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Review #1, by Pizzle The All Stars

1st January 2015:
It was a well woven story.Loved it, except for some places.
When are you updating next?

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Review #2, by Anonymous dramione lover The All Stars

10th October 2014:
Mu ha ha I found the rest of your story on a different site under your other username took me four days be I have to say I love it so much your a very talented writer and ps I LOVE willow

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Review #3, by Anonymous dramione lover The All Stars

4th October 2014:
Um is this under editing because I swear I've read the whole story once if so could you please update? This story is to put it cornaly irriesitible.

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Review #4, by marauderslover15 Finding Out

18th July 2014:
Ha, I hope Draco becomes jealous of Blaise. BUT I want to know how Ron will react. GREAT CHAPTER AGAIN!

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Review #5, by marauderslover15 Who's that Girl

18th July 2014:
I LOVE IT ! *sings iconic pop chorus* Yes, shove it RON! HAHA great chapter. Although I am surprised Ron was still alive, I thought Molly would have killed him. lol

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Review #6, by marauderslover15 Gustav

18th July 2014:
They are both too funny & clever. YES PLEASE DYE IT GREEN THAT WITCH or another word that rhymes with that. LOL Love this chapter.

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Review #7, by marauderslover15 Shopping with Draco Malfoy... Oh the Joy

18th July 2014:
Oh my MERLIN! Is that Draco getting jealous and I LOLed with Gustav changed his accent.Even I was like WAH lol GREAT CHAPTER!

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Review #8, by marauderslover15 Cheaters

18th July 2014:
I love Draco. Very canon. And hot! HAHA great chapter. Enjoyed it very much. On to the next =)

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Review #9, by marauderslover15 The Begining

18th July 2014:
RON! YOU ARE MEAN! Oh, well, your LOST! Because Hermione is going to end up with Draco. HMPH! Then, you're sorry butt will come crawling back and then you will be shot down. HA!

Sorry for the little rant. >_< Great chapter and I look forward to reading more. XOXO

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Review #10, by thewickedprincess The All Stars

8th January 2014:
I love this story
I have read this on fanfiction and its wonderful
I am waiting for the sequel Simply Irrefutable!!

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Review #11, by Hailey The All Stars

24th July 2013:
Are you bookworm1993 by any chance? This story is awfully familiar

Author's Response: yes, I sadly couldn't get my normal name, it was already taken!

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Review #12, by luvhp Pretty Woman

11th July 2013:
omg lol im dying of laughter rite now...that end ;)
i dont usually review in the middle of stories unless they are like absolutely all honesty this is the second dont understand how hooked i am its 3 in the morning n i been reading for two straight hours and my eyes are burning to high heavens...all cause your story is simply irresistible ;P

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Review #13, by Trey The All Stars

15th May 2013:
Oh my goodness! I'm addicted to this story you've made! Come back soon

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Review #14, by Trey Scandalous Scarlet

14th May 2013:
This is such a good story! I've been reading this for the past hour and I can't get off of it!

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Review #15, by ForeverCharmed98 The All Stars

13th March 2013:
Hey u haven't updated since long!! We are all waiting and it's rude to make people wait!!

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Review #16, by shinichi The Begining

11th February 2013:
woah! loved the really gonna read further!

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Review #17, by Crescent Moon  The All Stars

10th February 2013:
Loved the chapter.
I really can't wait to see how this match is going to go. Please update as soon as you can.

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Review #18, by Lovely Jane The All Stars

31st January 2013:
Please update soon! This is really good. This has to be my favorite so far! :D

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Review #19, by Lovely Jane Shopping with Draco Malfoy... Oh the Joy

31st January 2013:
I love it! This chapter was amazing and so damn hilarious. (: by far my favorite!

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Review #20, by RowlingsGirls_22 The All Stars

13th January 2013:
Hahah I find it funny how this story is half done here; done on fanfiction; and the sequel is started on watt pad. Please finish this one.


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Review #21, by hi.there. The All Stars

26th December 2012:
Hi! i love this story soo much!!! and i just wanted to tell you that somebody put this same story up on fan fiction dot net. it is called simply irresistible by bookworm 1993. idk if thats you or not but i just thought i should warn you that somebody might be trying to steal your story. Update soon!

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Review #22, by qtbaby88 The All Stars

8th December 2012:
aw amazing job hun loved it

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Review #23, by katieKMY The All Stars

16th November 2012:
I just wanted to reread this story, I didn't know there were new chapters! So many feels. I'm dying over here. But I love every word of it!!

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Review #24, by LillyRoseanne The All Stars

11th November 2012:

I've done the terrible terrible thing of reading someone's fic from the beginning and not reviewed until the last chapter, how terrible of me. (In my defence I had to pre-load chapters 4 - 15 as I was going to be away from the Internet for a couple of hours so had to prepare in advance so couldn't have reviewed even if I'd wanted to :P) However, considering I ran out of chapters to read I decided that now was as good a time as any to offer my thoughts without the requirement of a penny (you can send me a virtual penny if you wish of course, I find the giving of virtual items to be most gratifying) You really should take the fact that I simply had to read everything I could before reviewing as a compliment, I really couldn't stop...

Anyway to the real meat of the question, what did I think?

I really enjoyed this, Dramione is a ship that if definitely growing on me, especially the well written stuff, and I am currently attempting it myself. On the whole this IS well written, the bluntness and complete lack of subtlety and sensitivity of Ron is very canon and I think that is what makes me like it so much. I like that the clichéd 'makeover thing' hasn't really been the focus of everything, you did it in a way that didn't make it seem over the top and it wasn't like it was the main focus of the fic, she did it to piss Ron off and make the most of what she had to make him jealous and just happened to fall in love with Draco in the first place.

I LOVE the bit where she attacks Ron with Bludgers, it's brilliant! Definitely something I could see Hermione doing. I love the fact that she keeps thumping Draco, I can totally relate to that kind of thing.

Ron is a douche... Seriously? A Quidditch Match?!!? How dense can that boy be?!!? *Le Sigh* Ahhh well.

I love Teddy, he is FAB!!!

Draco is so sweet, I want him... That is all... I gather there is a queue, I will be obliterating anyone who stands in my way :P

So, yeah...

I Love it, please post more I would really like to know how you see this ending :D

Much Love

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Review #25, by LovesMagic The All Stars

31st October 2012:
I LOVE LOVE LOVE this story and I can't wait for you to continue to see where this goes :) You have done a wonderful job on draco and hermione's relationship and this is one of the best stories on here :) thank you for sharing your creativity!!

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