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Review #1, by Hannah Epilogue

15th November 2012:
This was adorable!:)

Author's Response: Thanks Hannah, I'm glad you enjoyed it.

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Review #2, by AshuMalfoy The Hogwarts Express

14th November 2012:
good start. at first i thought it was about Fred weasley (1). bt never mind. xoxoxo

Author's Response: My bad, I think it's because I described him as being a red-head. (I will chance that). Thanks for the review, I really appreciated it.

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Review #3, by PolyJuice_ The Artist's New Realiazation

10th August 2012:
Hey! I got all excited just now, thinking it was a new chapter. :p oh well, I'll just write you a review instead.

Great story, I love the concept of it all. It's also so rare to find good Fred/OC stories. They're usually the Potters or a ScoRose. :p anyways. I'm in a rush so this will be short and sweet: I love this story, keep going and update soon. You're a fantastic writer with a great plot and I wish I could go into detail about the pros and cons of each chapter but I'm running out of battery power. :(

Next chapter I'll try and be back with a longer, better review! Incentive to update faster, let's call it. It may take a while for me to get the chance to review but, rest assured, I will!


Author's Response: Thanks. Sorry for the false start. I had meant to add another chapter but saw it best to try and edit the previous ones since I've neglected them for quite some time.

I'm so glad you like Fred. Thanks for the complement, I appreciate it. And I'll try harder to update the next chapter/s. Looking forward to your review Liz both pros and cons even if it is for one chapter :)

Thanks again, Stef

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Review #4, by 10PointsFromSlytherin Depingere Fred…

23rd November 2011:
Are you writing more? I love this, and hope you do... :) I shall review and review and review until... no, not that annoying but please write more. :)

Author's Response: Yes I am. Thanks for your review. Enjoy

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Review #5, by 10PointsFromSlytherin Oh Ye Rotten Boys

23rd November 2011:
OMG.OMG.OMG.OMG.OMG. I'm loving this new Marauders with the new generation! This is amazing, FRED'S BACK. I love you. I've been trolling fanfiction for ages hoping like merlin someone will bring him back in the new generation somehow. This is way good, cheers for the read.

Author's Response: Hi. I have been away from this site for like forever. I had no idea people still continued to read. I'm happy. Thank you.

I've decided to finish the story. Hope you will still be here.

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Review #6, by marciabarcia Depingere Fred…

20th April 2010:
Fabulous Job, as usual! I see Edrea is using manticores again. How did she gain such a great understanding of them? Also, I do think revenge is sweet. The guys shouldn't have done what they did.


Author's Response: Thanks. They weren't the ones she used earlier. She didn't want to help them anymore. Yes, I agree with you, revenge was definately something she was planning. I think she has been keeping her eye on them but with her you never know.


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Review #7, by marciabarcia Oh Ye Rotten Boys

25th March 2010:
Oh gosh! This is such an honor. Fantastic Job!


Author's Response: I'm glad you feel that way.

Thanks again for the review.


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Review #8, by RonNiffler The Artist and The Manticores

18th March 2010:
Edrea seems like a very unique character! I can see a lot of people being able to relate to her. =)

Again I must say I love your conversations! They always make me laugh! (That might just be because I have conversations like these =))

"Are you stalking me?"
"Sweetie, I don't like you that much." Hehe! Great line! I'm really excited to see how Fred and Edrea will work out!

Again your flow works fine so no need to worry about that!

And I really don't have any more criticism for you! So great job!

Very interesting story! It has great potential! Keep up with the good work!


Author's Response: Edrea, she's takes over sometimes and I follow rather blindly. In the end she turns out exactly like I envisioned her.

Yeah, my conversations tend to head in a similar direction. I try to make theirs follow a certain pattern because if I were to use mine, the meaning would be completely lost.

I don't know where that line came from but it's among my favorite.

Thanks again for the praises and reviews. They are heartwarming.

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Review #9, by RonNiffler The Hogwarts Express

18th March 2010:
Hello! RonNiffler here from forums!

Your intro paragraph is alright, but I feel like it needs to catch your audience better. There is nothing wrong with how it is now, but I know a lot of people stop reading if there not reeled in right away.

Can I just applaud you for not just saying "he said/ she said." Every time some one talks! So many people do that and it's such a breathe of fresh air to see different word choices! =)

Your characters seem to have a lot of personality already so yay for that! I'm really excited to see how they will develop!

Hehe. The conversations are very funny, and believable! Good job!

Your story flowed absolutely fine!

Great job once again! This story has great potential!

Author's Response: Hi,
I actually read it again and you are right. It kind of sits there. So I'm trying to spice it up a bit.

Aww, you are the first person to tell me that. Are you sure it's not too much? I know some readers hate when you use too much -said replacements.

The characters were fun to write and sometimes difficult especially Fred but I like how he turned out.

Thanks for the praises and the review.


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Review #10, by phoenixy_friend Drawing Conclusions

17th March 2010:
Wow, I can't wait to see where this goes.

Author's Response: I'm hoping somewhere good that will keep the readers glued. Thanks for your review.

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Review #11, by marciabarcia Drawing Conclusions

15th March 2010:
Wow! This is really good and the plot is coming along nicely!


Author's Response: Did I mention that I'm so happy receiving this from you again? Well I am. Thanks for sticking with this story all the way (first three chapters.) I really appreciate that *lights up like its Christmas morning*

And that you think it's that good, plot and all.


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Review #12, by marciabarcia The Artist and The Manticores

10th March 2010:
Holy cow! That was unexpected! Great Job!


Author's Response: Hi Marcia,
I'm so glad you think so. Thank you.


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Review #13, by marciabarcia The Hogwarts Express

5th March 2010:
Great Job!


Author's Response: Thanks Marcia :)

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