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Review #1, by Josette_Phoenix No Harm, No Foul

4th July 2014:
Hi there

I'd just like to say that your writing is so easy to read - flowing and polished - an absolute delight and frankly a breath of fresh air. But though it reads easily, it is also very sophisticated and perspicacious. You've delved into the characters so logically that I'm never thinking "Oh, that never would have happened". I mean, when I see a James/Remus I think, oh boy - how are they going to do this? But the way their romance started was absolutely perfect! I kept wondering, OK when, when, when is this going to happen, there are all these subtle hints, and then BAM! Random kiss in the dark! I love the fall through the tapestry and all the giggling, that was awesome and made me chuckle.

Back to how you've delved into the characters, Remus's thought processes are deep and logical, exactly how I'd think a 15 year old Remus would think. And the way James reacts is so perfect - lashing out at Sirius, that devil-may-care rashness. I also love how you've written Peter, how James saw something in him no one else did, how he's childishly charming and attentive to detail, and how he - accidentally - ratted on them to Filch a whiles back. See what I did there? ;)

Well done, you've made this flow brilliantly well and I can't wait to read the next chapters!


Author's Response: Thank you for this delightful review! I agree, James/Remus is a tricky pair. It's part of the reason it takes me so long to update this fic in particular - I really want to make sure I get it right. So I'm so glad you think it's coming out decently. :)

Can't wait to hear what you think of the coming chapters! I will try to update soon!

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Review #2, by Lillylover22 No Accident

27th April 2012:
This was great. Please update soon 9/10 : )

Author's Response: I'm trying! Hopefully I'll more time to work on this over the summer.

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Review #3, by Lillylover22 Feels Very Big

27th April 2012:
Remus is so cute 9/10 : )

Author's Response: haha aw thanks =))

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Review #4, by Lillylover22 No Harm, No Foul

27th April 2012:
This was good. 9/10 : )

Author's Response: Thank you. =)

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Review #5, by Violet Gryfindor Feels Very Big

21st August 2010:
Your portrayal of James is really really amazing. Reading that last part when he switches between aggressive and tender, then guilt-ridden and playful, suits him better than one would expect, but even in the books, he makes transformations in order to please those around him, such as Lily. Here, he's doing the same for Remus, hiding his guilt afterward so as not to hurt his friend.

I also loved the inclusions of significant Marauder moments in this chapter. That James got the Animagus spell down first doesn't surprise me - he's supposed to be cleverer and more powerful than even Sirius - though it was a bonus to see that Sirius and Peter were about equal in their ability to perfect the spell. Placing those two together in that way is interesting when I think about how they later use their Animagus forms to revenge against the other.

As always, your writing is stunning. Dialogue, descriptions, both perfect. It's fantastic to see that you updated this, and I'll be looking out for more. ^_^

Author's Response: I'm extra proud of myself, now that I've got this wonderful stamp of approval. I haven't really worked with James before, I always focused on Remus and Sirius, so I'm so happy to hear that he's coming out all right. Thank you so much, friend. And interesting insight on Sirius and Peter's abilities! I hadn't really thought much about that.

I'm sorry the updates are so slow! I'm working at it.

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Review #6, by mademoiselle Feels Very Big

27th July 2010:
ah, they're so sweet and confused. it's lovely. i'm glad you decided to continue with this! :D and i'm interested in how things shall play out. top notch job! :)

Author's Response: Thank you very much! Unfortunately this story is a slower one, it's taking much longer to write than I had anticipated. I apologize for the wait, but I will continue.

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Review #7, by Jaymexoxo No Harm, No Foul

24th May 2010:
okay, so i dont usually read slash fics...but a remus/james pairing? well, i just had to give that a try!

Author's Response: It's definitely a pretty rare pairing! I hope you like it. =)

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Review #8, by mademoiselle No Harm, No Foul

20th May 2010:
I've always been intrigued by James/Remus, but no one ever does it! So when I found this recommended by VioletGryfindor, I jumped on it. I read it a few weeks ago and really enjoyed it, and I just re-read it and experienced the same enjoyment. Haha I keep checking to see if it has any new chapters almost every day. The kiss was really great. It was very vivid in my head, as was the rest of the story. Sometimes writers make kisses really contrived or unrealistic, but this was so real it was jumping off the page. Please continue this! I beg you! Fantastic job.

P.S. I really like the name :D

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm excited by this feedback. Indeed, it's one of the rarer Marauder pairings, which is partially why I wanted to give it a go. I'm sorry it's taking so long to update. Unfortunately the last few weeks have been very busy for me, but the next chapter is finished, so it shouldn't be too much longer. Thanks again for this great review, and I hope you like what's to come!

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Review #9, by Violet Gryfindor No Harm, No Foul

17th March 2010:
Wow, that ending was very intense, even more than the chase, as the emotions were very well-portrayed and I could hear the characters yelling at one another. There was a lot to this whole chapter, though, which made it wonderful to read.

I don't read many Marauder stories anymore, but I was struck by how perfectly canon your story is. It seems strange to say that with the ship you're using, but the details of the school, the Marauder's friendship, the making of the map, they're all so perfect. Like the painting with the Siamese Cats, or how Mrs. Norris is just a kitten. Very few writers would think to include things like that, and seeing them here just makes this story that much more special.

You actually surprised me with the kiss because, while I was expecting it, I expected it to take place sooner, maybe when they first were in the secret passage, while they were laughing. It was better, though, to have it where you did because it was just as surprising for me as it was for Remus. There was already tension between them during that first part in the passage, but I liked how it was, instead, a moment of humour and equanimity between them that sparked the kiss. It felt more naturally-placed that way, better suiting both characters.

I could go on squeeing the characterisation and the perfectly clear and flawless writing, but then this review would be much too long. :P So, I'll just say that this was fantastic and I want to read more. Brilliant work! ^_^

Author's Response: ♥! Thank you so much, Susan! I'm really excited to see your response; I've been a little nervous, as you know. This made me smile so much! Thanks again. Hope you like what's to come. =)))

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Review #10, by Your Loyal Beta No Harm, No Foul

11th March 2010:
I love your Marauders. They are so perfect. And this story shows off how well you know the four. You leave Peter in, making him exactly what he was. But James... wow. Perfect. And your Remus and Sirius... doubly perfect. This is going to be a great story. I hope others realize just how good this is going to be.

Author's Response: Aww, you didn't have to write this. =))) Thanks so much, dear. ♥ I hope you like where it's headed - angst angst angsttt. =)

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