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Review #1, by ImarriedGEORGE Katya's Secret

27th October 2010:
Yay, you updated :)
And it is fair to say that I still love it :)
What a bombshell! But I think it was handled well, hopefully there will be more updates soon as I quite like this story.

Author's Response: I'm not abandoning it, though I am swamped in school at the moment. Updates are certainly in its future though, thanks for sticking with it :)

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Review #2, by tiggymcc It's Just The Beginning

27th April 2010:
Great. please write more... i'm loving Fred in this, he's such a whiny brat :P

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Review #3, by ImarriedGEORGE It's Just The Beginning

15th March 2010:
ohh. wow
i hope theres more =)

Author's Response: Aww, I am glad you liked it! Your penname tells me you love George, no wonder you like it.

Thanks! And I hope you continue to read as I update!

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Review #4, by elladora It's Just The Beginning

13th March 2010:
Great she can see the difference between Fred and his brother. Does she also hate George or just only Fred? Oh I already see my question is answered. But why can she get along with George and not with Fred? Fred and George do have similiar personalities. Ofcourse there are some subtle differences but personality-wise they are almost the same.

Also she’s a Slytherin. Which I absolutely adore but I always thought the Weasley’s hated all Slytherins. Why is she any difference for George? Is she from a Slytherin family?

“Why didn’t you tell me how beautiful she was? Goodness, how did you get someone like Katya to come to the wedding with you?” She asked smiling.

This comment of Mrs Weasley really made me laugh. I thought it was typically Mrs Weasley. Also love the way she reacted towards Katya. Also great effects of that potion! Love the way you described it.

Author's Response: Yeah, that is the irony of it :D Fred and George are very similar people, but Kat is so irrational that she only sees the bad in one of them. I think I may have mentioned this briefly, but Kat and Fred had some sort of misunderstanding a few years ago, and George says that he doubts if they even remember what its about.

I know they typically have a dislike for Slytherin's with those 'complexes' but I thought Fred and George wouldnt have that prejudice so much. Also, Kat (though she is a total bitch) doesnt really have a prejudice about blood traitors and such. Yes, she's supposed to be from a Slytherin family, though not one like the Malfoys.

Haha, Im glad you found it funny! I see Molly as someone sweet and cuddly yet really blunt as well.

Yes, the afterefffects will be in the next chapter as well!

Thanks for reviewing, this challenge is so fun to be doing!

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Review #5, by anonymous It's Just The Beginning

9th March 2010:
please tell me she doesn't fall for fred. I love seeing her and george together. plus, that would make the whole being in fred while dating george really fun. awkward, but fun. she'll have to live with george until it wears off! i think it'd be great if she and fred only ended up as friends. again, I love george and kat.
great start. keep it up! 10/10

Author's Response: Nooo, she wont fall for Fred. She can barely stand the boy xD

I am glad you like George and Kat! They are so different, but I somehow can see them together, so I am glad you like it too!

I hope you will keep reading in the future!

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