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Review #1, by AC_rules Epilogue

12th December 2011:
Okay, I saw 'epilogue' at the beginning and I just knew that this was going to be a really really great story. I've wanted to read this for ages as it just looks so fabulous and it feels pretty good to have an excuse to start it.

You're writing style is so beautiful here, aha, I love it. But I think my favourite line has to be...

But now he lies still against the damp stone, the rain kissing his cheeks like she used to.

It was just so clever and... poignant. I like the sort of writing that, I'm thinking of a quote from Brave New World. erm... words like pins. You know, the sort of sentences that are show sharp that you have to sort of stop for a second.

I like the fact that you didn't mention her name... but I think you mentioned 'Ted' and 'Gideon' once each, it just seemed a nice sort of balace. The other ways you described them was great too 'her living lover' I liked that a lot.

Can't wait to continue reading. Then, at the end, I'll read it all forwards from the end. Mywhahah. Its going to be a blast :D


Author's Response: Thank you!

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Review #2, by _Always Antidote

18th November 2011:
I think you have a gift for dialogue, it's so real and natural and brings the characters to life.

Author's Response: thank you very much! I've always thought dialogue was my weakest point, so that is high praise indeed :)

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Review #3, by _Always Missing Pieces

18th November 2011:
Another excellent chapter! Excited to see how this story unfolds..

Author's Response: thank you so much :)

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Review #4, by _Always Epilogue

18th November 2011:
Oooh, very intriguing! You have a wonderful way of weaving words together in a pleasing fashion! ;)

Author's Response: thank you very much :)

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Review #5, by Jessie Secrecy

22nd September 2011:
Gideon and Andromeda's relationship...all the angst, the impossibility of it all, the need for it, the continued hope and the deep hurt of it...that is my relationship right now. He pushes me away and today I got the final push. But I still have hope, we can't quit each other. I feel for Andromeda and Gideon and Ted.
Just wanted to let you know that what you are writing is extremely real and you sum up emotions so beautifully. Even the ugly ones. Thank you. I'm so glad I found your story, it speaks to me.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for such a wonderful review :)

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Review #6, by Debra20 Poisonous

9th September 2011:
I love how you pictured Ted. In a way, he reminds me of Arthur Weasley. The loving, loyal, unconditional man that is always there, ready to help you, ready to heal your wounds. But I think that Ted is one step further than Arthur. We already know how deep the ego and pride of a man goes, so having Ted being there for Andromeda, forever prepared to pick up the pieces, far from making him look like a man who can't find another person who would value and cherish his love, portrays him as a patient, hopeful man who is infinitely in love with Andromeda.

This chapter was fascinating in it's nature. You could feel Andromeda all the way through. Her emotions were so intense, so angst-filled that one could do nothing else but feel sorry for her. My curiosity is growing by the minute. I need to know more about this mysterious love triangle, and the story involving it! Also, to me at least, it's not confusing at all.

Author's Response: Thank you so much :)

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Review #7, by Debra20 Epilogue

2nd September 2011:
Marina I cannot express to you how I loved this beginning. Or better said, ending? This story has so much potential that I can hardly wait to read on, and discover the secrets that lie buried beneath a life that has surely not been an easy one.

I am very intrigued as to why did you chose precisely Andromeda as a character. I'm also terribly curious to find out if Gideon is an original character or if he is the only Gideon we know in the series, Molly's brother. He too died around 1981, so that could be a hint.

It's really fascinating that you embarked yourself into such a journey. Writing a story in reverse chronology must not be easy to do. I imagine it requires detailed planning, so you can know exactly when something has to happen. I really commend you for this idea!

The writing in itself is very very beautiful. The way you chose your words helps express the character's feelings incredibly well. You can feel her suffering, her denial to accept the fact that he is dead. Your quill delivers great imagery, from the surrounding portrayal, to Andromeda's thoughts and emotions. I can't wait to read on!

Author's Response: Thank you!

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Review #8, by onestop_hpfan18 Secrecy

26th August 2011:
Lying and doubts. Such an odd combination, but nevertheless when paired together they bridge such angst and drama. As much as I love Andromeda and Gideon, I feel so bad for Ted and wish that Andromeda could open her eyes and really see him before the end of Gideon is reached. She is so stubborn and resilient, continuing on her deceit to see Gideon anytime he returns to make a brief appearance in her life. But I'm enjoying it still, keep up the excellent writing. It just keeps getting better the farther into the past you delve. (: 10/10

Author's Response: Thanks Leslie :D I worry a bit with this that's just tooo angsty, or that it gets repetitive, but honestly I find characterising backwards pretty much impossible. Haha. thanks for reviewing, lovely!

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Review #9, by onestop_hpfan18 Daisy Chains

26th August 2011:
This is seriously like a soap opera, and a riveting one to boot. I mean, Ted chases Andromeda, Andromeda chases Gideon, and Gideon runs off doing who knows what and fighting against dark in the war. Honestly, I think Ted is too good to Andromeda, she does not deserve him, yet they match each other well. And Gideon doesn't deserve Andromeda, especially since he's always leaving her. Gah, I just love all the drama and angst in this. Lovely chapter as always, Marina! (: -hugs-

Author's Response: thank you Leslie :)

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Review #10, by onestop_hpfan18 Pride

26th August 2011:
Aw, I really feel bad for Ted. He loves Andromeda so much, yet it seems it's not enough because no matter how much he loves her, she'll always love Gideon more. I think you really did a great job showing that in this chapter, especially the pain that Ted is going through as he goes to talk with Narcissa about getting Gideon back in Andromeda's life, back in their life.

It's so sad and heartbreaking to see Ted like this. But at the same time, he's such a strong character for being willing enough to allow Gideon to be found and enter Andromeda's life again. I can't help but love Ted and root for him just after this chapter alone. (: It gives me hope for him in the end. Great writing! 10/10

Author's Response: thank you so much, Leslie :)

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Review #11, by PenguinsWillReignSupreme Secrecy

26th August 2011:
These things do not matter because tea is a habit she cannot escape. No cup of tea should be left unfinished and she will not waste this one. - I love that as different as all your characters are from each other (and you), the cup of tea is an inescapable part of each and every one ♥

How are you so brilliant? OH THE ANGST. You just drags me in deeper and deeper into this unhealthy, desperate relationship between Gideon and Andromeda.

I think this is the first time I can recall feeling truly sorry for Gideon. There's just something about him in this chapter that really tugged at my heart strings. Of course, he's still quite selfish and still really ought to push to put an end to it but we know that doesn't happen.

Andromeda. I'm so on the fence about her. I constantly pity her but there's always that thing in the back of my mind when I read her and that's Ted and Dora at home and that she ought to know better. It's so hard to read because we know from the 12 previous chapters what happens to them and I think the reverse chron really adds to the angsty goodness.




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Review #12, by LilyFire Epilogue

14th August 2011:
This leaves me with so many questions. Did Ted know she loved Gideon? If so, how was he okay with it? Was she seeing him while she was with Ted? And so many more. I love this, I really do, and I know my questions will be answered if I click the next button :) This seems like the beginning to an amazing story!

~LilyFire (Hufflepuff)

Author's Response: thanks so much :) I love sparking all these questions and I hope you'll get your answers ;)

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Review #13, by _Leo_ Red Sky at Night

12th August 2011:
I really meant to continue reviewing this story, but life seems to have gone crazy.
Anyway, this was yet another deep chapter. The descriptions were so detailled and rich, really easy to picture her sitting there. I thought she would take Gideon back, so it came as a bit of a surprise. But I think it was about time she did what she did, and Ted seems to know her like no one else.
I'll be back soon, I hope :)

Leo (Gryffindor)

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the review! I seem to get more and more into this story as I go on, even though it becomes a real mental challenge to get the events in the right order :P

thanks :)

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Review #14, by amandatonks Poisonous

20th June 2011:
I am literally speechless right now! You have such a gift with writing. I could feel the heartbreak Andromeda was feeling while I was reading. I could practically feel the raw emotion ooze from your description. Your writing is so poetic and beautiful. I could not take my eyes off of the page it was so gripping! You have such a fantatic piece here. I am so excited about moving on to the next chapter. :)

Best wishes,

Author's Response: thank you so much, Kristen :) this review really made me smile and I'm glad you're enjoying it!

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Review #15, by amandatonks Epilogue

19th June 2011:
Oh. My. Goodness! I have to say, this was absolutely gripping and emotional and intense and beautiful! There are not enough words to describe how amazing I think this is. And it's only the first chapter! You have me hooked already!

I love how poetic your writing is. I think it is fantastic that you decided to write this in reverse chronological order, and I think with what I've seen so far you will do a great job with it. The entire time I was reading this, I was wondering what was going on until the end when it was finally revealed that Gideon was dead. It makes me very curious as to the events that led up to it, which I am sure was your intention. This is definitely going into my favorites list. I can't wait to read more! :)

All the best,

Author's Response: thank you so much, Kristen!

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Review #16, by LovelyMioneWeasley Daisy Chains

26th May 2011:
AGh, yay yay yay yay! You updated this!

I was SO SO SO SO excited to read this new chapter because we are getting closer and closer to the heart of the Gideon/Andromeda and how they became as close as they did. And this entire scene with them in the meadow could have been much more enjoyable if I knew that a) She wasn't married and b) she didn't have a child at home she was neglecting.

I'm totally getting into the plot and I'm getting curious as to how Gideon reacted when Andromeda became pregnant. And who is Tonks' real father!?!?!??! I hope its Ted; please, please reassure me love that it is in fact, Ted!! Oh goodness, I don't know if I could handle it if it wasn't Ted.

I loved this line: the sky is diamond-studded with stars. I loved that picture and that contrast to her life; the hardness of diamonds and the sweetness of the jewels because her life is so hard and not so gemlike and pretty. Her life is like a chain of dandelions more than daisies, the dandelions are weeds and definitely more like the choking the relationship and really upsetting the dynamic between Ted and Andromeda.

Gideon seems so selfish at times that I wonder how his good qualities; how could he possibly be related to the wonderful Mrs. Molly Prewitt Weasley?? I know that Molly can sometimes seem really selfish and seem to have other motivations, but I just feel like Gideon can be so harsh. You do such a good job getting me invested.

And the last line is pure poetry truth. None of them deserve what she has done to them. Cause she can be a real jerk face jerk. (Darn you 12+...)

xxoxoxox Lindsey

Author's Response: thank you!

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Review #17, by PenguinsWillReignSupreme Daisy Chains

26th May 2011:
God I hate him -rages-
I mean, seriously, she must be SO in love with him to be able to stick this without going completely insane. I just want to smack her one and tell her to get out. I've never been so grateful for a character death before.

I adore Ted. I think he deserves better and so does little Tonks.

The writing was gorgeous, as ever, and I am so so jealous ♥


Author's Response: rage away, I dislike him immensely. But violence is not the answer *hugs*

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Review #18, by Ronsgirl29 Poisonous

6th April 2011:
This story is just so heartbreaking! I'm torn between feeling horribly sorry for Adromeda and kind of hating her.

On the one hand, I feel like I'm literally watching her heart break through your words. Your description is just so vivid and real that I can't help but feel for her, and feel the sadness myself.

On the other hand, I resent her for how she treats Ted. It seems to me that he loves her, and they are married and have a child together, but she mopes around the house for another man. I understand that the heart wants what the heart wants, and she can't help who she loves, but then she should just end things with Ted. As much as it would have hurt her, (because she admitted she needed him) if she truly cared for him she shouldn't just drag him along.

I'm really impressed with how you're writing this in reverse order, I can't wait to read more and see how you pull this off!


Author's Response: thank you so much!

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Review #19, by _Leo_ Antidote

5th April 2011:
After Gideon's return last chapter, which I assume was his last visit before his death, I just had to keep reading.
All three of them seem to be in way too deep in this triangle. Gideon's probably seen the most of the war out of them (I'm just assuming he's off fighting for the Order), even Andromeda saw the changes in him because of it. And then Ted's patience with Andromeda, although he knows she loves another man ... I want to hate her, but the way you write her is really compelling.
I really am curious to see what you meant by saying she and Gideon had been through so much.
Really intriguing so far! xx Leo

Author's Response: thank you so much! I hope to reveal so much more later on :)

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Review #20, by _Leo_ Poisonous

4th April 2011:
I still have so many questions, but that's ok, thankfully there's more already posted. Andromeda's feelings seem so raw, how she seems torn between two men. It's only been her point of view (so far?), yet I cannot help but feel for Ted. Is he staying out of some obligation, or does he really love her that much? 'He'll come back to you, I promise', that's what really got to me.
So far, it's working for me. xx Leo

Author's Response: thank you so much, Leo! I appreciate your feedback :)

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Review #21, by _Leo_ Epilogue

4th April 2011:
Oh, I have to say I was intrigued by the summary, and the first chapter didn't disappoint! I saw 'Epilogue' and thought nothing of it except that it's most likely a spelling mistake/confusion, until I read your author's note. Very clever! It's unusual, and it works well the way you pulled it off, leaving more questions than answers. And Andromeda, Ted and Gideon have such potential for a gripping, original story! Well, I'm off to read more!
xx Leo

Author's Response: thank you so much :D

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Review #22, by LovelyMioneWeasley Pride

12th March 2011:
Hullo love. I must say that I squealed with legitimate delight when I saw that you had updated this. I must say I have missed it so and it is easily one of my favorite stories that anyone ever requested reviews for. This is why I opened my thread-- to find stories that I wouldn't find on my own that are excellent and original.

Okay, I think I've given enough praise for the moment. Time for some character ranting. FINALLY!!! Ted has a voice and we get some major insight on him as a character! I think that was seriously my favorite part of the entire chapter--the simple fact that Ted got some POV and we as readers got some introspection into him.

So, I really liked the interaction between Narcissa and Ted; it is a dynamic I always was curious about. How it would work between the two of them, how they would treat one another. You can up with the perfect scearnio to see this happen and to give it life. So bravo to you on all counts for that.

I loved the beginning of the chapter; your descriptions were lovely, and your diction was well chosen. I thought that it relayed the perfect mood and tone for the chapter as well as the greater story going on in the greater picture.

As far as grammar and all go, it was pretty free of typos of what I could find. Your diction is good overall; there were a few parts that got a bit wordy for me. But I can't remember any that were too terrible. Commas are getting better and better. There are some areas to check up on though. For example, 'As he lets himself back into their house he stifles a groan.'-- comma after house. It could go either way but I think the comma would help the flow.

The other comment I had on flow was from Andromeda to Ted. It switches in the middle of a paragraph and its a bit awkward. I'd reccomend switching to a new paragraph. That's all I can really say about the flow.

My other heartbreaking part was Andromeda's reflection of how she hurts Tonks. It makes Andromeda a bit more real and sympathetic toward me as a reader. Darn you, you totally get a rise of reaction out of me with your characters.

Well done. Hope all is well for you; have a smashin' weekend!

xx Lindsey

Author's Response: Ah! Your reviews make me SO SO happy!

It just felt the right time to switch to Ted's view of things. There was so much left to be said that I didn't think could be expressed through Andromeda's eyes. It was a tough decision - I was actually really unsure whether it would work, but I'm glad I chose to do it. The ubrupt change was also a difficult thing to do - I didn't want to make it obvious like "TED'S POV" or anything, because that sort of thing drives me mental. But I think it does need a good look over to just check the balance is there.

Thank you so much for returning and leaving such a fantastic and helpful review! Thank you!!

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Review #23, by Capella Black Pride

12th March 2011:
Whoa! I did NOT see that coming. Ted is just so wonderful! I love how he does this - he puts himself through so much pain and embarrassment and cruelty, because making her happy is just that important to him. I want a Ted! Of course, this makes me dislike Andromeda and Gideon even more, but in a love-hate kinda way.

Another fantastic chapter - I'm so glad you gave us the opportunity to see into Ted's mind, and I can't help but keep my toes crossed (fingers engaged and all!) that we might get a similar view of dear Gideon's mind, cause that still seems like a foreign place to me. Loving it - please do let me know when you update!

Author's Response: It was a really tough decision to have a PoV switch in this chapter. I wanted to bring Narcissa in, but there was so much more to be said about Ted that just wouldn't have come across from Andromeda's point of view. I'm glad you liked it :)

I don't think there will be a chapter from Gideon's point of view - to do so would ruin all the preconceptions Andromeda has set up for us. It's very much about how he affects the characters and how they react to him, so to have something from his point of view would probably tear all the work I've done down :P

Ted is so extraordinarily important to this story. I think it's easy to just go "oh, well he wouldn't stay with her", but I think true love is unconditional. We all make mistakes and I think he knows that. He was sort of there for Andromeda before it all started and some ties are really too strong to sever.

thank you SO SO much for all your amazing reviews. it's made my month/year/life :)

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Review #24, by Capella Black An Early Visitor

12th March 2011:
Ooh! He's an auror! And now more questions - has he always been travelling because he was an auror? What did she think was his reason for leaving her? Why did he hide it? Poor innocent brain.

Fabian is a BRILLIANT character - I love him instantly, because in some ways he does seem like your description of Gideon, but in other ways he's completely different. I guess that's in part due to the fact that he doesn't love Andromeda, and so he remains detached. I particularly love the line '"You're in love with the idea of him, Andromeda,"', because that really sums up what seems to be happening - she loves him in her mind, but in reality he's pretty hard to love. I can't wait to meet the him she fell for.

All so wonderful, must read more!

Author's Response: I know the answer to all those questions, but I don't think I want to reveal them just yet ;) he has his reasons, which you'll find out later :D

Andromeda's view of Gideon really has been warped by time and the mistakes she made in relation to him. She associates him with a time in the past when she thought she was happy. She wants to cling on to that because without it, she has nothing to look forward to. Fabian is an important character because, like you said, he's like Gideon, he's related to Gideon but he is detatched. You would have thought he'd side with Gideon, but seeing as he is his brother he knows his faults more than anyone.

thank you so much for the amazing reviews ♥

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Review #25, by Capella Black Mistakes

12th March 2011:
Ah, Andromeda and Gideon - they continue to baffle me in delightful ways. I love how selfish he is, how unthinkingly cruel he is, and I can't wait to discover more of how they ended up like that, with her just accepting it, and loving him regardless.

I love how torn she is at this point too - how she truly does regret it, as she told Ted, and how she still doesn't leave Gideon regardless. What she's doing is so wrong, but somehow you write it so that the reader can't help but understand and forgive her, just like Ted does. I can't wait to see what happens next. In fact...

Author's Response: You've hit the nail on the head :D He is selfish and thoughtless, but in her own way Andromeda is too. Sometimes there are just some people who are bad for you and yet, despite knowing that, you stick with them anyway. Gideon plays all these games with her that just keep her all the more addicted.

I think the most important thing about Andromeda is that she needs support and if Ted leaves her she'll only try and seek that out from Gideon. Ted cares about her so deeply that he just wants to make sure she's happy and he believes staying with her will prevent her from making any more mistakes. It's a complex issue but I don't think any problem in life is simple and there isn't a clear-cut solution. If you can look at something in fiction and say "well she should have just done that", it's not very realistic. Nothing is that easy to solve :P Consequences are a major theme :)

It has really been hard writing both Ted and Andromeda in a believable light. Andromeda is weak but I don't want her to come across as wimpy or overly/annoyingly pathetic. You have to believe that Ted would stick with her until the end because otherwise their relationship is completely unbelievable. I'm so happy it's working out :)

thanks for the wonderful reviews once again ♥

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