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Review #1, by weroamedtheseas Thank You

15th March 2010:
eh, why so many spaces?

Author's Response: When I posted the chapter I actually didn't have alot - I had two or three spaces, so I don't know why there is so many, and when I edit it and make them go away they just come back.

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Review #2, by JohnnyPickAlot Thank You

15th March 2010:
Hm, well I sort of feel like you rushed his story out. Personally, I think it should take a while for Draco to open up like that. But maybe that could be blamed on the alcohol or the charm Snape used to sober him up; could have made him more loose, you know?
Plus, I think Hermione would be more weary of him, but seeing as he was really blunt about it, it doesn't leave much room
for doubt. I don't know. Just a few things to think about.
Please update soon. Doing great so far!

Author's Response: I think the reason I rushed it was because in this story to me, Draco is just over life, over everything, over everyone, so he's just like 'well, stuff it. I'll spill my guts to her and if she accepts it then cool, if she doesn't, then oh well.'
He's sort of just like going for it in hopes to win, if that makes sense.
I have a tendancy to rush stories, but I may use your suggestion of the charm Snape used as an excuse in chapter three ^_^ I like some Dramione fighting.

Anyway, thanks so much for the review and I hope to have chapter three up soon!


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Review #3, by JohnnyPickAlot For You, I Will Try

15th March 2010:
Oh, a very intriguing beginning. :D
I'm kind of giddy to go to the next chapter x]

Author's Response: Why thank you (:

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Review #4, by Violet For You, I Will Try

13th March 2010:
Hi there! Christ, I don't see why no one has reviewed this, because its a wonderfully written couple of chapters in my opinion. I always try and read new things, and I'm happy to say that this one didn't dissappoint =)
Wonderful Job love.

Author's Response: I've been anxiously awaiting review, and I come online and get such a lovely one like this! Thank you so much! (:

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