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Reading Reviews for What we Both Didn't Know
8 Reviews Found

Review #1, by FearOfBeingLoved What an assignment can do

4th November 2011:
Oh my goodness I didn't expect that! Well I did but still real cute!

Author's Response: haha, thanks a lot for the review! x

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Review #2, by mindifislytherintom What an assignment can do

16th July 2011:
It's pretty good. I really liked that last part! ;)

Author's Response: Thank you very much. You're too kind :)
And sorry for replying so late to your review.

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Review #3, by jenkent What an assignment can do

30th December 2010:
Cute little one-shot. Some minor spelling/grammar errors, but other than that, great job. ~Jen

Author's Response: thank you very much for the kind review! I'll try to fix the grammar errors as soon as I can find time :)
thanks again!

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Review #4, by Sldd320 What an assignment can do

6th June 2010:
The plot is good. I enjoyed it. But the dialogue seemed way too formal. These are teenagers. For example
“So that was you! You were that girl that called herself Sara McFinnon! That’s why your character seemed so familiar to me.”

“What?! Are you saying, that you, Fred Weasley, were there, and in the person of John Steward?”

They don't speak like that. It stops the flow of the story i suppose. Mostly a great story though. Always room for fine tuning transitions and such. Keep up the good work :)

Author's Response: hi!
thank you very much for the review!
I really appreciate that you pointed this out. I am going to try to find a way to change that.
I am glad that you liked it in general, though. Thanks again!

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Review #5, by Joy What an assignment can do

7th April 2010:
aww so sweet! :) another awesome fremione! cant wait to read more of your stories, that is if you have more!

Author's Response: hi!
thank you very much for the kind review!
Can't wait to read those of you too. :)

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Review #6, by Boots What an assignment can do

4th March 2010:
Good story...a little cliche, but good. Fluffy yet fun. Till I run across another story from you, good luck,


Author's Response: hi!
thank you for reviewing. I know it is a little clishe, but I had fun writing this :p
thanks again

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Review #7, by hplover123 What an assignment can do

28th February 2010:
that was hilarious! I love Geroge and Hermione, such a cute story =) one thing though, you went from fifth year to sixth near half way.. just thought I'd let you knoww.. great job though =D

Author's Response: hi!
thank you for reviewing. Did I really jump from fifth year to sixth? I will try to fix this as soon as possible. Thank you for pointing that out.
Thanks again!

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Review #8, by LoopyLemon What an assignment can do

27th February 2010:
That was so cool! I loved it! really belivable :)

Author's Response: hi!
thank you for the lovely review! I am glad you like it :)

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