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Review #1, by RionnaRowena92 Banquet

1st April 2016:
Emmm.very well written except I was wondering about the name changes? E.g. harry is Newt I think, curly headed poodle is Hermione, deformed claw is wand? Ilvermoy is Hogwarts I think, Ron is ginger cat and big scary warty toad is voldemort

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Review #2, by Pip The Final Battle pt 2

2nd August 2013:
Wow, I cried so much :,(
This is amazing xx

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Review #3, by Jen Epilogue

29th March 2013:
Loved it *sigh*
Thank you so much for sticking it out with this story. I can't begin to tell you how devastated I would have been if you had abandoned it somewhere in the middle.
Beautiful. :)

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Review #4, by shellimarie Epilogue

16th March 2013:
I've read this entire series, almost from the beginning which is hard for me to believe that I've been reading Harry Potter fanfiction this long, but it is the truth. I remember when Brave New World began, and now Sirius and Mia's story is over, they're together and happy and I am in love with how you've written this story. It is completely different from everything else that is out in the HP fanfic universe and that is what really made me keep reading this story, that and you are a fantastic writer. I am so excited for the sequel, and to see where you take the story now that there is no specific canon to follow. Keep up the amazing work, and know that you have plenty of fans who will stick with you :)

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Review #5, by marisalovesharry Epilogue

16th March 2013:
Now that is a happy ending if I ever saw one.
You know still angry at the Lost and the Sopranos talk about lame endings ok enough venting on with story.

Can wait to see how those two finaly got togegther,something tells me there was enough drama to make a brazilian telenovela.
Mal posso esperar pelo sequel I mean a reaccao d Sirius quando ele souber que os pombinhos vao morar juntos.
Great to see Remus alive and well and they have a girl awww.

Question will Libby have extreme P.M.S because of the Werewolf gene.Sirius will be so schocked to hear her real name, but realy he show would never for a trend Liberty and Justice come on I know who is called Te Amo yes your eyes arent fooling you, talk about giving a bully a freebie sheesh.

Excepting the sequel eagerly

Charlie sleeping with Ginnys boss talk about great black mail material hehe,
Mary and Alex already bickring sigh.
Glad that Dudley and Queen are part of the family.
Hopefully the others will ease the whole in her heart.
Dudley actually made something of himself good to know.
Ron and Hermoine eloping Rita Skeeter mustve had a feild day. Mrs Weasly totally blew up.

Ta Ta

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Review #6, by marisalovesharry The Final Battle pt 2

15th March 2013:
Wow I think I earned the right to say I AM SO PROUD.
Bringing out my African American Woman by saying. Girl you have evolved.

Adorei a dinamica e cumplicidade tao apaixonante do Sirius e a Mia e realmente demonstrate o quanto foi vital nessa luta.

Oh my poor, Tonks she was clearly schocked I mean who wouldn't be, first she thinks he's dead, then finds he's in a coma.

Oooh the things you do for love and the things you say while grevieing hell I felt sorry for them both of them no one deserves to be in that position.

Harry and Ginny the slap was apropriate.

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Review #7, by Malin Asplund Epilogue

14th March 2013:
This is a great story. Finding this made my day. It's awesome! Well done!

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Review #8, by Hope's Mom Epilogue

14th March 2013:
I was so thrilled to see this appear. It made my day. What a great scene to pick for the epilogue - Harry and Ginny's wedding day. You included so many little surprises and characters. Mia and Sirius had one more baby! I am surprised but it seems as if Evan's birth wasn't planned (at least by Mia)? Quinn and Dudley are preset for the wedding. I laughed when I read that Dudley had helped Quinn with her hair - what a sweet big brother. Hearing about Petunia just made me dislike her more. Alex and Mary have grown so much and I loved that Alex is still friends with Darcy. Harry's visit with Izzy and Ginny before the wedding was fun to read. His attempt and hiding from Mia and Sirius made me laugh."He's right here in this room with us, isn't he?" Sirius asked. You can't fool a marauder and a mother! Remus and Tonks have a new baby girl! Tonks' joke on Sirius about baby Libby's name was so funny. Izzy and George. You know I was worried for a minute about them. The way you wrote that scene (on purpose, I imagine), I thought for a brief second that they weren't together. They are so sweet. Izzy is so protective of him. The brothers Weasley had quite an interesting previous evening. George should have lots of fun with all the dirt he collected on them. You wrote such a sweet ending to the story with the conversation between Sirius and Mia. Thank you, thank you, thank you - I look forward to the sequel!

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Review #9, by seekers_destiny Epilogue

13th March 2013:
It was a jump farther ahead than I expected but ending it on Harry's wedding was a brilliant idea. I loved all of the interactions but wished there had been a bit more Harry/Ginny. Even Quinn and Dudders got to make a cameo appearance.

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Review #10, by patronus_charm Epilogue

13th March 2013:
Wow itís so sad and strange to see this completed, and I have to say Iíve truly enjoyed and loved every single moment of this story, and the previous ones. I only caught up by about chapter 52, so obviously I havenít been on the journey throughout, but Iím so glad that I found this book and the series, as itís great, and the outtakes are awesome too, and I saw that a new one had been posted, and I must check that out!

Aw Alex and Mary have grown up and they were so cute, and I can just imagine them giving McGonagall living hell, wah I never realised how awesome those two were, and Iím going to miss them. I should stop being so soppy over this, as there is going to be a sequelÖright? Or I could just re-read them, again!

Then Dudley and Quinn were there, and they were off to Harryís wedding, aw it was just so adorable, I couldnít get enough of it! It was a shame to see that Petunia still ignored them all, but it was nice to see that the other two visited them a lot, and they had managed to create a bond.

YAY! Remus and Tonks both lived! I was getting so worried that they would die, as I love them both, so they canít die, it would just be too horrible, and no Teddy has parents, and wonít have to live the same life Harry did, well Iím thinking canon Harry here, but Harry in this had a nice life!

When George was talking about Fred it was so moving, and I was glad that he appeared as I was getting a little worried that he had just disappeared and that he and Izzy were over! I thought the thing about the cards was touching, and Ginny probably would remember agreeing to that, as she seems like the type which would.

That was just awesome, and I will definitely be back for the sequel!

-Kiana :D

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Review #11, by blueirony The Final Battle pt 2

7th March 2013:
I can't believe that only the epilogue is left of this. I feel like a part of me has died. I'm not kidding.

I have been following this story since early 2011. I have to confess that I have only reviewed once, but I have been there, every step of the way, right from when Sirius found Mia on her sad day all those years ago right until the final battle and it's just...

I don't understand how you have done it. You have created this universe that so closely mirrors the characters and setting that we all know and love, but you have truly made it your own. So many times, people say that they don't like this about the books or they wish that that had been done differently. I feel like you haven't just said that in an offhand comment. You have built an entire world around what I think you feel should have happened in the books and it's just amazing. It's like it's Harry Potter all over again. But in so many ways, it's not.

There's something about the Sirius and Mia relationship that is so very real. I don't know how old you are. But you bring a sweetness and maturity to them that I love reading. Even when Mia first was pregnant with Izzy, it never seemed like just another pregnancy story. It was like it was supposed to happen. Those years had to happen before the two of them could be united.

I have absolutely adored every word you have written and I am devastated that this has ended. For years, I have been checking in every now and then to see what happens next and I am going to miss it. I will definitely come back and read the entire thing from start to finish once you have posted the epilogue, though. And I imagine that I won't just do it once.

This has truly been one of the best series of stories I have read in the Harry Potter fandom. It started out as just another Marauder story and grew into something more. And I absolutely love it.

I also think that you have very cleverly built in clues all over this story. I think this can easily be seen in Izzy and Georgeís relationship. When I realised that the two of them had feelings for each other, I remember doing a quick scan of their interactions before and it struck me that George had always been closer to Izzy than Fred. Their relationship did come as a surprise, but in many ways it also just felt like a natural progression for them.

Harry and Ginny have been and always be my OTP in Harry Potter. Always. I think you captured them beautifully in this. Iím a hard person to please with Harry and Ginny because I really feel like it has to be done right, or, at least, done in the way that I think is right. You captured them beautifully.

No part of this story felt rushed. No character felt out of place. The entire thing was built up beautifully and just... perfectly.

You have captured so many things about, well... pretty much everything in the world in this. Love. Hope. Family. Friends. Humour. Grief. Courage. War. Triumph. Bravery.

I think I will always scratch my head as to how you managed to do this. I'm so impressed that you have stuck with it and I hope that you are incredibly proud of this.

I hope you continue to write more because you have a true talent for story-telling. You have this way of capturing the readerís interest Ė hell, youíve had me hooked for years now, and it never dies.

I really think itís a shame that your review count is not in the thousands for each of the stories in this. I am only the ninth reviewer for this chapter and I don't understand that at all. I was easily expecting at least thirty reviews on this chapter alone and I am shocked that there are not more people clambering over themselves to tell you how much they love your stories. In my opinion, this is up there with some of the other classics on HPFF and certainly in the entire HP fandom and I hope you know that you have at least one extremely loyal fan, somewhere in the world, who loves everything you write and just hopes that you write more.


Author's Response: I am completely in love with this review - this is like the holy grail of all compliments. Now, where should I start responding... oh, yes - there's a sequel coming. This one shifts the focus to Izzy and George a little but there is still quite a lot of Mia and Sirius on the background. I have the first chapter ready to be posted and am only waiting for the epilogue to be validated.
When I first started reading the Harry Potter books, it was that quirky wizarding world that made me fall in love with it. Things from owls carrying the mail to thinking stitches were a vile practice... everything about it was fascinating, so when I started writing, I thought that developing that world, as well as creating realistic characters was a priority here.
Sirius and Mia's relationship was an idealized mingle of many relationships I witnessed throughout life - it's a partnership more than a romantic entanglement. The separation itself was a test of sorts: Mia believed him when no one would and was right; he hoped she'd wait for him and she did. From then on, trust was nearly impossible to be missing (one little occasion being the exception...). Personally, I have never experienced such a relationship in person (the again, I'm in my early twenties, so I'm pretty sure there's still time).
I am a shameless hint junkie - they call it pressagios where I live and I just can't help planting them along the story. Izzy and George's relationship was basically made of it as a way for me to cope with the waiting period until those two were of an acceptable age to have a realistic attraction for each other.
As for Harry and Ginny, I don't agree with you very much... call me a perfectionist but sometimes I feel like I'm slacking on those two like a bad friend that only visits on birthdays. I'm trying to develop the two of them more, not just as a couple but as individuals for the sequel. Still, I'm glad you think they're well portrayed despite my own fussiness...
Overall, I am very happy you think this fic so good. It's great to hear such things and you have literally just inspired me to drop everything I was doing and go writing.
As for the 'few' reviews matter, I heard the traffic in the site has diminished since the end of the film series and I'll be the first to admit that my posting schedule if not very reliable, so people may feel a little distrusting. I don't mind, though - as long as I know one person out there is enjoying this, I'm happy.
Thank you so, so much for this wonderful review.

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Review #12, by Cristina The Final Battle pt 2

22nd February 2013:
Wow! I read all 3 stories in the past couple of weeks and they are really amazing. I just loved the Sirius and Mia relationships and the new characters, especially Izzy. I can't wait to see what happens in the next sequel. You really did a wonderful job at writing this and I'm quite amazed it doesn't have more reads/reviews. Your story is like a hidden gem and I'm so happy I stumbled upon it. I really loved all the long chapters. Your writing style is awesome and it kind of evolved from the beginning of the story until now which is so great I think. So, I'm really anxious for the epilogue and the sequel. Thanks for such a wonderful story!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm very glad you like this fic so much and that you stumbled into it as well :D
The next sequel should be up very soon - this week, if the queue doesn't become too long or the content isn't rejected...
Those long chapters are just the bane of my existance - I literally had to cut down words to submit the epilogue because it had too many characters! I thought the thing would just never get posted!
You're very welcome - I hope to hear from you again.

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Review #13, by Hufflepuff_Pie The Final Battle pt 2

14th February 2013:
Wow. My heart was pounding throughout this: you covered this chapter beautifully :') poor George. Looking forward to the epilogue and sequel. Great job! :D

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm really happy you liked it. They should be coming soon, don't worry.

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Review #14, by Hope's Mom The Final Battle pt 2

10th February 2013:
This was the saddest dialogue in the chapter. "Because they were never one - they were always two. They were different but they were always two, Ginny mumbled before turning to Izzy. So, how can there be just one now? How can there be a George without a Fred?" I have always liked Fred and George in most stories. I have never felt George's grief as strongly as I have in your story. Poor Izzy. Great job writing this scene from the books. Thank you for sparing Remus and Tonks!

Author's Response: I know - I literally teared up while writing it and I'm not usually one for crying... I had to make George's grief absolutely brutal - he'd just lost the most important person in his life, the closest person he'd ever been to... it had to feel heartbreaking. I suppose the brutality of having to kill Fred off may have led me to spare Remus and Tonks. Those two just deserved a chance...
Anyway, you're welcome. The epilogue should be up soon and the first chapter of the sequel will, hopefully, follow suit.

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Review #15, by seekers_destiny The Final Battle pt 2

9th February 2013:
Tonks was clearly in shock when she got to the hospital wing. Poor Sirius found someone in even worse shape than he had been. I liked how you had Izzy having very mixed feelings when she found out it was Fred dead rather than George. she also had a typical teenager reaction to what she'd said to George. I don't think she was too hard on him but it may take time for him to become some kind of normal. It was quite a turn of events to have Sirius be the sensible one When Voldemort announced Harry's "death". He handled that role pretty well despite being so unfamiliar with it. In a way Sirius got to avenge Remus by taking down Fenrir Greyback. Sometimes lucky is better than good (grabbing a silver trophy when trying to fight a werewolf). I'm sorry this story is coming to an end but it had to happen one day. It's been a wonderful ride (and it is not quite done yet!).

Author's Response: Tonks was a mess, pure and simple - she'd been told her husband was dead, she had no idea what to do - if Sirius hadn't been there, she might have just lost it.
Izzy just had no idea of what to feel in this chapter - first she was afraid it was George who was dead, then she was relieved it was Fred, then she felt horrible for feeling such a thing, then she felt even worse for 'breaking George' with her words, the everything all over again with Harry. Now she just can't see beyond George's words and his reaction isn't helping convincing her. It's going to be a while before George snaps out of his current behaviour - losing Fred (and Angelina too) was the biggest blow he's ever received in his life and it's got him absolutely raw at the moment.
I don't think 'sensible' might be the right word for Sirius's reaction - mostly, he was stubbornly in denial even though he had good reason to be. If things had turned out another way, with Harry being gone, he'd just be setting himself up for a very big blow. He was very lucky with Greyback indeed - if he'd been thrown anywhere other than the trophy room, he'd be toast... well, maybe not, thanks to Harry's sacrifice, but he didn't know about that yet.
I'm very happy you apreciate the series. This volume may be coming to an end, but the story will continue in the sequel. Despite the focus shifting a little, there will still be plenty of everyone else in there :D
My outtake parallel to this chapter is currently on queue. The backlog is not too much, so it should be up soon enough to keep you entertained until the epilogue and the sequel come.

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Review #16, by MissMdsty The Final Battle pt 2

9th February 2013:
I honestly can't believe that this is over! I've been reading your Sirius/Mia series ever since I joined last summer and this chapter was so bittersweet for me.

Most of them got a happy ending, which I love. Teddy got parents and Harry got a happy home, which is perfectly believable in this universe you set up for them. Others, like Fred and Angelina just broke my heart.

The conversation between George and Izzy... more like the monologue of Izzy in front of George was terrible and I'm guessing it was heartbreaking to write as well. I'm sure in time he will come to at least understand and accept that it was for his own good, even though he will never accept the fact that his brother's gone. I have a feeling it's not the end for this couple and I'm very excited for the sequel. I'm anticipating some fun overprotective Sirius versus George moments.

This is such an amazing accomplishment, completing a trilogy and I want to congratulate you for it. You have such amazing writting skills and talent and I do hope you will continue writting for this fandom and sharing your lovely plots with us!


Author's Response: It was bittersweet to write for me as well.
The happy endings were lovely to put into writing. I got to save at least two lives from the war - Remus and Tonks's. Unfortunately, I had to take as well, or else it wouldn't be believable at all, so there goes Angelina. She and Fred were always fun to write, especially from George's POV but they were so close here I just couldn't bring myself to tear them apart.
Oddly enough, as much as it hurt to write George and Izzy's part, it was also my favourite one. I could every moment of it in my mind and it was just flowing so easily. And, of course, I know when things go from here, so I knew what I was setting up for here. There's still a lot of road to pave before Sirius gets a say on anything about those two - for instance, right now he's got a massive blind spot in what comes to Izzy and boys.
The triology is about to become a... quadriology? Does that word exist? Anyway, I'm looking forward to go on from here. I'm glad you enjoyed the plots so far and I hope things don't go downhill in the sequel since I have no canon to go parallel with.
Thank you!

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Review #17, by klair The Final Battle pt 2

8th February 2013:
Excellent work. Loved every bit of it. Looking foward to the sequel

Author's Response: Thank you! It should come shortly after the epilogue :D

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Review #18, by patronus_charm The Final Battle pt 2

8th February 2013:
Woo another chapter, Iíve already got my tissues at the ready as Iím not sure what to expect, and thank you for making it so long, itís great as we get tons of action then! The final chapter! I did not expect that, there is another book after this right! I need my Izzy and George time!

Yay Remus is probably going to be saved with Tonks and Sirius by his side, and I hope that means Tonks wonít die either.

I loved that little scene with Izzy and Luna so lovely and you see how strong their friendship is!

Wah you killed Fred! How could you! I know JK wrote that, but she wrote that Sirius dies and he didnít in this story. Iím feeling mean like Izzy though as Iím glad that George didnít die, so I can still get some fluff over them! That seriously brought me to tears, so Iím glad that I had my tissues at the ready!

I see what you mean about you getting hate, I understand that George is in shock and all, but telling Izzy to go away, I expected her to be the one which comforted him.

Yay for Sirius for knowing whatís really gone on! Poor Mia though, she seemed devastated, I forget at times she isnít Harryís mum.

I loved that little scene at the end with Andromeda and Sirius just so lovely and heart warming.

Two words for this chapter Ė pure awesome. I canít wait for the epilogue, Iím so excited!

Author's Response: Wow! A moment by moment review! This is too good - it's great to see your reactions to every scene.
I'm really sorry about Fred but it wouldn't be believable at all if I saved everyone in this fic, it wouldn't be believable at all. *Sigh* I'm not getting hit by as much rotten vegetables as I'd expected, so I guess that's a good thing. George was very hurt by Fred's death - saying what he said was to be expected. Right now, nobody can comfort him - not even Izzy, who feels Horrible that she had to break him in order to make him fight. He's just hurting too much, feeling too raw. He needs some time and he'll get it between here and the sequel. And if you pay some attention to his words, you'll see there's some subtext to them...
I pretty much agree with everything else and I'm very glad you liked the chapter.
The epilogue will be here as soon as I can finish it and it will be followed by the sequel, which I hope you like as well.
Thank you so much!

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Review #19, by Jen The Final Battle pt 2

7th February 2013:
OMR, I cried so many times during this chapter. Mostly for George and Izzy, but also in happiness. I just love the way that you have blended canon with AU - the way Harry's life WOULD have been if there had been one major difference - Mia.
How are you feeling right now? You have invested so much time into this, it must be like seeing a child leave home!
Can't wait for the rest of it.

Author's Response: The part with George and Izzy was possibly one of the hardest and at the same time one of the most necessary to write. Nothing in this world could possibly make George 'fine' at that moment, right after Fred's death - not even Izzy, unfortunately. There's still hope for them, though - a whole sequel of hope :D
I actually feel great that this one is over - as much as I tried to stick close to canon, it was always a bit restraining. Now, when working with the sequel, I can pretty much go anywhere with the story. It's a bit sad to end this but at the same time fulfilling and promising.
I am currently finishing the Remus/Tonks outtake, then I'll go to finish the epilogue and the first chapter of the sequel.

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Review #20, by marisalovesharry The Final Battle pt 1

22nd January 2013:
can harldy wait for more
what the hell happened to Tonks.

Author's Response: You'll see very soon into next chapter :D

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Review #21, by Jen The Final Battle pt 1

18th January 2013:
Loved it, loved it, loved it.
I am desperate to know what happened to Tonks.
Is it odd that the sentence about Peeves helping with the chandeliers had me all teary? lol
I cannot tell you just how much I love this story... I am so looking forward to the next few chapters, but I am also dreading the end.

Author's Response: Thank you! Tonks's fate will be revealed very early into next chapter.
Not odd at all - even nasty old Peeves cares enough about the school to protect it.
Your words make me very happy.
Hopefully, next chapter will be up very soon.

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Review #22, by anonymous The Final Battle pt 1

13th January 2013:
Love it! Can't wait for the next chapter.

Author's Response: Thank you! Glad you liked it!
Next chapter will be up soon - it's currently on queue.

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Review #23, by gpitz The Final Battle pt 1

12th January 2013:
Hi! I know I haven't really reviewed (and that's bad considering I read all of these series and we are on the 64th chapter of the 3rd book), but I think your story is amazing! You have a great sense of detail that makes this actually seem like a real book and not just a fanfic. I also admire that you never make any of those elementary mistakes I often see with most other writers. You know very well how to write your own story while still adhering to what J.K. Rowling originally created. Its brilliant! I love your story, especially the Izzy and George parts! :P I just can't wait to read the next chapter! Anyways, this is a great story! Keep up the fantastic work!

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm glad you think so - I try to write this fic the way I'd like to read it. I'm aware I make mistakes myself but it really irks me when I find them in the fics I read, so I try to keep them to a minimum.
I'm very happy you like this, overall, and the following chapter should be up soon :D
Thank you for the amazing review!

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Review #24, by seekers_destiny The Final Battle pt 1

12th January 2013:
First, some old business. You caught me not paying close attention last chapter. Obviously it isn't the full moon for the battle. Since Remus did not die/get injured this way in canon I have high hopes for his survival. However, there is still Tonks to worry about.

Wow. That was a brilliant chapter. I can see why it was hard to write but it was worth the effort. There were a lot of things and scenes that I liked but I will have to go with the last scene. Izzy becoming such a good helper in the hospital wing and even getting her father out of the way. Their conversation at the end was great. Izzy has great perspective on things now. There are a lot of worse things than being grounded and now she knows it.

Author's Response: No worries, it happens to anyone.
I make no promises regarding who lives or dies...
I'm very happy you liked the chapter so much. The end was one of my favourite parts to write - when those two aren't bickering, they can be pretty great. Izzy nearly died herself - that got her to realize how fleeting things can be. Being grounded as opposed to being dead is a pretty nice deal.
Next chapter should be up soon,

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Review #25, by patronus_charm The Final Battle pt 1

12th January 2013:
AH! THIS CHAPTER WAS AMAZING! PUTTING IT INTO CAPITALS DOESN'T EVEN EXPLAIN ITS AMAZINGNESS! I already started crying from the beginning because it was just so emtional. Harry being reunited with everyone, Izzy and George, Remus maybe dying, Sirius being friendless! So much drama I can't handle it all! I can't wait for the next chapter, well I can as well as I don't want to see if anyone dies or not :( One tiny thing I spotted one talking about Sirius's mood you said moon instead other than that this was pure awesome!

Author's Response: It was a rather dramatic chapter indeed... bus I'm afraid not as dramatic as the next. I am so going to be yelled at... I'm glad you liked this one regardless.
Anyway, next chapter is currently on queue, so it should be up soon :D

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