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Review #1, by Mr E. Nigma everything always changes.

29th March 2011:
The quiet sadness is unsettling yet also contains an air of beautiful serenity about it. Well written well thought out and if i might just say that the author is, in one word: Amazing

Author's Response: Thank you XD

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Review #2, by collette michelle everything always changes.

27th April 2010:
In just 900 words you were able to break my heart. Poor Narcissa. Poor Frank. (Poor Alice too, I suppose).

I liked that this is was the sequel. That their last moment together truly was the last. That there wasn't any sneaking behind the backs of everyone. Because how could have there been, after how she ended things.

I really love how you write Narcissa. I like being in her head and reading how she processes things, how she thinks. It's all very interesting. How she visits sometimes. How she paid off the healers for no questions. How shoe wonders what Franks see, if he sees anything at all, if he sees her. It's all very beautiful, heartbreaking, but beautiful all the same.

I really did love this, it was so simple, so short, but still with such depth that all your stories seem to have. Emma, you are brilliant at capturing characters. Even Frank in this story has a personality-- as much of a personality as one in his state can have-- just by how his eyes travel, how the slightest change of his face happens as she leaves.

This was lovely, plain and simple. Heartbreakingly beautiful!

Author's Response: Oh, yes, poor Alice on the side. :P Gah, you make me blush! I didn't think there ever was any sneaking - maybe a few stolen glances, but Frank moved on when he fell in love with Alice and Narcissa did the same with Lucius. She felt guilty that she'd failed him, I think. I've said it once and I'll say it again - you flatter me far too much! If only the stories I write for english class could be half as decent as my ff. xD

- emma xx

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Review #3, by LindaSnape everything always changes.

4th March 2010:
This was powerful and gripping with it's emotion and it's subject matter. I love that it seems almost as if he recognizes her, but she tries to write it off as if he hadn't.

I like the characterization of Narcissa here. It seems to make sense that she would dislike hospitals, given who she was. The scene here was tragic and heart wrenching. For both her and Frank, if he can indeed remember anything, at all.

I'll be honest, I read this because the idea of this piqued my interest. I've never heard of the idea of Frank/Cissa before. I wasn't sure that I would like it, either. But I did rather like this, it was interesting.

The flow, the tone, the word choices all seemed put together quite nicely. My only complaint is the length. But maybe that's my own personal preference, but I just wanted to see more. Regardless, nice job!

Author's Response: I am tragic at review responses, which is horrible hypocritical of me. But this review was lovely, thank you so much! It was made even more wonderful because I didn't request it, and I can count how many un-requested reviews I've received on one hand.

I'm so glad you like it! As for the ship and the length, I have a 7000-word Narcissa/Frank oneshot 'Static', so that sort of satisfied the length requirement and I didn't think a really long second one-shot would be very good. XD

But again, I'm absolutely stunned at how lovely this review is! You make me happier than you could imagine, you really do.

- emma xx

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