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Review #1, by Mia Elizabeth The Aftermath

13th March 2012:
This is the first HPFF I ever read, and now I am hooked! I'm not sure if I should hate you or thank you for that, because I never get anything done because I'm always on this site!
Kylie is such a great character! And I love how you start reading without having any idea what is going to happen. The mystery keeps you reading, desperate to know what happened. I absolutely LOVE this, so please don't keep us waiting too long for a new chapter! X

Author's Response: Oh my gosh, you're review just made my crappy day so much better. (:
I feel special it's your first.(:
And I have mannny more WIP's if you feel like not getting anything done either.
And dont worry, I get that too. I've got stories I'm reading bookmarked on my IPhone and with a shortcut to the screen so it just takes me there. :)
Kylie is real to me, and right now she's sort of telling me her story, so as to where it goes, I'm not so sure. I know the ending, but not how I'm going to get there.
So, thank you so much for your review that just made my day!
The next chapter is on hold until I finish the next chapter for I am NOT Lily Evans, because I've got a major plotbunny attack on that one. I'm still letting this chapter settle in my brain and formulate the next chapter.
I tend to write chapter to chapter, which is both good and bad, depending.

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Review #2, by hpfanno1 Rewind

19th February 2012:
ohh.. so the confusion is finally clearing up, huh?
well, i can't wait to read on and finally clear my head of the questions in there..

Author's Response: Lol, don't want to clear up all the questions now, the story is just beginning!

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Review #3, by hpfanno1 Of Nitwits, To Fangirls, To the Classes in Between

19th February 2012:
man, this girl sure is complicated!
but i'm still confused as to why she's suddenly all so anti-social...
anyway, i'll just be reading on...

Author's Response: I like complicated characters, and this is just the beginning(:

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Review #4, by hpfanno1 Repudiated, Innocuous, Forlorn.

19th February 2012:
ok, instantly glued. i love this story and kylie and pads and lily and james and everyone else..
sorry, can't stay to chat, i've got a story to read! just thought i'd leave a review..
instantly permanent,

Author's Response: Awe, thank you so much!

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Review #5, by padfoot88 The Aftermath

18th February 2012:
I love this story, i think you really got Kylie's emotions down well, it's insane how one small comment can affect someone so much, and i hope Sirius can get her to see she is beautiful!

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm so glad you like it! We'll see what happens! I'm sort of just letting my fingers fly across my keyboard for this story.

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Review #6, by pigfartsyumyumyum Rewind

12th February 2012:
Yay! Finally an update. I can't wait until the next chapter, I want to know what happened and Sirius reaction to it. So please update soon, I know it can be hard, but I'm dying for another chapter!

Author's Response: Chapter four is waiting to be validated so it should only be a few days until it's up and running!
I'm glad you enjoyed it.

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Review #7, by Keira7794 Rewind

7th February 2012:
Yey - another chapter is up! :D

I have to admit that I've been eagerly waiting for this update! :P This is a really intriguing story and the characterisation is brilliant. :)

I think I can guess what happened to Kylie (also thank you for not making her name 'Haley' - there are far too many Haley Potter fics!).

Look forward to the next update :)

Keira :D

P.S. Yey - you're my 50th review :D

Author's Response: Awe! I'm so glad! You're review made my day! This chapter is (nor the previous two) any close to being finished but they're rough drafts and I'm in the process of editing through chapter four.
My original plan for Kylie was a bit dark and against the rules, so I had to lighten it up and change it.
I'm going to try and have it up by Monday! Or at least in queue by Friday!

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Review #8, by pigfartsyumyumyum Of Nitwits, To Fangirls, To the Classes in Between

6th December 2011:
Love this chapter! Also, love how you choose Joseph Gordon-Levitt for Sirius (at least that's what I guessed) makes me giddy inside. lol Keep up the epic work!

Author's Response: Thanks, and yeah, he is. I plan on going back and fixing the chapters once I have chapter three up and running! Thanks for the review! It made my day.

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Review #9, by xjamesandlilyx Of Nitwits, To Fangirls, To the Classes in Between

4th December 2011:
I really like it. Really like it.
I like how it's not the cliché James-Potter's-sister character. Lily ticks me off, but then she often does in these stories. I like Remus, though we don't really know him yet, and of course I love Kylie. She's not a goody-goody but she's not completely the other way, either. Curious as to were it's heading.
Thank you for writing it! Please update soon? Can't wait!

Author's Response: Thanks! I try to be original with an unoriginal idea. :D See if I can wing it!
And I wanted to show that Lily (in Kylie's opinion at least) is a girl who takes her schooling and magic very seriously. After all, she's muggleborn and asides from Snape she came into this world without anything. I always want to, hopefully, show the progression of her character eventually, ending up with just how James and Lily came to be. Hopefully avoiding the whole James and Lily Head's kinda thing. :)
Chapter three is in the works, as I'm bouncing back between this story and Epic Proportions. So thanks!

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Review #10, by naflower05 Of Nitwits, To Fangirls, To the Classes in Between

4th December 2011:
great story so far! I love it! update again soon please! =]

Author's Response: Thanks, I am in the process of writing chapter two! I hope to have it up in validation within a week.

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Review #11, by JenniTheSquib Of Nitwits, To Fangirls, To the Classes in Between

4th December 2011:
whew, long chapter! But I liked it :) Very entertaining and I'm still curious as to what happened between Kylie and the Marauders...

Author's Response: Yeah, I was writing and then I looked at the word count and it was like 9000 and I was like WOAH? How did I manage that? But I couldn't find a place where I wanted to stop and I'm trying to average 6000 word chapters.
And I'm glad you enjoyed it, I'm going to be trying to edit the first two chapters one of these days because I write them and then hardly proof read them.
And chapter three may have some flashbacks to what separated Kylie from the Marauders. Thanks for the read and review!

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Review #12, by JenniTheSquib Repudiated, Innocuous, Forlorn.

4th December 2011:
Good start! I look forward to finding out why she's not friends with them anymore... Onto the next chapter!

Author's Response: Thanks, I plan on touching on that with chapter three, but it may not be until four or five that I get to that.

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Review #13, by pigfartsyumyumyum Repudiated, Innocuous, Forlorn.

27th November 2011:
I like it so far. I like how you kept most of the chapter of thoughts inside her head because you get to know the character more that way then by saying what kind of person she is. Also, I loved the little contact she's had with Sirius, even though it wasn't much, it still gave the impression that something will happen between them. And I'm glad your adding a little fluff, I'm not a huge fan of a total sappy story but I also don't want it to be extreme doom and gloom so I hope you keep writing it and update a lot lol. I hate waiting for new chapters. And if you could keep adding pictures of the characters for each chapter, that would be awesome.

Author's Response: Awe, you just made my day.
And I am working on rewriting my old chapter two into a much more epic chapter two as I type this. Or, as soon as I finish this. I hope to have it up and on here by the end of the week! And I hope to keep this story a bit fluff, since it is from the mind of a fifteen year old teenager. And I'm glad you liked the chapter images!
Thanks for the read and review!

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Review #14, by twitchy_little Repudiated, Innocuous, Forlorn.

9th March 2010:
*sigh*. Okay. So I hope this does not come off as mean. Your banner was taken from my photobucket without my consent to use it as a banner for your story. I don't know why you thought you could just take it...but I'm sorry to say I do not give permission. I would really appreciate it if you would take it down, as it was made for my story. I am a little miffed right now so I am sorry if I have offended you, but try and understand where I'm coming from :) thank you,
-twitchy_little (author of Contrary to Popular Belief)

Author's Response: okk. i switched banners.

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Review #15, by krissyanne426 Repudiated, Innocuous, Forlorn.

9th March 2010:
this is fantastic! i certainly hope you write more. I want to know who the boy was, though I certainly have my guesses.
it's really good though.

Author's Response: Glad you enjoyed it, I put something up for validation just yesterday, as I'm working on chapter three, and chapter two is longer. I often get caught up in writing, then loose it. But I'm doing this whenever inspired, and I have a lot of that right now so hopefully it will be a long time (maybe even to the end of this) when I will be done. Keep on for chapter two! and more to come.


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