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Review #1, by KaraBlack Fallen

31st March 2010:
*Peeks around the corner wondering if you'll remember me*

Hey! It's been forever since I've been on the site and I figured I'd check out the new stuff you've written!

And wow, this was really fantastic Liam! So chilling and completely amazing!

Hope everything is going well for you hun!

Author's Response: OMG KARA, DON'T BE SILLY!
Of course I remember you. I miss you so much D:

Thank you so much, hon. Honestly, I don't think I'll return to writing properly, it's just not my thing anymore, but I'm glad you enjoyed this.

Talk soon, yeah? I really do miss you :(
And yeah, same to you!

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Review #2, by Hannah Fallen

2nd March 2010:

I love this. I've never really read a lot of Tom/Minerva's, but it's a really intriguing idea. I think you did an epic job with it. Tom's characterization especially!

"It worries you too."


"Don't. Lie." Again, those harsh words, hissed in almost a whisper.

That's my favorite part. So creepy and win! I got goosebumps :P From both that part and the ending D:


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Review #3, by Violet Gryfindor Fallen

1st March 2010:
This was creepy, but for someone who's not been writing for half a year, it's really well-written. I loved the image of Riddle's name "burning in the flames of a former life", and how you kept up the fire imagery until the end. You also kept up the flow of the story wonderfully, making it easy to read, but still with a lot of emotion and great horror-esque undertones.

The characters here are perfectly to canon, and I liked how your Minerva was still a bit naive, not having been through the First War and not being sure what Riddle was capable of doing. The mystery of what their relationship had been at school leaves the reader hanging in a delectable way, letting the reader fill in the blanks for themselves about how close the two of them were before, and what happened, what request had he made of her.

That question "what happened to you, Minerva?" was great because it reversed the usual state of things in a Tom/Minerva - usually, it's she who asks him and thinks that. Minerva does wonder about it, here, but now you've added another spin on things - what was Minerva like before that he thinks she's changed now? (rhetorical question - you hint at enough to make me want to run off and write a story for it :P).

There was just one thing I noticed - in the line no matter how many years pass, shall remain the same, there's no subject. Do you mean "I shall remain the same"?

It's awesome that you got this from my story, and equally so that you've taken that same scene in canon (after Riddle is rejected from the post) and written it in an entirely different (and better) way. This story turned out so well, Liam! Hopefully it means that you'll be writing more! ^_^

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Review #4, by FATAL Fallen

28th February 2010:
Oh, Liam xD I love this! Rusty? I wish my sort of rusty was like yours. I love your style of writing, it seems so elegant and fluid. I love your descriptions and characterizations too! Gah, this is just one huge squee xD I adore the dialogue and actions/interactions between Tom and Minerva. It's absolutely wonderful!

Amazing job ^^

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