can't imagine him being straight, and when I read the things you write, I don't think you can either! but anyway great chapter

Author's Response: Nope, I can't imagine him being straight. I don't know why, he's just one of the few characters that I can't write that way. :P Thank you for reviewing! --Jenna

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Review #7, by james girl Epilogue: Happy Endings

1st March 2012:
NO! THAT CANT BE THE END!I wanna know what happened to James and Lily!

Author's Response: Sorry, that's all of it. :(
Thank you for reading and reviewing. ♥ --Jenna

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Review #8, by heir of gryffindor casey Epilogue: Happy Endings

1st October 2011:
don't they have a double sink?

Author's Response: Hehehehe nope. They never got a double. ;) --Jenna

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Review #9, by AnnaLovesHP Epilogue: Happy Endings

1st August 2011:
My my my. You can write.

Seriously. This is freaking good.

You, Jenna822, are now one of my favourite authors.


Author's Response: Thank you. I'm glad that you enjoyed it and thanks for taking time to review. ^.^ --Jenna

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Review #10, by roxyroxtheworld Epilogue: Happy Endings

24th May 2011:
lol hey what happened to the double sink they were gonna get? lol jk love how you threw that last part in there and james and lily stilled died =( oh well anyway loved the story!!! great job!!!

Author's Response: Hehehe. :) Yup, they never got their double. And yeah :'( sad times for them.
Thank you so much for all your wonderful reviews. Siriusly, you're so sweet!! --Jenna

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Review #11, by roxyroxtheworld Too Far Gone

24th May 2011:
wow lol more harry potter characters are popping in to the story. and snape wow loved it lol to bad james and sirius don't share a dorm and i loved the lily parts love this story!!!

Author's Response: Thank you so much!! ^.^ --Jenna

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Review #12, by roxyroxtheworld Drive Away

23rd May 2011:
remus is gone and sirius is sad and dang everyones saying there good byes and its so very emotional lol the regulus/sirius part was not expected but at least regulus is trying.

Author's Response: This chapter made me sad to write. :'(
Yeah, he's a getting there. Thank you again! --Jenna

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Review #13, by roxyroxtheworld Kiss Yourself Goodnight

23rd May 2011:
wow lol loved it!!! james and remus aren't akward anymore lol sheep never would have seen that coming lol and sirius seems annoyed lol but dang regulus was harsh anyway loved it!!!

Author's Response: Yes he was. o.o Regulus is a moody one.
Thank you so much. Glad that you're enjoying it. :) --Jenna

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Review #14, by roxyroxtheworld Here I Sit

23rd May 2011:
i see regulus has found someone to spend his time with hu. and he's makin him late lol nice anyway regulus can stay in new york for a long while =)

Author's Response: Thank you! --Jenna

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Review #15, by roxyroxtheworld The Future has Arrived

23rd May 2011:
lol what a way to torture us. telling us that lily and james are getting married then telling us we'll have to wait a nother chapter after this to read about regulus in new york. maybe i'll just skip that chapter. jk lol love james and this chapter!!!
just so i'm not confused sirius has three houses now? or two houses and an apartment? wow lucky him but i would hate two have to dust three different places =)

Author's Response: *sinister laugh*
At least you came in with the next chapters up already. :) Sirius only lives in one place now. He's fully moved out of James'. Though I wouldn't put it past him to pop in for dinner a lot. Lol.

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Review #16, by roxyroxtheworld The Last Song

23rd May 2011:
loved it and my high school graduation didn't even almost seem that emotional lol but loved it anyway!!!

Author's Response: Haha ikr, my graduation near put me to sleep. :P
Thank you! --Jenna

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Review #17, by GinnyPotter25 Too Far Gone

13th May 2011:
to answer your answer to my older review, yes it was the concept. Just them being in America and all, it confused me a little. But then I began to see the parallels between the canon and your version of it and it all made much more sense. =) Excellent job!

Author's Response: Ah okay. Thanks for coming back and saying! I was nervous about the carryover, but I tried to pull as much similarities as I could. Glad that you found them there. Thank you!! --Jenna

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Review #18, by GinnyPotter25 Epilogue: Happy Endings

8th May 2011:
So good! At first I was utterly confused...but this was really a very original idea and you executed it very well too. ^_^ I was so drawn in by the story I had to skip reviewing till the end just to finish it faster. [sorry about that] but can I just say, Remus makes nerds sexy. ^_^

Author's Response: Confused? Just cause of the concept or something else? Not that you can answer, but yeah. I'll hope it was the concept one. :)

That's okay, I'm glad that you enjoyed it that much! Hehehe, I was hoping to get that reaction. I'm a nerd lover.
Thank you so much for reading and leaving a review!! --Jenna

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Review #19, by DeerParkQueen Epilogue: Happy Endings

7th May 2011:
Its over. Awe, I loved this story so much. I'm glad for the happy ending. It was amazing story. I loved it.

Author's Response: Thank you so much. I'm glad you enjoyed it and thanks for taking time to review. --Jenna

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Review #20, by SunnyRae Epilogue: Happy Endings

6th May 2011:
Aw! Sirius and Remus are so cute!
But hey! I want to know what happened to James and Lily! Did they get in a car crash? Did Mr. Riddle assassinate them for being too awesome or something?
And Regulus? Did he stay with that one guy?
Lovely happy ending though! Sirius and Remus are happy and they've got Harry!
Thanks for the story! It was wonderful! Any chance for a sequel?? ; )

Author's Response: Thank you so much. ^.^
I had planned a sequel for this, but I never got in to it and then too much time had gone by. (I actually finished writing this quite some time ago.) So I can answer those. :)

They were going to be in a car wreck, sending Harry to live with the Dursleys. Regulus would have stayed with Kent until he overheard some of Mr. Riddle's shady dealings, then he would have "disappeared" and never been heard from again. :(

Thank you so much for reviewing!! --Jenna

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Review #21, by Kelly Drive Away

2nd May 2011:
Your an amazing writer!! I'm normally bot into slash but this is to great not to read!! Keep it up!!

Author's Response: Thank you. I'm glad that you're enjoying it. ^.^ And thank you for leaving a review. --Jenna

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Review #22, by TheHeirOfSlytherin Drive Away

27th April 2011:
It took two days of refusing to put down my iPod till the battery went dead (twice :P) cause I wanted to finish, but I did it; I am up to date with this awesome story, which I love very, very much. I never read modern day AU all...until this one. You've set a target now ;)

Looking forward to the last two chapters!


Author's Response: Awww thank you! I'm glad that you enjoyed the story. :) Thanks for reviewing! --Jenna

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Review #23, by roxyroxtheworld Back to Me

25th April 2011:
looks like sirius wont have to get a job after all. anyway sad that sirius' uncle died but awesome that he left him everything!!! anyway loved it!!!

Author's Response: Nope. Lol. Thank you again. :) --Jenna

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Review #24, by roxyroxtheworld Stab My Back

25th April 2011:
non 12+ does idiot count? cuz thats what cam is. and why did sirius do that? :( anyway still an awesome chapter

Author's Response: Yup idiot is allowed. :D Aww Sirius has issues. He's new to this whole relationship thing too. ;) --Jenna

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Review #25, by roxyroxtheworld Another Heart Calls

25th April 2011:
camoron is such a dusch. the only way him and remus would see each other at school is probably if camoron drove so he could bump into remus on purpose. anyway hope sirius comes around before remus has to go. anyway loved it as usual!!!

Author's Response: Haha, yes he is. :P Thank you again!! --Jenna

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