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Review #1, by DumbledoresArmyOfOne what is love and love is what?

20th February 2013:
This... I can't even describe how amazing this is. I'm so impressed by this style, how it reads and flows perfectly in both directions! Most people have trouble getting their stories to flow in one direction, and few succeed as beautifully as you do here.
This is gorgeous. I love the repetition, of the angels and sinners and the moon and the skylines.
I also love the contrast- angels and sinners again, and the way it's such a different story if you read it backwards, but you can always come around again.
It reminds me of the book, Only Revolutions by Mark Danielewski, which is built on the same circle concept as this.

This is a beautiful story! Thank you.

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Review #2, by Erised what is love and love is what?

18th July 2012:
YES! A Teddy/Rose, which is one of my most recent favourite pairings! The way you wrote this was literally so clever. Like, wow. The fact that we have to start at the bottom and yet it still works if you read it the other way... that is some serious skill there. You should totally be proud of this.

I was so sad that Teddy was breaking up with Rose, though. The fact that she didn't believe him at first makes it all the more sadder. The way she leaves, although somewhat submissive of her is very melancholy also. I just wish I knew why he was ending it. There wasn't much information as to why there were, and I just would have liked to have known. Not a big thing though.

Good job :)

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Review #3, by Lillylover22 what is love and love is what?

13th April 2012:
That was so poetic and beautiful 10/10 : )

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Review #4, by luna_lovely what is love and love is what?

19th January 2012:
WOW!!! that was amazing :P where did you get the idea to do that from? it was a really awesome experience :)

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Review #5, by MajiKat what is love and love is what?

10th October 2011:
Right I thought I may as well review this while i was lurking around your page. I have read this before, of course, cause I have been a silent fangirl of yours for some time now, but SILENT NO LONGER!!

what are you trying to do to me?? seriously. this was one of the first things I read of yours and I actually nearly died. so creative, so clever and again, your ability to play with language just stuns me! the way you change the meaning of things is just so amazing and clever and OMG why can't I do it??

and and and...READING THIS BOTH DIRECTIONS?? O.o my brain just exploded. incredible. i just...dnjsabdjakgbdioas *is dead*

don't you go getting all modest on me either missy, cause I know you have a habit of doing just that. Accept that you are brilliant and I will be most happy xD

I just adore this piece. it is so heartbreaking and perfect and the imagery is so strong it slaps me in the face but it is subtle at the same time. harsh yet gentle. see? how is that possible??


I think I have to go now. You inspire me - your writing just makes me want to try new things and unfortunately, I must go to bed now!!

loved it!!
Kate xx

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Review #6, by rich_blonde marauder23 what is love and love is what?

11th August 2011:
CRAZY concept. Loved it! So contradictory ;)

xxx sofia :)

Author's Response: Thanks so much! It is a bit contradictory, I suppose. :D

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Review #7, by GubraithianFire what is love and love is what?

31st July 2011:
Whyyy did I never review this D: Oh, well, now it can be my 400th ever review. That's special, isn't it? That's worth it, right? At the very least, it's special to me, and I'm here because I wanted this special number to be for you, and this fic, which I think was one of those fics which rob you of breath. I wasn't jealous or awed or anything. It just became a fact to me: This is what Celeste writes and no one can outdo her. Remember that pitiful one-shot I did in your style? It was, in case my opinion of it isn't clear, pitiful. It was good for me, but definitely not worthy of you, the original. This is something of a short review, for which I also profusely apologize, but I feel like anything I ever wanted to say about this fic, I already have. If there's one thing I'd like to say, it's this: You are brilliant. You clearly always have been (or at least, have been for awhile), and you're innovative and you do what you do so well. I know you'll probably look back on this fic and its ilk and cringe a little, but here's something else I can say, after having left 399 reviews (while logged in, and before The Great Review Crash of three years or so ago): when you go back to a fic you once really loved and you are still blown away, you know it means something worthwhile.

♥to all that is to come from you

Author's Response: Gubby, I think I might've tried responding to this review at some point, but all that came out were some bizarre glugging noises.

Getting reviews from you still excites me as much as it did the very first time I saw you favorited TSOS and I leaped out of my seat and started squeeing.

So, much love to you, to your review, and to whatever possessed you to actually like this weird story. :3

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Review #8, by Camilla Monet what is love and love is what?

17th June 2011:
so i was almost in tears.
this is beautiful and elegant and your writing is so poignant and still and lovely. you're words are fragile and delightful - but they hold so much that it makes these words i say, sound meaningless. you have a beautiful way of words - and i can only wish i could have the same.
this was so beautiful, and reading it from the bottom to the top happened to be my favorite way to read it.
so lovely.

Author's Response: That's so sweet of you to say! Thanks so much! :-)

I'm not sure about the beautiful way with words as this one-shot is a bit old, but I'm really happy that it managed to reach out to you! Writing this was a bit aggravating at the time!

Thank you again!
- Celeste

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Review #9, by Miss Lily Potter what is love and love is what?

15th May 2011:
This is really, really cool. I was reading through it the first time and I thought it would be one of those stories that could be read backwards and forwards and it didn't seem like it would work, when I was reading through it, but it did! It worked so well! Both ways, it flowed so naturally and I can't imagine how difficult that was. This was a really nice story, I loved it.

Author's Response: Thanks so much! It was definitely a pain making this work backwards and forwards, I'll tell you. ;) And I'm really glad it payed off and you liked it! Thank you for the continued support! I adore your reviews. :)

- Celeste

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Review #10, by Romina Stephanie what is love and love is what?

18th November 2010:
Incredible one-shot. I wish I had something of substance to say, but I'm just blown away by this creative piece. Amazing job and keep it up :)

Author's Response: Wow, I'm so honored! I adore your writing and you're one of my favorite authors on this site, so I'll leave it at: thanks so much for the wonderful words! ^___^

- Celeste

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Review #11, by couldyoureallyknow what is love and love is what?

1st November 2010:
that was a fantastic one-shot! it was really well done and I like how you made it read both ways. The characterization in this story i think is wonderful. is it because he is with victoire that he is telling her to leave?

Author's Response: Thanks so much for the review! I apologize for the late response - I haven't been on HPFF in ages. No, actually, Victoire never figured in their relationship. Teddy is telling Rose to leave because he knows that her heart lies somewhere else - in the world beyond and not with him. It's a symbol more of love.

Thanks again! :D
- Celeste

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Review #12, by Ilasia what is love and love is what?

5th April 2010:

It's really quite horrible on my part that I've yet to review anything of course, though I've must have read your stuff a billion times over and loved it every single time. XD But anywho, I'm here to review this and - as I said in the cbox - raveraverave about your descriptions and generally amazing talents!

First off - I do believe I agree with some others in that I really enjoyed reading it from bottom to top! Top to bottom was lovely of course, but I really did love reading Teddy's Go! as a profound, last line of dialogue. I also really enjoyed the ambiguity we're left with at the end, as it really allows us to think about the substance behind Rose and Teddy's relationship without giving us all the answers to why he's telling her to go, etcetera.

There is eternal promise that shines through her, breathable sunshine, the sky of the sky, the wings of wings, the springs of springs. She is the light of the light, she is what sleeping butterflies dream of and what songbirds sing of. She dreams of angels and sinners, of moons born over rice paddies, of river lilies, of children with bright blue eyes. She dreams of the place where the skies and treetops which yearn for the heavens finally meet.
Yes, I quoted the entire thing because this is pure example of FLOATY, FLOATY LOVELINESS that I wish I could somehow write. There was some serious swooning going on whilst I was reading this part, Celeste, and I thoroughly wish that you could lend me some of your insane description talent? It's floaty and it flows and it's just so indescribable in its delicate sort of quality...I'm honestly speechless. :)

Alright, so this review was utterly unhelpful because all I did was squeal about how beautiful this was and how amazing you are as well. :P BUT IT'S TRUE, SO PFFT!

Floaty and complete ♥!



Author's Response: Zinny, I'm so, so sorry for the absolutely unreal wait on the response to this review!

I liked the bottom to top more as well, though for different reasons. XD I'm a sucker for angstier, more unhappy endings compared to the fluffier ending the first time around.

LIES. YOU WRITE ME LIES. I'm still not sure how that constitutes as anything more than over-saturated imagery, much less floatiness. It isn't that hard to write and it's a level I'm sure you've already surpassed. (I've yet to read your stuff, but I WILL ASAP.)

This was an absolutely lovely review, Zinny! I'm totally stunned! Thank you, thank you, thank you! ♥

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Review #13, by Childish_Fairy what is love and love is what?

15th March 2010:
When I saw this was Sliding Doors (Which by the way I've just decided I need to watch again, since nextto Shakespeare in Love it's my favourite Gwyneth movie) inspired I knew you'd somehow spilt one moment in two, but I never imagined that you'd do it like that! I've possibly read this three times (up and down so...six?) and I'm still so in awe because the idea is simply genius. It's got this sort of mirror affect to it that I'm still in love with. Your writing so refreshing and poetic that I'm stunned by how wonderful this is. And not to mention Teddy/Rose which is such a beautiful pairing that needs to have more stories written.

She dreams of the place where the skies and treetops which yearn for the heavens finally meet. Was my favourite line, it just seemed like a kiss between nature and heaven and left me with the most lovely image in my head.

10/10, I loved it.

Author's Response: Wow, thank you! I'm so honored that you reviewed, since you're quite well known and all. :)

I'm stunned you liked it. It's kind of an odd interpretation of Sliding Doors, isn't it? I couldn't think of any other way to make two stories out of one. Jo (Margravine) used the same Sliding Doors prompt to write a lovely Andromeda short story and it's more along the lines of what you mentioned. And I love Teddy/Rose too! I do hope it gets more popular!

Thank you so, so much for reviewing! :D

- Celeste

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Review #14, by shenanigan what is love and love is what?

7th March 2010:
Celeste, first let me start off by saying that you asked for 'harsh' in your review thread, and I am afraid that I'm going to have to let you down. I cannot find anything to critique about this. From the banner to the summary to the story itself... Everything was so beautiful and lovely and just wow.

I loved the reverse chronology. It's such an original concept, and it really added more depth to the piece. It gave the reader a chance to look at everything from a different perspective. I know that, by reading this twice, I was able to pick out a few things that I wouldn't have noticed if I had only read it once.

For example:

'Just go,' he says simply and just live and just be so much more. For every tear she will now shed, she will smile a thousand times more, live a thousand times longer.

It was brilliant little one-liners like those that added something more to the one-shot. It got me thinking: is there something wrong with Teddy? Something that could potentially harm Rose, even? With that single line, you added a whole new dimension to the piece, a second layer for the reader to analyze and pick apart. With Skyline, you've proved that one-shots are more than just bits of fluff that a reader can glide through. Here, you actually need to think.

Your description, as always, was beautiful and envy-inducing. In fact, everything was amazing (as you can probably tell from all the italics and praise littering this review).

My only little critique is that, when reading top to bottom, the ending was left kind of open and vague. But, come to think of it, I actually liked that, since it allowed the reader to formulate their own theories and stuff, so that's not really critique at all :)

So, now that I've pretty much typed up a novella in this box-thing, I'm going to pick up my jaw off the floor and leave. I'm sorry about being such a gushing fangirl, but I truly do love this. Excellent job, Celeste!


Author's Response: Zoey, I've been putting off responding to this because I just don't know how to. :P Really, this is such a sweet review. The gorgeous banner, of course, is Violet's and I love it too! It's what inspired the setting of this piece.

Um, I'm going to ignore the praise part. You're now officially added onto my crazy list as well. :P

It is kind of vague, isn't it? I tried adding more detail, but then it didn't work the other way anymore. :/

Thank you so much for reviewing, Zoey! Reading this made my week! (And I apologize for the late review!) ^___^

- Celeste

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Review #15, by Sadly Romantic what is love and love is what?

3rd March 2010:
It mostly reminds me of a poem, somewhat pantheic (pantheist?) in style. I think it sweet, and flight, lovely, and romantic.

Author's Response: Wow, thanks so much! I appreciate it! :D

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Review #16, by Hermionniny9 what is love and love is what?

3rd March 2010:
Whoa that is good, very good

Author's Response: Thanks so much! ;)

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Review #17, by FannyPrice what is love and love is what?

28th February 2010:
It was very beautiful and flowy. It was strange, it had a wave like, fluttering quality to it. I didn't think it flowed quite as well backwards, but it was quite interesting. Self-sacrificing love is always an endearing concept, and i think you've pulled it off marvelously. Very good.


Author's Response: Hi Miranda! Thanks so much for reviewing Skyline! I'm so happy to see you liked it! :D

- Celeste

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Review #18, by Margravine what is love and love is what?

28th February 2010:
Celeste, this is so so beautiful. As always you are stunning, and I can't heap enough praise on you for your unique style, powers of description and brilliant, poetic imagery, but this was sensational. I am speechless. (Yes, I know Gubby is also amazing/goddess, but you are fantastic in your own right, and I will keep telling you this!)

I told you it would be near impossible, but you did it wonderfully. I actually prefer the backwards way, but both work seamlessly. Well done lovely!

Author's Response: Jo, your reviews, without fail, make me melt. Even if I don't agree with you and never will. :P
It was near impossible, so your approximation was pretty close. I felt like I had to grab my story and subjugate it to make it behave. XD

Thanks so much! ♥

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Review #19, by Jasaline what is love and love is what?

27th February 2010:
Okay Celeste, I think it's time for me to write a review. =D
Reading your writing gives me an ethereal feeling, like I'm floating in the clouds watching everything from far away.
Your writing is very lyrical, but it's weaved in well with the plot of the story. Not clumpy at all.
I still love this "she is still Rose of roses and he her Teddy of teddies"; very sweet.
And of course, the backward/forward is really awesome. I was a bit confused at first, but I read it again and it makes so much sense. Your writing makes me think about what happened; it's not at all blunt, which is definetely a plus.
Hope you get the many many favorites and reviews that you deserve!
Lots and lots of love and support,
Jasaline XD

Author's Response: Jasaline! ♥

Why do people say my writing is floaty? I take it as a compliment, but I still really don't understand how it's floaty. I just write normally and apparently that makes people think of...clouds? Or lyrical, for that matter. :P

Thanks so much for coming back and reviewing even though you'd already read it! It really does mean a lot! Also, I did see your author's page and it's great that you're getting back into writing! (It's taken me, what, a year of persuading you?)

Much love,

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Review #20, by Violet Gryfindor what is love and love is what?

27th February 2010:
This story deserves a huge "OMG" for many reasons, but mostly because it reads backwards and forwards - that's brilliant! This goes beyond anything I've seen before, and I'm speechless. After some thought, I've come back to finish this review, but I'm afraid it will still be all squee and no substance. :P

The writing here is beautiful, flowing, and lyrical. There are so many lines I'd like to pick out, but that would make the review too long. I'm still amazed at how the story works in both directions. Actually, it seems to work better going back up again, but maybe that's because one's now familiar with the scene. My mind is thoroughly boggled, but even more so squefull over the beauty and brilliance of this story.

The characters (now here is something concrete) are wonderfully characterized - I see their parents in both of them, but they are unique people in themselves, both very sympathetic. I like your way of writing Rose, as it's different from what I've usually seen, more dreamy and distant. At least, that is how Teddy sees her, and it adds to the poetic feel of the story, making her part of the poetry.

I'm definitely adding this to my favourites. ^_^ It's made my day to read this!

Author's Response: I am shocked that you reviewed this. I think my heart skipped a few beats as soon as I saw the penname, which I sincerely hope doesn't creep you out. But it isn't everyday that you get a review from a favorite author.

I'm surprised, grateful, and honored that you enjoyed this little one-shot. Personally, I like the backwards version too, because it has the angstier ending of her leaving and I'm a total sucker for angst.

Wow, thanks so much! It was really difficult to keep a consistent character through them due to the prose. If you liked the backwards style of this, allow me to recommend Gina's (Unwritten Curse) stunning one-shot 'Draw O Coward", which utilizes the same style, but in a slightly different way. (One story instead of two. ;))

Thanks so much for reviewing, Susan! First the inspirational banner and now, this. It really made me happy that you enjoyed it!

- Celeste

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Review #21, by whacked what is love and love is what?

27th February 2010:
ah, i see what you mean! wow, that was really incredible! i just loved how you could read it down and up. that was beautiful writing, it really was. I was wishing that i was there to see them there, and the way you chose your words was really brilliant.

I'm sorry this review sounds so silly and juvenile compared to teh story, but really, i am in awe.


Author's Response: Wow, thank you so much! Writing it up and down gave me a gigantic headache, as you can probably imagine.

No, it's not juvenile at all! :) As for the awe part, I definitely don't deserve that. o__O

Thank you again for reviewing!

- Celeste

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