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Review #1, by patronus_charm the blue that i am

12th July 2014:

The title set the scene for this story so well that Im kind of in awe of you right now as this story had an airy, dreamy air going on throughout and I really loved that. You managed to describe paint and them painting one another in so many different ways I really loved it and it just showed how much thought you put behind your use of words and writing and I really loved that.

Another thing I really loved was the pairing because even though it was never directly stated, I preferred it that way because shaping both of them up from the subtle hints and clues was much more fun. I really liked how you characterised them here too as much more free and floating in a way as it was really refreshing as these are usually quite uptight characters at times so that was cool. Amazing one-shot though! ♥

House Cup 2014 Review!

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Review #2, by randomwriter the blue that i am

12th July 2014:
House Cup 2014 Review

Hello again :) I'm back for more. Your writing is seriously addictive. Again, you've written about something really unique. I swear I haven't read something like this before. Your descriptions are so detailed and vivid. You've managed to paint a picture in my mind, quite literally! The mention of all those colours were beautiful and they added to the imagery of this. I not only imagined a beautiful, vibrant scene, I also imagined the feel of paint on my skin, and the smell of freshly painted walls. That's how great your descriptions were. As usual, your writing is beautiful and flows well. I love how you've written fluff without being too fluffy. It was a fun, light read, an I suspect that such a thing is usually accompanied with loads of laughter and carefree-ness. that's how I felt reading this.

In my mind, Scorpius was the narrator. For some reason, the narrative reminded me of a male voice. I also thought so because in the end the narrator says that 'you' falls into their arms. But after reading your note, I think their roles are interchangeable. Anyhoo, congrats on writing another wonderful story, and for making a die-hard ScoRose shipper enjoy it :)

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Review #3, by nott theodore the blue that i am

10th July 2014:
Hello again!

This was another beautiful one-shot to read! I was so impressed with the imagery and description that you managed to weave into this piece - everything that you wrote brought the scene to life so vividly and made it seem so picturesque and stunning! I was amazed at the way that you chose the idea of someone painting to draw so much attention to the colours in the scene, and all of the different things that they could mean, as well as the beauty that was around them. The imagery was really stunning, and I loved the metaphor that you used of the pair of them being rocks in a wooden sea - it was so unusual but really effective! It was a great idea not to include names specifically in this one-shot - they weren't necessary since there were just two characters but I loved the ambiguity it created. All the way through I imagined Dominique as the narrator but then your author's note made me think it could work equally well the other way around!

Sian :)
Gryffindor House Cup 2014 Review

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Review #4, by Erised the blue that i am

18th July 2012:
This was so so so beautiful. I am adding this to my favourites asap. The colour imagery was just stunning, the relationship between Scorpius and Dom was so subtle yet spoke volumes, and your writing style is beyond excellence.

The ethereal, whimsical nature of the piece and the flow and feel of the story was just perfect. Despite the slight lack of setting, I could picture it perfectly. The again subtle closeness of the two was amazing, especially with the continuation of the colour imagery used to demonstrate it.

This was amazing. Perhaps one of my favourite things on the entire archives, Loved it.

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Review #5, by Sunflower the blue that i am

7th March 2012:
If this is what happens when you're lacking sleep, you should never ever go to sleep! Because my dear, this was gorgeously written. I've always found it so difficult to write description and you do it beautifully. I think I'll read a few others of your stories because this is one of the best written pieces I've read on this site! Now I've gone all depressed, because I won't ever be able to write like this, ever. God, this was beautiful.

Author's Response: Thank you! Ha, when I lack sleep, all kinds of randomness comes out and I swear that accounts for most of the stuff on my author's page. In retrospect, this one-shot tend to embarrass me when I reread them, but thank you! Your review made me feel much more at ease about it!

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Review #6, by FluffyBunny the blue that i am

23rd August 2011:
The green I never was. Actually made me think of Scorpius as the painted one and Dominique as the painter. The ocean eyes gave me the last clue in the end. :)
I really love your work and I actually copied them into a document and saved so I could read it on my Ipod.
I really wish I was as good as you are. :)

Author's Response: Thanks so much! :) Wow, that's a really sweet compliment! I hope you enjoyed reading it and whatever else you have on your iPod!


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Review #7, by rich_blonde marauder23 the blue that i am

11th August 2011:
Hi :)

I loved this one-shot.

Beautiful, metaphorical, original.

Perfect? Yeah :)

xxx sofia

Author's Response: Oh, thank you so much! I'm ecstatic you found it beautiful, even if it's far from perfect. :)

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Review #8, by ericajen the blue that i am

12th April 2011:
Ooh, this was pretty. I really liked the mixture of first and second person narrative in it. I've written a one-shot using first and second before (ironically a Dominique/Scorpius/Rose), and I think it can be a great device for writing. It really makes it interesting.

All of the imagery in this was so beautiful. I mean, the whole thing was like artwork. Which works so well because they're painting in it. I really liked that about it. How the writing reflected the story so well. That was great.

Also, in my mind, Scorpius was the painter and Dominique the painted. I'm not sure why. That's just where my mind went automatically. I didn't even think about it until I got to the author's note and you asked who we thought was who.

Great one-shot! :)

Author's Response: Thanks Erica!

Scorminique is a treasure, I'll tell you! And nobody really likes it when I go out on my Scorminique raves, because ScoRose is so popular and all, but I'm glad I have a Scorminique supporter in the fray!

Thank you so much for the review and the lovely feedback! :)

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Review #9, by strawberrydarhling the blue that i am

28th February 2011:
Aw, I love this! I have been reading a lot of angst lately and needed this :)

In my mind Scorpius was painting Dominique

Good job with this :)

Author's Response: Aww, thanks so much! ^_^ I appreciate your kind words!

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Review #10, by TallestTower the blue that i am

25th April 2010:
It was very pretty. I loved the idea of them painting each other. It was romantic and poetic.

I personally felt like Dominique was being painted, and he was the painter. There was something masculine about his statements and the way he didn't care.

Also, the inner monologue seemed feminine to me. How about you? How did you see it?

Thank you for writing this, it was touching. My favourite phrase was 'To Birds the earth is the sky'. I've never thought about it like that.


Author's Response: Wow, I'm so sorry for the extremely late response!

Haha, the responses have really been varied on who's Dominique and who's Scorpius.

To me, the painted one was Scorpius, but I wrote it so that it could serve a dual purpose.

Thank you so much for reviewing! It means so much that you liked it!

- Celeste

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Review #11, by collette michelle the blue that i am

24th March 2010:
That was lovely, Celeste, really. I loved the whole story line, it flowed in a way such as a painting, very fluid and whimsical. You have amazing skills with descriptions and imagery that I envy immensely! I also loved how it was so open ended, that the reader could choose to see it how they wanted, who each character was in their mind, instead of being told one way of the other. I suppose I saw it as Scorpius was the 'I' and Dominique was the 'You'. I don't know why, other then after the first three lines I pictured Scorpius narrating.

I really enjoyed this, darling. It was a beautiful piece! So sweet and simply divine.

Author's Response: Collette!

Sorry for the extremely late response! Wow, thank you so much! What are you envious of? You're a much better writer than I am! I saw Scorpius as the narrator too, though I've heard otherwise from other reviews.
I'm so pleased you liked it! And I do hope you'll try out this ship yourself one day - you'll take it far, I'm sure!

- Celeste

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Review #12, by LindaSnape the blue that i am

13th March 2010:
I've been reading your pieces and I have to say that they're lovely! This one is no exception.

As far as who's who in this piece, well, I'm not entirely certain. In my mind she's the painter. Perhaps, it's simply because I see her as being a woman of strong personality in my mind.

I love how your words seem to flow like poetry from the tip of your computer keys, I would say quill, but that doesn't seem quite apt for a tale that's being read on a computer.

I loved the imagery, the characterization, and the sheer brilliance of your prose! You have great talent.

I would complain about length normally, but I think this is pretty good for something that was whipped up in thirty minutes and it's very enchanting.

Let me paint you, you ask without asking.

If you want to. I say without saying.
I think those might be my favorite lines in the entire piece.

Author's Response: Hey, thanks for reviewing and sorry for the late response!

I've actually had more people say that the painter's the girl rather than the boy, so I think a lot of people saw it your way!

Thank you so much! Flow is something I try to work on; imagery I've always considered a weakness.

Those lines that you mentioned came to me very randomly (as did this whole piece). I was (and am still) quite unsure of this piece as a whole, but I'm so glad you liked it! :D

Thanks again for reviewing!

- Celeste

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Review #13, by dracos_hotter the blue that i am

12th March 2010:
In my mind, it was in fact Ted Tonks and Andromeda. The kind of whimsical love I think sums them up: the way they could be content with just each other.

Added to favourites: as it's said in the adverts, "j'adore". Except they make it so much more seductive.


Author's Response: It's interesting that it made you think of Ted/Andromeda. I thought of several ships (James/Lily mostly) that could fit, but I never considered that one. It's entirely possible, though!

Thank you so much for reviewing and for your kind words! :D I'm pleased you liked it!

- Celeste

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