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Review #1, by Jessie Muggles.....and the emo with blue hair

18th June 2012:
I love it :D especially all the St trinians lines cleverly sneaked in there

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Review #2, by Jessie the test this chapter 2 SORRY!!

18th June 2012:
I really like the story line but their are no capital letters and that is seriously frustrating

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Review #3, by Zora Weasley a very interesting christmas

4th August 2011:
I don`t know if you are still writing the story and if you still want reviews for it.
I like the way you write the characters. I think they have very interesting personalities so far.
But I think you deal with the issue of rape much to lightly. I don`t know how I can say it, but I think a girl who was raped by her boyfriend wouldn`t be over it in just a few hours. I think it takes a lot more time to be happy or even not shocked than a week, like you wrote. I don`t know how you continue in the next chapters, but for me it is a really big issue that Rose seems to be completly alright only a few days after the rape. I think that this plays down the effects something like that has on a seventeen year old girl. i think it would take a lot more time till she trusts other men again.
I`m sorry about all the critizism. I do like the way you write and the story and I think it is really funny that you made Draco and Scorpius faint, because of the pregnancy. that was really hilarious.

Author's Response: the whole thing does affect her but it will come through in later chapters than ive wrote but i need to be careful with the validators i dont want to give much away but she just wants to forget, she puts it at the back of her head and puts on a front to show that she is alright put soon its gonna blow up me thinks.

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Review #4, by Hmmmmm....... Cupcakes of Death and....Messages

22nd February 2011:
Die English Die!!!
I feel the same
Good work!

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Review #5, by Fggdvhjjj Cupcakes of Death and....Messages

8th February 2011:
Awesome! I want more more MORE and I want it now!

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Review #6, by coolness Cupcakes of Death and....Messages

7th February 2011:
great chapter
luv coolness

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Review #7, by hogwartsfavoritecoupleh Cupcakes of Death and....Messages

6th February 2011:
I realllyy liked this chapter it was the perfect mixed between funny and cutness can't wait for the next chapter valentines day! update soon!

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Review #8, by coolness Muggles.....and the emo with blue hair

29th January 2011:
please update soon, its been ages

Author's Response: it's in the queue and should be up tomorrow or the day after...[>.

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Review #9, by hogwartsfavoritecoupleh Muggles.....and the emo with blue hair

21st January 2011:
to put it simply. i am OBSESSED with your story i love your rose and scorpious too cutee update soon im dying here!!
ps. i loved scorpious reaction to the muggle trying to hit on rose adorablee

Author's Response: its in the queue and will be up in at least two days

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Review #10, by lauradoodlez the test this chapter 2 SORRY!!

23rd December 2010:
the story okay...but you need to work on your capitalization.

Author's Response: yeah i had the stupidity not to write it up on words then copy and paste but that is sorted now... thanks for the review

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Review #11, by Unwrittenangle Muggles.....and the emo with blue hair

22nd December 2010:
This is one of the best stories ive read on here. Please keep writing or a may go mad. And by may i mean will. I love this chapter! 10/10!!!

Author's Response: i have some writers block but please read the oneshot im putting up cos thats my sort of 'get rid of writers block' cure. writers block= write another story. please dont think im weird, u do dont u? oh well. O.o please read my other stories the next chapter WILL be up soon i promise just give me some time to work it out

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Review #12, by Mandy Riter Muggles.....and the emo with blue hair

5th December 2010:
Please update soon! Please, Please, Please, PLEASE!!!

Author's Response: im writing it now, schools nearly over so i can spend more time on it soon.

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Review #13, by Mandy Riter Quidditch game trauma and....a love potion?

5th December 2010:
I love this story! My favorite part is the commentary! I'm not a big fan of the bitch's best friend, though. You'll see why. This is one of the funniest stories I've read.

Author's Response: thank you!!! i love the comentary myself i had fun writing it. The bitch and her friend probably wont make another appearence so yay!!

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Review #14, by Hermionniny9 Muggles.....and the emo with blue hair

4th December 2010:
it was well good, and almost verging St Trinians. and the muggles, well lol

Author's Response: thank you!! i used only one group from St Trinians and thats the eco-freakos but they never really made an appearence... well i sort of thought they dont really know how a muggle school is behaviour wise so i just let them go a bit crazy. :]

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Review #15, by Hermionniny9 Plans and stupid evil muggles...whom i hate

27th November 2010:
^___^ my happy face, lol very good :D

Author's Response: thank you!

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Review #16, by My mandrake killed Voldy :) Plans and stupid evil muggles...whom i hate

27th November 2010:
Amazing, brilliant, flawless, etc. I laughed so hard! Great job! Am eagerly awaiting the next installment. The part where Rose tours the boys around the castle should be hiliarious. It would be really funny if Rose's fellow pregger friend Emma and Scorpius came along. Lol, the boys would be asking questions about the babies, Scorpius would get all red and uncomfortable, and Emma would be scaring the boys (and Scorp) by telling them all the details and horrors of childbirth. ROFL! Well, that's what I picture in my head. :D
Haha can't wait! 10/10.

Author's Response: THANK YOU! you are now my favourite reveiwer

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Review #17, by Chibble Quidditch game trauma and....a love potion?

5th November 2010:
i am in love with the story
it's way better then some of the other ones
There is an actual substantiting story line
Baby names
- Bella
- Harriet (nice and simple)
- Yukki (snowbelle) if she likes japanese
- Jesse (guys name)
- Rupert

Author's Response: i like Yukki but i was also maybe thinking Sakura (cherry blossom) and for emma and albus' kid i was thinking something simple or maybe something greek like Apollo cos u have to say emma is a bit crazy and would name her kid Apollo just to be different... thanks for the review

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Review #18, by Iloveharrypotter Quidditch game trauma and....a love potion?

3rd November 2010:
oh to good to be true. well you know what i say. WE NEED MORE DRAMA WE NEED MORE DRAMA WE NEED MORE DRAMA WE NEED MORE DRAMA !

Author's Response: DRAMA WILL COME thanks for the review

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Review #19, by lauren Quidditch game trauma and....a love potion?

31st October 2010:
what about layla for a girl or logan for a boy?
and btw i love this chapter its soo dramatic

Author's Response: drama is what i do best and i like logan... thanks for the review

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Review #20, by Grace96 my life sucks!!!! chapter 1 SORRY!!!!!

30th October 2010:
Hi I'm sure this is a really good story and what I read was really quite impressive but I just can't read anymore due to the lack of capital letters! This is a real shame because I said before it has a lot of potential and it is really a basic mistake, however some people are more creative than grammatical so if you're the former then how about getting a beta?I'm not trying to be nasty or derogatory I'm honestly saying this because I care enough about the story (I've seen dozens of stories with the same mistake but I haven't felt compelled to comment before) hope you can get it sorted because I would love to read your story sometime :-)

Author's Response: the capital problem isnt there for chapter 2 i think and onwards...please read it again..sorry but i made the mistake of typing it up on the site rather than on microsoft word. I've started doing that now. PLEASE CONTINUE READING IT!!! :)

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Review #21, by Hermionniny9 Quidditch game trauma and....a love potion?

30th October 2010:
more fainting, yay :D

Author's Response: thanks. i like fainting its funny to watch

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Review #22, by Hermionniny9 new year love and night heartbreak

30th October 2010:
lol trollopy bitch troll.
ooo lets see the muggles, i demand the muggles.
lol not really, i can look at myself

Author's Response: U WONT LIKE THE MUGGLES... mainly cos they're all perverted...

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Review #23, by Hermionniny9 a very interesting christmas

30th October 2010:
fainting in the family. lol good one

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Review #24, by Hermionniny9 the test this chapter 2 SORRY!!

30th October 2010:
an interesting chapter indeed.
and Christmas will be interesting

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Review #25, by Hermionniny9 my life sucks!!!! chapter 1 SORRY!!!!!

30th October 2010:
just sayin, couldn't you move the chapter up one?
anyways, nice so far (not the rape tho, thats not nice)

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