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Review #1, by Siriius Save The Last Dance

13th March 2010:
I saw this in the challenge thread and I had to read it since I'm a huge R/S fan. Angst; Oh, how I love angst. Absolutely incredible writing. The song made it even more enjoyable to read. I felt myself wanting to cry when I thought Remus was going to forget about Sirius to be with Tonks! But this was an absolutely beautiful one-shot. The dialogue between the two men was flawless; I wanted it to go on forever :O I really enjoyed this, well done!

Author's Response: Oh wow- what a lovely review!! Thank you so much. I love the song and I love R/S so I was able to blend the two together- one of the rare times I'm pretty happy with the result. And I love the characters as individuals so I find the dialogue can flow quite easily when I'm in the right frame of mind.
Thank you so much again.

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Review #2, by Cara Nicole Luvitz Save The Last Dance

11th March 2010:
*grins* I quite like this. : ) Remus/Sirius is my other addiction.

I love how you included the song in a sort of indirect way and made the "dance" a reference to life. (At least that's what I picked up. lol)

I found just a few minor spelling errors, but other than that it was very nicely done. : )

Cara Nicole Luvitz

Author's Response: I LOVEEE Remus/Sirius! tee hee

I went with the idea that Sirius was trying to claim Remus back as it were so, yeah I guess a kind of metaphorical dance!

And I am terrible at noticing spelling- should really get it checked.

But I'm glad you liked it, and thanks for reviewing :)

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