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Review #1, by flying_rabbit Going home

19th April 2010:
Hi! Since I've got some time now, I'll just get to reviewing this story and your Scorpius one-shot :)
Lily sounds like fun :) I can just see her friends groan and almost feel embarrassed that Lily just won't go out with 'adorable Quidditch players' but instead rolls in the mud with them, or whatever they do. And of course her parents don't mind (apart from the rolling in the mud, but I'm sure they wouldn't mind that either as long as they don't have to do the laundry afterwards)! Anyway.
It's odd indeed that Ginny won't let Harry buy Lily a new broom. But given the image of Draco Malfoy I get from Dream for me, I think it's odd as well that he would've promised Scorpius a new broom. He doesn't seem to care much about his family (alright, his wife, but he doesn't come off as someone who cares an awful lot about his son either. But maybe that's just me).
So, how far along is Rose here? Her family doesn't know yet? Or is she going to tell them during the Christmas holidays?
Ha. I like James' idea of just stealing Malfoy's broom after the holidays. Something tells me, though, that they'll almost immediately know it was him :P
Lockaroos? Luna and Rolf are missing Christmas with their sons to hunt Lockaroos, whatever they might be? :P Are the Scamander twins in Lily's year? Her last comment/thought was pretty funny; yes, who knows what those two might be up to! (maybe they'll go Nargle hunting in Lily's wild hair...)
I think I'll be following this from now as well :) That is, if you can handle more of these reviews ;)

Author's Response: Lily is a lot of fun, unless something is wrong with her Quidditch stuff ;) Ginny doesn't want to give her a new broom, because she wants her to focus on more important things and take away from Quidditch a little. I'm sure Ginny knows a spell for the muddy laundry, at least that's what I hope :D

When it comes to Draco, he's still pretty much a very enigmatic character, but I have his backstory planned out and he truly feels for his son (although I think he has some trouble expressing that in an acceptable way). Also there's a dark family secret lurking ^^

Rose is in her fourth month when the Christmas break begins and she hasn't told her parents yet, but I think she will come clean at Christmas and she'll also find out why she got pregnant in the first place. After all if she forgot to take her potion in the last holidays, won't she have one more flask left at home than she should have? I better stop rambling about this or I'll give away too much!

Lockaroos are strange, exotic magical creatures and Luna and Rolf are head on into their search, so maybe the Scamander twins are really going to take their example and do some hunting of their own ;)

I'll have to wait a little to update this so Dream for me can catch up on the timeline, but I'm really glad you're following this, too! I would be glad to handle more of these reviews :)

Thanks a lot for your review!

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Review #2, by mileyo123 Going home

13th April 2010:
haha. i like this chapter. I cant wait to read how it fits in with dream for me. :)

Author's Response: I'm happy you like it! I think it will be funny to see Rose from an outside perspective in this story. Thanks a lot for leaving three reviews in one day :)

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Review #3, by ohcrapidroppedmybrain Going home

9th April 2010:
Hello dear! I was sooo estatic when you posted on my thread; I dunno whether you remember me reviewing your other story, but anyways...

I like what you have here. You stayed within your tense and didn't change POVs (which isn't hard, but still. You aren't a dunderhead :p) You make everything agree and it's easy on the eyes to read. Good job!

Lily gets to hang out with the Scamander twins over the summer? Ooh! Nice! It's on the verge of cliche, but not too much. I would be worried if the pairing was Lily/James, but no one ever does Lily II/ Scamander twin. It's foreseeable, but not boring, I should say :)

Lily cracks me up. She's like Oliver Wood on Felix Felicis when it comes to Quidditch, almost to the point when I'm worried about her mental health. She doesn't seem to civil to Scorpius, now does she? It only makes sense. The main area of concern I have here is that you won't build up her character and she will forevermore be known as the Quidditch addict. I hope that there is more complexity under these petty layers (although they do crack me up!)

No one ever likes Percy :) I was reading Delicate the other day when everyone was hating Percy. I love how you live up to the tradition. I can just imagine Percy walking in the Potter residence, examining the furniture for dust particles. And then throwing food at Albus and demanding he picks it up. Eh, but I'm off topic.

I did notice a few grammah errahs here and there, for example:

Beeing = being

“I’m sorry that your parents couldn’t make it home in time”, =
"I'm sorry that your parents couldn't make it home in time,"

And it also felt like you were telling me more than showing me. Make sure you use that pretty imagery, dear :)

The Scamanders are portrayed wonderfully as well. I can practically hear Luna in them (I probably should have put this in earlier :p). I wonder what will happen. Will Lily warm up to them? Will she come to terms with her addiction? How will the family react to this?

Tell me when you have another chapter up!

Author's Response: Hey Constants,

I'm glad to have you back. Of course I remember your reviews for Dream for me, they were the most detailed ones ever and helped me improve the story a lot!

I'm really sorry I still don't know these comma rules when it comes to speech. That's the only thing I never learned about English and I keep using my native languages rules, but you told me about this before and "I will keep track of it from now on," I say ;)

Percy is just predestined for his role, he always clung to norms and rules in his school years and I don't think he would ever have changed that! I imagine he told Lily how to wrap presents up correctly and to behave civilized when unwrapping them :D

The Scamander twins have a lot in store for their Christmas break with the Potters! Lily will have to come to terms with her Quidditch addiction, because she will see that there are worse problems than not getting a new broom.

I'll try to get more showing into the next chapter and I will PM you when it is up. I'm happy you see the story so positively :)

Thanks a lot for taking the time and reviewing!

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Review #4, by amy Going home

31st March 2010:
was wondering who the love interest would be but i may still be wrong

Author's Response: I'd love to hear your guess about the love interest! I plan to update this soon, so maybe chapter 2 will provide new clues!

Thanks for reading and leaving a review!

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Review #5, by MiaMarauder Going home

7th March 2010:
I really really like it! I wish there was more though... But I like it and I want to read more! Update soon!

Author's Response: I'm glad you like this story!

I'll update soon and I'll try to make the next chapter longer. It's just that I always have to find a breaking point to separate two chapters and I'm not terribly good at that ;)

Thanks so much for leaving a review!


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Review #6, by Trashyy Going home

6th March 2010:
I really like this, wooh ! I love how you write it - you know, in thirdperson. Great. Keep up the good work and make sure to update soon !

Author's Response: The fact that you like my writing style just made my day :)

I got so used to writing first person in my other novel that I craved a third person narrative. I'm happy that it seems to be working well!

Your review has me smiling and I want to thank you for it! And don't worry, the next chapter will come soon and I hope you'll enjoy it as much as this one!


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Review #7, by foxylilraven Going home

6th March 2010:
uhoh, she is gonna fall for one of the boys that are off their rocker huh. Ill definitely enjoy the rest of this one.

Author's Response: She's definitely going to fall for one of them and it's going to be amusing, but maybe they're not as much off their rocker as one would think ;)

I really hope you'll enjoy the rest of this story! Thanks for leaving a review!


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Review #8, by Rowdy18 Going home

1st March 2010:
Great start! I can't wait to see who she "falls" for! More soon!

Author's Response: Hey, seemes like just yesterday you left me the last review ;)

I'm all happy to know you like the start of the novel. I'd really like to tell you whom she falls for, but it would probably ruin the suspense...

I've got some one-shots that I'm going to post first, but after that this story will get its update!

Thanks for leaving a review!!!


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Review #9, by TheReader1312 Going home

1st March 2010:
Good start!

I'll be waiting for more.. :D

Author's Response: Thanks for leaving a review and favouriting my story!

I'm happy to know you like it. I have things planned for the next chapter, but it might take some days, because I have several one-shots planned/written...but don't worry, more is on the way :)

Thanks again!

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