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Review #1, by LEMONSKY4 "Future Percy"

1st December 2011:
I freaking died when I saw this episode of The Office, and I feel like you did the pranks justice! Awesome work! :)

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Review #2, by ariellem "Future Percy"

24th November 2010:
You are a genius. Enough said.

Author's Response: OH MY. Well, Im not sure about that hahaha. But thank you for your sentiments!! Really flattering :)

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Review #3, by littlemissmb "Future Percy"

3rd June 2010:
lolness. made me laugh.

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Review #4, by ZephyrDragon "Future Percy"

17th April 2010:
Brilliantly written, exactly the kind of prank Fred and George would pull! (Although I've never watched The Office, even the British version)

How did you do in the challenges you wrote them for?

Author's Response: LOL I love The Office (you should definately start lol). Jim is totally Fred and George-ish hahaha. I placed for this piece which is goooddd lol.

Thanks love!

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Review #5, by 1917farmgirl "Future Percy"

15th March 2010:
Just so you know from the outset, I've never seen the show "The Office," so I don't know the origin for the prank. But, that said, it made little difference to my enjoyment of this story.

I really, really love that you brought Hermione into this. It's always such an interesting situation when you pit Hermione with the many sparks can fly. And you didn't disapoint me! The diologue at the beginning, about blackmail being frowned upon, and Hermione threatening them and them turning around and asking if she wanted to try it... VERY funny. I really liked it.

I also really enjoyed the banter back and forth between the twins and the way they completed each other sentences, just as they should.

Poor, poor gullible Percy. I almost feel for him here, you know... Notice I said almost... Really a very brilliant set up for a prank!

Coffee poisoned! Future Percy tells me to tell you... ROFLOL! That was really just fun to read. I love a good twin prank story! And I'm so so so so so glad you ignored canon and kept Fred alive! *Three cheers for alive Fred!*

Thanks for writing this, and for entering the challenge! It was a blast to read!

Now, do we get a sequel? I'm intrigued by this green jello you mention...

Author's Response: Hi! Sorry it took so long to reply to this, Ive just been so busy.

That said, I am so stoked that you liked it!!! (and you should start watching The Office, its amazing xD)

I know, Percy is hard to feel sorry for. And I picture the twins loving to torment him because he's so gullible :D

You cant take one twin without the other, that's what I say!! Its just not right! I luuurrv Freddie-poo!

I am so glad you liked it. It was hugely entertaining to write!
PS the green jello is another reference to The Office. In teh season opener, Jim Halpert (the man the twins were inspired to prank Percy by) sinks his co-workers office supplies into green jello xD. I love him.

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Review #6, by phoenixy_friend "Future Percy"

8th March 2010:
Why would they do that? (I mean the green jello thing).

Author's Response: Actually, it is another allusion to the television show The Office. That is where the prank of sending letter from one's future self came from. In the pilot, the character of Jim Halpert embedded his co-workers office supplies on huge mounds of green jello. It was a joke.

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Review #7, by evanlyn "Future Percy"

6th March 2010:
lol That was awesome!! I can't wait to read all the Pranks of Jim Halpert stories. I thought you did Percy's character really well.

Author's Response: Hahaha thank you! Yes, all the stories are bound to be hugely entertaining (this is Jim we're tlaking about, HELLO!)

Yes, Percy is a dunder-head, and will be ever thus :)

Thanks for reviewing!!

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